How to Easily Stop Your Sugar Cravings, Advice from a Diabetic

by Maria Konou

Sugar and its many delicious forms have a strong hold on all of us. What’s more, nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to avoid it. Almost anything contains sugar in one shape or form, especially packaged foods and fast foods. That is why it is very important for us to be mindful of our sugar cravings every day. If you consume more sugary foods and drinks, a lot of bad consequences will follow. From bloating and weight gain to breakouts and fatigue, too much sugar is never good for your body and wellbeing. When you are consuming too much sugar, your body constantly needs and craves it, but if hold your ground for a week or two, you will notice the positive changes. Your cravings will significantly lower, your skin will start glowing, and your energy levels will be back up, among much more. So, why not try to stop your sugar cravings and see how you feel? Here is the best advice for how to lower your sugar intake, according to a diabetic:

Let’s see how you can stop your sugar cravings, according to a diabetic 

how to stop sugar and carb cravings


How to Stop Your Sugar Cravings, According to a Diabetic

Enjoy it and be mindful

You should no longer snack mindlessly on biscuits just because you can. If you are going to eat dessert, choose something you really want. Then, instead of eating it mindlessly while walking or watching TV, just sit down and enjoy it. Practicing mindful eating is one of the best pieces of advice anyone can give you when it comes to your relationship with food. Being aware of what and how much you are eating is key when you want to achieve a certain goal like to sop your sugar cravings! So, sit back and really enjoy your food to the fullest.

Always be mindful when eating and make sure to enjoy every bite

stop sweet cravings after dinner

Make it a real treat

“Treat” implies that this is something that rarely happens, but dessert isn’t really a treat if you eat it after every meal, right? So, think about something you would really like to eat that day and make it a real treat! Wait until you are done with dinner to really enjoy your treat for the day. Eating something sweet after EVERY meal is not good for you, and neither is it a treat.

Having a little sweet treat after every meal is no longer a treat

stop sugar cravings after meals


Positive reinforcement

It might be a little intimidating and weird at first, but sometimes when you walk by the bakery or the sweet isle grocery store, say little words of encouragement to yourself. Make sure to tell those doughnuts and muffins that you won’t buy them today – not even one of them! And, make sure to tell yourself good job after!

When walking past your favorite bakery, say little words of encouragement

easy ways to stop sugar cravings

Stay hydrated

Do you know that some of your food addictions and cravings are actually caused by dehydration? When you thought you wanted a sweet treat, your body actually wanted a glass of ice-cold water all along. So, here are some clear signs that you might be dehydrated. And, these tricks for drinking more water will definitely help you!

Tip: See which are the most hydrating drinks apart from a glass of water!

Cravings are often a result of dehydration, so drink up

how to stop sugar cravings


Avoid temptations

Choose to just avoid walking past certain restaurants that might trigger you or your sugar cravings. Actively choose to avoid certain food places, food isles, bakeries, websites, etc., to just limit temptations and your cravings! See these tricks for how to stay motivated, according to Psychology.

Try to avoid temptations and triggers at all times 

how to stop sugar cravings for diabetics

Start your day with success

Success is built on success, so give yourself one “easy win” each day. For some that might mean making their bed first thing in the morning, drinking a glass of water, or some stretching. And, just like that, your day has begun with some doable discipline and an easy success! Also, see which are the best foods to start your day with, according to nutritionists.

Start your day with a little success like making your bed in the morning

best way to stop sugar cravings

Stay off social media

Comparing yourself to others is both painful and unrealistic. That is why staying off social media is one of the best things you can do for yourself in every aspect.  What’s more, there is definitely a lot of bad information on social media about dieting and fitness, so choose to ignore it! Another thing you can do is block or unfollow triggering content and focus on accounts or people that share good information and helpful tips!

Social media does more harm than good, so try to avoid it 

how to stop sugar cravings instantly

And, remember to always have fun and listen to your body and its needs 

how to stop sugar cravings diabetes


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