Celebrate the Beginning of Spring With an Easter Background

by John Griffith

Well, finally we have something to look forward to. Easter is almost here and it is definitely one of the most fun holidays out there. Not only do we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter also marks the beginning of spring. And we all know that spring comes along bearing gifts – blossoming trees, sunny, warmer weather and good vibes all around. That is exactly why, there is absolutely zero chance of someone not liking the holiday of Easter. Today, we would like to honor the holiday even before it has arrived. We have gathered a gorgeous collections from which you can pick an Easter background to decorate your phone or desktop’s screen with. It will definitely get you in the mood for the holiday and get you ready for the celebrations.

Easter egg background to honor a decades long tradition

blue pink yellow eggs arranged together easter bunny background pastel colors aesthetic

What is Easter and why it is celebrated?

Easter is the holiday, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each year the holiday is on a different day, this year the holiday will be celebrated on April, 4th. Each year the date is decided according to March’s full moon. Easter is celebrated one week after that. The holiday is celebrated for 3 days knows as Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, also known as Holy Week. The reason why these 3 days are so important is because on Thursday Christ had his last supper with his 12 apostles. On Friday he was crucifixed and on Sunday he was resurrected. The Holy Week also conludes the 40-day fasting. These events are known as Passion of the Christ.

This year Easter is going to be celebrated on April 4th

bunny going through a hole digital drawing free easter wallpaper happy easter written in cursive

What are some of the most popular Easter traditions?

When we are talking about Easter the first thing that comes to mind is the Easter bunny carrying a basket full of Easter eggs. The reason why dyeing eggs is part of the traditions is because eggs are a symbol of rebirth and life. The legend says that Mary Magdalene brought a basket of eggs to Jesus’ crucifixition, which were dyed red from drops of his blood. Another legend says that on Easter, the Easter bunny layed eggs and then decorated them. This, in turn is related to the Easter egg hunt, it was believed that after the Easter bunny decorated its eggs, children were going around trying to find them. In general all of these traditions – dyeing eggs, decorating your house with small bunnies and doing egg hunts are so much fun. That is why, Easter is a holiday for the entire family.

Easter bunnies are the mascots for the holiday

bunny in the middle coming out of a pocket easter bunny background yellow background

Choose an Easter background to celebrate the holiday

Easter is a very colorful holiday in general. While Christmas is a holiday closely associated with red, green and gold, Easter welcomes all colors of the rainbow. First of all, the more colorful your dyed eggs are, the better. Different colors, different patterns and decorations are always welcome in your home on this day. What’s more, the beginning of spring makes our world colorful. Trees and flowers start to blossom, revealing gorgeous colors. That is why flower bouquets and decorations are a must-have item in your home while you celebrate. All of these colors can be found in our photo gallery of cute and fun Easter wallpapers.

The more colorful your Easter eggs, the better

easter background free nest with eggs in different colors placed on blue wooden surface

Easter background in pastel colors

While all colors are welcome, there is something so special about the pastel hues. Eggs in pastel colors, such as green, blue, yellow, pink, etc., always look so beautiful. Same goes for these backgrounds and wallpapers for your phone and screen. They are filled with pastel, matte colors. Because of that, it will be so easy for you to just fit them into your aesthetic. Which is exactly why, you should look no further. Browse through our carefully selected photo gallery where you can find 20 phone wallpapers and 20 desktop background, which will decorate your screens and help you start the celebrations for the most fun holiday of the year – Easter.

Dyeing eggs is one of the most popular Easter traditions

easter background images eggs dyed in gold and white placed in wicker basket on white wooden surface

Cute Easter bunnies can be seen everywhere around Easter

easter bunny background pink background digital drawings of bunnies eggs and carrots

Even the most minimalistic egg decorations still look super cute

eggs decorated with different white patterns free easter wallpaper placed on white surface frame in gold easter background free digital drawing of easter eggs and bunny in the corners frame in rose gold easter background images bunny and watercolor rose on the side

Happy Easter background with some beautiful watercolor flowers

free easter wallpaper happy easter written in gold in cursive surrounded by watercolor flowers gifts easter egg baskets roses bunnies easter background free digital drawings on blue background

Just have a look at these super cute, pastel Easter eggs

green blue orange pink easter eggs with different patterns free easter wallpaper placed on blue surface

Floral egg decorations and flowers – the perfect Easter background

green yellow and purple eggs with white flowers on them easter background images placed in a basket with flowers happy easter written in cursive on pink watercolor background easter background free

Little cute chickens and eggs – symbols of rebirth and life

little chickens coming out of egg shells easter background free blue background lots of eggs decorated in pastel colors placed on pink surface easter background images

Happy Easter from all of us at Archzine

pink background with hearts and flowers easter bunny background happy easter written over three eggs white daisies and eggs in yellow pink blue on the grass free easter wallpaper white surface easter background images eggs on it decorated in gold pink white and blackblue and white striped background easter bunny background happy easter written in cursive surrounded by flowers

Now are you ready for a few desktop Easter backgrounds

blue background easter egg background digital drawing of two bunnies surrounded by lots of colorful eggs

Oh my God, just look at thise cute little bunnies, they are so fluffy

bunnies standing on white surface easter wallpaper yellow orange and white easter eggs around them bunny hopping around cute easter wallpaper digital drawing field with daisies and apple tree

These eggs are so gorgeous

colorful eggs with different patterns and in different colors easter background arranged together cute easter wallpaper lots of eggs in different colors with different patterns on the bottom of the photo on white background digital drawing of small chickens standing on basket full of eggs in different colors easter wallpaper

Easter basket full of eggs and spring flowers – the perfect Easter wallpaper

easter background basket filled with easter eggs in different colors and patterns and flowers easter egg background wooden basket filled with eggs in yellow orange and green with floral decorations

All of these different Easter egg designs are so cute

easter eggs in different colors and sizes easter background flower decorations on them easter eggs in green pink orange blue yellow easter background placed on grass easter wallpaper purple and yellow eggs with white flowers drawn on them next to white piece of paper

As we have already stated Easter is the holiday of color

easter written on blue background easter wallpaper surrounded by easter eggs colorful flowers and balloons flowers and easter eggs in white and pink easter egg background arranged on white wooden surface

Happy Easter, everyone!

happy easter written in cursive on blue background easter wallpaper drawings of eggs and flowers around it happy easter written next to photo of bunny sitting in basket easter egg background decorated easter eggs around it lots of eggs in different colors with different decorations cute easter wallpaper with flowers

Did we lie about the beauty of pastel colors? No, we definitely did not!

purple background cute easter wallpaper six eggs all in different colors with different patterns at the bottom of the photo three eggs decorated in green yellow orange and purple easter egg background placed on grass white wooden surface easter background eggs in different colors in the top and bottom edges of the photo wooden surface with easter eggs on it cute easter wallpaper blue jar filled with white flowers

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