77 Glossy Style Ideas for Brunettes! Trendy hair colors and more!

by John Griffith

Today we would like to share some gorgeous and inspiring brunette hairstyles with you. Demure and chic, they are ideal for ladies who favor a more natural and understated look. We have a variety of different styles to choose from – some are conservative and perfectly suited for classy business women, while others have a more playful touch. But before we start, let us quickly list a few different brunette tones and examine the types of complexions they are compatible with.

Dark shades of brown are a great choice for ladies who have a light complexion and hazel, black or brown eyes. Brunette hair nicely underlines and compliments these features, creating a soft and innocent look. Be careful not to choose a shade that’s too dark though – tones close to black are not suitable for pale faces!

Chocolate brown hair is a very fitting solution for mature women. Unlike reddish or blonde shades, which tend to be harsher and less flattering, it creates a warm and friendly look. This is not only ecstatically pleasing, but also makes its wearer seem years younger. Hairstyles with bangs are especially effective, as they nicely frame the face and enhance its best features.

The above mentioned brunette tones are favored by conservative and demure ladies. Those who’d rather have a more cute and playful look can opt for different ombre styles or highlights. Balayage is also a great suggestion. Like ombre, it features hair which is dark in its roots and lighter towards the tips. What sets it apart from ombre is that it mixes lighter and darker shades in order to create a more natural look.

Darker brunette tones and chocolate brown also look great on ladies with dark complexion. Naturally, they too can opt for highlights and balayage. An important thing to bear in mind is to avoid lighter colors such a platinum or strawberry blond. Instead, they should choose dark blonde or red shades, as they blend in with brunette hair nicely, giving it more depth and a lush natural look. Another significant point you should remember is to always use conditioner, nourishing hair masks and high quality shampoo for dyed hair.  Don’t forget – even the most beautiful hair color won’t mean a thing if your hair is brittle, dry or frizzy!

And now it’s time for our brunette hairstyles gallery. We have 77 amazing suggestions to help you choose a look that’s right for you. Enjoy!

This effortlessly cool messy bob with bangs is one of the cutest brunette hairstyles we saw in 2017:

brunette hairstyles, woman wearing blue shirt, dark blue-green blazer, and glasses, with messy wavy bob and bangs, holding small white coffee cup

Partially tied back hair with cropped bangs – a chic Parisian look:

partially tied back hair, with cropped bangs, brunette hairstyles, worn by girl dressed in dark blue, with glasses and chunky knit scarf

How cute is this messy bob with side bangs:

wavy bobbed hair, with messy side bangs, brunette hairstyles, worn by woman with hazel eyes, wearing white shirt and black blazer

Natural, understated looks were a big hit in 2017 and will remain very popular this year too:

grey eyeliner and pale nude lipstick, worn by woman in white top, with hazel eyes, and fine side-parted-hair, brunette hairstyles

Brunette hairstyles gently underline the features of your face:

long dark brown, partially curled hair, brunette hairstyles, on a woman in pale grey sweater, wearing large flower crown, with pink white and yellow blossoms

Here is another gorgeous example of a dark brown cut:

sparkly black patterned top, worn by smiling young woman, with smooth and straight, side-parted shoulder-length hair, brunette hairstyles

Messy, wavy, and chic – a classy and versatile look:

serious looking young woman, dressed in a dark green textured coat, with yellow fur trims, with dark trousers and a red bag, brunette hairstyles, shoulder length wavy hair

Add a rebellious streak to your style with a layered brunette cut and a messy fringe:

discreet make up, worn by brown-eyed young woman, messy layered hair and fringe, medium length brown hair, black leather jacket

Olivia Palermo, dazzling as always, sports the perfect shade of chocolate brown:

white shiny shirt, worn by olivia palermo, with chocolate brown wavy hair, parted in the middle, brunette hairstyles, pale purple eye make up

We love this timeless dark chocolate color:

golden sparkly strappy dress, worn by smiling woman, with blush and pale pink lipstick, very dark brown hair, brunette hairstyles, smooth and straight with a side parting

Curly or straight? They both look amazing on chocolate brown hair:

medium brown hair color, images showing two versions of the same long, brunette hair, one is curly and one is straight, both are worn by woman in dark grey sweater

balayage on wavy, layered brown hair, with dark blonde highlights, dark brown hair colors, worn by woman in dark jumper

shaggy wavy bob, with side-pated bangs, on smiling woman, with hazel eyes and pale pink lipstick, medium brown hair color, wearing white top

long wavy hair, medium brown hair color, with dark blonde ombre effect, and two crossing braids, worn by woman in black, off-the-shoulder dress, with white daisy print

The perfect length for your chestnut colored hair:

red lipstick and black mascara, on smiling woman, with shoulder-length haircut and medium brown hair color, wearing a black jumper

shoulder-length hairstyle, dark brown hair colors, on woman in white sleeveless top, with nude lipstick, and fake eyelashes

dark brown hair colors, wavy dark chocolate-colored hair, with blonde highlights, worn by woman in red tank-top

layered hair parted in the middle, dark brown hair colors, worn by green-eyed woman, with smoky eye make up, and nude lipstick

A dark brown sweep with discreet highlights – very chic!

large pink drop earrings, and a sparkly silver dress, with beads and sequins, worn by smiling green-eyed woman, with long wavy, side-swept hair with discreet highlights, dark brown hair colors

curled hair with blonde balayage, and medium brown hair color, worn by woman in white sweater

sloppy messy bun, with side bangs, rebellious punk-style, dark brown hair colors, worn by pale, black-eyed girl, wearing black cropped top, with long sleeves

happy woman with curled, shoulder length hair, and medium brown hair color, middle parting, wearing discreet make up, beige blazer and a khaki top

blonde balayage on curled brunette hair, dark brown hair colors, on smiling woman, in pale sweater, facing to the side

two images of alexa chung, seen from different angles, with hair put up, and side-swept bangs, dark brown hair colors, wearing bright red lipstick, and a pale strappy top

chocolate brown wavy and messy hair, medium brown hair color, and choppy shaggy bangs, on woman with natural looking make up, and green eyes, wearing white meshy tank top

side-swept curled bob, in medium brown hair color, worn by woman in black leather top, with pale nude pink lipstick

soft wavy tresses, in medium brown hair color, on smiling woman, dressed in black coat with leather trim, discreet make up and dimples

Darker shades of brown make blue, green and grey eyes really stand out:

girl with light green eyes, hair parted in the middle, and braided into two side buns, dark brown hair colors, wearing pale pink lipstick, and soft pale pink sweater

grey-eyed woman, with side swept, partially curled long hair, dark brown hair colors, wearing black top, and nude pink lipstick

nina dobrev in white tank top, with side swept wavy hair, in medium brown hair color, with dark blonde highlights

lily collins wearing a black free-cut dress, with 3/4 sleeves, with pink blush and nude lipstick, partially tied back brunette hair, with parting in the middle, dark haired actresses

Brunette hairstyles we love: Lily Collins’ natural-looking, chocolate-colored, layered cut:

dark haired actresses, lily collins wearing a sleeveless black shirt, with floral lace inserts, brown layered hair, parted in the middle, pale pink lipstick, black mascara and pale purple eye make up

brunette hair colors, wavy shoulder-length haircut, with cropped bangs, worn by blue-eyed young woman, in white shirt

natural shoulder-length hair, with side parting, on selena gomez, dark haired actresses, white top and encrusted silver hoop earrings

shoulder-length wavy hair, with bangs parted in the middle, brunette hair colors, green-eyed woman, with white sleeveless top, and pale pink lipstick

khaki top with long sleeves, worn by woman with wavy hair, and discreet highlights, brunette hair colors

special occasion bun, with twists and curls, decorated with small red berries, and tiny white flowers, brunette hair colors, on woman wearing white lace top, with open back

honey blonde highlights, in dark brown curled hair, brunette hair colors, worn by woman in black top or robe, green ferns in background

very long chocolate brown hair, curled and decorated with a side braid, brunette hair colors, on woman wearing a white jumper, with navy stripes

Dark brown tresses for a truly seductive look:

dark brown wavy hair, parted in the middle, brunette hair colors, worn by woman in pale pink jumper, with nude lipstick, and black eyeliner and mascara

straight and smooth, layered long brown hair, brunette hair colors, worn by young woman, in pale grey tank top

braided and curled hair, brunette hair colors, dark brown with reddish brown highlights, on woman in white jumper

smooth and shiny hairstyle, with side-parting and curls, brunette hair colors, dark brown with dark blonde highlights, on woman in white jumper, with blue eye make up, and pink lipstick

Lovely side sweep for brunettes with wavy hair:

medium length brown hair, curled and side-swept, on blue-eyed girl, with red lipstick, wearing pale blue shirt, and golden necklace

light blonde highlights, on curled medium length brown hair, worn by woman, dressed in camouflage patterned shirt

soft layered and wavy, long brown highlighted hair, with natural looking blonde strands, worn by woman in black sweater, sitting on hairdresser's chair

dark brown highlighted hair, curled and with a blonde ombre effect, worn by woman in grey sweater

The blonde balayage is very popular among the stars, as Jessica Alba shows:

white v-neck top, worn by smiling jessica alba, with black mascara and nude lipstick, medium length brown hair, with blonde highlights

curled long brown hair, with discreet honey blonde highlights, brunette hairstyles, worn by woman, in navy robe, sitting on a hairdresser's chair

black jacket and shoulder bag, worn by woman with brown highlighted hair, with dark blonde curled strands, falling over her shoulders

partially tied hairdo with bangs, on brown highlighted hair, with copper and blonde hues, worn by slim woman, dressed in black blazer

red strappy dress, with white stripes, on brunette woman with curled, brown highlighted hair, with blonde balayage

woman sitting on hairdresser's chair, with dark blue jeans, and white and black striped top, partially curled long, brown highlighted hair, with dark roots, and honey-blonde ends

soft and very long natural brown hair, parted in the middle, on smiling woman with discreet make up, wearing plain black t-shirt, and silver cross pendant

retro black eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick, on young woman, with medium length brown hair, and honey blonde highlights

voluminous side swept and layered, brown highlighted hair, with dark blond strands, on woman with pink lipstick, and bold eye make up, with fake eyelashes, and chunky knit black scarf

dark grey tank top, worn by eva longoria, with voluminous dark brunette hair, and auburn highlights, dark haired actresses

curled and long, dark reddish-brown layered hair, worn by woman looking to one side, in a white off-shoulder dress

messy and wavy, partially tied back hairstyle, with side-swept, retro-inspired bangs, medium length brown hair, worn by woman in white semi-sheer top, with bright red lipstick, black eyeliner and fake lashes

honey-blonde wavy layered hair, parted in the middle, with dark brunette roots, dark haired actresses, worn with a pale pink top, and discreet make up, by jennifer lopez

lace sleeveless top in white, and denim shorts, worn by young woman, with curled and long, brown highlighted hair

Another stunning, natural look:

thoughtful-looking young woman, with pink lipstick, and discreet eye make up, side-parted long and wavy, brown highlighted hair, and white tank top

highlighted dark brunette hair, with a deep side parting, and partially curled, worn by penelope cruz, with natural-looking make up, and sparkly black top

nude lipstick, discreet eye make up and blush, worn by woman with wavy, light brown hair, styled with 70s sweeps

sequin top in black and gold, worn by smiling jessica alba, with wavy brown hair, and honey-blonde highlights, dark haired actresses, black mascara and nude lipstick

dimpled girl with discreet make up, and long wavy brown hair, with dark blonde highlights, wearing black tanktop, and teal and white headband

auburn strands in partially curled, long brown highlighted hair, worn by woman in dark jumper

Misha Barton with a charming, light chocolate brown color:

hazel colored layered and partially curled hair, worn by mischa barton, in sparkly silver top, and discreet make up, dark haired actresses

frizzy and messy, curled and side-parted hairstyle with layers, on medium length brown hair, worn by smiling woman, with discreet make up, and black sleeveless top

smooth straight dark hair, with long bangs and, and reddish-brown highlights, on sandra bullock, dark haired actresses, wearing pale pink, semi-sheer dress, with silver beads

purple eye make up, and pale pink lipstick, worn by mila kunis, in a black top with mesh detail, layered and straight, medium length brown hair, discreet highlights

pink lipstick and dark eye make up, on woman in white shiny top, with golden necklace, medium length brown hair, messy wavy and partially dyed red

A gorgeous vintage-inspired brunette bob can gently underline your facial features:

bob with fringe, in dark brunette color, on woman in black strapless top, with coral pink lipstick, and smoky eye make up

afro hair woven in a thick side braid, on woman in white evening dress, decorated with beads, wearing large white earrings, and subtle make up

reddish-brunette medium length brown hair, with a side parting, layered and straight, worn by scarlett johansson, with bright red lipstick

We love Selma Hayek’s gorgeous balayage:

black strapless dress, embroidered with golden, silver and red thread, worn by salma hayek, dark haired actresses, partially curled dark brunette hair, with auburn balayage

John Griffith

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