Cute and Easy DIY Easter Decorations to Try in 2021

by John Griffith

Are you looking forward to Easter? This year it will be celebrated on April 4th and it is definitely one of the most fun holidays of the year. Not only do we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we also celebrate the beginning of spring. We dye eggs, decorate our houses with flowers and Easter bunnies, organize egg hunts for the kids – the holiday is just so much fun. And if you are ready to start your preparations, we are here to help you. Today, we have prepared a few cute and easy DIY Easter decorations you can try and recreate for a unique and creative Easter decor. We have also gathered quite the impressive photo gallery of different types of decorations. So, just go ahead and steal all of our ideas, we don’t mind!

This year we are celebrating Easter on the 4th of April

easter crafts easter basket with flowers inside mini bunny toy coming out of the basket

So, let’s begin with an easy DIY tutorial for a beautiful floral centerpiece

centerpiece with empty egg shells diy easter crafts different flowers inside the shells

DIY Easter decorations


  • eggs
  • flowers
  • a spoon
  • a bowl
  • newspaper
  • water

This DIY is super easy, anyone can recreate it

easter table décor supplies needed for diy tutorial empty egg shells with flowers centerpiece


  1. Use a spoon to carefully remove the tops of the eggs. Pour the egg whites and yolks into a bowl and use for an omelette later.
  2. Carefully wash the inside of the eggs.
  3. Cut the stems of the flowers, leaving just enough to fit into the egg shells.
  4. Fill the egg shells with water and add the flowers, get creative and decorate in any way you like.

If you want you can paint the egg shells in different colors if you are looking for something more colorful

close up photo of centerpiece diy easter crafts flowers inside empty egg shells

Source: Love Daily Dose

Gorgeous Easter egg topiary tree

diy tree topiary easter decorations 2021 made with blue and white eggs and moss in white ceramic pot

How do you make a Easter centerpiece?


  • 9-inch styrofoam cone
  • 36 plastic craft eggs
  • paint in colors of your choice + brown or gold paint
  • glue gun
  • mini glue sticks
  • flat paint brush
  • toothbrush
  • moss

These are the supplies you need

tree topiary easter table décor supplies for step by step diy tutorial moss eggs paint glue


  1. Start by painting the eggs in the colors you want. Let dry.
  2. In a bowl mix either brown or gold paint with a little bit of water. Use an old toothbrush to recreate the robin’s egg speckles. Once again, let dry.
  3. Now start adding the eggs to the styrofoam cone. Start from the bottom and work your way up, attaching them with the glue gun. The arrangement is entirely up to you.
  4. Now it is time to add the moss. Use a pencil to push the moss in between the eggs. If you need to you can use glue again to make sure the moss stays on the cone.

Paint the eggs and let them dry

easter decorations 2021 close up photo of eggs painted in different colors for tree topiary step by step diy tutorial

Add these cute speckles by using a toothbrush and spraying paint on the eggs

painting the eggs in blue and leaving gold sprays on them easter decorations 2021 step by step diy tutorial

You can arrange the eggs in any way you like

step by step diy tutorial easter decorations 2021 attaching eggs to topiary centerpiece

Tuck the moss in between the eggs and finish the centerpiece by inserting it in a nice ceramic planter

blue and white eggs with moss diy tree topiary easter decorations 2021 white flower next to it

Source: Sand & Sisal

Gorgeous DIY tulip wreath to celebrate spring

diy tulip wreath easter crafts for adults made with tulips in different shades of pink and white

What are some Easter decorations?


  • faux tulips
  • foam wreath form
  • pink satin ribbon
  • floral pins or glue gun
  • string or twine

You can use tulips in all colors of the rainbow if you want

step by step diy tutorial for tulip wreath easter crafts for adults white and pink faux tulips


  1. Remove the stems from the tulips as shown in the photo above.
  2. Attach the ribbon to the wreath form with a floral pin or glue.
  3. Start adding tulips to wreath form, securing them by wrapping the ribbon around them. Here you need to use your creativity, you can put as many tulips as you want. Just make sure the ribbon is nice and tight.
  4. Keep adding tulips and wrapping them with ribbon. Once you get to the end make sure no foam is visible. If you need to you can glue a few tulips in between right where they meet, just to make sure nothing is visible. Secure the end of the ribbon with glue.
  5. Finally, create a loop with the string or twine. Fold the ribbon over it and glue it together. Then, glue that ribbon to the wreath and you are all set.

Make sure the ribbon is tightly wrapped

attaching the tulips to the wreath with pink ribbon easter crafts for adults diy tulip wreath step by step tutorial

Keep adding tulips

easter crafts for adults how to make a tulip wreath with tulips in different shades of pink and white

Step by step tutorial of how to make the loop for hanging

step by step diy tutorial photo collage easter crafts for adults wrapping the wreath with pink ribbon

Source: The How-to Mom

Fun and cute Easter egg tree

easy easter crafts tree centerpiece made from carton with egg shells and easter themed figurines

Easter decoration ideas


  • about 18 egg shells
  • small decorative Easter figures
  • acrylic paint in different colors
  • paint brush
  • cardboard paper
  • cardboard tube
  • candle holder
  • decorative paper
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • fillers – moss, sprinkles, colored rice, etc.

Get creative with your colors

egg shells painted in different colors easy easter crafts side by side photos of step by step diy tutorial


  1. Paint your egg shells in different colors and let them dry. Make sure the openings are big enough. You can even make openings in different sizes.
  2. Print out the templates for the stands – two small ones and the bigger one for the bottom. Cut out the shapes from the cardboard and decorative paper and glue them together. Cut two pieces of the cardboard tube at 2 1/4 inches and one at 3/4 inches and cover them with the wrapping paper as well.
  3. Assemble the tree by gluing the pieces together. Finally, glue the bottom to the candle holder.
  4. Start adding the egg shells in any way you like by gluing them to the stand.
  5. Add the fillers and the Easter figures, you can glue them to the stand or just let them stand on their own, it is up to you.

Cut out the cardboard, cover it with wrapping paper and don’t forget the edges

how to make stand out of carton easy easter crafts side by side photos of step by step diy tutorial

Assemble the stand and glue it to the candle holder

side by side photos of step by step diy tutorial outdoor easter decorations carton stand

Add the colorful egg shells and be careful not to break them

empty egg shells painted in different colors placed on carton stand easy easter crafts

Finally add the cute little figures and fillers

step by step diy tutorial for large centerpiece outdoor easter decorations eggshells and small easter themed figurines

Source: Remodela Casa

DIY eggs, perfect for your plate setting

boiled eggs with different flowers tied to them with a strand or bakers twine easy easter crafts white background

DIY Easter table decorations


  • small flowers (in this DIY sedum, violet, horseweed, forsythia and wild rose are used)
  • twine or string
  • hard boiled eggs

You can do some flower picking around your garden

names of the different flowers used for diy easter crafts white background


  1. Make sure the flowers’ stems are as long as the egg.
  2. Grab a piece of twine or string. Place the flower on top of the egg and tie it together with the string.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

diy easter crafts photo collage of four boiled eggs with different flowers tied to them

Source: A Daily Something

DIY bunny table runner

table runner made from burlap easter table décor bunny pattern with white pom poms

Easy DIY Easter crafts


  • burlap fabric, cut according to your table size
  • bunny template
  • brown paint
  • white pom poms

table runner placed on wooden table easter table décor bunny patterns with whtie pom poms for tails


  1. Print out the template and trace it out onto the burlap. Make sure you put something under the burlap, so as not to damage the table.
  2. Fill the bunny outlines with brown paint. Let dry.
  3. Glue pom poms to the burlap for the tails of the bunnies.

So cute!

close up photo of bunny pattern with white pom pom for tail easter table décor diy easter table runner

Source: Kelly Elko

Now get ready to browse through our gallery for even more Easter decorations ideas

bunny made from fabric patches easter decorations centerpiece with flowers eggs and ribbons in pink ang green cupcake stand decorated with easter themed ceramic figurines easter decoration ideas faux flowers cute bunnies made from carton next to mugs outdoor easter decorations placed on white table diy easter decorations white ceramic bunny in the middle bowls with eggs in nests

Yet another interesting idea for a centerpiece you can recreate

diy tutorial for centerpiece with white eggs and flowers easter crafts necessary supplies easter decoration ideas table runner with wooden branch ceramic pots and vases egg nest easter decorations ceramic bunny placed in the middle surrounded flowers in ceramic pots egg shaped baubles in different colors placed inside white plate diy easter decorations greenery table runner egg shaped vases and figurines placed in front of window with faux flowers easter decoration ideas

Outdoor Easter decorations

egg wreath made with faux pink and blue flowers easter crafts eggs blue floral ribbon in the middle flowers in white ceramic vases in the middle of the table easter decoration ideas plate settings with colorful plates and napkins glass vases in different shapes placed on wooden shelf outdoor easter decorations white and purple flowers in them greenery table runner with eggs and flowers easter decoration ideas plate settings with wooden logs moss and eggs outdoor easter decorations wreath made with eggs and eggshells feathers blue ribbon plate setting with white cotton napkin with bunny ears easter decorations small bunny figurines around it

Flowers and plants are used a lot because Easter also celebrates the beginning of spring

table centerpiece with green potted plants easter crafts white ceramic bunny in a basket three large ceramic eggs decorated in pink green with butterflies easter decorations gold bunny figurines three side by side photos of diy easter decorations tulip wreath succulents in eggshells egg bunnies vintage cupcake stand easter decorations with bunny figurines nests eggs faux flowers carrots mugs white ceramic pot filled with faux green grass diy easter decorations eggs inside in blue pink yellow purple wreath made with white branches faux moss and eggs diy easter decorations large pink and white ribbon

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