Thigh tattoos for women – the ultimate “It” girl must-have

by John Griffith

Tattoos are a trend that has been around for quite some time. As time goes by, they seem to become more and more intricate. Mandala tattoos, watercolor tattoos, you name it. There is such a vast variety to choose from, it might be a bit overwhelming. First of all, you really need to think about what you want to tattoo on your body. After all, it is going to be there forever! Tattooists usually advise that when you come up with an idea you should wait 1 year. If, after the year passes, you still want to get the same thing, then you should definitely do it. The second thing you need to consider is where on your body you want the tattoo. Today, we are going to show you 80 examples of the ultimate “It” girl must-have –  thigh tattoos for women!

Thigh tattoos for women – the ultimate “It” girl must-have

thigh tattoos for women, alice in wonderland inspired, cheshire cat, colored tattoo

What are the most popular thigh tattoos for women?

  • Roses – naturally roses are always a go-to when it comes to tattoos. They are a symbol of beauty and femininity. Moreover, they are probably the most popular flower out there. On the thighs, they look amazing and act as a natural accessory to your overall style.
  • Flowers – all kinds of flowers are also very popular. Orchids, poppies, peonies, you can never go wrong with a beautiful flower.
  • Mandalas – whether it would be flowers or animals, mandala tattoos are a widespread phenomenon. Which is why, naturally, they are one of the most popular choices for a thigh tattoo.
  • Skulls – for the rebel inside. If you are looking for a bit more of a shock value, then skulls are your thing. They look scary, but add a few roses to them and they have this haunting, yet beautiful effect.
  • Animals – of all kinds, really. Lions, wolfs, birds, owls, etc. Different animals usually represent different things, so pick carefully and research well. If you have a pet, you can also tattoo them on your thigh.
  • Landscapes – for the nature lovers. Because your thigh provides your tattooist with more canvas, landscapes of all kinds are a perfect fit. If you love nature, or have a favorite spot, which brings lots of great memories, don’t be afraid to tattoo it on your body. Every time you look at it, it will definitely make you smile.

Cute T-Rex thigh tattoo

t rex dinosaur, thigh tattoos for women, woman wearing black skirt, black top, leaning on white wall

What are the benefits of thigh tattoos?

If you are working in an office environment and tattoos are frowned upon, then a thigh tattoo is perfect for you. Thigh tattoos can usually go all the way up to the hip, so a longer skirt can easily hide them. On the other hand, if you are looking to grab someone’s attention, a nice skirt, which shows even a small fraction of your tattoo will definitely be effective. If, however you want your beautiful thigh tattoo on full display, then some gym or denim shorts are just what you need to show it off. To sum up, don’t be afraid to take a risk and get a thigh tattoo. If you feel like hiding it, you can easily do so. If, however, you want to show everyone how cool you are, then, by all means, go right ahead and show off what you got.

Beautiful floral thigh tattoo

roses and flowers, thigh tattoos for women, black and white, plaid shirt, white background

Gorgeous accessory to you overall style

blue dress, cactuses and flowers, red roses, blurred background, thigh tattoos for women

Breathtaking colored jellyfish

colored jellyfish, in blue and pink, black shorts, thigh tattoos for women, white bed linen, blue top

Save the bees and become one with nature

colored tattoo, blue roses, three bees, honeycomb shapes, thigh tattoos, black dress, with pink dots

This watercolor fox is absolutely stunning, I am in love

watercolor tattoo, thigh tattoos, small fox ,blue skirt, black blouse, white background

Her mind is a galaxy

thigh tattoos, naked woman sitting, watercolor galaxy, instead of head, blurred background

Scary reaper for an awesome tattoo idea

grey shorts, death reaper, skull with flowers, thigh tattoos, blurred background

Lotus mandala flower is one of the most sought after tattoos

denim shorts, mandala flower tattoo, crescent moon, green top, thigh tattoos

Absolutely breathtaking watercolor flamingo

colorful printed dress, tattoo ideas for women, pink flamingo, watercolor tattoo

Simple, yet beautiful and classy

beige denim shorts, tattoo ideas for women, small floral tattoo, three poppies

Roses in a geometrical design

two roses, geometrical tattoo, tattoo ideas for women, black dress

tattoo ideas for women, female doll, with floral skirt, puppeteer hand, side by side photos

Floral jellyfish

jellyfish with flowers, tattoo ideas for women, black dress, white background, red nail polish

leg tattoos for women, black crow, with flowers, full moon, black shorts, black background

Dementors hovering over Hogwarts – Harry Potter inspired thigh tattoo

harry potter inspired, leg tattoos for women, dementors hovering over hogwarts, deathly hallows sign

Lion thigh tattoo

lion head, surrounded by flowers, leg tattoos for women, black and white shorts

two faces outlined, leg tattoos for women, black dress, denim jacket, white background

owl between trees, forest pathway, denim shorts, white background, leg tattoos for women

pink dress, floral crown, rose thigh tattoo, white background

Rose thigh tattoo

denim shorts, rose thigh tattoo, two pink roses, pink heart shaped crystals, wooden floor

pocket watch breaking away, galaxy inside, colored tattoo, lace pants, black background, rose thigh tattoo

rose thigh tattoo, black ram, floral design, black shorts, black background

green shorts, cow with floral crown, rose thigh tattoo, white background

Beautiful ferris wheel

ferris wheel, little girl, holding ice cream, dressed in pink, sexy tattoos for women, black shorts, white background

Whole leg tattoo with a dark twist

whole leg tattoo, sexy tattoos for women, skull and rib cage skeleton, red roses, white paper napkins

Cute and beautiful watercolor fox

denim sorts, watercolor tattoo, sexy tattoos for women, fox surrounded by flowers, blue and pink

Whole leg tribal tattoo

woman sitting on top, of a kitchen island, sexy tattoos for women, tribal tattoo, wooden floor

Back of the thigh is another popular tattoo spot

black shorts, back of thigh tattoos, sexy tattoos for women, two pink bows, on each leg

flower thigh tattoo, black and blue birds, geometrical tattoo, red velvet shorts

Flower thigh tattoo

black and white, pencil sketch, flower thigh tattoo, flowers intertwined together

flowers intertwined together, flower thigh tattoo, black and white, pencil sketch

large rose, flower thigh tattoo, black shorts, white tiled floor, black leather chair, in the background

blindfolded women, red flowers, intertwined in her hair, flower thigh tattoo, black leather chair, black shorts

tattoo designs for women, blue and purple, turquoise crystals, large rose

Thigh tattoos for women

colored tattoo, tattoo designs for women, pink and blue, purple and orange flowers

roman numerals, two roses, tattoo designs for women, black shorts, black floor, white wall

Gorgeous watercolor deer

watercolor tattoo, tattoo designs for women, baby deer, mandala flower, black rubber gloves

dolphin between waves, black t shirt, blurred background, tattoo designs for women

large dreamcatcher, with green beads, thigh tattoos for girls, black shorts, black leather bed

Thigh tattoos

thigh tattoos for girls, mandala flower tattoo, white carpet, wooden floor

geometrical design, animal skull, thigh tattoos for girls, black and white photo

human skull, surrounded by flowers, thigh tattoos for girls, black shorts, tiled floor

Tattoo ideas for women

white sneakers, green motorcycle, woman with whole leg tattoos, thigh tattoos for girls

thigh tattoo ideas, half wolf, half mandala, blurred background

large blue rose, black flowers, black lace, white blouse, black pants, thigh tattoo ideas

pink dress, three roses, with beads, thigh tattoo ideas, mandala flower tattoo, white background

Leg tattoos for women – take your tattoos to the next level with this idea

black and white photo, thigh tattoo ideas, giant waves, castle in the far distance, large tattoo, on both legs

half wolf, half mandala, wooden floor, thigh tattoo ideas, black pants

leg tattoo ideas, sacred egyptian cat, denim shorts, white floor

mandala tattoo, lion roaring, leg tattoo ideas, black shorts, white paper napkins

white paper napkins, leg tattoo ideas, mandala tattoo, floral tortoise

Tattoo designs for women

mother and baby elephants, mandala flower tattoo, pink orchid, leg tattoo ideas, black shorts, grey blouse

colored tattoo, large owl, leg tattoo ideas, inside a frame, wooden floor

pencil sketch, pink heart and bow, pink beads, leg tattoos for girls, white background

Thigh tattoos for girls

purple flowers and butterfly, leg tattoos for girls, green and brown, long skirt

red dress, red knitted socks, leg tattoos for girls, cat portrait, red rose

human skull, red rose, leg tattoos for girls, black shorts, black background

Thigh tattoo ideas – beautiful and meaningful mandala

red shorts, black t shirt, leg tattoos for girls, mandala tattoo, mandala owl, sun and moon, wooden floor

side thigh tattoo, flowers and aloe vera, black shorts, beige carpet

side by side photos, side thigh tattoo, black shorts, scary face, with vampire teeth

Leg tattoo ideas

denim shorts, pocket watch, surrounded by flowers, side thigh tattoo, white bed linen

human skull, surrounded by flowers, side thigh tattoo, grey shorts, black t shirt

denim shorts, blue skull, pink flowers, hummingbird on top, side thigh tattoo, wooden floor

Leg tattoos for girls

moon and sun, mandala lotus flower, upper thigh tattoo, black shorts, with pugs on them

orange carpet, nail polish, sunflower tattoo, upper thigh tattoo, tiled floor

two sunflowers, upper thigh tattoo, black shorts, white t shirt, black leather bed

Upper thigh tattoo

black shorts, upper thigh tattoo, mountain landscape, red flowers, wooden floor

the tree of life, upper thigh tattoo, woman sitting on couch, wearing black shoes, white tiled floor

Side thigh tattoo

lion thigh tattoo, three flowers, black shorts, grey and white bed linen

moon and sun, blue beads, mandala tattoo, lion thigh tattoo, grey shorts

beauty and the beast, disney castle, tattoos on both legs, wooden floor, lion thigh tattoo, disney inspired

three orchids, lion thigh tattoo, denim shorts, tiled floor, black blouse

three red roses, black beads, mandala flowers tattoo, denim shorts, black background, lion thigh tattoo

Cute thigh tattoos

cute thigh tattoos, watercolor tattoo, large phoenix, wooden floor, black wall

mermaid sitting on rock, boat in the sea, inside a frame, cute thigh tattoos, white dress

woman sitting on stairs, whole legs tattoos, sleeve tattoos, black dress, cute thigh tattoos

woman laying on bed, mandala flower tattoo, cute thigh tattoos, white silk night gown

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