How to grow an avocado indoors: The whole process

by Maria Konou

Avocados are truly miracle fruit-they taste good on just about anything! From the famous avocado toasts to healthy green smoothies, this nutrient-rich fruit makes every dish extremely tasty and healthy. But did you know that it is actually extremely easy for you to grow an avocado tree at home? In this article, we will show you how to grow avocado indoors using a leftover pit and some basic home supplies! If you want a fun gardening project or more green and leafy plants to fill up your home, then keep on reading:

Growing your own indoor avocado tree is a fun gardening project for the whole family

how big do avocado leaves get bright green and exotic

Can you grow an avocado tree indoors?

Yes! Next time you find yourself making some fresh and zesty guacamole, save up the avocado pits to grow into plants. The large green leaves of the avocado plant make unique houseplants, perfect to bring a little life and freshness to your home. Avocados need plenty of warmth and moisture to grow, but if you have patience, and you are not afraid of a challenge, then growing your own indoor avocado tree is just for you!

Baby avocado trees are the perfect addition to every home

how to grow a dwarf avocado tree easily at home

The process of growing your indoor avocado plant is easier than you might think

how to grow avocado from seed illustrated guide step by step

Can you grow an avocado tree from a store-bought avocado?

Yes! Pits from store-bought avocados do germinate. However, it is important to note that avocado seeds from store-bought avocados are unlikely to produce a plant that will reward you with fruit. In order for the plant to produce fruit, you need to plant it outside in a favorable climate and environment for it to grow. Indoor avocado plants are great as a school project, a family gardening activity, or just a way to get beautiful free plants! Like sprouting most seeds and vegetables, growing your avocado plant takes a few supplies and some patience.

We will show you how you can grow an avocado plant from seed 

guide how to grow an avocado tree that bears fruit outdoors

How do you germinate an avocado seed fast?

If you are ready to commit to growing a little avocado plant, then the germination of the seed is the first step. First, you need to remove the pit from the avocado carefully. Make a nutritious avocado snack, and use the leftover seed. Try to not cut or damage the pit in the process. After that, wash the avocado from any fruit residue. Some people like to leave the brown skin on the pit but in our experience, it is better to remove it to avoid rotting.

Carefully remove the avocado seed from the fruit without damaging it 

how to sprout an avocado seed without using toothpicks

Method 1

The first method for germinating an avocado seed is quite easy! First, you need to find the top and bottom of the avocado pit. Generally, the pointier end is the top, and the rounder and bigger end is the bottom of the seed. This is important since you need to determine which side the root will come out from. In order for your pit to sprout, you need to place the bottom end in water. Take a glass jar or bottle and fill it up with cold water. After that, take 3 or 4 toothpicks and stick them into the avocado seed at a downward angle. This allows the bottom part of the avocado to be submerged in the eater, while the upper part stays dry. This is important since the actual plant will start growing from the top! If you are using a glass bottle, you can simply rest the seed on the top of it and not use the toothpicks. Also, remember to change the water of your avocado plant every few days to avoid any mold or bacteria spreading. Some avocados take 2 weeks to sprout, while others can take up to 8 weeks. Remember to be patient and wait for your seed to come to life!

Place your avocado seeds near a light window

how long does it take to grow avocados using the toothpick method

After a few weeks, you will notice the seed splitting

how long does it take an avocado seed to sprout using toothpicks method

In time the small green avocado leaves will show

baby avocado tree care when to pot water and fertilize

Here are the first signs of your sprouting avocado:

  • The top of the avocado will form a crack.
  • The crack will then extend from the top to the bottom part of the avocado.
  • A small taproot will start to emerge from the bottom of the pit.
  • The taproot will grow and after a while, a sprout will peek through the top of the avocado seed.
  • In the process, make sure that the root of the avocado plant is always submerged in water! If not, it will die.

Make sure that the avocado roots are always submerged in water

sprouted avocado pit how long does it take an avocado seed to sprout

Method 2

This method is the lazier one but is just as good! First, after removing and washing the pit from the fruit, soak it in warm water overnight. After that, peel the brown layer covering the seed to ensure that the root has no problems sprouting easily. Then take a small ziplock bag and a paper towel. Wet the paper towel with warm water, so it is moist, and place the seed inside. Next, place the wrapped seed in the ziplock bag and leave it in a dark and warm corner. Make sure to check on the seed once a week and change the paper towel if needed. It shouldn’t be dry or moldy. Eventually, the seed will split, and the root will follow.

You can also store the avocado seed in an airtight container

clear plastic container with avo seeds growing an indoor avocado tree

Once you see the seeds cracking, it is a sign that the root is starting to grow

avocado seeds split open how long does it take for avocados to grow

After a couple of weeks, you will see a lot of root growth

how long does it take for avocado seed to sprout using the paper towel method

How do you grow an avocado tree in water?

Once you see the root protruding from the avocado seed, it is time to move it in some water. You can use the toothpicks’ method again, or place the avocado seed on top of a glass bottle. Remember that the root needs to be submerged in water at all times, and the top of the seed should stay dry. Opt for mineral or filtered water since it works best for the plant. In a week or two, you will notice the root getting bigger and longer and growing down the water. Make sure that there is always water in the glass container and that you change the water every week to avoid mold and buildup on the roots. This growing method is perfect for letting the plant grow and become stronger before moving it to the soil. Avocado plants can grow in water but in order for them to get all the nutrients and minerals needed for healthy growth, they should be moved to the soil after a while.

Leave your plant to grow in water until the leaves form

growing avocado in water do you know when to cut avocado leaves

Place your avocado seeds in bottles to avoid using toothpicks

avocado plants from pits how long does it take to grow an avocado tree

How do you grow an avocado tree in soil?

The avocado plant can do well in water for quite a while. However, once the plant grows big and tall, it will need soil to be able to get all the nutrients. So, choose a bigger container for your new indoor avocado and buy some potting soil.  It is crucial that you provide good drainage for your plant, since trapped moisture can lead to root rot. Transfer your avocado plant to the soil and place it in a sunny place with lots of indirect sunlight. When watering, make sure to leave the topsoil to dry out completely before watering again!

Avocados cannot grow in water forever 

growing avo plants from seed baby avocados care at home

After your plant is strong enough, you should move it to a pot

do you know how long does it take for avocado seed to sprout

When in soil, avocados can grow a lot more than you might expect

indoor avocado plant how big do avocado trees get at home

How do you care for your avocado plant?

Once your avocado plant is transferred to a pot, and it is growing, cut it back to encourage new growth. This will help the plant grow more horizontally and have more leaves rather than vertically. Remember that avocados do not tolerate cold, so they usually need to be grown as houseplants. Moreover, you can put them in a greenhouse or a sheltered garden. Always keep your avocado well-watered and make sure to pinch the stem back every time your plant grows another six inches.  This will encourage a bushier appearance and new growth. Avocados can take up to ten years to bear fruit in the right conditions, so do not dream of making fresh guacamole anytime soon! If you are interested in more cool plants that you can take care of at home, consider growing a cute mango tree.

Now, it is time for you to grow your own indoor avocado tree!

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