Spring wallpaper – a 100 beautiful images to decorate your phone or computer with

by John Griffith

Let’s be honest, spring is the best season. Spring comes right after winter – it gets warmer, the days are getting longer and, suddenly, we feel great. Not only that, spring seems to bring this idea of a fresh start. It makes us feel better, more motivated and productive. I, personally, love spring. It is my favourite season. I seem to find lots of motivation in spring and feel very determined to start new things during this season. So, today, I am going to help you celebrate this amazing season with something as small as a spring wallpaper.

All of us have to work, but, trust me, a spring wallpaper on the desktop of your office computer is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you turn it on. What’s more, getting a spring wallpaper for your phone is even better. Every time you unlock your phone you will get a beautiful image of a beautiful natural landscape, or, maybe, an inspirational quote for starting fresh and you will definitely feel better.

Officially, the spring solstice is on the 20th of March, but who says we have to wait until then. So, go ahead, scroll through pur gallery and decorate your phone or desktop computer with these beautiful spring backgrounds. We have a little something for everyone – nature, drawings, inspirational quotes, take your pick.

I smell spring wallpaper for your phone

i smell spring quote, phone wallpaper, spring wallpaper, blooming tree in the background

Beautiful anime inspired drawing of a spring landscape

beautiful landscape painting, spring wallpaper, phone wallpaper, girl walking down a pathway, large blooming trees

Tulips – symbol of spring being here

pink tulips at the bottom, on a pink background, spring wallpaper, phone wallpaper

Beautiful floral phone wallpaper

spring wallpaper, drawn colourful flower blooms, on a blue background, phone wallpaper

Spring has sprung – fun wallpaper for your phone

spring has sprung quote, phone wallpaper, three birds on tree branches drawn, spring wallpaper

Breathtaking natural landscape to decorate your phone with

painting of a waterfall, surrounded by greenery, spring pictures, phone wallpaper, lots of flowers and trees

Hey, be sure not to overlook your desktop computer or laptop. We have some beautiful images. So, whether for your office computer or home laptop, you are sure to pick at least one of our beautiful and carefully selected spring wallpaper ideas.

Don’t forget to be awesome – who doesn’t need a little reminder every once in a while

don't forget to be awesome quote, roses drawing, desktop wallpaper, spring pictures, colourful background

Hello spring – beautiful spring wallpaper

hello spring quote, roses drawn around it, desktop background, spring pictures, white background

An abstract way of showing your love for the spring season

man with a black blazer, white flowers, instead of a head, spring pictures, desktop wallpaper, blue background

Beautiful and peaceful drawing to grace your screen this spring

beautiful painting, spring pictures, pink trees blooming, along a running river, girls walking on a wooden bridge

Is this heaven?

blooming trees, looming over a pathway, leading to a staircase, spring backgrounds, desktop wallpaper

Flower fields in Holland, Europe

tulip field, with purple blue and white tulips, spring backgrounds, windmill in the middle, many clouds

Browse through our gallery to find lots of spring wallpaper ideas for your phone

spring background, blue skies, blooming tree, with blooms flying around, phone wallpaper

Always look on the bright side – the sun shining outside helps a lot with that

always look on the bright side quote, spring backgrounds, colourful background, phone wallpaper

Bloom where you are planted – a little inspiration for everyone who might feel a little out of place sometimes

bloom where you are planted quote, floral phone wallpaper, spring backgrounds, white background

Beautiful spring flowers background

blue skies, spring background, phone wallpaper, blooming tree, with white blooms

blooming tree, with white blooms, floral phone wallpaper, spring background

blue and purple flowers, blue background, floral phone wallpaper, spring background

spring background, blue skies, blue blooming tree, phone wallpaper

little blue flowers, floral phone wallpaper, phone background, spring images

Spring brings along one of the best holidays – Easter

spring images, easter themed phone background, blue pink yellow and purple eggs, in a wooden basket

Beautiful scenery wallpaper for your phone

bridge across a river, blooming tree, spring images, phone background, phone wallpaper

drawing of butterflies, colourful phone wallpaper, spring images, phone background

Easter themed phone background wallpaper

lots of colourful eggs, drawn on a white background, spring images, easter themed phone wallpaper

lots of different, colourful flowers, spring themed phone background, spring photos, blue background

A little something for all the Apple lovers out there

apple logo in the middle, blooming tree branches drawn, spring backgrounds, colourful phone wallpaper

phone background, spring photos, dandelion flower, with dandelion seeds flying away, blue skies in the background

Stunning mountain landscape

mountain landscape, phone background, spring photos, large deer, with heart shaped horns, in the middle of a field

Don’t forget to be awesome

don't forget to be awesome, inspirational quote phone background, spring photos, drawing of roses

three different flower bouquets, in three ice cream cones, blue phone background, spring photos

Hello beautiful, happy spring – positive vibes all around

hello beautiful, happy spring quote, drawings of roses, phone background, images of spring

Beautiful happy spring phone wallpaper

hello spring, white background phone wallpaper, images of spring, drawings of flowers

Hello sunshine – a little reminder that you are the best

hello sunshine quote, blooming flowers in the background, phone wallpaper, images of spring

Hello spring in an abstract way

images of spring, black background, floral phone wallpaper, hello spring quote

Beautiful mountain scenery

mountain landscape, images of spring, large lake, with flowers and trees around it, phone background

spring desktop wallpaper, lots of small white daisies, floral phone wallpaper

floral phone background wallpaper, painted flowers, spring desktop wallpaper, blue background

Oh hoppy day – a fun little way to express your love for Easter

oh hoppy day, long bunny ears, easter themed phone background wallpaper, pink background, spring desktop wallpaper

painting of a road, with pink blooming trees along, spring desktop wallpaper, phone wallpaper

drawing of daisies, with a butterfly and a lady bug, phone background wallpaper, spring desktop wallpaper

Some rural scenery to inspire you

spring background images, small house, painting of a rural landscape, pink blooming tree, next to a pathway

blooming trees, along a pathway, spring background images, phone wallpaper, green grass fields

pink blooming trees along a river, spring background images, two girls walking across a wooden bridge

We also have something for the meditation lovers

waterfall painting, woman meditating, spring background images, phone wallpaper, trees and flowers around

Which came first – the chicken or the egg

easter themed phone wallpaper, little chickens and eggs, spring background images, blue background

purple pink and blue flowers, blurred background, floral phone wallpaper, happy spring images

mountain landscape, phone wallpaper, happy spring images, trees and flowers, along a large lake

bouquet of pink peonies, happy spring images, phone wallpaper, bouquet in a glass vase, on a wooden table

geometrical drawing, of pink peonies, happy spring images, black background, phone wallpaper

pink purple and yellow tulips, blurred background, phone wallpaper, happy spring images

Spring is all about flowers

spring wallpaper hd, red and pink flowers, roses and peonies, floral phone wallpaper

pink rose bushes, white background, spring wallpaper hd, floral phone wallpaper

pink tulips, on a wooden table, spring wallpaper hd, floral phone wallpaper

Leave a little spoon of honey on your balcony – help save the bees

purple flowers, bee flying around the blooms, spring wallpaper hd, phone background

spring wallpaper hd, purple hanging flowers tree, purple blooms on the ground, phone background

rainbow coloured phone background, hello spring quote, spring flowers wallpaper, floral background

All the inspiration you might need – she believed she could, so she did

she believed she could so she did, inspirational quote, phone wallpaper, spring flowers wallpaper

And don’t forget to smile, it’s spring, after all

smile it's spring quote, blooming trees in the background, spring flowers wallpaper, phone wallpaper

sun shining, phone wallpaper, spring flowers wallpaper, blooming tree, with white blooms

drawing of white red and purple roses, floral phone wallpaper, spring flowers wallpaper, white background

pictures of spring, mountain landscape, phone background, trees and greenery around, green grass field

orange background, phone wallpaper, bunny holding flowers drawing, pictures of spring

Spring is in the air

spring is in the air quote, blooming tree in the background, floral phone wallpaper, pictures of spring

blue skies, blooming tree, pictures of spring, phone wallpaper, pink blooms

Furthermore, today is a good day

today is a good day, inspirational quote, phone wallpaper, pictures of spring, purple flowers in the background

spring wallpaper for desktop, yellow bike, yellow tulips, in a wooden basket, leaning on a brick wall

So, now, you can browse through our desktop spring wallpaper images

mountain landscape, lots of trees, surrounding a large lake, spring wallpaper for desktop, moon in the sky

Don’t forget – bloom where you are planted

bloom where you are planted quote, spring wallpaper for desktop, drawing of flowers, on a white background

What’s more, don’t be the same, be better

spring wallpaper for desktop, pink background, don't be the same be better quote, roses in the corners

hello spring quote, on an orange background, on a wooden background, spring wallpaper for desktop

pink blooming flowers, surrounding a large lake, mountain landscape, spring flowers background

Stunning lilac – another symbol of spring

lilac flowers, in different shades of purple, spring flowers background, white background

little grey bunny, in the middle of lots of pink flowers, spring flowers background

Always live in full bloom

live in full bloom quote, on a white background, spring flowers background, pink tulips

spring flowers background, mountain landscape, lots of trees, surrounding a large lake

Beautiful drawings, however, are good for every season

painting of two girls, blooming trees, lots of flowers, green field, spring desktop backgrounds

tall blooming trees, looming over a pathway, next to a river, spring desktop backgrounds

The sun will always shine, after all

blue skies, sun shining, spring desktop backgrounds, large blooming tree, with pink blooms

pink pathway, surrounded by blooming trees, forming a tunnel, spring desktop backgrounds

purple heart shaped tree, spring desktop backgrounds, purple skies, pink flowers field

free spring wallpaper, lots of different flowers, arranged on a pink background, desktop wallpaper

purple yellow and red tulips, on a wooden table, free spring wallpaper, desktop wallpaper

Although lightning bolts could be scary, the landscape is way too breathtaking to ignore

red tulips field, rainbows over it, lighting bolt in the sky, free spring wallpaper, desktop wallpaper

What could be fresher than a tulip field during sunrise

red tulips fields, free spring wallpaper, surrounded by trees, during sunrise, covered in mist

pink tulips, free spring wallpaper, along a pathway, behind a black metal fence, desktop wallpaper

blooming trees, along a river, spring pictures for desktop, green field, with lots of trees

running river, mountain landscape, spring pictures for desktop, trees and bushes along the river

bird on a tree branch, blooming tree, spring pictures for desktop, pink blooms

small purple flowers, spring pictures for desktop, surrounded by leaves and greenery

I, personally, have the spring fever, too

spring fever quote, spring pictures for desktop, blue skies, blooming tree, in the background

Spring has sprung, begin anew

spring has sprung begin anew quote, drawing of flowers, spring cover photo, pink background

running river, mountain landscape, spring cover photo, trees and grass along the river

spring quote, red tulips, blue hyacinth flower, in the background, spring cover photo, white background

Stairway to heaven?

long staircase, flowers and bushes along the staircase, spring cover photo, rocks and moss

Surely, you won’t forget that the spring season is the best time to start fresh

start fresh quote, spring cover photo, pink hyacinth flower, in the background

spring desktop background, blue, purple, yellow tulips field, different colours of tulips

purple skies, spring desktop background, tulip field, filled with different colours of tulips

two pathways, with blooming trees on both sides, looming over them, spring desktop background

small waterfall, spring desktop background, rocks covered in moss, trees along the small river

pink background, spring desktop background, yellow orange and pink gerberas, at the bottom

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.