6 Pinterest Living Room Trends You Need To Try in 2023

by Maria Konou

The Spring predisposes to a lot of changes in our lives, but the focus is always the home. Not only is this the perfect time for a deep clean and declutter, but also some easy home improvements. Think about a change in the interior that will inspire and motivate you, just in time for the warm weather. No matter if you want your home to radiate positive energy or simply give your space a sense of luxury, there are some ideas on Pinterest that you will absolutely love. We scouted the Internet for the best living room trends to help you completely transform your space. So, if you are in the mood for something different, and you are not afraid of change, take a look at the Pinterest living room trends you need to try in 2023:

You can find the best interior design trends to inspire you on Pinterest

2023 living room design

Let’s see which are the Pinterest living room trends that are all the rage for 2023

living room trends 2023

Pinterest Living Room Trends To Try in 2023

#Rich and Natural Colors

After the pandemic years, it is only natural for us to want to go back to nature and simplicity. Earth tones like sand, beige and brown combine best with muted colors to give a warm and inviting feel. Remember to mix different textures – wood with metal, suede with cotton – to give your home a modern feel. Lush greens, ranging from foliage to emerald, go well against stately gold and metallic elements. Bright hues and floral prints are also natural choices that will help transform your living space into a tranquil part of nature.

Earth tones give your home a safe and tranquil energy

pinterest living room trends.jpg

Lush plants can make your living room a part of nature

decor ideas for living room pinterest

Use a natural color scheme to make your living room modern and minimalistic

beautiful living room ideas pinterest

#Gold and Metallic Elements

For those who want to exude a bit more of a luxury feel and aesthetic in 2023, there is no shinier finish than gold and metallic. Sparkling gold accessories, furniture or chandeliers, big or small, really catch the eye. Copper is also a shiny metal that has been on the rise in recent years. If you want your living room to exude elegance and luxury, then add a few gold or metallic touches here and there.

Metallic and gold elements exude elegance and luxury

pinterest living room modern

Metals and gold are best paired with darker, richer colors and shades

how to design a coffee table book

#Warm and Neutral Colors

Warm colors, especially neutrals, make sense in any home thanks to their calming energy. Add them to raw and organic materials, and you will instantly give your space a sense of deep calm and intimacy. Chocolate brown leather sofas and chaise lounges are always top picks for coziness, while plush pillowcases are also a quick way to bring texture and create visual interest. Deep reds, burgundy, and terracotta browns are one of the biggest Pinterest living room trends for the year.

Warm colors make sense in any home thanks to their calming energy

2023 living room decor

Add them to raw and organic materials

new trends living room

Warm neutral colors give a feeling of deep calm and intimacy

pinterest living room ideas 2023.jpg

#Whimsical and Playful Decor

Playful home decor is all the rage right now. Eclectic and colorful, this Pinterest trend is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Vibrant colors like yellow, blue, pink, and purple infuse the room with energy and vibrancy. This living room trend is perfect for keeping the conversations flowing, and boosting your creativity!

Eclectic home decor is all you will see on Pinterest right now

2023 living rooms

Vibbrant colors help boost your creativity and keep conversations flowing

living room decor ideas 2023 pinterest

If you are not afraid to be different, experiment with color

new trends in living room decor 2023.jpg

#Organic and Fluid Designs

We love timeless, classic design, but it is always fun to see a new furniture trend on the rise. It is often during the new year that we start to think about updating our interiors and investing in new furniture. Pinterest suggests that in the near future, we will move away from ultra-modern interiors in favor of more gentle and fluid shapes. Voluptuous and rounded designs will gently soften the overall look and feel of the living room. A more organic design will soothe you and make you feel more connected to yourself.

We are moving away from ultra-modern interiors in favor of more gentle and fluid shapes

pinterest country living room ideas

Rounded designs will soften the feel of the living room

pinterest living room aesthetic

This design trend will soothe you and make you feel more connected 

apartment pinterest living room.jpg

#Creating a Social Place

In 2023, parties and joyful celebrations are making a welcome return. Pinterest suggests creating a place that is a haven for entertaining and being social. Make sure you include all of the necessary elements – a low table for playing board games, drinking arrangements, and a bar. The kitchen, particularly one with an island, is a good example of a social place. If you want to take it up a notch, create a conversation pit in your living room instead of a sofa. This will definitely encourage guests to sit down and enjoy each other’s company.

Pinterest trends suggest creating a place for entertaining and being social

2023 living room trends

A conversation pit encourages guests to sit down and enjoy each other’s company

pinterest living room trends 2023.jpg

This living room trend is a true hippie classic in home decor

living room ideas pinterest modern

These were the most in demand Pinterest living room trends for 2023. In the new year, simplicity is key, organic shapes are all the rage, and conversation pits are making a big comeback. Which trend do you want to try?

These are the Pinterest living room trends you need to try in 2023!

living room decor ideas 2023.jpg

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