The Curly Mullet: Everything About This Unconventional Hair Trend

by Maria Konou

In the realm of hair fashion, where trends ebb and flow like tides, the curly mullet stands as a beacon of both surprise and sophistication. Once considered a retro relic of the ’80s, this hairstyle has undergone a revival, emerging as a bold and confident choice for the modern woman. It’s a hairstyle that defies conventions, blending elements of edginess and femininity into a harmonious coiffure. In this guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of the curly mullet, from its definition to who should consider it, how to maintain and style it, and finally, draw inspiration from some of its most captivating renditions.

Let;s discover the captivating world of the curly mullet in this guide

curly hair mullet woman

What is a Curly Mullet?

The curly mullet is a daring and unconventional fusion of elements that defies traditional beauty standards. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing hair trend to understand its essence:

  • Front and Back Dynamics: At its core, this haircut is characterized by a distinct contrast in hair length between the front and the back. The front and sides feature shorter hair, typically framing the face with a contemporary and edgy touch.
  • Curls Take Center Stage: What sets the modern curly mullet apart from its predecessors is the infusion of curls. Instead of simple, straight locks at the back, this hairstyle embraces curls in all their glory. These curls add a sense of texture, movement, and playfulness.
  • Chic and Confident: The curly mullet is a bold choice that exudes confidence. It’s for those who aren’t afraid to stand out in a crowd, those who appreciate the artistry of hair as a form of self-expression. This hairstyle doesn’t conform to conventional beauty norms.
  • Versatile and Unique: What makes the curly mullet particularly fascinating is its versatility. While the basic structure remains the same, the styling possibilities are endless. You can choose the degree of curliness, the length of the back section, and incorporate colors or accessories.
  • A Statement Piece: This isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a statement. It’s a declaration of individuality and a celebration of non-conformity.

The curly mullet isn’t just a hairstyle, it’s a celebration of non-conformity

curly hair modern mullet.jpg

The curly mullet is a hairstyle that defies easy categorization. It challenges norms, embraces curls, and invites you to express your unique style with confidence. Whether you’re a trailblazer or simply someone who dares to be different, this haircut offers a captivating canvas for self-expression.

It challenges norms, embraces curls, and invites you to express your unique style

short curly hair mullet

Who Should Get a Curly Mullet?

The allure of the curly mullet extends far beyond its unconventional appearance; it’s a style that celebrates individuality and creativity. Let’s dive deeper into who should consider embracing this bold hairstyle:

  • Confident Trailblazers: The curly mullet is the playground of confident trailblazers who revel in setting their own trends. It’s a hairstyle that demands attention and exudes self-assuredness. If you’re unafraid to stand out from the crowd and want a hairstyle that reflects your unwavering confidence, the curly mullet is your go-to choice.
  • Creative Souls: For those with a creative spirit, this hairstyle is a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with artistic flair. The blend of curls, layers, and contrasting lengths offers endless opportunities for self-expression. Whether you want to experiment with vibrant colors, unique textures, or imaginative shapes, the curly mullet welcomes your creativity with open arms.
  • Adventurous Spirits: If you’re the kind of woman who craves adventure and embraces the thrill of stepping out of your comfort zone, the curly mullet is your ideal companion. This hairstyle defies convention and invites you to explore uncharted territory in the world of beauty. It’s a bold choice that resonates with those who want to challenge traditional norms and make a statement with their style.

The blend of curls, layers, and contrasting lengths offers endless opportunities for self-expression

mullet haircut curly hair

What Type of Face Does This Haircut Suit?

The beauty of the curly mullet lies in its versatility, as it can harmoniously complement a range of facial structures. Here’s an in-depth look at the facial shapes that particularly shine with this haircut:

  • Oval Faces: Oval faces are often considered the most balanced and versatile of all facial shapes. The unique structure of the curly mullet, with its contrasting lengths and playful curls, accentuates the natural symmetry of oval faces. It creates a captivating interplay of shapes and textures that enhances the inherent beauty of this facial structure.
  • Heart-Shaped Faces: Women with heart-shaped faces can embrace the curly mullet with confidence, as it offers the opportunity to highlight their distinctive features. The shorter front and longer back of the mullet hairstyle accentuate the cheekbones and soften the jawline, creating a harmonious balance. This combination adds an air of elegance and charm to heart-shaped faces.
  • Square Faces: Square faces are characterized by strong and well-defined angles, and the curly mullet can work wonders to soften these features. The curls and layered elements of the mullet hairstyle introduce an appealing contrast, drawing attention away from the angular aspects and towards the overall beauty of the face. This creates a captivating look that adds charm and sophistication to square faces.

This haircut can harmoniously complement a range of facial structures

modern mullet curly hair.jpeg

What Type of Hair is Best Suited for a Curly Mullet?

The beauty of the curly mullet lies in its inclusivity, as it welcomes diverse hair types and textures. Here’s a detailed look at how different hair types can embrace and make the most of this haistyle:

  • Naturally Curly Hair: If you’re blessed with naturally curly hair, the curly mullet is a match made in hair heaven. It allows your curls to take center stage, showcasing their unique beauty and vitality. The curls of the mullet hairstyle enhance the natural volume and movement of your locks, creating a mesmerizing dance of curls that radiates confidence and charm.
  • Wavy Hair: Women with wavy hair can also fully embrace the allure of the curly mullet. This hairstyle effortlessly enhances the wavy texture, adding an extra layer of dimension and intrigue. The curls of the mullet blend seamlessly with the natural waves, resulting in a captivating fusion of shapes and waves that adds a touch of playfulness to your style.
  • Straight Hair: While the name suggests curls, the curly mullet is not exclusive to those with curly or wavy hair. Women with straight hair can also embark on the curly mullet journey, infusing their locks with a sense of adventure and transformation. Achieving the look may involve the use of curling tools and products, but the result is a delightful blend of curls and straight strands that creates a dynamic contrast and adds a dash of unpredictability to your appearance.

The curly mullet is not exclusive to those with curly or wavy hair

short curly mullet woman

Who Should Avoid This Haircut and Why?

While the curly mullet is undeniably captivating, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. Here are some scenarios in which individuals might want to consider alternative hairstyles:

  • Preference for Low-Maintenance Styles: The curly mullet, with its distinctive layers and curls, may require regular maintenance and styling to keep it looking its best. If you prefer a hairstyle that demands minimal upkeep and styling, this hairstyle may not align with your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Professions with Strict Appearance Guidelines: Some professions have specific rules regarding hair length, color, and style. If you work in a field with stringent appearance guidelines, it’s essential to check whether the curly mullet complies with your workplace’s policies. You may need to opt for a more conventional hairstyle that meets the requirements of your profession.
  • Discomfort with Standing Out: This hairstyle is undeniably unique and eye-catching. If you’re uncomfortable with drawing attention or standing out in a crowd, the curly mullet’s bold and distinctive appearance may not align with your personal comfort zone. It’s a hairstyle that celebrates individuality and confidence, making it an excellent choice for those who are unafraid to embrace their uniqueness and make a statement with their style.

This haircut may require regular maintenance and styling to keep it looking its best

modern curly mullet woman

How to Maintain the Curly Mullet

Maintaining the beauty of your curly mullet is crucial to ensure it continues to turn heads and make a statement. Here’s a detailed look at the essential maintenance steps to keep your hairt in top shape:

  • Regular Trims: The curly mullet’s distinctive appeal relies on its well-defined contrast between the shorter front and sides and the longer back. To maintain this unique structure, it’s essential to schedule regular trims with a skilled stylist. Trimming the shorter sections prevents them from growing too long and losing their distinctiveness, while ensuring the mullet’s overall shape remains intact.
  • Curl Care: If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, invest in high-quality curl-enhancing products to keep your curls looking their best. Regular conditioning and occasional deep treatments will help keep your locks healthy, resilient, and free from frizz. Embrace the natural beauty of your curls and waves by using products designed to enhance their definition and shine.
  • Styling Tools: Familiarize yourself with various styling tools to achieve the desired level of curl and volume for your mullet. Curling irons, diffusers, and round brushes can become your trusted companions. Experiment with different techniques to find the styling approach that best suits your taste and the occasion. Whether you prefer a casual tousled look or a more polished appearance, the curly mullet offers versatility in styling.
  • Color Maintenance: If your curly mullet features color treatments such as highlights or lowlights, it’s essential to use color-safe shampoos and conditioners. These products help preserve the vibrancy of your chosen hues and prevent premature fading. Regular color maintenance appointments with your stylist will also ensure that your mullet’s color remains fresh and captivating.

Invest in high-quality curl-enhancing products to keep your curls looking their best

mullet with curly hair

How to Style a Curly Mullet

Styling a curly mullet is a delightful experience that allows you to express your creativity and adapt your look to various moods and occasions. Here are some styling ideas to make the most of your unique and captivating hairstyle:

  • Messy Curls: Embrace the carefree, tousled look by allowing your curls to flow naturally. Use a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to enhance the definition of your curls while maintaining volume. This relaxed and effortless style exudes a sense of laid-back confidence.
  • Sleek and Polished: For a more polished appearance, consider straightening the front and sides of your mullet while leaving the back curly. This combination of sleek and curly elements adds an intriguing contrast to your style, allowing you to switch effortlessly between sophisticated and casual looks.
  • Accessorize: Elevate your curly mullet with stylish accessories such as headbands, scarves, or hairpins. These additions not only enhance your overall look but also showcase your individual style and creativity. Experiment with different accessories to find the ones that resonate with your personality and fashion preferences.
  • Braids and Twists: Add an extra layer of creativity and complexity to your curly mullet by experimenting with braids or twists on the shorter front and sides. These intricate details can serve as eye-catching focal points, adding a touch of artistic flair to your overall style. Whether you opt for simple braids or more intricate twists, this styling approach allows you to stand out and make a statement with your curly mullet.

Embrace the carefree, tousled look by allowing your curls to flow naturally

mullet for curly hair

Curly Mullet Inspiration

Let’s dive into the world of curly mullet inspiration, where pop culture and everyday life converge to spark your creativity and ignite your passion for this unique hairstyle:

  • Miley Cyrus: The pop sensation, known for her bold and ever-evolving style, has been spotted rocking a curly mullet that perfectly encapsulates her iconic persona. Miley’s haircut seamlessly blends her edgy, rockstar image with a touch of retro glam, proving that this hairstyle can be both captivating and versatile.
  • Zendaya: The multi-talented actress, singer, and fashion icon Zendaya has also joined the curly mullet trend, demonstrating its adaptability and allure. Zendaya’s mullet variation showcases how this hairstyle can effortlessly transition from red carpet elegance to everyday chic.
  • Street Style: Don’t underestimate the power of everyday fashionistas who confidently sport their curly mullets while effortlessly combining them with eclectic outfits and accessories. Street style offers a rich source of inspiration, demonstrating how this hairstyle can be incorporated into various fashion aesthetics.
  • Social Media: In the digital age, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have become treasure troves of hairstyle inspiration. Explore hashtags and profiles dedicated to the curly mullet to uncover a wealth of variations, creative ideas, and styling tips. Whether you’re seeking a subtle and understated change or a bold and eye-catching transformation, the online community of curly mullet enthusiasts is ready to provide endless inspiration.

Instagram and Pinterest have become treasure troves of hairstyle inspiration

shaggy wolf cut mullet on curly hair

As you embark on your curly mullet journey, draw inspiration from these sources, but don’t forget to infuse your unique personality and style into your look. Embrace the freedom to experiment, redefine beauty standards, and make a bold statement with your curly mullet.

Infuse your unique personality and style into your look

mullet for a curly hair type


The curly mullet is a testament to the ever-evolving world of beauty and style. Its bold blend of curls, layers, and contrasts defies conventions and invites women to embrace their uniqueness. Whether you’re a confident trailblazer, a creative soul, or an adventurous spirit, the curly mullet offers a canvas for self-expression like no other. With the right maintenance and styling, you can make this distinctive hairstyle your own, turning heads and making a statement wherever you go. So, if you’re ready to step into the world of unconventional beauty, why not give this hairstyle a whirl? After all, it’s not just a hairstyle; it’s a statement of individuality and confidence.

Now you know how to make this distinctive hairstyle your own!

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