Healthy Smoothie Recipes, Ideas and Inspiration to Help You Get Fit For The Summer

by John Griffith

With the arrival of spring, many of us start thinking about loosing those pesky few pounds that always manage to creep up on us in winter. While some opt for crash-dieting, we believe that its disadvantages outnumber the benefits. The effects of those “miracle” diets you see advertised in websites and magazines are often either exaggerated or short-lived, and they can even lead to  serious health-risks. Therefore, we would like to suggest a healthier alternative. One that will not only help you permanently lose weight – without starving or suffering the dreaded yo-yo effect – but also increase your energy levels and keep those sweet cravings at bay. You’ve guessed it – we mean smoothies! Versatile and yummy, these colorful vitamin bombs are incredibly good for you, and will boost your immune system, just in time to offset the arrival of spring fatigue. In addition, they are super easy to prepare and don’t require any special ingredients. To help you gets started, we have selected a few of the best healthy smoothie recipes, as well as an extensive photo gallery filled with delectable suggestions. Some of them look so decadent and scrumptious, that you will have a hard time believing that they are, in fact, diet foods!

Most healthy smoothie recipes are super easy and require only a handful of ingredients

green smoothie recipe, five glasses filled with colorful creamy drinks, made from different fruits and veg, strawberries and blueberries, carrot and avocado

The only thing you need to get started is a good blender. Nowadays there is a lot of variety, and depending on what features you’d like your model to have, prices can reach $600 or more! Luckily, there are many affordable options too. You can find a perfectly good blender in the $50 – $70 price range. Sure – it  might not boast a 2 horse power motor and self-cleaning functions, but it will still blend your smoothies to perfection! In any case, make sure to throughly research the market to find the best solution for your needs.

Now it’s time for the recipes!

This video has some great smoothie suggestions:

A fast and healthy weight-loss solution:

Smoothies don’t have to be bland or tasteless! They can be super yummy, aesthetically pleasing, and good for you! Check out this scrumptious fig and cinnamon recipe!

fig slices in clear tumbler, filled with beige creamy liquid, and decorated with crunchy toppings, protein shake recipes

What you’ll need:

  • Several large, ripe figs
  • One banana
  • A glass of milk
  • Cinnamon – one teaspoon
  • Oat flakes – half a cup
  • Crunchy toppings of your choice (muesli, cereal bits or oats)


Take one fig and cut it into thin slices. Take a few and use them to decorate your glass, leaving the rest aside for toppings. Then, put all ingredients in a blender and mix until you get a smooth, creamy drink. You can use less milk, if you prefer your smoothy to have a thicker consistency, or add more, according to your taste. Once done, pour in a glass and decorate with the remaining fig slices, adding one or two crunchy toppings of your choice. Enjoy!

If you are looking for a yummy way to detox, this Japanese tea smoothie is just the thing for you!

short and tall glasses, with striped straws, filled with blended dark purple, and light green mix, green smoothie recipe


  • A handful of spinach leaves
  • 2 glasses of water
  • A cup of raw cashew nuts
  • Japanese matcha tea powder (3-5 teaspoons)
  • A small avocado
  • A handful of blueberries
  • Optional: sweetener of honey

How to do it:

Crush the blueberries using a pestle and distribute them into three glasses. Then, put the rest of the ingredients in a blender, and mix until you get a creamy smoothie. If you like, you can add ice, but bear in mind that this will make the overall consistency of your drink more watery. Finally, pour the finished mixture over the berries and enjoy!

Berry fans will love this delicious strawberry and banana combo!

pastel pink blended liquid, poured in three ornate glasses, protein shake recipes, with decorative paper straws


  • A cup of strawberries
  • One small banana
  • One glass of milk (for a vegan option, use almond or coconut milk)
  • A small handful of raw cashew nuts (we recommend letting them soak in water over night)

How to do it:

First of all, pour the milk and cashews in your blender. Leave them soak for a few minutes, before adding the rest of the ingredients. Blend everything until creamy. If you like, you can add a sweetener of your choice, or sprinkle with a light topping.

Those looking for healthy smoothie recipes for protein shakes are sure to like this delicious chocolate treat!

protein shake recipes, small crystal glass, filled with a chocolate smoothie, decorated with blueberries, chocolate chips and two straws


  • A teaspoon of protein powder
  • One small avocado
  • Small ripe banana
  • Half a glass of milk
  • One soupspoon of organic cocoa powder
  • One soupspoon of almond butter
  • Toppings of your choice (chocolate chips, frozen berries, etc)

How to do it:

Blend everything together until velvety smooth. Pour in a glass and decorate with your preferred toppings. If you like, you can add a shot of coffee to the mix, for a quick, healthy, and yummy pick-me-up!

One of our favorite healthy smoothie recipes – a scrumptious strawberry and camomile combination

healthy smoothie recipes, pink frothy drink, inside a clear tumbler glass, topped with dried camomile flowers


  • One cup of ripe strawberries
  • Half a cup of camomile tea (made either from 2 spoons of dried camomile flowers, or one teabag)
  • A small glass of milk
  • Six tablespoons oats
  • Optional: honey for sweetening

How to do it:

If you are using loose camomile tea (with dried flowers), leave one tablespoon aside for topping. Then, steep 2 tablespoons of dried camomile flowers in some hot water, and wait until the mixture cools down naturally. You can leave the dried flowers in and mix them in the smoothie, or if you prefer, filter them out. If you are using a teabag, remove it now. Put the oats in the blender and mix until you get a fine powder. Then add half a cup of the cooled down tea, followed by the remaining ingredients, and blend well. When done, pour the smoothie in glasses and garnish with the dried camomile flowers you left aside earlier.

Here is another great recipe, which requires only six ingredients:

white bowl of maraschino cherries, placed on a table cloth, near cup of yoghurt, little plate with honey, peeled banana and cut lemon, toasted coconut flakes, healthy smoothie recipes

close up of four small jars, containing burgundy red mix, healthy smoothie recipes, topped with toasted coconut flakes, cream and a maraschino cherry

Delicious, fresh and healthy – what more can you ask for? 

halved coconut filled with fruity, pale pink creamy substance, healthy breakfast smoothies, topped with blackberries, blueberries and pomegranate seeds, coconut chunks nearby

frothy light green, healthy blended drink, green smoothie recipe, inside tall clear glasses, on white background

Smoothies don’t have to be complicated! Even those containing just one fruit or veg are incredibly good for you and can help you loose weight!

strawberries and oranges, baby carrots and a banana, spinach and blueberries, near five glasses, containing frothy blended drinks, spinach smoothie ideas

purple flowers in a clear vase, near two tall glasses, containing a pale yellow blended drink, healthy smoothie recipes, two striped straws

orange and green blended juice, in two clear decorated glasses, green smoothie recipe, placed on a chequered cloth, near orange blossoms, berries and mint

strawberry and small pink flowers, topping a tumbler glass, filled with pale pinkish-beige drink, protein shake recipes, more berries and flowers nearby

turquoise frothy liquid, blue-green smoothie recipe, poured in two identical, tall clear glasses, one topped with a green plant

If you thought healthy deserts don’t exist – think again! This beautiful parfait is made from delicious purple sweet potatoes. Not only is it indulgent, but it’s good for your figure too!

healthy breakfast smoothies, creamy parfait made from creamed, purple sweet potatoes, and mashed blueberries, inside a clear glass glass, with quinoa and yoghurt

mason jars filled with pale pink, creamy and smooth drink, topped with halved strawberries, healthy smoothie recipes, more berries nearby

lemons and blackberries, cashews and banana slices, little milk chocolate bits, topping three different glasses, filled with blended drinks, protein shake recipes, halved green apple nearby

half of a green apple, near glass containing a beige smoothie, topped with banana slices, cashews and chocolate bits, protein shake recipes, more glasses in the background

spinach smoothie, inside a small, crystal tumbler glass, with a textured pattern, topped with small seeds

Avocado and strawberries – an old classic

paper straw in bright green, inside a tall glass, decorated with a whole strawberry, containing a creamy layered fruit drink, pink and green smoothie recipe

slices of kiwi and strawberry, blueberries and mint, near three jars with snap lids, containing blended drinks in different colors, healthy smoothie recipes, straws and a banana

smoothie recipes, crushed beige nuts, and fine coconut flakes, topping a pale pink blended drink, inside a clear glass

mango chunks and kiwi slices, strawberries and a whole mango, near two glasses, decorated with kiwi and strawberries, filled with creamy yellow liquid, smoothie recipes

Add a dose of freshness to your day with a luscious minty treat! 

fresh spearmint stalk, inside a small bottle, green smoothie recipe, filled with a green blended drink, and held by a human hand

white straws with pink and purple heart print, inside a tumbler glass, filled with hot pink, blended berry juice, smoothie recipes, healthy ideas

tall clear glass, filled with creamy pale purple mixture, smoothie recipes, topped with blueberries, and fresh mint leaves

crystals and berries, and a slice of fig, near two glasses, containing pale pink, white and purple, creamy liquid, topped with fruit and mint, layered smoothie recipes

Needless to say, smoothies are a also great choice for kids’ treats. Use them as a healthy substitute to sugary sweets!

toddler drinking juice from a straw, near five clear glasses, each containing a juice in a different color, banana and orange, berries and carrots, spinach smoothie

matcha powder in a green smoothie, poured into two glasses, each held by a hand, with pink nail polish, measuring spoon with matcha nearby

berry and pomegranate smoothie, inside little bottle, topped with raspberries, smoothie recipes, two halves of a lemon nearby

seeds topping two glasses, filled with frothy purple smoothie, protein shake recipes, more loose seeds nearby

A beautiful and nutritious rainbow of colors and tastes

fruit kabobs in rainbow colors, topping a tall glass, filled with a rainbow colored drink, fruit and spinach smoothie

chia and yoghurt, mixed with a green smoothie, made from kiwi, and topped with beige crunchy nuts

blackberries and strawberries in little white bowls, on tray containing two bananas, and three tall glasses, with blended drinks in different colors, smoothie recipes, each glass is topped with a different fruit

woman in pale grey hoodie, holding a jar, filled with a bright green smoothie, and decorated with a lime slice


ball jars filled with blended fruit drinks, pale yellow and orange, pink and red, purple and green smoothie , on wooden surface

Watermelon and kiwi – the refreshing taste of summer

watermelon and kiwi drink, mixed with yoghurt, pink and green smoothie, in three tall and two tumbler glasses

mini pumpkins and dried autumn leaves, near a clear glass with handle, filled with pale orange drink, topped with whipped cream, easy smoothie recipes

fruit milk in different colors, poured in five bottles, each decorated with a striped straw, easy smoothie recipes, green and purple, yellow and pink

Healthy smoothie recipes – a delectable, four ingredient pineapple drink:

ingredients needed for making a smoothie, easy smoothie recipes, coconut milk in small bowl, pineapple and banana chunks, and orange juice

completed pineapple smoothie, poured into three glasses, each decorated with a pineapple slice, easy smoothie recipes, more pineapple chunks in a plate

six identical glasses, each containing a different blended fruit drink, yellow and green smoothie, red and orange drink, purple and pink beverage

lime edges and mint leaves, near two tall glasses, filled with a green smoothie, each topped with small seeds

striped paper straws in white and orange, inside a ball jar, filled with creamy pale orange drink, topped with crushed nuts, easy smoothie recipes, bananas in background

classical strawberry blended drink, decorated with coconut flakes and straws, easy smoothie recipes, in glass with handle

Aren’t those layered smoothies beautiful? Almost too pretty to drink…

layered blended fruit drinks, purple yellow and green smoothie, in three glasses, near pieces of strawberry, orange and mint

mango and kiwi blended drink, decorated with kiwi slices, easy smoothie recipes, topped with coconut flakes, and a red and yellow flower

peach cut in two, near three glasses, filled with a blended watermelon drink, easy smoothie recipes, decorated with watermelon slices

And here we have several ideas for healthy smoothie recipes, perfectly suited for breakfast:

tray with two bowls, containing blended fruits, decorated with frozen blackberries, and tiny blue flowers, healthy breakfast smoothies, small dish with more frozen blackberries

wooden bowl in yellow, containing yellow fruit puree, healthy breakfast smoothies, dusted with coconut shavings, and garnished with banana and mango slices

pansies and other flowers, near white bowl, filled with purple and white blended mixture, healthy breakfast smoothies, garnished with blackberries

puree made from berries, inside a wooden turquoise bowl, healthy breakfast smoothies, topped with whole blueberries and blackberries, and a dusting of coconut shavings

raw almonds and blueberries, small chocolate blocks and chia seeds, topping two bowls, filled with pink berry puree, healthy breakfast smoothies, banana nearby

dusting of coconut shavings, topping a bowl with a pink puree, how to make a fruit smoothie, topped with whole raspberries, and strawberry slices

brazil nuts and seeds, cream and oatmeal, topping a hot pink smoothie, made from blended beets, in a white bowl

Another example of a scrumptious layered smoothie: 

avocado and grape, blackberry and raspberry, banana and spinach smoothie, layered fruit and spinach smoothie, in four glasses with straws

fruit smoothie recipes, simple pastel pink-colored strawberry smoothie, in pitcher and three glasses, on a pure white background

blended drink in purple and pale pink, topped with a strawberry, banana and raspberry kabob, fruit smoothie recipes

plain clear glass, filled with beige creamy drink, topped with coconut flakes, banana and pineapple chunks, fruit smoothie recipes, halved pineapple in the background

tiny seeds topping a small glass, filled with a blended purple drink, fruit smoothie recipes, raw almonds and oatmeal flakes nearby

cashew and almond puree, topped with raw nuts, inside a small jar, on a wooden surface, with a spoon in the background

Who could resist a glass (or bottle!) of apricot flavored milk?

apricot slices near five bottles, filled with flavored milk, in a light orange color, fruit smoothie recipes, white bottle container with ribbon

heart-shaped banana slices, on wooden sticks, decorating two glasses, filled with pale beige blended drink, fruit smoothie recipes, white wooden surface

If you like pina coladas… you will probably enjoy these non-alcoholic, heavenly frothy smoothies!

fluffy and frothy drink, in white and yellow, topped with a straw and a maraschino cherry, fruit smoothie recipes, blended pina colada

kale and spinach smoothie, with blended parsley, in a clear glass, decorated with kale leaf and straw, oranges in background

purple and white and pink blended drink, fruit smoothie recipes, poured into three jars, and decorated with blueberry kabobs

how to make a fruit smoothie, six plastic cocktail glasses, in different colors, filled with blended drinks, topped with different fruit, and paper umbrellas

navy blue cloth, a straw and two peaches, clear glass with handle, containing yellow blended drink, dusted with brown powder, how to make a fruit smoothie

Eating healthy is very important, of course. But sometimes everyone craves some sugary, decadent sweets. So, to wrap this article off, we have selected a few of the most original and/or outrages smoothie offerings out there. Enjoy!

mini donuts and marshmallows, pale pink and blue cotton candy, wafer cone with icing and sprinkles, multicolored candies and straws, decorating purple blended, unicorn-inspired drink

sugar hearts in pink and red, chocolate sprinkles, cream and oreo cookies, topping two tumbler glasses, filled with berry and chocolate blended drink, how to make a fruit smoothie, tasty dessert idea

milk chocolate pieces, raspberries and small flowers, topping a pink creamy dessert, how to make a fruit smoothie, more flowers and berries nearby

wonder woman-inspired fruit drink, how to make a fruit smoothie, blended berries topped with a w-shaped mango slice, blue cloth with white stars in background

dessert inspired by the tv series doctor who, made from blended blueberries, and topped with cream, whole blueberries and chocolate pieces, how to make a fruit smoothie, red bowtie and small police box

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