Create a Sanctuary For Your Teenager With These Boys Bedroom Ideas

by John Griffith

Having a teenager at home is not easy. It seems like no matter what you are doing, you are always wrong. Probably the most common phrase you can hear is “You don’t understand!”. Well, we are here to let you know that we understand what you are going through. What’s more, we are going to give you some insight on how to make your teenager at home happy. One of the ways to do it is to create a sanctuary for him. A place, where he can feel safe and at home. A place where he can spend his time any way he likes. After all, a growing teenager needs his own space. So, in this article, we have gathered boys bedroom ideas, which are going to help you appease him and hopefully get on his good side.

Gorgeous minimalistic look in black and white

black carpet on wooden floor teen boy bedroom ideas white wooden desk night stand welcome to the city of champions sign on white wall

How to decorate a boy’s bedroom? Boys bedroom ideas for every taste

Decorating a room for a teenager is not easy! There are quite a lot of things you need to consider. If you plan ahead, however, you can really create a safe haven for your child and, trust us, he will appreciate it a lot. So, without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks on how to decorate a boy’s bedroom.

This is simply gorgeous bedroom decor

blue stripes wooden beams on the wall behind the bed bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms orange letter k above the bed

Decorate according to his passions

As every teenager, your child is probably pretty passionate about at least one thing. Whether it is skateboards, gaming, Star Wars, Avengers, sports – a room with a theme is important. If you don’t know what he is into, the easiest thing to do is ask him. Put up posters of his favorite characters, hang up jerseys of his favorite athletes, get puff chairs in the shape of a basketball, football or baseball, if he is into sports. You have so many options to play up his passions and you should definitely do it. After all, his room should be a representation of who he is and what he likes.

I mean, an indoor slide is not a bad thing to have

black staircase with slide boys bedroom furniture wooden floor with two white armchairs wooden bed with bookshelves

Refrain from using super bright colors

Bright colors might have been perfect for his room when he was seven or eight years old, not so much now that he is growing up. Instead of splattering bright vivid colors on the walls, keep it understated. What you can do instead is have colorful accessories, such as posters, throw pillows or even chairs or puff chairs. That way he won’t be embarrassed by the neon blue on his walls whenever he has friends come over. Plus, by refraining from using bright colors, you allow him more freedom if he decides to add his own elements to his room.

Cool industrial decor for boys who are all grown up

blue bed sheets carpet in different shades of blue teen boy bedroom furniture black metal desk brown leather chair industrial decor

Create a relaxing nook

I mean, the definition of the word “nook” in the dictionary is “a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security”. Nooks bring a special feeling of coziness. They are like a little space where you feel like you are completely isolated and safe. Creating such a nook for your child, therefore, creates the perfect space for him to relax, listen to music or read books. What’s more, If you don’t have a lot of space for a separate nook and bed, you can combine the two as shown in the picture below.

Nooks are so cozy an relaxing

black and orange walls bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms bed nook colorful posters hanging above the bed black desk with orange chair

Make sure he has a desk and a comfortable chair

He needs a space to do his homework after all. Even if you have little space, make sure that there will be an area where he can sit down, open up his books and laptop and study. Studying on the bed is the perfect excuse to close your eyes just for five minutes and realise that you’ve slept through the whole afternoon.

A good desk goes a long way

boys bedroom decor baseball themed room with poster on the wall behind the bed wooden desk and chair metal bed frame

If he is a gamer, provide space for his gaming setup

In this day and age, there are kids who actually make money through streaming while playing games. Many people would argue that video games are not good for your child. Some would say, that they develop your kid’s imagination and help him relax after a long day at school. If you agree with the second statement, then honor your kid’s passion and setup up a gaming station for him. Trust us, you will be the world’s greatest parent.

Creating a gaming station for your gamer teenager will make you the world’s best parent

eat sleep game sticker on white wall white wooden desk teen boy room ideas gaming setup with three monitors bike on the side

Make room for change

Teenagers’ opinions, passions and hobbies often change. Which is why, you need to allow for change when your child outgrows his current passions. Whatever accessories you add that play up his hobbies, make sure they are easily removable or replaceable. Because once he outgrows them, he will want to remove them or replace them with new ones. That way, you will definitely save yourself time and money in the long run.

If you keep it simple, you allow more change and variations that he can make himself

bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms cathedral ceiling with windows large corner grey sofa wooden bed frame dark blue bed sheets

Now, after reading all of our tips and tricks, start browsing, researching and asking questions. Creating a safe haven for your child is especially important. It makes him feel safe, cared for and, most importantly, shows him that you are ready to give him some space. What’s more, it showcases the fact that you now see him as an adult, who is growing up and becoming his own man.

Scroll through our gallery and steal all the ideas you want

black accent wall boys room colors led letter a hanging above the bed with white bed linen white and black carpet

Adding a chalkboard as and accent wall, allows your creative child to decorate his room with whatever he is feeling right now

black chalkboard behind the bed boys bedroom decor red orroman leather chair white bookshelf

black chalkboard wall with photo of the moon on it boys bedroom furniture wooden bed with blue sheets telescope next to wooden desk

Even if you decide to keep it monochromatic, a cool sign can bring all the character into the room

black walls chill neon sign green night stands on both sides of the bed boys bedroom decor black and white carpet

black wooden bed frame and drawers teen boy bedroom furniture grey walls framed photos above the bed guitar on the night stand

blue bed sheets on wooden bed frame bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms brick wall behind it wooden floor

Play up his hobbies as much as possible

blue metal wardrobe surf themed room boys room paint ideas wooden floor with blue carpet wall in beige and blue

Nautical theme

blue throw pillows bed sheets on bed with black wooden frame teen boy bedroom furniture nautical themed room with boats on white wall

Pirates theme

blue walls dark blue ceiling teen boy room ideas pirate themed room map ship drawn on the wall wooden floor

And if you are a real patriot, a United Kingdom theme

blue walls map of the world behind the bed bedroom ideas for teenage guys with small rooms united kingdom carpet theme red puff chair

This is a great idea if he is into art and graffiti

boys bedroom furniture wooden desk with blue chair wall filled with graffiti stickers behind them

boys bedroom ideas expsoed wooden beams on white ceiling large grey carpet different road signs on the wall behind the bed

boys room colors urban bedroom with city skyline on the wall street light skateboards and helmets

boys room paint ideas sailing theme two paddles hanging above dark blue velvet bed with white and blue bed sheets three posters on white wall

brick wall behind white wooden bef boys bedroom decor red ferrari poster collection of hats hanging on the wall

Gorgeous ocean theme with cool bunk beds for a shared bedroom

bunk beds with turquoise sheets pillows dark blue blankets ladder boys bedroom ideas blue waves on white walls

dark blue accent wall boys bedroom ideas maritime themed throw pillows small sofa made of pallets painted in blue red yellow green

dark blue wall with stars led lights planets chandelier boys room paint ideas white wooden desk with brown leather chair

The dream of every basketball fan – Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’neal jerseys hanging above their bed

dwyane wade miami heat kobe bryant lakers shaquille oneal celtics framed jerseys above the bed teen boy room ideas

football inspired teen boy bedroom ideas black and white bed sheets two bookshelves on both sides of the bed framed drawing of football and shoes

football themed room boys bedroom furniture football posters wooden pallet bed with grey sheets bookshelves on both sides

For the real gamers

fortnite poster and throw pillows grey accent wall letter b hanging above the bed boys room colors small bookcase next to the bed

gaming zone white walls and desk black bookshelves teen boy room ideas gamin setup with three computers black leather gaming chair

geometric wall design bookshelves on the walls boys room colors dark grey bed sheets white wooden bookcase next to the bed

green walls with skateboards hanging on them above the bed boys bedroom ideas small desk on the side of the bed

large bedroom with twin bed teen boy bedroom ideas dark blue carpet hammock two puff chairs wooden desk bookshelves

Make sure you have enough space to showcase all of his trophies

metal desk with laptop magnetic board on the grey wall orange chair plastic bookshelf boys room colors wooden floor

Cool boys bedroom ideas for the lovers of skateboarding

skateboard shaped metal plaques arranged hanging on grey wall behind the bed boys bedroom furniture wooden floor with guitar stand and two skateboards

skateboard themed room in bright yellow and blue colors boys room paint ideas granite floor black and white carpet

teen boy bedroom furniture surf hanging on the wall above the bed walls in black and white stripes lacrosse gear on wooden chair

There is a way to decorate a cool bedroom for boys who have to share

teen boy bedroom ideas two beds with night stand between them framed photos of trains and airplanes above the beds

teen boy room ideas blue walls with led lights on top bed with fortnite blanket and gaming posters on the wall

two beds with white metal frames boys bedroom decor geometric accent wall behind them in shades of blue and yellow colorful carpet

Boys bedroom ideas

white walls wooden floor large window with white curtains teen boy bedroom furniture colorful lamps hanging from the ceiling

wooden floor boys room paint ideas twin bed with grey bed sheets blue led lights underneath blue white poster above the bed

This room screams “I love music”

wooden floor with grey carpet boys bedroom ideas brick wall with guitars hanging on it vinyls boombox arranged on shelves around the bed

wooden wall bike written on it teen boy bedroom ideas black and grey bed sheets wooden night stand next to the bed

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