110 beautiful sleeve tattoos for men and women

by John Griffith

Tattoos, in general, are a big thing. Not only are they super modern and trendy, they are also quite the commitment. I mean, they are only for life, right? That is why, when choosing a tattoo we need to be very careful about our selection. What’s more, we need to be sure that what we are getting tattooed on our bodies means something to us now, and will still be important to us for years to come. Choosing a small tattoo is easy. Choosing a sleeve tattoo, however, is a big deal. Sleeve tattoos are definitely for the brave. So if you want a real masterpiece on your arm, scroll through our gallery of 110 sleeve tattoos for both men and women and take your pick.

There are many different versions and options when it comes to sleeve tattoos. Because of the area they cover, they allow for a big tattoo with lots of intricate elements. That is why, your creativity could go through the roof. Keep in mind that it is very important to work with the tattooist on your sleeve tattoo. After all, he is the one who is going to be putting this intricate design on your body. Include him in the process of creating your design and keep in mind that you are probably going to spend a lot of time getting this tattooed on you. Some tattoo designs might be done in a few sections in the span of a few weeks. Therefore, your relationship with your tattooist is quite important. Getting a sleeve tattoo is no easy feat, so take it slow and trust your tattooist.

Beautiful sleeve tattoos for men and women

watercolour tattoo, sleeve tattoos, black background, three photos, from different angles

It is also worth mentioning that there are two different types of sleeve tattoos – full sleeve and half sleeve. Full sleeve is pretty self-explanatory. The half-sleeve could be either on the top part of your arm, covering your bicep, or on the forearm. Now that we’ve covered all of the steps you need to take in order to get the best sleeve tattoo, let’s look at different ideas for some of the trendiest, most intricate tattoo designs.

Beautiful and patriotic sleeve tattoo

american flag, lighthouse with waves, photographed from different angles, sleeve tattoos

Skull sleeve tattoo

These designs come in many different shapes and forms. Whether it would be one large skull or a few smaller ones, they look super cool. The skulls usually are intertwined with roses and sometimes have crowns on them. All of the skull designs are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Dragon sleeve tattoo

Dragons are a staple when it comes to tattoos. They are especially popular amongst sleeve tattoos because of the ability to draw the dragon as if it is crawling on your arm. This makes this type of tattoo design very interesting and beautiful.

Floral sleeve tattoo

Usually reserved for women, floral tattoos are like a fashion accessory. No matter what design or flowers you pick, these tattoos are super beautiful and classy. They will look good no matter what.

Religious sleeve tattoo

With pictures taken straight out of the bible, naturally, this tattoo design is reserved specifically for the very religious people. Whether it would be a famous verse incorporated as a quote in your design, or an actual realistic depiction of a famous moment from the bible, these tattoo designs are actually very popular.

Tribal sleeve tattoo

Tribal tattoos have been very popular lately. Their designs are very interesting and carry different meanings according to the different shapes used in the tattoo. The look especially good as a sleeve tattoo.

Perfect example of religious sleeve tattoos

black and white sketch, sleeve tattoos, religious theme, roses and birds, angel and clock

Mandala sleeve tattoo

Mandala tattoos are stunning. They are very beautiful and the different shapes carry different meanings. Their designs are very symmetrical and look beautiful.

Biomechanical sleeve tattoo

These tattoos are absolutely out of this world. Their intricate designs create the illusion of a bionic arm. They look awesome and are super popular and trendy.

Landscape sleeve tattoo

Whether you love hiking or simply want to show your appreciation for nature, natural landscapes look beautiful as tattoos. Travel adventurers go so far as to have city landscapes tattooed on them.

Animal sleeve tattoo

Lions, wolves, tigers – animals, considered to be powerful, strong and on top of the food chain are super popular for tattoos. When incorporated in a cool sleeve tattoo design, they look very cool and interesting.

Watercolour sleeve tattoo

Watercolour tattoos look amazing no matter the size. But a whole sleeve done in watercolour is absolutely breathtaking.

New school sleeve tattoo

Although these tattoos have been around since the 70s, they have gathered quite the momentum lately. New school tattoos can be recognised by their sharp lines and vivid colours. If you want a super colourful tattoo, then this is a great option.

New school sleeve tattoo with your favourite animated characters

new school tattoo, very colourful, sleeve tattoos, animated characters, red top, white background

Sleeve tattoos photo gallery

bee on a honeycomb, pink peony flower, sleeve tattoos, white background

Beautiful depiction of war

half sleeve tattoo, black and white sketch, soldiers and warriors, blue butterflies and moon, red flower

Here’s a little something for the lovers of traveling

big ben, eiffel tower, statue of liberty, travel inspired, half sleeve tattoo, white background

Stunning example of a biomechanical tattoo

biomechanical coloured tattoo, half sleeve tattoo, black background

Another version of a biomechanical tattoo with different elements

coloured biomechanical tattoo, grey floor, blue top, half sleeve tattoo

Birds are often used in religious tattoos, since they are believed to be able to communicate with God

half sleeve tattoo, side by side photos, taken from different angles, black background

Abstract piece done in watercolour

watercolour tattoo, abstract art, arm tattoos for women, black background

This is truly stunning

arm tattoos for women, biomechanical coloured tattoo, black background

Blackout design

shoulder covered in black, black and white plaid shirt, arm tattoos for women, white background

Animals and skulls

black top, black pants, white background, lion and skull, arm tattoos for women

Floral + snake

snake and flowers, arm tattoos for women, on both arms, white tiled wall, black top

Simple, yet beautiful floral design

blue flowers, half sleeve tattoos for men, black ramones t shirt, brown hair

Super colourful design connecting both arms through the chest

half sleeve tattoos for men, coloured tattoos, on both arms, chest tattoos, black top

kidney and chemicals, coloured tattoo, half sleeve tattoos for men, white paper

disney characters, ariel inspired, coloured tattoo, half sleeve tattoos for men, white paper napkins

Dragon sleeve tattoo

japanese dragon, coloured tattoo, white top, black background, half sleeve tattoos for men

coloured floral tattoo, butterflies and birds, white top, sleeve tattoos for girls

white top, female face, surrounded by flowers, sleeve tattoos for girls, black pants

floral tattoo, sleeve tattoos for girls, wooden background

grey top, white background, floral tattoo, sleeve tattoos for girls

Half-sleeve tattoo

sleeve tattoos for girls, black and white sketch, yellow butterflies and planets

milky way, galaxy and planets, half sleeve tattoos for women, white top, wooden floor, large mirror

grey t shirt, geometrical mandala, half sleeve tattoos for women, white background

green biomechanical, half sleeve tattoos for women, black background, photos from different angles

watercolour tattoo, hummingbird and flowers, black background, half sleeve tattoos for women

japanese koi fish, watercolour tattoo, half sleeve tattoos for women, photos from different angles

floral mandala, grey cardigan, black top, forearm sleeve tattoo, blurred background

Arm tattoos for women

ocean waves, female face, forearm sleeve tattoo, watercolour tattoo, olive green top, grey background

religious theme, black and white sketch, forearm sleeve tattoo

red top, forearm sleeve tattoo, black jeans, ship and compass

woman with black hair, forearm sleeve tattoo, on both hands, floral with snake, forest landscape

same tattoo, photos from different angles, tribal sleeve tattoos, grey top, grey pants, tiled floor

tribal sleeve tattoos, black and white sketch, female faces, skulls and roses

woman with horns, tribal sleeve tattoos, same tattoo, photos from different angles

blue t shirt, japanese tiger, tribal sleeve tattoos, blurred background

white top, floral tattoo, tribal sleeve tattoos, white background

watercolour tattoo, black background, photographed from different angles, half sleeve tattoo ideas

half sleeve tattoos ideas, fruits and vegetables, coloured tattoo, blue top

half sleeve tattoo ideas, tribal tattoo, wooden background, black top

three different tattoos, white top, mandala tattoos, half sleeve tattoo ideas, side by side photos

female face and a skull, half sleeve tattoo ideas, black top, black background

Half-sleeve tattoos for men

quarter sleeve tattoo, japanese koi fish, black background, white top

alice in wonderland characters, mad hatter, quarter sleeve tattoo, colourful tattoo, new school tattoo

new school tattoo, anime characters, colourful tattoo, quarter sleeve tattoo, grey top, khaki pants

alice in wonderland characters, cheshire cat, quarter sleeve tattoo, side by side photos

three photos, taken from different angles, mandala tattoo, black dress, quarter sleeve tattoo

arm tattoo ideas, pink lotus flowers, buddha in the middle, grey top

coloured biomechanical, arm tattoo ideas, green background, photo frames

Sleeve tattoos for girls

woman with sunglasses, coloured tattoos, on both hands, arm tattoo ideas, silver bracelets, chest tattoo

white t shirt, wooden floor, black table, arm tattoo ideas, coloured tattoos, on both arms

spider man, comic book inspired, arm tattoo ideas, black background, coloured tattoo

tattoo sleeve ideas for men, female face, surrounded by flowers, black braided hair, white dress

biomechanical tattoo, photographed from different angles, tattoo sleeve ideas for men

woman and tiger, pennywise the dancing clown, tattoo sleeve ideas for men, black top

floral tattoos, on both arms, tattoo sleeve ideas for men, brick wall, grey top

black top, white pants, flowers and butterflies, tattoo sleeve ideas for men, golden necklace

best half sleeve tattoos, buddha and flower, koi fish, black top

best half sleeve tattoos, forest fairy, photos taken from different angles, black background

forest landscape, with a waterfall, best half sleeve tattoos, black top, red pants, white sneakers

mountain landscape, best half sleeve tattoos, photos taken from different angles

black and white photo, best half sleeve tattoos, ganesha surrounded by flowers, mandala tattoo

Arm tattoo ideas

watercolour tattoo, abstract art, white background, grey top, dragon sleeve tattoo

dragon sleeve tattoo, grey top, religious theme, man pushing a stone, up a mountain

Quarter sleeve tattoo

angel wing, starting from the back, dragon sleeve tattoo, blurred background

floral tattoo, grey top, grey background, dragon sleeve tattoo

watercolour tattoo, dragon sleeve tattoo, underwater world, coral reefs and fish

grey top, blue jeans, skull and roses, black tiled floor, lion tattoo sleeve

lion tattoo sleeve, koi fish, coloured japanese tattoo, red top

white top, black background, lion tattoo sleeve, biomechanical clock

coloured biomechanical, lion tattoo sleeve, leather armchairs

new school tattoo, louise olive lucy, animated characters, lion tattoo sleeve, yellow top

skull sleeve tattoo, floral mandala tattoo, grey top, white tiled wall, orange nail polish

floral mandala, skull sleeve tattoo, grey top, black and white photo, tiled wall

mandala tattoo, black leather armchair, black top, skull sleeve tattoo

floral mandala, white top, black background, skull sleeve tattoo

mandala tattoo, skull sleeve tattoo, white top, black and white pant, white background

mountain landscape, grey t shirt, white background, sleeve tattoo designs

Tattoo sleeve ideas for men

mountain landscape, sleeve tattoo designs, black sofa, black top, tiled floor

white sports bra, black tights, sleeve tattoo designs, new school tattoo, coloured tattoo

brick wall, ocean waves, biomechanical coloured, sleeve tattoo designs, black top

sleeve tattoo designs, religious theme, white top, black pants, white background

female half sleeve tattoos, coloured tattoos, on both arms, black cap

female half sleeve tattoos, floral tattoo, black top, blue jeans

science theme, coloured tattoo, female half sleeve tattoos, brick wall

large skull, photos taken from different angles, female half sleeve tattoos

Sleeve tattoo designs

aztec theme, colourful tattoo, female half sleeve tattoos, photos taken from different angles

religious tattoo sleeve, cartoon network characters, new school tattoo

floral tattoo, white top, religious tattoo sleeve, white background, blue nail polish

black top, washed jeans, snake and flowers, mandala tattoo, religious tattoo sleeve

Sleeve tattoos for guys

soldiers and helicopter, photos taken from different angles, religious tattoo sleeve

brick wall, religious tattoo sleeve, flowers and stopwatch, black top

upper arm tattoos for men, birds and roses, stopwatch with roman numerals

religious theme, paved street, black top, blurred background, upper arm tattoos for men

biomechanical tattoo, black top, upper arm tattoos for men, wooden floor

reptile skin, colourful tattoo, upper arm tattoos for men, black background

Tattoo sleeve ideas for men

white top, mandala tattoo, blurred background, upper arm tattoos for men

tribal tattoo, sleeve tattoos for guys, black background, black top

new school tattoo, animated characters, sleeve tattoos for guys, black background

female faces, planets and stars, sleeve tattoos for guys, watercolour tattoo, wooden floor

woman in bed, white bed linen, grey top, skulls and roses, sleeve tattoos for guys, black hair

blonde hair, floral tattoo, white shirt, sleeve tattoos for guys, black watch

white shirt, beige jeans, mandala tattoo, tattoos for men on arm sleeves, white background

mandala tattoo, bee on top, tattoos for men on arm sleeves, white top

tattoos for men on arm sleeves, white top, koi fish, japanese tattoo

white shirt, roses and stopwatch, roman numerals, tiled floor, tattoos for men on arm sleeves

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