70 + Living Room Color Ideas for a Stylish, Modern Home

by John Griffith

The living room is the heart of our home – it is where we invite our guests and where the whole family comes together to relax and enjoy each other’s company. As such, it gives us the opportunity to create a cozy living space for ourselves, while expressing our unique personality to the outside world. The colors scheme we select, the furniture we opt for, every artwork and decoration we choose, is a statement of who we are. It is therefore essential not to take the furnishing and overall design of our living room lightly. Would you rather have a unique living space that really makes a statement? A soft, pastel colored den that helps you unwind after a hard day’s work? Or perhaps a vibrant, creative living room that really sets your home apart? If you’re finding it difficult to choose, fear not! We have over 70 gorgeous living room color ideas that will inspire you to transform your home!

In the past, dark hues were not a popular choice for living room decor, as they were considered a tad too gloomy. Luckily things are changing. We love the classy and timeless look of black interiors and are glad that more and more people are opting for dark blue or black when designing their dens! Darker tones add a touch of style and sophistication to a room and, when used with the right furniture and decoration, can make a lasting impression on your guests.

This minimalist dark blue solution is one of our favorite living room color ideas. Understated yet bold, stylish and practical, it combines the best features of modern design:

living room color ideas, dark blue wall and light grey sofa, navy blue chair with gold details, two blue ottomans with yellow stars, gold lamp and two framed pictures

Add dark furniture for an even bolder statement.

living room color ideas, dark blue-green sofa and indigo blue chair, dark coffee table and three decorative mirrors, pale salmon pink pillow, light grey rug and wooden floor

If you fear that navy blue or black might be too dark for your living room, make sure to choose a lighter color for the ceiling and opt for brightly colored furniture and accessories.

living room color ideas, room with dark blue walls, white ceiling with plaster details, ornate white chandelier, wooden wardrobe and table, round decorative mirror and white curtains

Alternatively, you can use black for your accent wall and select lighter colors for the rest of the room.

living room color ideas, big windows with black frames, cream wall with painting and two flower vases, big dark brown sofa, cream and black carpet

This gorgeous blend of dark deep ocean blue and soft sky-colored hues will help you feel peaceful and relaxed:

living room color ideas, dark ocean blue wall, wooden table with seven bottles with different shapes and sizes in different variations of blue, with green plants and a photo in a white frame

Another color scheme we adore is grey with different shades of brown.

living room color ideas, light brown wooden sofa with grey and blue pillows, wooden table with black metal legs, wooden chair and step, hanging black candle holder, grey background

Saturated grey adds a modern twist to any room, while brown provides a much needed touch of warmth.

neutral colors, spacious room with saturated grey walls, warm brown sofa, pale wooden table and light grey fluffy carpet, three chairs in cream and brown, windows with a winter view

Grey and pastel pink are a heavenly combination!

neutral colors, pale grey wall and dark grey sofa with pillows in pink, grey and white, two pale wooden tables with black metal legs, black metal lamp and light grey rug

Don’t be afraid to show your wild side! After all, interior decoration is all about self expression!

living room color schemes, dark blue sofa and table, three yellow cushions rug and chair, old retro radio, white trey with coffee set, wallpaper with large green tropical leaves

This minimalist cream and navy combination evokes the refreshing charm of Moroccan interiors:

neutral colors, cream wall hung with blue and cream woven holders containing flowers, light wooden bench with white woven cover, six blue and white pillows, round oriental bamboo table, white and blue carpet

Create a pastel paradise in your living room, by combining pale walls with white, light pink and blue furniture…

neutral colors, pale pastel duck's egg walls, large mirror and white ceiling, pastel pink door pillow and painting, white chair and white and grey striped rug, pastel blue sofa with four pillows

two tone living room walls, room with one pink and one grey wall, white desk with black legs, white chair with brown legs, black and white image in black frame, pale grey floor and rug

color schemes for living rooms, white open door, light wooden table with pink cushion short legs, pink wall with seven colorful posters, white floor vase and decorative bottle

…or go for vibrant, contrasting colors, which are guaranteed to add life to your home!

living room paint colors, bright yellow wall with white door frame, saturated blue chair and blue and cream lamp, brown wooden chest of drawers, wooden floor and big clear vase with white flowers

If you prefer a classic and comfy style we have some gorgeous suggestions:

neutral colors, brown wooden chest of drawers with black metal legs, cream and light brown chair, white and blue striped pillow, wooden floor and a framed blue and white artwork in white frame, light background

neutral colors, room with pale walls, white sofa and display shelf, light colored pillows and pale wood table with black metal legs, cream colored rug, wooden floors

living room paint colors, pale blue walls and white ceiling, lamp with ceiling fan, pale camel-colored sofa, two wicker tables and two white cupboards, fireplace and wooden floors

living room paint colors, pale yellow walls and curtains, light grey sofa and two cream colored chairs with pillows, big wooden chest used as table, white tray and a vase with lilacs

living room paint colors, dark blue sofa with white and navy pillows, wicker bean chair, light artwork in gold frame, dark blue carpet with white dteails

Of course, when it comes to living room color ideas we simply have to mention the enduringly popular white minimalist style.

living room paint colors, cream colored walls, white sofa and chair, small rough wooden chair, big white vase with dry tree branches, cream chunky rug and cream chair

Ranging from the simple and functional to the upscale and avant-garde, the minimalist white has really stood the test of time.

living room paint colors, room with white walls and windowpanes, wooden cupboard with big clear blue vase containing small branch, white sofa and table, cushions and blankets of different colors, brown basket with lid

living room color schemes, pale grey walls and white ceiling with white plaster details, grey fireplace and two grey chairs, two small round wooden chairs, clear glass table with black metal legs and details

living room color schemes, white and pale grey room, dark grey fireplace, white fluffy chair with black legs, white sofa with grey blanket, clear glass table with black metal details

If you are an avid traveler who loves nature and adventures, why not incorporate your exciting and dynamic lifestyle in your living room decor?

living room color schemes, cream walls and white ceiling, blue and cream carpet, off-white sofa with five blue pillows, white chair with wooden legs, large cactus plant in pot

living room color schemes, cool pale green room with very pale blue sofa, shabby massive wooden table, colorful rug and different chairs, floor tiles display cabinets and ornaments

Oriental furniture and mementos gathered on your travels will add a cozy and unique atmosphere to your home.

living room color schemes, brown walls and a colorful persian carpet, pale grey sofa, yellow and patterned cushions, eastern wooden furniture and ornaments, plants lamps and candles

paint colors for living room, five photos framed in white frames, on a cream wall, two light wooden chairs, fluffy cream sheep's hide, blue and cream blanket, cacti and other plants in pots, on brown and cream striped rug

Contemporary interpretations of oriental interiors are very popular at the moment. This understated and beautiful dining-and-living room space combines a modern color scheme with unique oriental decorations:

paint colors for living room, pale yellow rooms with white ceilings and dark blue details, red round table, three brown and cream chairs, colorful carpet and dark wooden floor, in-built display shelves

There are plenty for options for art connoisseurs to express themselves too:

paint colors for living room, white floor and wall, big mural of statue and brick wall detail, wooden african statute and rocking horse, pale brown chair, massive wooden table with glass surfaces, cream chair and window

paint colors for living room, large room with high ceiling, big brown sofas with six cushions, big window with cream curtains, small coffee table and ottoman, big faded artwork on wall

paint colors for living room, dark blue walls, blue and cream carpet, lighter blue and cream chair with black details, white lamp and glass table with gold details, large dark blue abstract painting

paint colors for living room, fluffy cream carpet, yellow leather chair with green and blue striped cushion, large yellow and grey painting, dark blue wall and gold and white lamp, three different tables

If you prefer a rich combination of different hues, how about these unusual living room color ideas?

interior painting, room with saturated blue walls, blue and yellow ceiling, two white sofas with blue floral pattern, yellow table and chairs, yellow flowers in class vase, brown and cream carpet

interior painting, white walls, pale blue ceiling and acid green fireplace with firewood, saturated blue sofa with four pillows, black table with gold colored chairs, white and black table and shelves

interior painting, purple wall, grey and black sofa with colorful cushion, black open door and brown cupboard, dark wooden chair, small dark table with clear jar containing flowers

Wallpapers are an excellent way to create a unique living room.

interior painting, marble colored grey and white wallpaper, dark blue sofa with three yellow cushions, yellow chair and rug, dark blue table with gold trey, old radio and wooden floor

interior painting, room with white wall and ceiling, grey wallpaper and two gold-colored candle holders, two small lime green sofas and chair, two wooden tables, big window and light grey carpet

interior painting, pale blue wallpaper, pale blue pastel colored cupboard and sofa, six pastel colored cushions, pastel pink chair, pale wooden table and wooden floor, pale cream rug, artwork decorations and flowers

Pale pastel pink is currently enjoying a surge in popularity…

color schemes for living rooms, pale pastel pink wall, pale pastel blue sofa, two dark brownish-red striped cushions, grey chunky knit blanket, pale round coffee table with grey legs

…as is pale duck’s egg blue.

color schemes for living rooms, empty room with duck's egg colored walls with plaster details, five cushions in white and orange, cream carpet on wooden floor, three lamps and windows

two tone living room walls, pale greenish-blue wall, opposing white wall with window, pale wooden floor and pale bluish carpet, two small coffee tables, white cupboard with wooden surface, lamp tv and plants

Decorations in warm colors such as orange, brown or red nicely compliment the cold wall tones.

color schemes for living rooms, spacious room with white ceiling, white sofa and chair, three orange and white cushions, duck's egg colored walls, big wall clock and round coffee table

color schemes for living rooms, room with white ceiling, wooden beams and a ceiling fan, white sofa and two brown chairs, dark wooden table and brown stone fireplace

color schemes for living rooms, dark wooden floors, cream chunky carpet, massive old wooden chest used as table, light cream sofa and wooden chair with cushion, light blue walls and white ceiling with wooden beams

Alternatively, you can opt for a  stylish and simple blue-grey combination.

pale blue wall with three images in white frames, pale cream sofa with grey blanket and three pillows, small white table, wooden floor and cream rug

cream chair with blue pattern, black table and pale cream sofa with blue patterned cushions, white wall with plaster details, four framed images, blue lamp vases and trey white flower

pale blue wall, grey sofa and white cupboard with wooden legs and potted plant, copper colored metal tables, grey carpet and wooden floor, olive green wall clock, grey blankets and cream sheep hide

Pale sky, duck’s egg or light mint blue – there are so many options to choose from!

pale mint green room, two pale blue chairs, grey and white striped table, white fireplace and round ornate decorative mirror, white vase with dry branches

You simply can’t go wrong with pale blue or light lilac!

dark wooden floor, cream seat with ottoman, black and white pillows, brown wooden chest of drawers, round mirror with big wooden frame, black lamp and class vase with white flowers

pale blue living room with wooden beams, two cream and light brown chairs, two black and brown bar chairs, dark wooden floors and cream rug, window with pale pink curtains, view to kitchen

pale pastel blue wall, white ceiling plaster details and big square ruffled fabric ornament, pale grey couch with colorful cushions, white lamp and wooden table

room with pale lilac walls and pale salmon pink sofa, five differently colored cushions, rose gold metal lamp, copper colored round metal table, chequered grey and cream rug

two tone living room walls, pale lilac and cream wall, very pale small pastel pink sofa with three cushions, small white coffee table, wooden floor and cream rug, lamp framed images and grey blanket

Warmer colors are a great way to add more sunshine to your home.

two tone living room walls, pale orange walls with wooden details, brown sofa with red, yellow and patterned cushions, brown chair with red and pale blue cushion, wooden table and wicker floor cushion, red carpet and wooden floors

living room with pale orange walls and ceiling, white plaster details, cream sofa and chairs, light brown carpet and wooden floor, white shelves and cream curtains, grey blanket and glass door opened to garden

grey sofa and chair, glass table with black metal legs, pale brown walls and white ceiling, dark brown floor with grey carpet, large mirror with wooden frame, window with cream curtains

white ceiling and dark wooden floor, pale brown walls,big light grey sofa with blue grey and patterned cushions, white fluffy carpet and two bean floor cushions

Pale yellow and blue: a perfect blend of warm and cool which evokes the tranquility of the sea shore.

pale yellow walls, pale and darker grey sofas and chairs, pale cream table, big yellow and grey painting, crystal ornate chandelier, grey carpet and shiny tiled floor, window and cream curtains

windows with white frames and light blue curtains, two cream colored sofas with blue cushions, light colored wooden table with drawers, round coffee table with blue vase with green plant

Nothing says sophistication like a stylish combination of green and grey…

lush green sofa with two grey cushions, clear glass table with two lit candles, fluffy grey carpet, grey wall with yellow green and grey painting, windows with grey curtains

…although brown and grey comes very close!

mink-colored walls, two off-white sofas with black and white cushions, white wooden table with glass top, wooden floor and white carpet, three framed images and fairy lights

wooden floor with two cream-colored rugs, white fireplace with plaster and wood details, two white chairs, blanket and wooden chair

big room with white sofas, blue white and pale brown cushions, blue chairs with black legs, blue and white colored carpet, white lamps and chandeliers
pale pink chair with gold details, light grey sofa with cushions and pink blanket, clear glass table and two white bean floor cushions, fluffy cream rug, window with white curtains

Using a combination of white wood paneling and dark blue paint is also very effective, as this example shows:

two tone living room walls, dark navy blue and white wall with plaster details, dark blue and white striped rug, cream colored sofa with yellow and blue cushions, brown chair with yellow and white cushions

six differently sized and shaped ornate mirrors with golden frames, white chest of drawers with brown top, blue glass vase with green plant, books and a white horse statuette, dark blue background

dark blue or black in-built library shelves, light cream sofa with five blue and cream pillows and blanket, small coffee table with flowers and decorations, cream and dark blue carpet

blue wall with white door frame, brown display cabinet containing many shoes, wooden chair and floors, glass vase with green plants, pale grey rug

And here are even more living room color idea for you to enjoy!

two tone living room walls, dark brown walls with plaster details, white ceiling and glass chandelier, grey and white carpet, dark bluish-grey sofa with lime green and colorful cushions, lime green chair and wooden table

room with pale walls, grey sofa with four yellow and grey cushions and white blanket, wooden desk and chair, wooden coffee table with glass top, window with white curtains

round wooden table with small crocheted cover, two candlesticks and a white vase with dry thistles, cream and dark brown carpet, woman sitting on dark blue sofa, white wall with framed image

pink wall with six framed images, pale cream and brown sofa with two cushions, pale grey floor and open white door with glass inserts, small table with pastel colored legs

room with pale blue walls, windows and cream curtains, four wooden chairs and two small white tables, blue and cream tiled floor, white lamp and unusual chandelier, striped animal hide on floor

John Griffith

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