Teenage Girl Room Ideas – 70 + Designs for an Ambient and Stylish Space

Von John Griffith / October 09 2018

A teenager’s bedroom is their little castle, so having the right decor is absolutely essential. However, furnishing an adolescent girl’s room can be a challenging task. After all, it not only needs to be cozy, but also stylish and unique. How do you achieve all this without spending a fortune? In today’s article, we will answer this question by exploring over 70 beautiful teenage girl room ideas. We have also prepared some really cool and easy tips for super effective DIY decor, that will help you transform any room into a beautiful and vibey space. Interested? Then let’s get started!

This lush setup is one of our favorite teenage girl room ideas!

teenage girl room ideas, multicolored bed cover, on a single bed, with a pink, fan-like bed frame, potted plant and decorations nearby

This video will show you how to make a beautiful photo wall hanging:

A cute variation of the same design:

photos hanging on strings, attached to a small wooden pole, hung on a pale blue wall, near a potted plant, and a guitar, teenage girl room ideas

Why not brighten up your room with some colorful tassel garlands?

baby blue wall, with patterned curtains in white, and pale grey, teenage girl room ideas, white cupboard with five shelves, filled with books and various, pastel colored items

Here is a quick and easy tutorial:

Another super easy and effective way to make your room cozier is by using string lights. Here is how:

lit string lights, hung on a white wall, and decorated with polaroid photos, and small colorful images, cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom, bed with three pillows, and four cushions

You will need:

How to do it:

The process is pretty self-explanatory: simply hang the string of fairy lights on the wall nearest to your bed, making sure to cover as much surface as possible. Then, clip the photos or prints onto the string, using the miniature clothespins. Ready!

This method of decoration has become very popular among teenagers lately, and with a very good reason – it’s cheap, easy, and fast, and adds a very nice ambience to your bedroom. In addition, string lights are ideal for brightening up small spaces, and can also be used in dorm rooms.

Simply hang the fairy lights on your wall and add some images of your choice

cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom, slim brunette woman, hanging a photo on a string of fairy lights, using a small clothes peg, more lit string lights overhead

Very easy and simply beautiful

three colorful polaroid photos, attached to lit string lights, with smal clothes pegs, cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom

Our next tutorial is especially for those of you who like to keep things organized (and cute) – DIY fruit bulletin boards!

cork bulletin boards, shaped like a pineaple, a pear and a slice of watermelon, and painted in yellow, pale green and pink, cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom, diy fruit bulletin boards, written in black

What you will need:

  • Several pieces of plain cork boards
  • A black marker
  • A utility knife
  • Pink, orange, yellow, green and black craft paints
  • A paint brush
  • Pins and images of your choice

How to do it:

Take a cork board and draw the outline of a fruit of your choice. Then, using the utility knife, carefully cut out the shape of the fruit. Next,  begin coloring. Apply the paints slowly and evenly, using a paint brush. You can repeat the process as many times as you like, painting any fruits and veg of your choice. When you are done, leave the painted boards to dry overnight. In the morning you can hang the finished bulletin boards in your room, and pin any images, notes, etc. on them.

Here is a step by step photo tutorial of the entire process:

Begin by preparing the cork boards

rectangular pieces of cork, four in total, placed on a white surface, cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom, making diy bulletin boards

Draw the outline of a fruit of your choice (we went for a watermelon slice)

beige rectangualr piece of cork, decorated with half a circle, drawn in black, cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom, black and white marker

Carefully cut out the shape

piece of beige cork, shaped like half a circle, placed on a white surface, cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom, cutting cork with a box knife

Color it in using paints and a brush

five bottles of paint, and a used paint brush, placed near a piece of cork, painted to look like a slice of watermelon, cheap ways to decorate a teenage girl's bedroom, customized bulletin board


diys for your room, close up on four bulletin boards, made from painted cork, and shaped like fruit, pineaple and a pear, slice of watermelon

Now you can pin anything you like – photos, notes, magazine clippings, and even concert tickets!

washi tape and pins, photos and post it notes, placed near a yellow, and pale green bulletin board, diys for your room, pineapple wall decoration

Before… and after!

two images showing a pear-shaped bulletin board, made from cork, painted in pale green, once bare and once decorated with a photo, and some post it notes, diys for your room

Super cute and easy peasy!

handmade bulletin boards, shaped like different fruit, diys for your room, decorated with post-it notes, photos and tickets

Twenty lush teenage girl room ideas you can easily do yourself:

And now it’s time for some gorgous floral decorations! How about making a lovely flower headboard?

blue and light yellow, and white faux flowers, with green leaves, and long plastic stems, glued together in seven columns, and attached to a white wall, near a bed

What you will need:

  • Faux flowers from the dollar store (bear in mind that they should have long stems for this to work)
  • A glue gun

How to do it:

Take two flowers and stick the end of the first flower’s stem in the centre of the second flower’s blossom. Keep repeating the process until you create 6-7 columns containing about 9-10 flowers each. Then, hang the columns on the wall behind your bed.

We used fake flowers in blue, white and cream, but you can go for any color combination you like. This decoration will really refresh your room and make it look like the height of summer, even on cold winter days!

Step one – buy some faux flowers from the dollar store

six bouquets of faux flowers, in pale blue and teal, white and pale yellow, diys for your room, placed on a white fabric

Step two – stick the flowers together, to create a column

glue gun in pink, held by a pale hand, near a faux blue rose, with green plastic leaves, and a long stalk, diys for your room, more fake flowers nearby

Step three – repeat the process until you have about 6-7 flower columns

diys for girls, two fake roses, in white and pale blue, with long plastic stems, stuck together, to form a column

A close up of the process:

extreme close up, of a fake white rose, with a green plastic stem of another faux flower, stuck on its top, diys for your room, making a flower wall decoration

Tip: for a better result, alternate differently colored flowers

four fake flowers, with pale blue, light yellow and white blossoms, and long green stems, stuck together to form a column, diys for girls, more blue flowers in the background

Step four – hang the columns on the wall behind your bed

seven columns made of faux flowers, in teal and white, light yellow and pale blue, with long green stems, stuck together, diys for girls, attached to a white wall

Isn’t the finished decoration beautiful?

bright room with white walls, a white bed, and two bedside tables, diys for girls, featuring a wall decoration, made from multiple fake flowers, stuck together to form seven columns

Here is another beautiful floral suggestion – customized wire letters, decorated with faux flowers

the words be you, created from green wire, and decorated with pale pink, purple and yellow faux flowers, diys for girls, mounted on a white wall, near a yellow table, with a vase, containing pink flowers

What you will need:

  • Some green paper coated wire
  • A selection of faux flowers from the dollar store
  • A glue gun

How to do it:

Use the paper coated wire to create one or two short words. We chose the phrase “be you,” but you can go for any word that you find inspiring. Once you are done, stick some faux flowers onto the finished wire ornament, using a glue gun. Finally, attach the decoration to your wall.

If you’re having trouble moulding the wire words, check out this video for some nifty tips:

For a better result, choose flowers in vibrant colors

close up of purple, pale pink and yellow flowers, attached to a thin green wire, diys for girls, on a white background

An easy and straighforward process!

how to make a wall decoration, with thin green wire, and faux flowers, diys for girls, explained in three steps, with images

The completed wall decoration:

hands holding the word you, made from thin, green wire, and decorated with faux flowers, in different colors, diys for girls, the word be, created in a similar way, is mounted on the wall above

Our final tutorial is also inspired by flowers. Create a 3D artwork featuring your initial, using a piece of old cardboard and some faux roses!

ornamental frame with an oval shape, painted in gold, containing the letter s, teenage girl room ideas, decorated with cream, and pink faux flowers

You will need:

  • A piece of old cardboard
  • Some faux roses and other flowers in colors of your choice
  • A glue gun
  • Scissors
  • A black marker

How to do it:

Draw the outline of your initial letter on the cardboard, using the black marker. Then, carefully cut it out, and begin decorating it with faux flowers. Stick only the blossoms of the flowers onto the cardboard, using the glue gun. Try to place them as close to each other as possible – there shouldn’t be any empty spaces visible once you’re done. Attach the decorated letter on a wall of your choice, and put an ornamental frame around it.

Step one: draw the outline of your initial letter on a piece of cardboard

pair of scissors, and a black marker, placed on top, of a piece of beige cardboard, teenage girl room ideas, with the letter s, drawn on it in black
Step two: decorate the letter with faux flowers, sticking them with a glue gun

the letter s, decorated with faux roses, in pink and cream, and small fake white and yellow blossoms, teenage girl room ideas, light grey glue gun, and more fake flowers nearby

A close up look

artificial roses in white and pink, and white and yellow faux blossoms, seen in extreme close up, teenage girl room ideas, how to make a personalized, wall flower ornament

Tip: for best results, use flowers in two colors

s shape decorated with different faux flowers, pink and white roses, white and yellow blossoms, teenage girl room ideas, on a white surface

Step three: attach the decorated letter on the wall and add a frame

oval frame in gold, with ornamental details, containing the letter s, decorated with faux flowers, pink and white roses, white and yellow blossoms

And here are some more amazing teenage girl room ideas

We hope you’ve liked our tutorials! If you want to see more cool ideas for hand made items, check out our DIY Section. And now, sit back and enjoy a selection of beautiful teenage girl room ideas!

An indoor swing is an excellent addition to any room

teen bedrooms, bed with a multicolored duvet, a round swing, made from clear plastic, window with orange patterned curtains, and nine framed artworks

teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms, single bed with wooden frame, in a well lit room, with laminate floor, containing a tall mirror, a desk and a cupboard

fluffy white rug, and beige carpet, in a room with white walls, decorated with silver dots, and the words hello gorgeous, written in gold, teen bedrooms, bed with several cushions, pink chest of drawers

We love this vibey string lights idea!

sheer white baldachin, over a large bed, placed near a window, with white curtains, three dried flower bouquets, in wooden frames, teen bedrooms

dog laying on a single bed, in a room with white walls, decorated with a peach pink stripe, and a green ceiling, teen bedrooms, window with white curtains, beige patterned rug

multiple polaroid photos, framed images and flowers, on the beige walls, of a room with a bed, teen bedrooms, three cushions in different colors

A black board is a great addition to the room of a young genius!

blackboard covered in mathematical equations, written in white chalk, on one of the walls of a room, with a bed in grey and white, teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms

crossing large black arrows, decorating one of the walls of a room, decorated in white and black, teen bedrooms with gold motifs

desk in white, and a clear plastic shair, in a room with blue walls, and a white ceiling, teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms, single bed with a colorful duvet

Bright, positive and inspiring!

hello gorgeous written in gold, on a white wall, decorated with silver dots, teen bedrooms, symmetrical set up, with a bed covered in cushions, and surrounded by two mirrors

garland with cream, pale blue and turquoise tassels, hanging on a cream wall, decorated with three posters, and other ornaments, bed with three pillows nearby

cool beds for teens, pillows and cushions, decorating a single bed, with a white wooden headboard, pale grey wall, with three framed images

An idea for beach lovers

floral duvet and pillow covers, in white and teal, on a bed in a spacious room, with surfing boards, and a model globe, large photo of a hammock on a beach, covering one wall, cool beds for teens

cute teen rooms, beatles wallpaper in grey and black, covering one wall, of a large room, bed and sofa, telescope and electric guitar

lavender colored chair, near a white desk, with a mirror in a gold frame, cute teen rooms, bed with white curtains, brown and white striped rug

Teenage girl room ideas for collage roomates or sisters:

beds with blue duvets, and colorful cushions, in a room with white walls, and a wooden floor, cute teen rooms, posters and a board with photos

ottomans in fuchsia pink, in a room with a bed, covered in multicolored cushions, cute teen rooms, multicolored rug and a framed painting

mirrors with illuminated frames, surrounding a bed, with a white frame, and black and white bedding, cool beds for teens, beige rug and a fluffy pink ottoman

A lovely, cozy, and ambient room

dark room decorated with lit string lights, various posters and a black, fabric wall hanging, teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms, wooden cupboard and a window

boho style room, with a woven, pale beige swing, and a bed in pastel colors, cute teen rooms, potted plants and a patterned rug, in white and beige and black

headboard in grey, attached to a bed with multiple cushions, and a pale powder pink bed cover, cool beds for teens, posters and a desk, with a grey chair

A bright bedroom in white and green

big room in white and green, with a large window, and white curtains, containing a large bed, a desk and a cream fluffy ottoman, cute teen rooms, pale grey rug

blonde woman with long wavy hair, attaching a small wooden stick, decorated with nine photos, tied on pieces of string, to a white wall, cute teen rooms, marcame wall decoration in white nearby

tree with bare branches, and two birds, painted in black, on a pale cream wall, cute teen rooms, bed and a dark brown cupboard

Isn’t this dorm room decor adorable?

tall single bed, with pale beige, white and light pink bedding, cool beds for teens, in a room with cream walls, a wooden desk, and a grey chair

window with white frames, in a room with a bed, and a swing, decorated with lit string lights

powder pink soft headboard, on a bed with white bedding, and pale pink cushions, room with light grey walls, beige vintage chair, and a white bedside table

Vintage country chic splendour for romantic souls

wallpaper with a floral pattern, decorating one wall of a bright room, containing a vintage style wooden bed, cool beds for teens, fireplace and an ornamental rug

spacious room in pink, purple and white, with a large window, a bed and a wardrobe, cupboards and a tv

selection of cushions, in different colors and sizes, on a bed with white covers, white curtains decorated with lit fairy lights

Stylish teenage girl’s room in white and bright yellow

armchair in beige, and a large bed in white, near a yellow wall, decorated with posters, framed images and words

brunette young woman, sitting on a large bed, with beige and white, pale pink and light purple, grey and yellow blankets, large wall hanging in cream and dark grey, on the wall behind her

soft headboard in pink, on a pink bed, with white and teal covers, and five cushions, in teal and white and multicolor, two large windows, and wall decorations

We are in love with this ambient boho bedroom!

mandala motif on a large, fabric wall hanging, decorated with lit fairy lights, and multiple small photos on a string, teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms, single bed and a desk with a chair

embroidery circles made of wood, featuring pieces of fabric with different prints, and in different colors, hung on a pale cream wall, over a small wooden table

antique style bed, made of wood, and featuring white bedding, and pillows in pale pink, light blue and white, cool beds for teens, in a room with pale blue walls, decorated with a blackboard, and other items

If you’re decorating a small room, stick to lighter colors

mother and daughter, hugging in a room, with white walls, a large black and white artwork, and a small single bed, in white and pink

lit string lights, hanging over a bed, with light cream, and pale grey, covers and pillows, in a dim room, with shelves and wall decorations

wall organizer in white and pink, on a white wall, near a pale blue retro desk, with a white vintage chair

The perfect bedroom for a teenage rock star

plaid brown and grey bedding, on a bed with two pillows, inside a room, with white and black walls, decorated with large illuminated letters, spelling the words rock star, cool beds for teens, pale grey carpet

pop art style image, in a black frame, hanging on a white wall, decorated with gold dots, in a room with a bed, a window and a fluffy pale beige rug

Your typical teenage girl rooms – cozy and colorful

white walls decorated with multiple polaroid photos, posters and other images, teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms, near a single bed, featuring duvet and pillow covers, with outer space motifs

patterned blue bedding, on a single bed, in a room with pale walls, decorated with photos, teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms, posters and a map of the world

acoustic guitar laying on a bed, with white and blue bedding, teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms, walls decorated with black and white photos, and a fabric wall hanging, surrounded by lit fairy lights

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