Over 100 Amazing Easter Crafts for Kids and Parents

by John Griffith

With three weeks left to Easter, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the spring festivities. As you know from our article about dying and decorating eggs, we simply adore this holiday! It’s colorful, fun, and brings families together. To make this Easter even more special, we decided to share some of our favorite DIY projects. We have gathered tons of great Easter crafts for kids as well as parents – from simple and easy suggestions, ideal for tiny hands, to more complex projects, better suited for older children, moms and dads.

This adorable bunny garland is one of our favorite Easter crafts for kids

easter crafts for kids, garland made from string, and colorful patterned paper, cut in rabbit shapes, with little white cotton ball tails

Older children and their parents can make more complex Easter decorations, like these cute embroidered sock bunnies:

stuffed bunny dolls, made from two pink socks, with white pattern, black embroidered faces, easter crafts for kids, decorated with bow and pom poms

This video tutorial contains 7 great ideas you can try:

Egg holders are another fun and easy suggestion

three off-white Easter eggs, inside paper holders, made from white and green card, shaped like bunnies, easter crafts for kids, quail eggs nearby

How about making little pompom chick ornaments?

five chick decorations, easter crafts for kids, made from pale yellow pom poms, with tiny legs and beaks, made from orange fuzzy wire, and eye stickers

What you’ll need:

  • pale yellow thread
  • orange fuzzy wire (pipe cleaners)
  • scissors
  • googly eye stickers
  • clear glue


  1. First, use the yellow thread to make several little pompoms. If you haven’t done it before, here is a great tutorial, explaining how.
  2. Using the scissors, cut three small bits of orange fuzzy wire. They will be your chick’s beak and legs.
  3. Take one of the finished pompoms and stick the beak and legs on it with glue.
  4. Finally, add the eye stickers.
  5. Your pompom chick is complete! Now repeat the process as many times as necessary.

These little hand-crafted ornaments are not only adorable and great for decorative purposes, but they also make very good gifts, especially when combined with sweets or chocolate! It is worth noting that older kids can easily complete the project on their own, but youngsters under 6 should be supervised, especially while using scissors.

To make things even easier, here is a photo tutorial of the entire process:

lots of pale yellow thread, some woven around a bright blue knitting tool, near pair of small light blue scissors, easter crafts for kids

We stuck to yellow but if you prefer, you can use thread in different colors

sticking orange fuzzy wire, on pale yellow pom pom, easter crafts for kids, supply of eye stickers , pom poms and fuzzy wire nearby

Ready in just a few easy steps!

one completed chick ornament, made from pale yellow pom pom, with eye stickers, and orange fuzzy wire details, easter crafts for kids, near four plain yellow pom poms

Aren’t they cute? Your kids will love making them!

green easter grass, inside a rough metal basket, with two chick ornaments, made from pale yellow pom poms, easter crafts for kids, another chick next to the basket

And since most children love nature, we decided to include another animal-related tutorial. Adorable, fun to make and easy as pie, this little lamb craft is perfect for youngsters over 6.

What you’ll need:

  • a sheet of plain white card
  • a pack of white cotton buds
  • two plain wooden clothespins
  • glue
  • scissors
  • markers or colored pencils (for drawing the lamb’s face)
  • small piece of thin ribbon (optional)


  1. Take the white card and cut out two shapes – a bigger, oval one, and a smaller, roundish one. These will be your lamb’s body and head.
  2. Now, take the pack of cotton buds (you will need quite a few), and carefully cut off all of their tips.
  3. Take the larger card cutout and spread some glue on it. Then carefully stick the cotton bud tips on it, until you cover the entire surface.
  4. Now it’s time to make your lamb’s head! Take the smaller cutout and draw a cute face on it.
  5. Stick a cotton bud tip on each side of the head, to serve as the animal’s ears. Then add five or six tips on top. If you like, decorate with a ribbon.
  6. Next, stick the head onto the finished body.
  7. Finally, stick the two clothespins – they will be your lamb’s legs.
  8. Voila! Your little lamb figurine is complete!

These photos will guide you through the process:

big oval and small, roundish white paper cutouts, easter crafts for kids, on a dark wooden surface, near pair of scissors

If your children are younger than six, cut out the shapes needed for the lamb’s body, and prepare the cotton bud tips for them

removing the tips, of plain white cotton ear buds, using scissors, easter crafts for kids

Be careful not to use too much glue!

plastic bottle of glue, near oval piece of plain, white paper, with a tiny smudge of glue on top, easter crafts for kids, dark wooden surface

sticking cotton bud tips, on top of each other, on a white, oval piece of paper, resting on a dark wooden surface, easter crafts for kids, cute sheep idea

To get the best results, the entire surface of the lamb’s body must be covered with cotton tips

piece of paper, with oval form, entirely covered in white, cotton bud tips, craft ideas for kids, making the sheep's body

Draw a cute lamb’s face

lamb's head, made from roundish piece of paper, decorated with hand-drawn face, cotton bud tips, and small red ribbon bow, craft ideas for kids

craft ideas for kids, placing the finished lamb's head, on the body covered in cotton bud tips, and sticking it with glue

Clothespins make great legs for your lamb, and will also keep it in the upright position

two plain wooden clothespins, stuck on the back of the lamb's paper body, craft ideas for kids, dark wooden surface

Your Easter lamb ornament is ready! 

finished lamb decoration, craft ideas for kids, standing near bright green Easter grass

And, of course, no Easter party will be complete without the Easter bunny! 

bunny ornaments, craft ideas for kids, made from pale green, pale purple and pale peach plain and patterned paper, decorated with eye stickers, faux straw whiskers, and cotton ball tails

What you’ll need:

  • Two sheets of paper (one plain, one patterned) in colors of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Eye stickers
  • Black pen or pencil
  • Dry straw paper in yellow
  • Some cotton


  1. Take the plain paper and cut three shapes out of it: one large round shape (your bunny’s head) and two smaller half-circles (its paws)
  2. Using the black pen or pencil, draw the bunny’s mouth, and (if desired) add some details to its paws.
  3. Take the sheet of patterned paper and cut out two bunny ears and one little round shape (for the nose).
  4. Next, cut several equally long pieces of dry straw paper, and stick them together in a bunch, using sticky tape – they will be your bunny’s whiskers.
  5. Stick the whiskers above the bunny’s mouth, then secure the little round nose on top. Add two eye stickers.
  6. Then, stick the ears and paws to the bunny’s head.
  7. Now it’s time to make the body. Cut a square piece of plain paper, roll it in a tube, and secure it with sticky tape.
  8. Stick the bunny’s head to the roll.
  9. Finally, stick a small piece of cotton on the back of the tube, to serve as your bunny’s tail!
  10. Your easter bunny ornament is ready!

You don’t need a lot of materials to recreate this cute bunny paper craft:

different kinds of stationary, scissors and a pen, two sticky tape dispensers, straw-like thread, eye stickers and a small cotton ball, craft ideas for kids, two sheets of plain, and patterned purple paper

large piece of light purple paper, near three cutouts, one round and two half-circles, craft ideas for kids, near metal scissor blades

easter diy, drawing a rabbit's mouth and paws, with a black pen, on light purple paper cutouts

We used pale purple paper but you can choose any color you like!

rabbit's ears and round nose, cut out from pale violet paper, with light polka dots, craft ideas for kids, metal scissors nearby

bunny ornament idea, six strips of straw-like, pale yellow paper rope, easter diy, near big roll, and pair of grey scissors

hand sticking a bunch of straw-like whiskers together, using white sticky tape, craft ideas for kids, sticky tape dispenser, and scissors nearby

How cute is this face?

smiling cute face, with googly eye stickers, nose made from patterned paper, and straw-like whiskers, craft ideas for kids, yellow sticky-tape dispenser nearby

cute rabbit head and paws, made out of pale purple paper, with spotted violet ears, and straw-like whiskers, easter diy

tube made out of pale, rolled purple card, stuck with clear sticky tape, and held by a hand, easter diy, sticky tape dispenser in background

Every bunny needs a soft, fluffy tail!

attaching a white cotton ball tail, to bunny figure, made out of pale purple card, easter diy, cute festive idea

completed easter bunny decoration, easter diy, made from pale purple card, with spotted violet ears, white cotton ball tail, straw-like whiskers

These paper lilies are a great project not only for Easter, but also for Mother’s Day, and other spring festivities

bunch of lilies, made from pale pink, rolled and folded paper, easter diy, with green and yellow, fuzzy wire stalks

What you’ll need:

  • A sheet of paper or card in a color of your choice (we used pink)
  • Scissors
  • Green and yellow fizzy wire (pipe cleaners)
  • Sticky tape
  • Black pen or pencil


  1. Draw an outline of your hand on the piece of paper, using a pen or pencil.
  2. Carefully cut it out.
  3. Fold the hand-shaped cutout into a cone, and secure its ages with sticky tape. Once done, it should resemble a flower with the fingers being its petals.
  4. Curl the paper petals outwards, using a pencil.
  5. Cut a short piece of yellow fizzy wire, and a longer piece of green fizzy wire. The yellow fuzzy wire will serve as your lily’s pistil, while the green one will be its stalk.
  6. Attach the pistil to the stalk, and run it through the center of the flower.
  7. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

plain pencil and small pink scissors, green and yellow fuzzy wire, easter diy, sticky tape dispenser, sheet of pastel pink card

child in pale pink knitted sweater, tracing her hand with pencil, on sheet of pale pink paper, easter diy, scissors nearby

Be prepared to help your child with the cutting process, if needed

hand-shaped cutout, made from pale pink paper, easter diy, on white surface, near small pink scissors

child's hand holding, folded hand-shaped paper cutout, in pale pastel pink, easter diy, looks like a flower

curling the folded, hand-shaped piece of paper, using a plain pencil, easter diy, fun activity for kids

Simple, yet amazingly effective and realistic!

lily blossom in pink, made from folded paper, stuck with sticky tape, with curled edges, easter diy, on white background

fuzzy wire in yellow and green, attached to each other, to form a flower stalk, easter diy, simple festive decoration

easter arts and crafts, a single pink lily, made from folded, and rolled paper, with green stalk, and yellow pistil, made from fuzzy wire

Eggs are Easter’s best known symbol! You can make these nifty decorations with a handful of household items

meshy and hollow, egg-shaped decorations, easter arts and crafts, made using balloons, glue and thread, hanging on a colorful rope, near a fireplace

What you’ll need:

  • Several balloons
  • Cotton thread in different colors
  • Pack of corn starch and water


  1. Inflate the balloons halfway, so they keep their egg-like shape.
  2. Mix a non-toxic home-made glue, using corn starch and water. You can find two great recipes here.
  3. Dip the thread in the glue.
  4. Take a balloon and wrap the glue-covered thread around it. Then, leave aside to dry.
  5. Once ready, pop the balloon with a pin, and you will be left with a hollow, mesh-like egg-shaped ornament.
  6. Repeat the process until you have as many eggs as you like.

You can make a garland by stringing the egg ornaments together, or just use them for Easter decorations around the house.

One of the easiest (and most fun) Easter crafts for kids 

required materials, needed to make meshy, egg-shaped decorations, easter arts and crafts, pale green baloons, several bunches of multicolored thread

home-made glue, containing white flour, powdered corn starch and water, easter arts and crafts, a pale blue bowl, with metal spoon, red measuring cup

pale blue bowl, containing home-made glue, and several pieces of pink thread, easter arts and crafts, small green balloons in background

Experiment with different colors and patterns.

wrapping glue-soaked thread, on small pale green baloons, easter arts and crafts, bowl with glue, and more balloons in background

several small pale green balloons, wrapped in purple, green and yellow thread, easter arts and crafts, placed on a sheet of tin foil

close up of a purple, meshy and hollow egg-shaped ornament, easter arts and crafts, hanging on multicolored woven rope

Here is a similar suggestion, with little chick figurines

white pink and blue hollow egg-shaped decorations, two containing small fluffy chic figurines, easter arts and crafts, easy and fun idea

Kids will love this easy “hatching egg” crafts project!

hatching egg ornaments, containing yellow paper chicks, easter arts and crafts, made with glittering card, in different colors, and wooden clothespins

What you’ll need:

  • A sheet of glittering card
  • Plain yellow paper
  • Clothespin
  • Pencil
  • Black and orange marker or pencils
  • Two-sided sticky tape


  1. Cut an egg shape out from the card. Then, carefully cut it in half, in zigzag, so it looks like it’s cracked.
  2. Next, take the clothespin, and stick the two halves of the egg onto it, using the two-sided sticky tape.
  3. Now it’s time to make your chick! Cut a small shape from the yellow paper, and use the black and orange markers to draw the little bird’s beak and eyes.
  4. Stick the chick on the reverse side of the clothespin, once again using two-sided sticky tape.
  5. Ta-dah! Your hatching egg is complete!

This project is easy-peasy, and we guarantee that younger children will love playing with the hatching egg!

glittering pink card, near two pens, easter arts and crafts and materials, plain pencil and clothespin, sticky tape and scissors

egg shape, from pink glittering card, cut in the middle, to look like its cracked, easter arts and crafts, black scissor blades nearby

Make sure that the two halves of the egg align well with the clothespin

plain clothespin, stuck to egg shape, made from thick card, easter projects, easy and fun craft idea

easter projects, scissor blades in black, near a small yellow paper cutout, white background

Try drawing funny faces on the chick

drawing a bird's face, with orange and black pen, drawing a face, on small yellow cutout

two-sided sticky tape, on wooden clothespin, stuck to egg-shape, made from thick card, easter projects, near black scissors

putting yellow cutout, on top of two-sided sticky-tape, stuck to a clothespin, and eggs-shaped card cutout, easter projects, fun and easy

Cool easter crafts for kids – hatching egg

hand holding a clothespin, decorated with cracked egg, made from glittering pink card, easter projects, squeezing the pin reveals, that the egg opens, and there is a small paper chick inside

If your children want to make Easter presents for their friends, this mason jar is an excellent idea: 

clear glass mason jar, near bag of green paper easter grass, easter projects, packet of small, egg-shaped candy, and a chocolate bunny

Just place some Easter glass inside…

light green easter grass, made of paper, inside a clear glass mason jar, easter projects, pale wooden surface

…add a chocolate bunny and some sweets…

jar filled with pale green, easter grass, made out of paper, and a chocolate bunny, easter projects, easy festive idea

…close the lid, and and decorate it with a ribbon. Voila!

closed jar with pale green ribbon, tied in a bow, easter projects, containing pale green easter grass, multicolored egg-shaped candy, and a large chocolate bunny

These no-mess easter bunny and moss terrariums are beautiful and easy to make:

terrariums made of glass, near white dish, filled with moss, easter projects, rolls of pale blue and purple ribbon, and two realistic rabbit figurines

round glass container with opening, tied with a blue bow, containing a layer of green moss, and a realistic rabbit figurine, easter projects, dyed easter egg in blue and gold nearby

Smaller mason jars can be transformed into Easter decorations!

gift mason jars, painted white, and made to look like bunnies, placed on wooden surface, cute easter idea

three small mason jars with lids, pack of pink pom poms, fuzzy wire in different colors, glue and brush, and colored paper

small hand near three little mason jars, painted white and decorated with colored paper, pom poms and fuzzy wire, to look like bunnies

Here is another cool version of this idea

jars with metal lids, covered with yellow and white glitter, and decorated with felt cutouts, and eye stickers, to look like easter chick and bunny, easter crafts for adults, colorful candy nearby

Easter crafts for kids – build your own peep sundae!

wafer ice cream cones, light green easter grass, eight pink and yellow bunny-shaped peeps, and some marshmallows, in four white plates

peeps shaped like bunnies, in yellow and pink, placed in light wafer cones, with green easter glass and candy, on plate with marshmallows, and other sweets

These cute bunny hats are a great addition to your Easter party:

party paper hat, decorated with blue bunny ears, and a simple collaged face, on the head of a blonde woman, with tied hair, covered in colorful confetti and candy, cute crafts for adults and kids

several paper party hats, in pale pastel colors, hand-made and decorated to look like bunnies, on pink surface, with green and purple candies

fuzzy wire in yellow and orange, stuck to small, yellow paper tube, decorated to look like a chick, held in a person's hand

pale blue paper craft bunny, with pink ear details, googly eye stickers, and hand-drawn nose and mouth

How cute is this pineapple egg? It’s one of our most original easter crafts for kids!

plastic yellow easter egg, decorated to look like a pineapple, with green felt leaves, and smiling face, drawn in marker, easter grass and candies, and other plastic yellow eggs nearby

paper art in white frame, easter crafts for adults, colorful egg-shape, made from washi tape strips, in different colors and patterns

smiling easter bunny faces, made from white paper plates, decorated with hot pink and yellow, paper cutouts and fuzzy wire

multicolored egg decorations, made from patterned paper, in different colors, folded and stuck together, easter crafts for adults, hanging from string

swinging chick ornament, easter crafts for adults, made from yellow ball of thread, with glasses and orange felt beak, stuck to a wire hoop, decorated with felt flowers

Your little ones’ fingerprints can be transformed into Easter art!

fingerprint art in yellow an orange, featuring ester bunny and three chicks, with drawn details, and the words hoppy easter, written in black

Simple and fun – one of our favorite easter crafts for kids. Its super easy and suitable even for toddlers!

easter crafts for preschoolers, chick ornament made from round, white paper plate, covered in yellow pieces of paper, with orange hand-shaped cutouts for wings

The materials you’ll need are glue, scissors, eye stickers, a paper plate, and two sheets of colored card in yellow and orange:

plastic glue bottle and scissors, googly eye stickers, inside white paper plate, placed on sheets of yellow, and orange card, easter crafts for preschoolers

Generously cover the plate with glue and cut the yellow card in small chunks

glue spread on round paper plate, resting on sheet of orange card, easter crafts for preschoolers, near blue scissors, glue bottle and many pieces of yellow paper

A fun and easy project, which your little ones are sure to love!

little blond boy, sticking yellow pieces of paper, on white paper plate, easter crafts for preschoolers, easy and fun idea

Paper plates can also be used to make cute masks:

simple rabbit mask, made from white paper plate, with round hole, curled black paper whiskers, easter crafts for preschoolers, and hand-decorated ears, wooden ice cream stick holder

Let’s not forget the many Easter crafts for kids involving eggs:

dyed eggs in pale pink, and light turquoise, decorated with sheer, plastic bottle caps, and bendy straws, easter crafts for preschoolers, made to look like snorkeling divers

different funny faces or emojis, on easter eggs, painted in yellow, decorated with black, red and white paint, easter crafts for adults, inside white ceramic dish

Isn’t this bunny garland adorable?

hand-crafted garland, decorated with cute yellow, orange and blue bunnies, holding painted eggs, easter crafts for adults

Potato egg-shaped stamps – easy Easter crafts for kids

potato stamp covered in paint, held by hand with pink nail polish, easter crafts for preschoolers, sheet of pale green card, with purple easter egg-shaped print

several stamps made from potatoes, shaped like easter eggs, with different carved patterns, easter crafts for preschoolers, covered in pink and purple paint, sheet of green paper with print nearby

cheerful bright chick collages, made from egg-shaped pieces of yellow paper, easter crafts for preschoolers, decorated with children's hand and toe prints

Decorate juice boxes with Easter motifs:

easter crafts for adults, juice boxers covered with brown card, bunny paws and ears, with pink paper details, adorable hand-drawn face

small and cute, white cotton tail, on juice box, easter crafts for adults, covered in brown card, and made to look like a bunny

colorful egg collage on white card, shaped like an egg, easter crafts for adults, decorated with yellow, pink and blue pom poms and thread

Non-toxic and nature friendly Easter crafts for kids: decorating eggs with seeds

seeds from different varieties, easter crafts for adults, chia and oats, millet and others, used to decorate easter eggs

painted white clothespins, decorated to look like bunnies, easter crafts for adults, with bows made from two-tone thread

easter chick and bunny puppets, made from painted, wooden ice cream sticks, decorated with paper, and fuzzy wire

male and female easter bunny paper dolls, with movable legs and arms, decorated with colorful paper cutouts

cups made from white paper, decorated with rabbit ears, googly eye stickers, pom pom noses, and black fuzzy wire whiskers, containing multicolored popcorn, great easter idea

Easter tree? Why not! Children will love decorating it and making the ornaments!

easter tree, made from dried branches, decorated with differently colored, hand-crafted and hand-painted ornaments, shaped like eggs and bunnies, easter crafts for preschoolers, more hand-made decorations nearby

cotton covered collage of a sheep, with head and legs made from black paper, stuck on folded white paper plate, easter crafts for preschoolers, hand-drawn grass, and flower stickers

3D effect bird collage, scribbly drawing in pink, orange and blue, with opening beak, easter crafts for preschoolers, easy paper crafts

The perfect Easter gift for mom:

bunny-shaped paper figure, easter crafts for preschoolers, with white cotton balls, and decorated with child's footprints in pink, and a photo of a child's face

egg holders shaped like rabbits, made from pale pink, purple and yellow felt, with collaged faces, containing eggs in matching colors

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