15+ Aphrodisiac Foods That Will Naturally Boost Your Libido

by Maria Konou

Are you looking for new ways to enhance your romantic life? Try some delicious aphrodisiac foods that will help boost your libido and get you and your loved one in the mood. We have curated a list of more than 15 delicious libido-boosting foods for you to enjoy during a romantic date. These foods have been known to enhance romantic experiences, boost energy levels, reduce stress, and even attract your partner! Include these foods in sweet and savory dishes for a perfect romantic dinner date for two. Surprise your other half with a lovely dinner date full of affection and tasty food.

What is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs got their name from the ancient Greek goddess of love herself – the beautiful Aphrodite. These foods have shown that they have the power to boost desire, pleasure, comfort, and performance in people. These substances are derived from plants, animals, and minerals and their use can be traced back to the early civilizations!  Nowadays, these aphrodisiacs can be classified under three main categories: the ones that increase potency, others that boost libido, and those that help increase pleasure. These foods contain different enzymes and vitamins that all affect people differently. The goal, however, remains the same – heightened romantic experiences and feelings of love. In this article, we will explore more than 15 of these powerful libido-boosting foods.

Let’s get into this list of the most potent aphrodisiac foods out there

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Which are the most powerful aphrodisiac foods?

Dark Chocolate

Did you know that the Maya and Aztecs believed that cacao was actually the food of the gods? What’s more, they were the first to believe that cocoa actually acted as an aphrodisiac, which gave them enhanced libido and more energy! Nowadays, chocolate has been scientifically proven to act as a libido enhancer. That is because chocolate contains a chemical called tryptophan, which is a building block of the chemical serotonin that enhances pleasure in humans. Moreover, chocolate also contains phenylethylamine. This is a stimulant that makes you excited and gives you a sense of well-being. So, get some dark chocolate (at least 75% cacao) and make a rich chocolatey treat for your significant other!

Chocolate is the most delicious aphrodisiac food ever

is chocolate an aphrodisiac ideas

The darker the chocolate, the more libido-boosting it will be

is chocolate an aphrodisiac delicious

Dark chocolate and cocoa is one of the most powerful aphrodisiac foods we know of

pieces of broken dark chocolate in a turquoise bowl on blue stone table with cocoa beans and powder

Bake a delicious chocolatey sheet cake for your loved one

is chocolate an aphrodisiac cake idea


Maca is a powdered Incan root that comes from the mountains of Peru. This powder increases energy, stamina, fertility, and libido. This plant’s roots are actually rich in magnesium and fiber, which are both beneficial for improving stamina and general well-being. Unlike coffee, for example, maca powder gives you a non-jittery energy boost. What’s more, maca helps balance the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra, which are connected to sexuality, confidence, personal power, and creative energy. Sounds pretty interesting, right! You can purchase maca powder and add it to healthy smoothies, protein shakes, and other recipes!

Maca is a superfood that boosts fertility

aphrodisiac foods for women maca

You can add maca powder to smoothies and shakes

what foods are aphrodisiacs maca

Or to warm coffee drinks 

foods that boost libido instantly maca


Did you know that figs were one of Cleopatra’s favorite foods? What’s more, the ancient Greeks believed that figs were far more precious than actual gold! In many cultures, these fruits were associated with fertility and femininity. Figs and their specific scent and texture gave this fruit a good reputation as an aphrodisiac. This special fruit contains amino acids, which act as an aphrodisiac and enhance stamina as well.

Figs help increase both stamina and libido

aphrodisiac foods for women figs

They are a unique fruit that sometime intimidates people

foods that boost libido instantly figs

Figs are another aphrodisiac food that is very well known to people

aphrodisiac foods for women figs pink

Add figs to both sweet and savory recipes

what foods are aphrodisiacs fig pizza


Yes, this fan-favorite is actually an aphrodisiac! Avocados contain high levels of folic acid, vitamin B9 (which gives you more energy), vitamin B6 (which increases testosterone production), and vitamin E (which supports fertility in both men and women. So, make sure to stock up on avocados next time you are grocery shopping and whip up a quick guacamole for your special someone. Avocados are the perfect libido-boosting ingredient for your healthy meals!

Avocados help boost vitality in both men and women

benefits of avocado sexually women

These green fruits are a popular ingredient in many recipes

benefits of avocado sexually libido

You can make fresh zesty guacamole with them

avocado benefits sexually avocado dip

Or add them to a delicious and healthy salad

avocado benefits sexually salad tomatoes


Bananas are not only the perfect smoothie ingredient but they are also regarded as a romantic booster. They are full of B vitamins and potassium, which help the body produce reproductive hormones. Surprisingly, research shows that the smell of fresh banana bread is actually the most potent aphrodisiac! Especially in women! Bananas contain the bromelain enzyme, which increases the sex drive in males. What’s more, this fruit is also busting with high levels of potassium, riboflavin, and vitamin B2. So, maybe it is the right time for you to bake some fresh banana bread for your lover!

Bananas help produce the chemical seratonin

foods that boost libido instantly bananas

They are sweet and thick fruits, which makes them perfect for smoothies

aphrodisiac foods for women bananas

Spread some almond butter on a toast, cut a banana and enjoy

aphrodisiac foods for women banana toasts


Renowned for their potent aphrodisiac qualities, oysters have a very specific texture and shape that many people consider sexy. They were even Casanova’s favorite way of seducing women! Oysters are full of vitamins and minerals that are sexual enhancers like zinc. Zinc is very important for the production of testosterone and it increases both men’s and women’s libido. What’s more, oysters contain dopamine, which is a brain chemical that increases desire!

Oysters help increase testosterone in the body

oysters are an aphrodisiac women

They are a classy food with many interesting benefits

are oysters an aphrodisiac women

Oysters are probably the ultimate aphrodisiac food

are oysters an aphrodisiac for men and women


Pomegranates were a symbol of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love. They are also a symbol of fertility and abundance. Moreover, pomegranates are very high in antioxidants, they help lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone). They also increase testosterone, which stimulates libido, improves mood, reduces stress, and increases memory. You can consume more pomegranate by adding it to salads, or making a cocktail with pomegranate juice!

Pomegranates help lower stress in the body

foods that boost libido instantly pomegranate

They are a bit harder to clean but so worth it at the end

how do i cook with pomegranates

You can sprinkle the seeds on almost anything

peanut butter and pomegranate toast

The most common way to eat them is in a nutritious salad

what foods are aphrodisiacs pomegranate salad


Honey has been praised for centuries by historical figures like Cleopatra and Hippocrates. It is a powerful antioxidant, with anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits. What’s more,  honey contains compounds, which are important for hormonal balance (estrogen and testosterone), and a healthy libido. Honey also enhances blood flow and supports cardiovascular health. Honey is extremely easy to include in almost anything as an ingredient, so it won’t be hard to incorporate it into any meal. Maybe surprise your significant other with some healthy pancakes with banans and honey.

Honey regulates the hormones in the body

foods that boost libido instantly honey

Honey is the ultimate ingredient with so many uses

what foods are aphrodisiacs jar honey

Nectarine-honey tarts are the perfect sweet treat for your significant other

january 2015: stone fruit


This delicious green vegetable is a great source of vitamin E, which stimulates the production of reproductive hormones in both men and women. What’s more, this vitamin is also amazing for clear and glowy skin!  Asparagus also contains a high count of B vitamin, which increases histamine (a chemical for a healthy libido) in both men and women. In addition, this vegetable contains folate, which is important for reproductive health! We suggest making some delicious salmon and adding roasted asparagus as a side dish. Delicious!

Asparagus increases the production of hormones in the body

libido boosting foods asparagus

This vegetable also contains a high count of B vitamin

aphrodisiac foods for women asparagus

Roast it with some Himalayan salt and lemon juice and enjoy 

what foods are aphrodisiacs asparagus


It is no surprise that strawberries are on this list. Their red color and heart-like shape make them a delicious libido-enhancing fruit. What’s more, strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which helps boost libido. And their red color helps support the root chakra, which brings trust and sexuality into your relationship.

Strawberries increase vitality and blood flow

aphrodisiac foods for women strawberries

They are also rich in vitamin C

what foods are aphrodisiacs strawberries

Their red color helps support the root chakra

foods that boost libido instantly strawberries

Time for some delicious strawberry desserts

aphrodisiac foods for women strawberry dessert


Cherries have been a major passion booster for years thanks to their passionate red color and delicate skin. They are an exotic sweet treat as they only grow in one season out of the whole year. Cherries help boos pheromone production and promote healthy blood flow, which can have a positive impact on your love life!

Cherries promote a healthy blood flow

what do cherries do for you sexually ideas

They are popular for their passionate red color, delicate skin, and sweet taste

what do cherries do for you sexually background

You can add cherries to desserts and drinks

what do cherries do for you sexually desserts


This spice is not only perfect for delicious drinks and baked goods but also for cold winter nights! Cinnamon is a very versatile spice that you can use in both sweet and savory dishes. While its aroma is connected to relaxation, it is not the only special thing about this spice. Cinnamon has amazing anti-viral properties that help control blood pressure and make you more alert and awake. Moreover, this spice is filled with antioxidants that help for healthy love life! You can enjoy cinnamon in warm beverages, delicious desserts, and even salty meat dishes.

Cinnamon controls the blood pressure 

foods that boost libido instantly cinnamon

This spice can be used in both sweet and savory dishes

cinnamon libido boosting foods

We suggest making some warm and sweet cinnamon rolls

cinnamon buns aprodisiac foods idea


Coffee is the ultimate stimulant! It not only improves your mood and helps you wake up in the morning but it has a positive effect on your libido as well. Coffee increases blood flow, raises the heart rate, and increases your levels of the chemical dopamine, which is responsible for the pleasure receptors in your body. Having your cup of warm coffee in the morning is a relaxing experience but consuming it with a loved one turns it into a sensual moment.

Coffee increases dopamine in the body

foods that boost libido instantly coffee

Coffee is one of those aphrodisiac foods that we consume more regularly

aphrodisiac drinks dark coffee orange

There are so many different ways to enjoy coffee drinks

what foods are aphrodisiacs coffee mugs


This summertime fruit is more beneficial for your reproductive health than you might realize! Watermelon contains enzymes that help relax the blood vessels and increase your libido. So, experiment with this summer fruit- use it to make delicious drinks and even salads!

Watermelon increases libido in both men and women

benefits of watermelon sexually recipe ideas

Watermelon is one of the best aphrodisiac foods to enjoy in the summertime

benefits of watermelon sexually women

Make some watermelon sorbet and surprise your loved one

benefits of watermelon sexually gelato


Vanilla has been an intense and passionate scent for many years with historical figures like Queen Elizabeth and Madame du Barry regularly using it. Both the taste and smell of vanilla are seductive and extremely enjoyable to many people. What’s more, vanilla can help reduce drowsiness, boost muscular energy, improve circulation, decrease stress and bring an euphoric feeling. Vanilla’s scent is connected to feelings of comfort, safety, and intimacy.

Vanilla improves circulation in the body

aphrodisiac for women vanilla ideas

Vanilla beans are aromatic and perfect for baking sweet dishes

aphrodisiac for women vanilla extract

Cupcakes are never out of style especially vanilla ones

aphrodisiac for women vanilla cupcakes


Did you know that arugula is a medically validated natural aphrodisiac? Yes, that is right! Arugula, which you may also know as rocket, is a leafy green vegetable that is very popular in Italy. What’s more, it has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient Greece! Arugula contains minerals and antioxidants that actually block environmental contaminants that harm your libido. Additionally, the arugula leaf can also help boost testosterone.

Arugula helps boost testosterone 

arugula benefits female sexually ideas

You wouldn’t expect arugula to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiac foods

arugula benefits female sexually libido

Use arugula as a salad base and top with your favorite veggies 

arugula salad benefits female sexually


Just like arugula, you would not normally think of celery as a libido-bosting food. However, there is an interesting explanation for celery’s sensual characteristics. Celery actually increases the pheromone levels in men’s sweat, which in return makes them more attractive to women! Just make sure to opt for organic celery ads any other kind will likely contain harmful pesticides. And, that is the last thing your libido needs!

Celery boosts men’s pheromones

celery benefits sexually recipe ideas

You would not expect celery to be one of the more potent aphrodisiac foods

what are celery benefits sexually women

Make some healthy cold soup for you and your significant other

celery benefits sexually cold soup


Grab your spoon and dip it into a jar of delicious almond butter. It will not only be a delicious snack but it will also act as a potent aphrodisiac! Almonds are actually a symbol of fertility. Moreover, almonds are rich in the minerals selenium and zinc, which are vital for a healthy reproductive system. Almonds also contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can also help boost blood circulation in your body!

Almonds increase testosterone 

foods that boost libido instantly almonds

They are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids 

almonds libido boosting nuts

Enjoy some homemade almond butter and see what happens!

homemade almond butter recipe

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