The beauty of farmhouse dining room decor: Ideas with a modern twist

by John Griffith

Rustic, farmhouse, and mid-century modern decor have been on the rise! Although, some people might say that they are outdated. That, however, is definitely not the case. All of these types of interior decor have been modernized and updated to fit the current times. And they are absolutely gorgeous. This decor gives your home a homey, warm feeling that is unmatched. That is why today we decided to talk about the farmhouse dining room – the space in your home where everyone gathers together for a meal. It is very important to make it feel cozy and comfortable. So, without further ado, here are some ideas on how to decorate your dining area in a farmhouse style.

All of these dining room ideas will make your space feel cozy and comfortable

bench next to wooden table placed next to cupboard with mirror on it dining room design ideas

What are the pieces that every farmhouse dining room must have?

As with every other interior design, the farmhouse style has distinctive features. It is defined by its use of raw, natural materials and clean and airy spaces. Furthermore, the use of antique pieces and weathered furniture gives the style a unique and charming look. In general, the lighter colors with lots of natural lights is a must if you want to recreate this interior style in your own home.

The farmhouse design is defined by airy spaces, light colors, and lots of natural light

black chairs around vintage table in front of tall windows farmhouse dining room open shelving

Weathered furniture is so beautiful

The first thing you should consider when furnishing your dining room in a farmhouse style is weathered furniture. The more you can see the signs of aging of the wood, the better. Although nowadays, these types of dining room sets are extremely popular, and you can find them almost in every store, you can also go thrift shopping. Thrift shops are the perfect spot for any farmhouse enthusiast. In there, you can find lots of gems, such as tables, chairs, cupboards, and even vintage vases, plates, and everything else your farmhouse kitchen may need. What’s more and even better news is that this type of interior also encourages mismatches. So, even if you can’t find a whole dining room set, mismatched chairs in the same style will still do the work and will make the room even more interesting.

Weathered furniture and mismatched chairs make your dining room unique

blue wooden table with vintage chairs exposed wood beams on the ceiling farmhouse dining room decor

Vintage cabinets

Yet another piece of furniture you can find in thrift shops – cabinets. Vintage cabinets are the perfect place to store your china, pitchers, and serving platters. Exposing your expensive china is another decorative technique used in the farmhouse style. So, a vintage cabinet plus exposed china will give your dining room a rustic makeover right away. Vintage pieces bring in the old-timey feeling. What’s more every time you set the table everything will be right there, ready to use.

Vintage cabinets are the perfect spot to show off your expensive china sets

farmhouse table and chairs salvaged wood table bench and different chairs around it open shelving cupboards

Step up your lighting game

Large vintage chandeliers hanging above the dining table are a must. As we have already mentioned lighting is very important when it comes to farmhouse decor. In general, it is preferred to have as much natural light as you possibly can. In the evening, though, it is important to step up your lighting game. And what better way to do just that than by using a vintage chandelier. Chandeliers are a very classy, elegant, and luxurious item. They are also a great addition to any home. They will definitely draw all the attention as soon as your guests enter your dining room.

Step up your lighting game with a beautiful chandelier

black chandeliers hanging above farmhouse table and chairs in black and white shiplap on the walls

How to decorate a farmhouse dining room?

Furniture are not the only important thing to pay attention to when you decorate a dining room in a farmhouse interior style. Furniture just give you the final touches that you need. Before that, however, there are a few rules you need to follow if you want your farmhouse kitchen to be up to date.

There are some basic rules to follow when decorating a dining room in a farmhouse style

black cupboards kitchen island with marble countertops dining room table decor tall bar stools

Natural light

Natural light is associated with a few interior design styles. It is extremely important for the farmhouse interior, however. Because the whole farmhouse interior design is about feeling cozy and homey, the natural light is of extreme importance. First of all, situate your kitchen next to the tallest, biggest windows. Everything else will flow easily after that. Having lots of natural light will make the whole kitchen feel airy and spacious.

Bet on lots of natural light

breakfast nook with round rustic dining table bench and chairs around it blue and white throw pillows

Light pastel colors

Not that you can’t go with dark colors for your farmhouse kitchen, but light colors are much more popular. Pastel colors in particular. As we have already mentioned the natural light is important because it provides an airy, spacious feeling. Well, the same can be said for light colors. The lighter the colors, the more spacious the room will look and the cozier it will feel. In general, if you want to use darker colors, you are only allowed to do so if you have an abundance of natural light. Otherwise the room will feel claustrophobic and dark.

Use lighter colors to make the room feel even more spacious

chandelier hanging above long rustic dining table white wooden chairs around it tall windows

Mix and match natural materials

The farmhouse interior is all about the natural materials. That is why you are encouraged to use lots of wood. It is definitely the dominant material in all types of rustic decor. Exposed wood beams on the ceiling are such a charming and interesting detail of the farmhouse design. They, of course, can be complimented by a weathered dining table, for example. And here comes the mismatch. If you want a more interesting and eye catching design use textiled chairs to create the mix and match effect. If, however you have your eyes set on wooden chairs, you can use throw pillows or cushions to add some textile to the dining room set. Either way, your room will get the farmhouse makeover.

Mix and match natural materials for an eye catching look

blue and gray chairs around table placed on colorful carpet farmhouse dining room decor exposed wood beams

Add some greenery

As we have already stated the all natural look of the farmhouse decor is what attracts people to it. That is exactly why, it is very important to add some greenery to your dining room. It will compliment the wood and the other natural materials so well. Plus it will provide some clean, fresh air to the room, as well as your guests.

Add some greenery to compliment the wooden pieces

brass chandelier hanging above salvaged wood table with bench next to it rustic dining table candlesticks on it

Use shiplap

Shiplap is another piece of decoration which is often overlooked, but is very popular in the rustic decor. Just like subway tiles, this decor is considered a farmhouse staple. Add shiplap to your dining room for a more interesting look. Whether you choose to have all the walls covered in shiplap or you want to just cover them partially and have it as a detail, it will still bring a modern look to your rustic interior.

Shiplap is highly regarded in the farmhouse interior

chandelier hanging above table with white wooden chairs around it dining room table decor shiplap on the walls

Now that you have all the tips and tricks, it is time to look at a few ideas

black walls with black and white photographs dining room table decor vintage salvaged wood table and chairs chandeliers hanging above long table white chairs and armchairs around it dining room design ideas colorful wallpaper on the wall shiplap on the ceiling farmhouse kitchen table bench and chairs around table different baskets lanterns hanging from ceiling with exposed wood beams dining room table decor ideas purple chairs

Use open shelving to define your rustic interior

dining room design ideas open shelving above the sink long wooden table with four chairs dining room table decor ideas blue chairs around round table open shelving on the wall dining room table decor three empty vases on table black chairs around it plates hanging on the wall exposed beams on the ceiling farmhouse dining room decor long vintage salvaged wood table and chairs exposed wood beams colorful tiles on the floor modern farmhouse dining room kitcchen island and furniture with colorful textiles farmhouse dining room decor faux fur rug black wooden table with vintage chairs around it

Sliding barn doors are such and interesting piece of decoration

farmhouse dining room white chairs and wooden table in front of fireplace sliding barn doors farmhouse dining table round table blue chairs placed on rug vase filled with flowers on top of table farmhouse kitchen table vintage chairs kitchen island pans hanging from the ceiling above glasses and cups arranged on open shelves on the wall rustic dining table with wooden chairs gray chairs around long wooden table farmhouse dining table exposed wood beams on the ceiling gray velvet chairs around wooden table farmhouse dining room vintage furniture large windows green walls with art displayed on them dining room table decor ideas round table with vintage chairs

Keep things simple, light and airy

large vase placed on long table with wooden chairs farmhouse dining table hanging chandelier large windows with white curtains farmhouse dining room round wooden table and chairs with gray cushions metal chairs around white wooden table in front of the fireplace dining room table decor modern farmhouse dining room open shelving with china arranged on it next to wooden table and chairs open shelving above black cupboard farmhouse table and chairs wooden crate with flowers on the table red wooden table and chairs modern farmhouse dining room next to fireplace art hanging on the wall

Go to the thrift shop and grab as many pieces of furniture as you can

round table with vintage chairs and cupboard next to it dining room table decor ideas mismatched rugs rustic dining table made of wood black chairs around it minimalistic design rustic table setting on long table farmhouse dining room decor red fabric chairs around it salvaged wood chairs and farmhouse kitchen table chandelier hanging above it salvaged wood farmhouse table and chairs cupboard with dinner plates and glasses arranged inside shiplap on the wall tall window modern farmhouse dining room white wooden table with bench and three chairs around it

Mix and match materials – wood, textiles, glass and colorful tiles

table and chairs covered with fabric vintage furniture farmhouse dining room kitchen backsplash with colorful tiles table and chairs placed in front of fireplace farmhouse dining table vintage decor around the room white armchair vintage chairs and table three chandeliers above it barn doors farmhouse kitchen table white chairs around table next to white cupboard modern farmhouse dining room flower bouquet on the table

You can never have enough greenery

white cushions on chairs small round table farmhouse dining table greenery decorations white walls and cupboards farmhouse kitchen table wooden chairs and large table chandelier hanging above it white walls cupboards and chairs around long table dining room table decor ideas kitchen island white walls with black art on them dining room design ideas table covered with table cloth black chairs wooden table and chairs with vase filled with flowers farmhouse table and chairs open shelving

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