Ultimate Beach Packing List: Everything You’ll Need For Your Next Trip

by John Griffith

Going to the beach is one of the funnest summer activities you can do. The weather is beautiful, there is a nice breeze, the water’s just fine, and it’s finally time for you to sit back and relax. Or at least, that’s how you planned the day to go. But rather you go to the beach and while you are unpacking see that you’ve forgotten your headphones, hat or sunscreen. Bummer. So, in order to avoid this happening again and ruining your trip, we’ve put together the ultimate beach packing list to help you remember all the essentials.

Going to the beach is one of the funnest summer activities

woman enjoying her time on the beach

Ultimate Beach Packing List

Okay, so you’re starting to get ready for your beach trip. Whether it’s for a day or for a week, there are some items that are always a must. Like sunscreen, because nobody wants to have a sunburn. But other than sunscreen, there are plenty more things you may need for the beach. So, let’s see our beach packing list, from obvious to not so obvious.

There are plenty more things you may need for the beach

beach scene of water and sand


Make sure you bring plenty of towels to the beach. Have a towel for laying on and one for drying off. This way your laying towel won’t get soaked. Not only that but having plenty of extra towels means you can also use one to cover yourself from the sun.

Have a towel for laying on and one for drying off

woman draped with towel over her


There is no doubt about it, sunscreen is probably the most important item on this list. Having proper protection from the sun is crucial. Too much exposure to the sun causes cell damage and can lead to cancer, so make sure you always have sunscreen on hand throughout the day and reapply it often.

Having proper protection from the sun is crucial

woman putting on sunscreen on her face

Bathing Suit

Yea, we know this may seem pretty obvious. But it happens to sometimes forget the simplest and basic of things. So, here is your reminder to pack your bathing suit. And if you are going for longer than a day or two, make sure to bring an extra one.

Bring one or two bathing suits

woman with a white bathing suit in the sea


Hats help protect your skin from the scorching sun and from getting a heat stroke. It’s an extra layer of protection that is needed if you are thinking of staying longer at the beach.

Hats help protect your skin from the scorching sun

beach list woman holding a straw hat

Flip Flops

While you may choose to go flip flop-less, it’s good to have a pair on hand. Flip-flops are good for traversing through the hot sand. And if you want to take a quick trip to a nearby store or restaurant, it’s good to have something you can just slide on and not worry about sand getting into them.

Flip-flops are good for traversing through the hot sand

beach packing list flip flops on the beach


Having a good umbrella is important. Take one that throws plenty of shade for you to retreat in away from the sun’s rays. Some beaches usually have umbrella’s you can pay for, but if you are not going to such a beach, make sure to not forget your umbrella.

Having a good umbrella is important

bright blue sky with orange umberella


When staying out in the heat and sun for long, it is crucial to stay hydrated. So, if you are going to a beach that doesn’t have stores nearby, make sure to bring plenty of water for throughout the day.

It is crucial to stay hydrated

person squeezing water bottle and it splashing


Well, nobody wants to drink hot water. That’s why you need a cooler. Having a cooler comes quite in handy. It keeps all your beverages and foods fresh and cool, so you can enjoy them the whole day.

Bring a cooler for food and drink 

blue beach cooler on the sand


Other than getting dehydrated, you may also get hungry throughout the day. So, make sure to bring plenty of snacks for you and your beach buddies to enjoy and keep you satiated.

Peaches are a great beach snack

beach snacks fruit peaches in a bunch


Bring some clothes with you or a beach cover to change when it’s time to go home. It doesn’t have to be something fancy, even a plain t-shirt will do the job.

Bring some clothes with you or a beach cover

woman with a flowy skirt on beach rocks


While the beach is entertainment on it’s one, it’s a good idea to bring another form of fun if you are going to be staying a while. Bring a book, a board game, or playing cards.

It’s a good idea to bring another form of fun

woman sitting on a beach chair reading a book

Portable Charger

Since the invention of the modern phone, it has become an inseparable part of us. So, like many of us, you probably bring it to the beach as well. If that’s the case make sure to bring a portable charger, so you don’t run out of battery.

Bring a portable charger for your phone

postable charger plugged into phone and charging


Here are some more essentials you should take with you to the beach other than the ones we already mentioned:

  • Ziplock Bag. It’s a good idea to keep your phone in a ziplock bag, so no sand gets in it while you’re at the beach.
  • Toys. If kids are coming to the beach with you, make sure to bring some toys with you for making sand castles.
  • Beach Accessories. Bring some floaties with you, or other beach accessories.
  • Lip Balm. Not only your face and body needs SPF. Make sure to take lip balm with SPF and apply it as well.
  • Sunglasses. Eye protection is just as important as other protection.
  • Plastic Bag. If you are planning on changing in other clothes, you’ll need a bag to store the wet swimsuit in. You may also need it for trash.
  • Hand Sanitizer. Good to have on hand if you want to reach for a snack, to clean your hands beforehand.
  • Headphones. Well, if you are taking your phone, bring your headphones to listen to some music or a podcast.
  • Camera. To take precious memories with, just make sure it’s waterproof or that you protect it from water.
  • Beach Chair. If you are going to a beach without chairs, but you don’t enjoy sitting on the sand, make sure to bring your own.
  • Reusable Utensils. Planning to have a meal at the beach? Bring some utensils.
  • First Aid Kit. You don’t need to bring a big back, a small first aid kit will do the job just fine. It’s good to always have one on hand.

All the beach packing you need

woman sun bathing on the beach

This was our ultimate beach packing list. We hope you found this article useful. Now, next time you are planning your trip, you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything.

We hope you found this article useful

beach with two wooden folding chairs

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