7 Trendy Colors That Are Dominating Interior Design in 2023

by Maria Konou

If you are about to renovate an old home or furnish a new one, you certainly can’t help but pay attention to the latest furnishing trends. As 2023 progresses, there are several colors that have been popping up everywhere in home décor. From bold and vibrant hues to more subtle, muted shades, these trendy colors are dominating interior design. Even if you can’t afford to work with a designer, it is still easy to take advantage of some of these home design trends. Whether you are looking to revamp your bedroom or add a splash of color to your kitchen, this article will help you find the perfect color. So, keep reading to learn more about the top trendy colors for 2023 and how you can incorporate them into your home!

There are some trendy colors that are absolutely dominating interior design in 2023

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Home Colors That Are Dominating Interior Design in 2023


Designers are adamant that coral will be one of the colors we will be seeing everywhere this year. This cheerful shade is here to show us that we should look at life from the bright side and fill our minds with positive thoughts. If you are not into such saturated colors, you can use coral as an accent color by pairing it with colors like green, white, brown, or blue.

Coral is one of the colors we will be seeing everywhere this year

2023 home interior designs

You can easily use coral as an accent color

interior design colors 2023


Just on the opposite side of the spectrum is the trend for decorating everything in neutral colors – pastel gray, milky brown, white, black, and beige. This trend is especially suitable for those of you who prefer simple furnishings and minimalist style. Neutral colors are ideal for smaller rooms, as they can optically increase the space. Another advantage is that lighter tones are easy to maintain and clean. Although, this might not be the best color scheme for young children.

The neutral trend is perfect for a minimal furnishing style

2023 interior color trends

Neutral tones and colors also help visually enlarge the space

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#Pastel Tones

Seasons and years pass, but it seems as pastel tones refuse to leave the fashion and design scene. They are boldly becoming classics that seem to be always relevant. Both in clothes and interior, choosing pastel tones will surely bring dreaminess and tranquility to your home. Their undeniable advantage is that you can mix and match pastel colors with each other without worry, and they will always look good. If you love feeling as if you are in the clouds, then pastel colors are perfect for your home!

Pastel colors are boldly becoming classics that seem to be always relevant

color palette interior design 2023

You can mix and match pastel colors effortlessly 

colors interior design 2023

#Strawberry Red

This bold color is sure to make any room a little more fun and exciting. If you love the color red but fin it too harsh for your home, just choose its strawberry alternative! This color is usually used for the walls and the furniture, and not so much as decor or accent color.

Strawberry red will make any room a little more fun and exciting

color interior design trends 2023

This color is ideal for the walls and the furniture, and not so much as an accent color

trending interior design colors 2023

#Brown Ochre

This earthy tone will make your dwelling look extremely stylish, all while keeping you safe and grounded! Surrounded by brown ochre in your home, you will feel cozy, comfortable, and at peace. You can combine this earthy tone with green, white, black, beige and other colors in the warmer range.

Brown ochre is a rich brown color that is extremely grounding 

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It is stylish and sophisticated, while still being homey and cozy

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#Warm Yellow

This is another warm and cozy color that will make your home extremely sunny and happy. It is a bold alternative to traditional white, that blends perfectly with a lot of other colors. The combination between it and the color of the year 2023 – Viva Magenta, will fill your home with freshness and warmth. This color combination is fabulous, especially for spring and summer. If your family cottage is in need of a renovation, this shade will look absolutely gorgeous in nature!

Warm yellow will easily fill your home with positive energy and light

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This is the perfect color palette for spring and summer

2023 interior design colors

#Baby Blue

Baby blue is one of the trendiest home colors for 2023, and there are a lot of good reasons why. For one, you can boldly combine this gorgeous color with almost any other cool tone. It is also a very good choice for the bathroom or the nursery, as you can easily mix in a few other pastel shades along with it. With baby blue, you can make some of the most unique and unexpected home color palettes.

Baby blue is extremely calming and dreamy 

interior design trend colors 2023

With this color, you can easily create unique color combinations

interior design paint colors 2023

Now you know which are the trendiest colors for interior design in 2023! The interior design sector continues to evolve, and it is always fascinating to discover which colors are trending. Natural, earthy tones like blue, and beige, as well as bold, vibrant hues like yellow and coral, will dominate the interior design world in 2023. And as we come to find out, this color palette creates a soothing yet stimulating environment in any room!

These were the colors that are dominating the interior design world in 2023!

2023 house interior colors

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