Beautiful Easter table decorations – photos + easy and simple DIYs

by John Griffith

Easter is just around the corner – the holiday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Nowadays, there are many interesting traditions surrounding this holiday. The most famous custom probably being dyeing eggs. People seem to get very excited about Easter. What’s more, they have come up with many beautiful ways to decorate their homes for this amazing holiday. So, today, we have gathered the most beautiful Easter table decorations, as well as some DIYs, which are pretty simple and easy. We are focusing specifically on Easter table decorations today, but keep an eye out for our post on how to dye eggs, which is coming soon.

The good news is that you can get very creative when decorating for this lovely holiday. The more colour you incorporate into your decorations, the better. It is a spring holiday, so you can use all of the glamorous and fresh colours that the spring season brings along.

So, what are the most common easter decorating ideas?

  1. Bunnies – whether ceramic or chocolate, bunnies seem to have become a staple of the Easter holiday.
  2. Flowers – Easter is in spring, after all, so flower bouquets and beautiful flower arrangements, serving as a centerpiece, are an absolute must.
  3. Dyed eggs – bowls full of eggs, or eggs scattered across the table are a pretty fun way to decorate your table.
  4. Colourful napkins and table runners – spring colours are preferred and bring a lot of style to your Easter table.

Easter table decorations

woooden table, easter table decorations, plate settings with bunnies on them, green table runner

I know we promised you some DIYs, so here they go. Napkin folding is an art in its own right. People create so many beautiful shapes and figures with napkins, so we are going to show you some pretty amazing napkin folding ideas you can make yourself. So, what are you going to need for the first one?

  1. Cotton or linen napkins
  2. Black strand
  3. An egg (smiley face drawn on it is optional)

Fold the napkin the way it is shown on the pictures. Put the egg in the middle and tie it with the strand. You get a napkin in the shape of a bunny.

Easy DIY napkin folding tutorial

how to fold a napkin, step by step diy tutorial, easter table decorations, purple napkins

For this next one all you need is a napkin. While the folding might be a more intricate, but, trust me, it is worth it. The result is amazing.

Bunny ears napkin folding  – DIY Easter decorations

diy step by step tutorial, easter table decorations, how to fold napkins, yellow and white dotted napkins

For the third napkin folding DIY you are going to need the following:

  1. Napkin
  2. A clothespin
  3. A strand

Fold the napkin the way it is shown on the pictures. Use the peg to keep it together, while you tie the strand around it. There you have it, another interesting bunny napkin.

How to fold a bunny napkin

how to fold a bunny napkin, easter table decorations, step by step diy tutorial, blue napkin

Easy Easter table centerpieces

Now, the next DIY we are going to show you is a bit more time consuming. The result, however is amazing and super interesting. What are you going to need?

  1. Large cabbage
  2. A bouquet of tulips
  3. Wet foam
  4. Scissors
  5. Knife

Start by cutting out a hole inside the cabbage. Next, cut the wet foam, so it fits inside the cabbage. Cut the stems of the tulips in half and insert them into the foam. You can arrange them in any way you like. So, you have a beautiful centerpiece for your table.

Easy DIY tutorial for an interesting centerpiece

large bouquet of tulips, inside a cabbage, easter decorating ideas, on a cake stand

Cut out a hole in the center of the cabbage and insert a piece of wet foam

how to make, step by step diy tutorial, easter decorating ideas, styrofoam inside a cabbage

Cut the stems of the tulips

large bouquet of tulips, easter decorating ideas, a pair of scissors, on a granite countertop

Insert the tulips into the foam

easter decorating ideas, large bouquet of tulips, inside a cabbage, diy tutorial

Beautiful tulip flower arrangement

large bouquet of colourful tulips, inside a cabbage, easter decorating ideas, on a table

Candles bring a lot of coziness to any table. So, for our next DIY, we are focusing on them. What are you going to need?

  1. Empty egg shells
  2. Wax
  3. Dye
  4. Wick
  5. Egg carton

Get some empty egg shells and fill them with wax, mixed with some dye (you can use any color you want). Insert the wicks. Wait until the wax is solid and peel off the egg shells.

Easy DIY egg candles

easter centerpieces, how to make egg candles, diy tutorial, step by step, colourful candles

There are many different ways to arrange flowers. Now, we are going to show a very simple, yet beautiful flower arrangement. What are you going to need?

  1. Two vases – they could be round or square, as long as one is small than the other and fits in it.
  2. A bouquets of flowers
  3. Paper straws or candy canes
  4. A bow

Insert the smaller vase into the bigger one. Make sure you have enough space between them. Arrange the paper straws or candy canes in the small space between the vases. Put the flowers in the smaller vase. Finally, decorate with a bow.

Another interesting flower arrangement

sstep by step diy tutorial, glass vases, bouquet of yellow roses, easter centerpieces

Easy DIY Easter table decor

Beautiful egg name tags DIY

pink eggs, scattered on a pink table runner, with rosemary branches, and name tags, easter centerpieces

Your tools:

  1. Empty egg shells
  2. Rosemary branches
  3. Wooden skewers
  4. Label maker
  5. Pink spray paint
  6. Green string

The tools you need for this easy DIY

rosemary branches, step by step diy tutorial, easter centerpieces, label maker, pink spray paint

Paint your egg shells

pink spray paint, five pink eggs, on wooden skewers, diy easter decorations, on a white countertop

Use the label maker to print the name tags

blue label maker, name tags, on a wooden countertop, diy easter decorations

Use the string to create rosemary wreaths

diy easter decorations, rosemary branches, with a green string, on a wooden countertop

Here are the beautiful results

grey plate settings, with pink napkins, pink eggs, on rosemary branches, scattered across the table, diy easter decorations

The next DIY is amazing, because it is very easy to make. What’s more, it brings lots of freshness to your easter table decorations. You are going to need the following:

  1. Large basket
  2. Small pots of flowers
  3. Easter moss
  4. Dyed eggs
  5. Foam
  6. Ceramic or chocolate bunny figurines

Start by arranging the pots inside the basket. Fill the empty spaces with foam and put the moss on top of it and around the pots. Decorate further with the eggs and bunnies.

Fresh flower basket DIY

step by step diy tutorial, flower basket, easter table settings, colourful flower bouquets


Easter table decorations ideas

olive green napkins, green table runner, diy easter decorations, dyed eggs, across the table

white vintage table runner, easter table settings, dyed eggs, on a wooden board

  blue colourful plate settings, blue and white vintage vases, easter table settings, dyed eggs

A fresh bouquet of daisies is sure to get you into the spirit of Easter

colourful plate settings, easter home decor, large bouquet of daisies, green bunny napkins

Beautiful Easter decorating ideas

table settings with colourful plates, ceramic bunny figurines, easter table decorations

You can never go overboard with flowers – the more, the better

small flower bouquets, easter centerpieces, blue and white plate settings, with wine glasses

tall wine glasses, white and green plate settings, bouquets of flowers, easter home decor

Elegant and minimalist Easter table decorations

simple table decorations, tall candles, white table runner across the table, bouquets of flowers

ceramic bunny figurines, bouquets of white flowers, simple table decorations, dyed eggs

white plate settings, ceramic bunny figurine, dyed eggs on a cake stand, simple table decorations

ceramic bunny figurines, simple table decorations, blue napkins, bouquets of flowers, dyed eggs

Floral centerpieces are a beautiful and elegant addition to any table setting

yellow napkins, across white plate settings, easter decorating ideas table setting, flower table runner

Rustic style Easter decorations

ceramic bunny figurines, easter decorating ideas table setting, blue napkins, across white plates

Add lots of greenery for a fresh take on the Easter home decor

easter wreath, easter decorating ideas table setting, ceramic bunny figurines, chocolate bunnies

bouquet of flowers and eggs, easter decorating ideas table setting, blue plate settings

Glass jars, full of candy and eggs

large candy jars, full of dyed and chocolate eggs, easter decorating ideas table setting, bunny figurines

pinterest easter decorations, large glass candy jars, dyed eggs, scattered on a green table runner

green bunny figurines, small bouquets of tulips, blue plate settings, pinterest easter decorations

large glass candy jars, dyed eggs, scattered across a green table runner, pinterest easter decorations

Happy Easter

blue napkin, happy eater napkin ring, pinterest easter decorations, blue and white vintage plate

pinterest easter decorations, large bouquets of flowers, cake stands with sweets, white plates

large bouquet of flowers, easter centerpiece ideas, bowl of dyed eggs, colourful plates

large bouquet of pink tulips, easter centerpiece ideas, white and green plate settings

bouquet of spring flowers, easter centerpiece ideas, wooden basket, full of dyed eggs

Dyed eggs and ceramic bunnies – a must amongst the Easter decorating ideas

potted lavender, metal basket with dyed eggs, easter centerpiece ideas, pink table runner

Blush, green and floral – perfect combination

pink and blue plate settings, easter table decorations ideas, moss like table runner

blue napkin, on a white plate, easter table decorations ideas, blue dyed egg on a tree branch

Empty egg shells, used for vases, full of flowers – interesting DIY idea

boquets of flowers, inside eggshells, easter table decorations ideas, pink bunny ears napkins

Hyacinth flowers – another symbol of spring

hyacinth flower bouquet, ceramic bunny figurines, easter table decorations ideas, chocolate eggs

large plush bunny centerpiece, easter table centerpieces, green plate settings, tall wine glasses

flowers inside wooden baskets, tulips on white napkins, easter table centerpieces, blue water glasses

bottle of rose wine, pink and white plate settings, easter table centerpieces, green bunny figurines

Minimalist, elegant Easter table setting

flower bouquets, bowls full of eggs, easter tale centerpieces, blue plates, with white napkins

yellow napkins with white dots, on a white plate, easter table decorations centerpieces, burgundy napkins

easter table decorations centerpieces, white plates, green napkins, ceramic bunny figurines

Super cute bunny plates

wooden basket, dyed eggs, scattered across the table, easter table decorations centerpieces

Easter table decorations for the kids

ceramic bunny figurines, easter table decorations centerpieces, white plates, kids table setting

dyed yellow egg, small white and yellow flower bouquets, homemade easter decorations

Tulips – the symbol of spring

vases full of tilips bouquets, colourful plate settings, simple table decorations, tall wine glasses

easter home decor, large blue vase, ceramic pots, blue bowls, on a white plate

flower bouqets, pink bunny napkins, easter home decor, cake stands, with sweets on them

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