How to stop cats from scratching your furniture & peeing everywhere

by Maria Konou

Kittens are extremely gentle and affectionate creatures. The character of animals is absolutely individual, and any generalization about how they behave in certain situations would be wrong. But nevertheless, there are some general and very broad boundaries within which feline behavior can be placed. And mischief is definitely part of it. That is why, in this article, we will discuss the two most common cat mischief owners face. So, if you want to know how to stop cats from scratching your furniture and peeing everywhere in your home, just keep on reading:

Scratching is natural for cats, so better know how to protect your soft furniture

ways to stop cats from clawing furniture

How to stop cats from peeing everywhere

When you take good care of a dog, for example, it thinks to itself “He feeds me, he walks me, he must be a god!”. When you take good care of a cat, however, it says to itself “He feeds me, he walks me, I must be a god!” This is extremely indicative of the cat’s disposition. It attaches itself strongly not to people (as dogs do) but to the place it inhabits. So any change of place is associated with a change in the cat’s mood. And they express this most often by peeing in various inappropriate places. It has happened that people end up with wet beds, pillows, bath towels, and meticulously collected so that everyone can suffer from the cat’s revenge. Cat urine is high in ammonia and has a strong, lingering, and irritating smell. For a kitten to make such a mess, there is always a reason. The problem more frequently comes from the fact that we can’t figure out what this reason is!

If your cat is suddenly peeing everywhere, it might be mad at you

how to stop cats from clawing furniture

Most Common Causes

The most common causes:

  • the litter box is not cleaned soon and well and this makes the kitten look for other places to relieve its natural needs
  • there is some smell in the home that irritates the cat
  • you have done something that has made her feel uncomfortable – you have left her out in the cold on the terrace, you have
  • not allowed her to enter a room, you have forbidden her to do something she loves
  • there is some novelty in the house – new bedding on the sofa, new furniture
  • you’ve changed the toilet bowl or the toilet seat

Try to find out what the cause of your kitten’s behavior is and, if possible, fix it. Wondering what cats actually like? Here are 9 cat-favorite activities that your kitten would love!

There is always a reason behind your cat’s unusual behavior

how to stop cats from peeing around the house

Following Mom’s Example

Small kittens can easily get used to where to pee. If they are not separated from their mother, they simply follow her example. Then the habit is most easily, quickly, and permanently formed. If the peeing happens occasionally, however, it takes a lot of patience to deal with the problem. Or some good luck for hopefully not running into a very stubborn cat.

Use Citrus Peels

If your kitten always pees in the same place, place citrus peels around and on top of it. Cats don’t like the smell of citrus and run away from it. This rule, of course, has its exceptions. However, do not forget that we are talking about some of the most versatile animals. There are cats that adore lemons and eat them with a great appetite. What’s more, you can actually make a DIY lemon spray to get rid of fleas on cats naturally!

Use lemon and orange peels to keep your cat away

how to stop cats from scratching furniture spray

Use Vinegar

If citrus peels don’t help, try a few drops of vinegar. Rub the site of the “crime” with a cotton rag dipped in vinegar. This smell is also not a favorite of these purring creatures.

Guide Your Cat

Wipe the peed spot with newspapers and put them in the kitten’s litter box. This way, the smell of urine will guide him to the right place for these activities.

Use Your Tone

When he makes a mess, the kitten understands his guilt very well. So if you try to catch him, he will surely run away from the scene of the crime quickly. But if you do succeed, gently rub the animal’s nose in its mess and scold it a bit. Kittens respond not to words, but to intonation. So, as much as you love it, make your frustration show through a bit to make the kitten understand it shouldn’t do that.

Cats understand your tone and intonation, and not your words

how to stop cats from peeing everywhere

Purchase a Special Spray

Veterinary pharmacies sell various products with a piss-off effect. When you spray the spot, the cat stops going there. So, if you want the easiest way out, just purchase a spray. However, you still need to potty train your cat.

Cat sprays are the easy way out, but you still need to potty train

how to stop cats from peeing

How to stop cats from scratching your furniture

Peeing in inappropriate places isn’t the only trouble fluffy critters can make, though. Their favorite pastime is to sharpen their claws! Possibly in the most inappropriate places. And those places are almost always your nicest and new furniture, wallpaper, and curtains. The traces of cat claws are always visible. And to make the picture even more colorful and fun, cats often practice this in their pastime. If your cat has a special place for clawing but doesn’t use it and does it elsewhere, then he wants to mark his territory. Typically, this is a way that animals greet humans. They also see it as a game – they scratch, you chase them. It is quite possible, however, that from play and teasing, this action becomes a habit.

Cats love scratching and clawing 

how to stop cats from scratching furniture home remedy

Get a Claw Sharpener

If you haven’t provided a special place for your pet to scratch, it’s a sure sign that it’s high time you did. You can simply place a stump or twig in the room. Do not peel their bark, they will be an interesting challenge for the kitten. If you are more inventive, make a special place for him to scratch using wood, cardboard, and textiles. Pet shops also sell special cat claw sharpeners – equipment that combines different surfaces for your kitten to scratch on. To get her to like the nail sharpening area, make it intriguing – put ropes, feathers, and toys to attract attention there.

Some cat beds include a claw sharpener – a win-win!

how to keep cats from scratching furniture naturally

Trim their Nails

To “disarm” your pet, cut its nails. Of course, you just need a trim to remove the sharpest part. Domestic cats do not hunt because their food is always there, tasty and warm in their pan. Therefore, they do not use their claws as originally intended. As long as you perform the cutting correctly and without causing pain to the kitten, this activity, at least for a while, will help you get rid of the permanent deep marks on the surfaces.

Domestic cats do not need sharp and long nails

is there a way to stop cats from scratching furniture

Protect your Furniture

To protect the furniture your kitten scratches, place another surface on top of it that your kitten cannot scratch or does not like. A successful trick to deal with the problem is to cover the furniture with double-stick tape for a while. Cats’ paws stick to it, and they don’t like that at all. Cats also do not like tin foil! What’s more, cats can also scratch your plants, so apply this technique to them as well. And, make sure these are cat-friendly plants!

Make sure your houseplants are pet-friendly and non-toxic to your cat

how to stop cats from eating plants

Get Nail Tips

Another option to deal with the issue are nail tips. They are very small plastic cones that are placed on the nails, not the whole paws. Moreover, these nail tips are filled with an adhesive substance, and they slid over the nail. They come in different sizes. It’s like a fancy and protective cat manicure! This is one of the best ways to stop cats from scratching your furniture!

Nail tips are a good way of protecting your furniture

how to train kittens no scratching

However, keep in mind that your kitty might not like the nail tips

how to keep cats from scratching furniture vinegar

And, here is how to stop your cats from scratching your furniture and carpet

how to stop cats from scratching furniture and rugs

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