100 examples of a watercolor tattoo you can steal

by John Griffith

Tattoos are such a widespread phenomenon that sometimes you almost feel weird not having one. You might even give into pressure and get one, because it seems like everyone around you has at least one. If, however, you feel like tattoos are not for you, don’t get one. Trust us! They are forever, so it is a big decision. If you have firmly decided on a tattoo, though, you have come to the right place. Today we are going to pay special attention to a recent trend, which turns your body into a real canvas – the watercolor tattoo.

What is a watercolor tattoo?

Now, in order to explain what a watercolor tattoo is, we have to look at watercolor paintings first. The first thing you need to know is that this type of painting is very, very old. It dates all the way back to palaeolithic times. It has been used in European middle ages for manuscript illustration. But the actual watercolor paintings were born during the Renaissance. The paint is made of pigments, suspended in a water-based solution. This makes the colors very luminous and lush, because the pigments are laid out in their purest form. Therefore, watercolor tattoos are very vibrant and filled with color.

Watercolor tattoo – gorgeous accessory

watercolor tattoo, anchor thigh tattoo, white denim shorts

What are the most popular watercolor tattoos?

Since the colors are very vibrant, it is only natural that flowers are the most preferred watercolor tattoo. As the trend gains momentum however, people have come up with so many different and creative ideas. Naturally, all types of landscapes look gorgeous when done with watercolor, or acrylic paint, as it is also known. What’s more you can turn your body into a real canvas and have a full painting on it. We assure you it would look amazing. You can turn basically any type of tattoo motif into a colorful accessory with just a splash of a color.

Such a beautiful way to honour the people you love

baby's footprints, forearm tattoo, watercolor tattoo, black leather chair

Do watercolor tattoos fade faster and age badly?

The answer is “NO”. Many tattooists worry that because watercolor tattoos often lack black color that means they will fade away faster. Why is that, you might ask? Well, the black color used in tattoos is carbon based. Once injected into the skin, it doesn’t move. That is why many tattooists use it as a sort of a wall to keep the colors in. The main concern is that without these lines, the colors will spread over time. Furthermore, people believe that because the colors are lighter they will fade more easily with time. However, that is true for any other colored tattoo. The truth is, if your tattooist works with professional paint, it will last longer. If, however, he uses a cheaper one, you will probably need a touch-up sooner, rather than later. Many tattooists use a black “skeleton” for watercolor tattoos. Meaning they still use a bit of black under the colors, in order to keep them in.

Breathtaking galaxy watercolor tattoo

galaxy sky, little boy, holding balloons, back of leg, watercolor tattoo

To sum up, watercolor tattoos are truly breathtaking. So, if you want one, go and get it. Just make sure that your tattooist works with proper paint and knows the watercolor tattooing technique. Browse through his or her previous work to see that they are the right ones for what you want and go get tattooed. If you are worried that your watercolor tattoo might fade, I believe that any colored tattoo needs a touch-up and so will, probably the watercolor one, as well. That is why, you shouldn’t stop yourself from getting a watercolor tattoo.

Fun idea for a man’s tattoo

back of leg tattoo, watercolor tattoo, man's suit and hat, leather shoes

Lovely heart tattoo

heart tattoo, back of leg, watercolor tattoo, black socks

Gorgeous dreamcatcher back tattoo

dreamcatcher tattoo, on the back, flower tattoos

Watercolor tattoo, inspired by Banksy’s “Girl with balloon” painting

banksy inspired, girl and a balloon, watercolor shoulder tattoo, flower tattoos

A little inspirational reminder done in watercolor – Be brave

be brave, flower tattoos, watercolor forearm tattoo, white background

Stunning shoulder tattoo

red lipstick, flower tattoos, bird with spread wings, watercolor shoulder tattoo

A little something for the cat lovers

black cat, watercolor ankle tattoo, flower tattoos, white background

Geometrical meets watercolor – amazing result for a thigh tattoo

small flower tattoos, geometrical fox, watercolor thigh tattoo, black dress

Galaxy watercolor tattoos are truly an art piece

sailing boat, galaxy sky, back of arm, watercolor tattoo, small flower tattoos, blue top

watercolor forearm tattoo, boat sailing, blue water, white top, white background

Cancer and Leo constellations

galaxy sky, cancer and leo constellations, watercolor shoulder tattoo, small flower tattoos

Watercolor tattoo inspired by Alice in Wonderland

cheshire cat, alice in wonderland inspired, small flower tattoos, white background

floral tattoos, colourful collibri, side of leg tattoo, yellow nail polish

colorful dragon, forearm tattoo, floral tattoos, white background

Another galaxy watercolor forearm tattoo

galaxy sky, dog looking up, watercolor forearm tattoo, floral tattoos

watercolor dreamcatcher, floral tattoos, rib cage tattoo, white background

watercolor tattoo, along the spine, floral tattoos, white blouse, black hair

watercolor flower tattoo, colorful compass, forearm tattoo

More gorgeous examples

photo collage, side by side photos, watercolor flower tattoo, galaxy tattoos

grey shirt, geometrical shoulder tattoo, watercolor flower tattoo, blonde hair

ocean waves, watercolor flower tattoo, geometrical forearm tattoo, white background

Don’t worry, be happy – super positive idea for a tattoo

happy girl, watercolor flower tattoo, back of leg tattoo, white background

You really go to another dimension when you are reading a good book

girl reading a book, flower wrist tattoos, back of leg, watercolour tattoo

If you love Harry Potter, these designs would be perfect for you

harry potter inspired, flower wrist tattoos, golden snitch, deathly hallows, white background

colourful-hourglass, flower wrist tattoos, back tattoo, brown hair, black straps

Couple’s matching watercolor tattoos

koi fish, couples matching tattoos, flower wrist tattoos, couple holding hands, red nail polish

Made in Cuba – for the patriot inside

made in cuba, cuban flag, thigh tattoo, flower wrist tattoos, floral shorts

Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk would be so proud

watercolor rose tattoo, marvel characters inspired, captain america, iron man, thor and hulk, inside arm tattoo

mountain landscape, galaxy sky, forearm tattoo, watercolor rose tattoo

blue ocean wave, rib cage tattoo, watercolor rose tattoo, black top, white background

His and hers matching tattoos

couples matching tattoos, two skulls, watercolor rose tattoo, couple holding hands

pink deer, watercolor rose tattoo, back tattoo, pink flowers

delicate female tattoos, back of arm, watercolour tattoo, skull surrounded by flowers, white shirt

Something for those who are proud to be a Libra

libra star sign, female face, shoulder tattoo, delicate female tattoos, watercolour tattoo

Beautiful Tree of Life reiteration

tree of life, watercolour wrist tattoo, delicate female tattoos

sunflower forearm tattoo, delicate female tattoos, orange and yellow background

watercolor dreamcatcher, thigh tattoo, delicate female tattoo, grey background, black shorts

five triangles, back of arm, watercolor butterfly tattoo, white top

watercolor butterfly tattoo, white top, shoulder tattoo, blonde hair, white background

back of leg, watercolor butterfly tattoo, wolf walking

girl dancing, black and red dress, back tattoo, watercolor butterfly tattoo, white background

Batman and The Joker – the never-ending rivalry

batman and the joker inspired, watercolour tattoo, watercolor butterfly tattoo

Peter Pan inspired thigh tattoo

delicate flower tattoos, peter pan inspired, watercolor thigh tattoo, denim shorts, big ben

birds flying, watercolor ankle tattoo, delicate flower tattoos

tall tree, forearm tattoo, watercolor galaxy sky, delicate flower tattoos, grey sweater, black background

blue eye, delicate flower tattoos, watercolor inside arm tattoo

blue guitar, female face, watercolor back tattoo, delicate flower tattoos, white background

Simple and minimalistic watercolor tattoo

watercolor feather tattoo, paint brush strokes, pink orange and blue, shoulder tattoo, orange and yellow background

watercolor book, ink and quill, forearm tattoo, watercolor feather tattoo, white background

watercolor book, shoulder tattoo, white background, watercolor feather tattoo

Super creative idea for a simple, yet elegant shoulder tattoo

long brown hair, rainbow colors, shoulder tattoo, watercolor feather tattoo, white background

cheshire cat, watercolor feather tattoo, shoulder tattoo, alice in wonderland inspired

orchid flower tattoo, city skyline, watercolor back tattoo, brown hair, black and white sweater

baby elephant, watercolor rib cage tattoo, orchid flower tattoo, white top

two dandelions, watercolor shoulder tattoo, orchid flower tattoo, black top

deer and rose, geometrical design, watercolor thigh tattoo, orchid flower tattoo

For the citizens of the world

map of the world, inside a compass, orchid flower tattoo, watercolour tattoo

paint splatter tattoo, watercolour back tattoo, inspirational quote, black background

dog portrait, paint splatter tattoo, grey background, watercolour forearm tattoo

large guitar, watercolour back tattoo, paint splatter tattoo

black background, watercolour forearm tattoo, paint splatter tattoo

forest landscape, inside a deer, paint splatter tattoo, watercolor forearm tattoo

geometrical design, watercolor forearm tattoo, small colorful tattoos

small colorful tattoos, girl holding earth, galaxy hair, shoulder tattoo

lion head, watercolor forearm tattoo, small colorful tattoos, blue and white striped shirt

lion head, watercolor thigh tattoo, small colorful tattoos, grey shorts, white background

lotus flower, small colorful tattoos, watercolour back tattoo, brown hair

Beautiful idea for flower tattoos

map of the world, floral motifs, watercolor lion tattoo, inside arm tattoo, white background

Another Marvel inspired tattoo

marvel characters inspired, back tattoo, hulk and deadpool, spider man, wolverine and iron man, watercolor lion tattoo

Small flower tattoos

colorful daisy, watercolor lion tattoo, back tattoo, blue shirt

A real life mermaid

mermaid scales, watercolor lion tattoo, white background, hip tattoo

musical notes, wrist tattoo, white background, watercolor lion tattoo

no guts, no glory, large back tattoo, watercolor phoenix tattoo, brown hair

colourful compass, watercolor phoenix tattoo, thigh tattoo, continents names

owl head, back tattoo, watercolor phoenix tattoo, brown hair

Watercolor lion tattoo

lion head, watercolor phoenix tattoo, white shirt, khaki pants, forearm tattoo

peter pan inspired, rib cage tattoo, watercolor phoenix tattoo, grey top

side by side photos, photo collage, watercolor tattoo fade

Delicate female tattoos

pink female face, surrounded by buterflies, forearm tattoo, watercolor tattoo fade, red sleeve

watercolor tattoo fade, pink flamingo, cute panda, forearm tattoos

Watercolor rose tattoo

pink rose and butterfly, forearm tattoo, watercolor tattoo fade

black dress, purple cat, watercolor tattoo fade, thigh tattoo

star wars inspired, stormtrooper tattoo, anchor and wolf, watercolor tree tattoo, photo collage, side by side photos

dandelion seeds, forearm tattoo, watercolor tree tattoo, white paper

yellow sunflower, forearm tattoo, watercolor tree tattoo, blue background

up movie, disney inspired, forearm tattoo, watercolor tree tattoo, colorful balloons

Abstract and creative tattoo along the spine

watercolour tattoo, along the spine, watercolor tree tattoo, brown hair, black pants

mens hip tattoos, mountain landscape, back of leg tattoo

back of arm tattoo, white shirt, mens hip tattoos, watercolour flower

watercolour tattoo, along the spine, black hair, mens hip tattoos

colorful flowers, shoulder tattoo, mens hip tattoos, long brown hair, grey background

Watercolor tree tattoo

colorful tree, mens hip tattoos, shoulder tattoo, black hair, grey background

small watercolor tattoo, bear shoulder tattoo, black hair

Wherever the wind takes her

wherever the wind takes her, small watercolor tattoo, back of leg tattoo

small watercolor tattoo, map of the world, forearm tattoo, grey background

wolf head, inside arm tattoo, small watercolor tattoo, white paper

wolf head, rib cage tattoo, small watercolor tattoo, white background

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.