Compact living systems from Clei

by Maria Konou

If you own a small apartment or house, you will surely have a problem with choosing, arranging and using standard furniture. The Italian furniture designers and engineers from Clei are dedicated exclusively to manufacturing compact and double purpose furniture. More pictures from their enormous and fascinating collection after the jump.

From Clei:

Modular program, integrated with patented transformable system, to furnish the day and night areas. The versatility of the transformable system permits to project dynamic and multi functional solutions.

Corner sofa with storage unit that may be integrated in the area modular wall system. It may be transformed into a ready double bed with slatted base. In the night version, the sofa “peninsula” element tips-up to make access to the bed easier.

Sofa 245 cm wide provided with a storage space and integrated with a modular wall furniture, it becomes a ready double bed with slatted base.

Adam is a transformable system with horizontally folding double bed always ready available with a sofa that disappears thanks to a tilting movement while the bed falls down. It can be integrated in Clei program.

The transformable Doc system is a comfortable sofa with fully removable covering that with a simple movement and no strain becomes a practical bunk bed, provided with a safe ladder integrated in the structure which provides support and a protective barrier.

Double-functions wall unit with different frontal features, through a turning mechanism it can be transformed from day to night version in a ready double bed with wooden slatted base and lateral sliding tablets for the night.

Lgm 01 is a double-functions wall unit with a front large tilting table. Through a turning mechanism it is transformed into the night version, with a ready double bed with wooden slatted base.

Transformable system composed by a folding bed always ready with slatted base, and a tilting table . This model is available either with single bed (Poppi 90) or with intermediate bed (Poppi 120), also with no table.

Here is a video with some of the furniture from Clei and another manufacturer from an American reseller:

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