Avocado Toast Toppings: 8+ Different Variations For A Delicious Breakfast

by Maria Konou

In recent years, the avocado toast has become THE breakfast. Its popularity skyrocketed due to its fresh taste and how little effort it takes to make one. And since the avocado is a nutritious ingredient full of healthy fats, people all over the world loved the concept of having it for breakfast almost every day. What’s more, the avocado is so neutral in taste that it can be paired with almost every other ingredient on the planet. That is why, in this, article you will find 9 variations of the good old avocado toast. These avocado toast toppings are delicious and there is no doubt that you will find your new favorite breakfast recipe below! 

Avocado toasts are one of the best healthy breakfasts

1 delicious avocado toast recipes variations

The Classic Avocado Toast

The base of all of those avocado toast toppings we will mention below, start with the preparation of a classic avo toast. To make one, just toast some of your favorite bread in a toaster. Add some ripe avocado on top and mash it with a fork. After that, just sprinkle some Himalayan salt, black pepper, and add a bit of lemon juice. The lemon is essential since it adds so much freshness to the avocado and keeps it looking fresh and bright green longer! 

Pick some ripe avocados and make your avocado toast base 

2 avocado breakfast ideas mashing

Mash your ripe avocados and toast your bread slices 

3 mashed avocado and toast process

Avocado toast toppings are here to keep things interesting 

4 avocado toast smashed avocado recipe

Avocado Toast with Eggs

The first of our avocado toast toppings is a good old egg. Eggs are full of protein and many people prefer to start their day with eggs. Eggs are versatile and there are many different ways to prepare them for your avocado toast. You can add fried eggs, an omelette, scrambled eggs with veggies, a poached egg, topped with different herbs and spices. So, think about how you like your eggs the most and just put them on your avocado toast! Easy and delicious!

Eggs have been a classic breakfast for decades

28 avocado toast with egg cute avocado

Eggs are so versatile, there are a million and one ways to make them

5 avocado egg toast variations

Add some salt and pepper on top and enjoy!

6 avocado egg toast different ways

Vegan Avocado Toast with Chickpeas

If you are following a vegan lifestyle, then this is the avocado toast for you! Spiced chickpeas are a staple for most vegans, they are high in protein, and make for a delicious breakfast. So, why not add them to your avo toast! Chickpeas are easy to cook and extremely filling. Just cook them in a pan for a couple of minutes with olive oil, red pepper, black pepper, and garlic powder. Add them to your toast and top it off with some radish sprouts for an extra nutritional boost. You can also swap them for baby arugula, spinach, some fresh coriander or just leave them out completely.

This is the best vegan chickpea breakfast toast

7 vegan avocado toast ingredients avocado toast calories

Spice your chickpeas and fry them in a pan with some spices

8 vegan avocado toast roasted chickpeas avocado breakfast

Assemble your avocado toast and enjoy!

9 vegan avocado toast close up fancy breakfast

Avocado Toast with Cherry Tomato Salsa

If you are a fan of tomatoes, then this one is for you! For this cherry tomato salsa recipe, chop up some cherry tomatoes, white onion, a jalapeño pepper, fresh cilantro, lime juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl, mix them well, and add a generous amount of the salsa to your avocado toast. Delicious! 

Chop up your veggies and make your salsa in a big bowl

10 cherry tomato pico de gallo recipe toasted bread

Add a generous amount on your avocado toast

11 avocado toast cherry tomato salsa recipe cute avocado

This recipe is fresh and zesty – perfect for the warmer days

12 avocado toast cherry tomato salsa recipe tasty

Avocado Toast with Bacon

Some people cannot go without some bacon in the morning. So, why not combine the two most staple breakfasts together into a delicious bacon avocado toast. To make it, fry some bacon and chop it into small pieces. Sprinkle them onto the avo toast and add some chopped tomatoes if you want an extra vegetable in there! An American classic!

Bacon and avocado were meant to be together

13 bacon avocado toast is avocado toast healthy


Sprinkle each toast with the bacon pieces 

15 bacon avocado toast recipe easy

Add some chopped tomatoes if you want some more freshness

15 bacon avocado toast recipe easy

Avocado Toast with Spicy Hummus & Feta

If you are in the mood for something Mediterranean, then consider this spicy hummus avocado toast recipe! Top your avocado toast with spicy hummus (either from the store or homemade), some crumbled feta cheese, and micro greens just for fun! You will love the burst of flavors in this delicious breakfast recipe! 

Gather all of your ingredients beforehand

16 spicy hummus avocado toast with feta ingredients

You can make your own spicy hummus or use store-bought

17 spicy hummus avocado toast with feta cute avocado

You can switch it up, and cut the avocado and place in top instead of mashing it up

18 spicy hummus avocado toast with feta avocado toast calories

The perfect Mediterranean avocado toast recipe

19 spicy hummus avocado toast with feta fancy breakfast

Caprese Avocado Toast 

The Caprese salad is one of the best things that Italy has to offer! It is fresh, flavorful, and easy to make. To create a caprese salad/ avocado toast hybrid, just add some juicy cherry tomatoes, fresh baby mozzarella balls, fresh basil on top of your avocado toast. 

Slice your avocado and put it on top of your bread slices 

20 caprese avocado toast fancy breakfast

Add the cherry tomatoes and baby mozzarella on  top

21 caprese avocado toast avocado breakfast ideas

Drizzle with some balsamic vinegar 

22 caprese avocado toast cute avocado

Or, cut your tomatoes into slices and drizzle with balsamico on top

29 avocado toast balsamic drizzle

Add some fresh basil and enjoy this delicious caprese avocado toast! 

23 caprese avocado toast is avocado toast healthy

Kylie Jenner’s Avocado Toast with Honey

When Kylie Jenner shared her avocado toast recipe on Instagram stories, the Internet was quick to try it. And, everyone seemed to love her avocado toast variation. To make Kylie Jenner’s avo toast recipe, just sprinkle the avocado with some red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. Then drizzle some organic honey on top, and enjoy! It is sweet, spicy, and zesty!

This is the best celebrity avocado toast recipe

24 kylie jenner avocado toast toasted bread


It is sweet, salty, spicy, and fresh all at the same time!

25 kylie jenner avocado toast avocado breakfast

Avocado Toast with Juicy Mushrooms 

This avocado toast recipe is vegan and full of healthy fats! To make this mushroom avocado toast, just fry some finely-chopped mushrooms in olive oil until soft. Add some salt and pepper to taste, Then, top your avocado toast with the juicy, grilled mushrooms and sprinkle it with pine nuts on top. This is one of the best vegan appetizers!

Mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods  

26 toast ingredients how to avocado toast calories

Add your juicy mushroom cubes on top of the avocado toast and enjoy! 

27 mushroom toast avocado creme avocado breakfast

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