2017’s Hottest Trends for Short Hairstyles

by John Griffith

The final days of December are a time when women start thinking about the changes  they want to make to their appearance in the new year. This is especially true about hair – a lot of ladies feel that getting a fun new hairstyle is a great way to celebrate their fresh start. As a result, many opt for chic, trendy cuts or eye-catching hair-dye. However, when it comes to cutting their locks really short, most women feel reluctant to take the plunge. They worry that styling short hair is difficult, that it will not suit their face or that they will miss their long tresses. We are here to dispel these fears and show you that some hairstyles for short hair can really work miracles by delicately underlining your most flattering features. Plus, shorter hair is a lot easier to care for and maintain, and can really make you stand out from the crowd!

The pixie cut – edgy style with an emphasis on felinity

The pixie haircut first appeared in the 1960s and has remained popular ever since. Refreshing and liberating, this cute style rejects stereotypes and gives off a playful yet confident vibe. While there are many variations to choose from, pixies with a side sweep are the most popular option at the moment. To create a truly unique look, consider adding some highlights or an ombre effect. Ladies with brown hair can opt for honey-colored strands while the more adventurous can try pastel colors. Pink and blue are still incredibly popular, and will give you a distinctive fairy-tale appearance.

The timeless bob and its many reinterpretations

The bob is an excellent choice for ladies who want to go short but are reluctant to opt for the more drastic pixie cut. It softens the face and gives you a glamorous, movie star look. Combine with bright red or pink lipstick and smokey eye make up for a striking an chic appearance. The blond bob is particularly popular this year, especially in its a-line, asymmetrical and blunt variations. If you have finer hair, we recommend opting for a shorter cut.

Hairstyles for Short Hair – here are our suggestions:

hairstyles for short hair, woman with round black glasses, and black turtleneck, with straight brown bob, parted at the side

Choose an eye-catching color, such as platinum blonde, to add some extra flair to your pixie cut

hairstyles for short hair, smiling woman with short platinum blonde pixie cut, blue eyes and natural-looking make up, wearing striped top

A cool, messy-style bob

hairstyles for short hair, young woman with big blue eyes, with short wavy hair with pink highlights, wearing white t-shirt and natural-looking make up

Side swept pixie cut

hairstyles for short hair, slim young woman with dark short hair, bangs brushed to one side, bright red lipstick and navy, white red and grey sweater

The timeless, classic bob

hairstyles for short hair, woman with short blonde bob, and black round sunglasses, wearing black top and light cream blazer

Short retro-style cut with bangs

hairstyles for short hair, pale woman with brown shoulder-length hair and bangs, wearing white oversized blazer

Gentle ombre effect for a sun-kissed summer look

hairstyles for short hair, young woman with dirty blonde hair, wearing sunglasses with big plastic frames, and a blue and white striped shirt

Add volume to your hair with this playful short style

short haircuts, smiling black-haired woman, with side-swept bob and red strappy dress

A pixie cut can transform your face, giving it more charm and character

short haircuts, young woman with brown hair and short pixie cut, bangs brushed to one side, wearing orange shirt

A soft, feminine style, ideal for ladies with finer hair

short haircuts, woman with short, side parted brown hair, natural-looking make up, and dark blue coat

short haircuts, woman with dark blonde wavy bob, parted in the middle, with natural-looking make up and chunky knit grey top

Lily Collins dazzles with her shiny short locks

short haircuts, black and white image of lily collins, short dark hair with side bangs, looking surprised

Go punk rock with this cool pixie cut

short haircuts, platinum blonde woman in profile, with hair cut short on the sides and long bangs, black eyeliner and big golden earrings

Long, wavy blond bob

short haircuts, woman with dirty blonde, wavy bobbed hair, parted in the middle, wearing white shirt with frills and pale floral print

Hairstyles for short hair with long bangs add femininity, while keeping the edginess of the pixie cut

pixie cut, black and white image of lily collins, short dark hair with side parted bangs, wearing sleeveless shirt

cute hairstyles, woman with wavy hazel bob and side bangs, wearing retro glasses, and white sheer sleeveless shirt

Short ruffled hair is stylish and cute

pixie cut, woman with very short, tousled and layered blonde hair, wearing a shirt and blazer, and holding a retro camera

This boyish cut is softened by long side bangs

pixie cut, young woman with brown hair and masculine haircut, side bangs falling over one eye, wearing floral top

We love this stylish messy polar blonde bob!

cute hairstyles, young woman with messy platinum blond bob, several strands on her face, wearing black round sunglasses and dark green shirt

A cute and casual everyday look

cute hairstyles, young woman facing to one side, with messy curly brown hair, wearing black woolen coat and blue shirt

Michele Williams is famous for her gorgeous pixie cut

pixie cut, michele williams with short, side-swept blond hair, wearing bright red lipstick, and black nail polish

pixie cut, black and white image of woman, with dark layered hair, side bangs above one eye, wearing white shirt and black eyeliner

pixie cut, slim girl with big eyes, and very short wavy brown hair, longer bangs swept to one side on her forehead, wearing white open-back t-shirt

Pastel colors + pixie hairstyle = a winning combination

pixie cut, pale woman with short pale blue hair and cropped bangs, wearing bright red lipstick

A side sweep for a rebellious look

cute hairstyles, young woman with hair cut short on one side, and kept long on the other, wearing sunglasses and bright red lipstick

Soft hazel waves with subtle blond highlights 

cute hairstyles, woman with short dark blond side-swept hair, and lighter blond highlights, looking to one side, and wearing light blue shirt

Glamorous bob for an authentic red-carpet look

cute hairstyles, smiling woman with dark brown, wavy bob and side bangs, wearing white strappy top

Classic blond pixie cut for a charming vintage look

cute hairstyles, black and white image of woman with short blonde hair, longer side bangs falling on her face

The wavy blond bob was incredibly popular last year and remains one of the hottest hairstyles 

short hair cuts, woman with blond curly bob, and side parted bangs, black eyeliner and natural-looking make up

Ladies with curly hair can underline their individuality by opting for an effective short style

short hair cuts, woman with messy curly brown hair, wearing black top and baseball jacket

Grey color remains very popular this year

short hair cuts, slim woman with short light grey hair, layered cropped bangs, wearing black sleeveless leather top

short hair cuts, young woman with very short, gelled up blonde hair, natural look and plain white t-shirt, with rolled sleeves

A gorgeous, bold balayage 

short hair cuts, woman with platinum blonde hair with pink ombre effect, bangs brushed to one side and covering her eye

short hair cuts, young woman with short masculine layered hairstyle, side bangs and bright pink lipstick

short hair cuts, black-haired woman, with hair cut short at the back and kept slightly longer in front, wearing black dress and looking to one side

Trendy look inspired from vintage hairdos

haircuts for women, woman with brown, side-parted wavy bob, wearing a brown woolen coat, and holding its lapel with one hand

Travel back to the 1960s with this cute retro bob!

haircuts for women, black and white image of young woman, with 1960s style short hair, looking down, side bangs and fake eyelashes

A cool, glamorous style that requires little effort

haircuts for women, woman running the fingers of her hand through her short blonde hair, with bright red lipstick and black eye pencil

Straight, sharply cut bobs always looks great

haircuts for women, smiling woman with straight, side-parted dark blonde bob, with red lipstick and a nude-colored top

haircuts for women, woman with dark brown, side-parted curly hair, wearing sunglasses with white frames and bright red lipstick

Cute and curly side sweep

haircuts for women, smiling blonde woman with very short side-parted hair, curled bangs falling to one side, black top and natural-looking make up

haircuts for women, close up of a woman with very short, dark brown curly hair, grey top and big, heart-shaped earrings with pearls

Natural volume

cute short haircuts, woman with short voluminous black wavy hair, wearing white top, and retro sunglasses with white frames

cute short haircuts, close up of a smiling woman, with curly side-parted short brown hair, bangs falling over one eye

Short, messy cut with bangs

cute short haircuts, woman with messy black, chin-length hair and bangs, wearing big grey woolen coat, and colorful sweater

We love this cool pixie cut with gentle shades of violet

cute short haircuts, smiling woman with deep red lipstick, and glasses with black frames, with short side-parted pixie cut, dyed in pale violet and blue

A pastel pink bob will really make you stand out from the crowd!

cute short haircuts, woman with pink ombre effect bob, wearing sunglasses with plastic, animal-print frames

Add a retro vibe to your look with this effortlessly cool cut

cute short haircuts, six images of women with dark brown and black retro bobs with bangs, seen from different angles, and wearing different clothes

cute short haircuts, young woman with dark masculine haircut, messy bangs falling on her face, wearing pale grey t-shirt and silver chain

woman with very short dark wavy hair, wearing black retro sunglasses, bright red lipstick, and black open back top

close up of jennifer lawrence, with wavy light blonde side parted bob, wearing white strappy top and orange earrings

An elegant and timeless look

close up of a woman with blond, side parted wavy bob, wearing black sunglasses, and black strappy top, holding black leather jacket

The blond pixie cut – one of our favorite hairstyles for short hair

black and white photo of a woman, short gelled up blonde hair, black turtleneck and eyeliner

The charming Morena Baccarin looks radiant with a beautiful vintage-inspired curly bob

close up of morena baccarin, with curly dark brown, side parted bob, wearing red lipstick and a black top

smiling asian woman, with short brown hair and side bangs, wearing black jumper, and pale pink lipstick

close up of keira knightley, straight dark brown chin-length hair, pink lipstick and dark eye make up

smiling green eyed woman, with tousled dark brown wavy hair and side bangs, wearing white top

Extra short pixie cuts are still in!

blonde girl with very short, layered hair and side bangs, wearing multicolored woolen blazer, and white top

woman with very short and curly, dark brown masculine haircut, wearing white tanktop

If done right, the fringe can completely transform your face, gently underlining your most beautiful features

girl with dark brown, shoulder-length hair, tucked behind ear and tied at the back, with bangs and retro glasses

young woman with chin-length, dark hair and bangs, wearing black woolen coat, and blue jumper over white shirt, holding compact mirror

close up of smiling woman with very short, tousled hair with blond highlights

A stylish, edgy cut

slim woman with short platinum blonde haircut, wearing black sunglasses and bright red lipstick, with black strapless top and trousers

woman with wind-swept, chin-length brown hair and dark round sunglasses, wearing brown cap and black coat, making the peace sign, with one gloved hand

Cute bob for naturally curly girls

slim young woman with short, messy curly hair, wearing white t-shirt, with john lennon's face

Cute, playful and chic – a bob that brings out your femininity

lily collins with short, dark brown bob, bangs covering her eye, wearing black top, with triangular silver ornaments

black and white image of serious-looking young woman, short hair with longer bangs covering one eye, wearing black top

Elegant black pixie cut

dark-haired woman, with very short pixie cut, wearing glasses with black frames, and bright red lipstick, leaning on one hand

short-haired blond woman, facing to one side, tousled and layered haircut, longer bangs with lighter tips


John Griffith

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