10 Things You Should NOT Wash In Your Washing Machine

by Maria Konou

Whether it is your favorite silk blouse or your softest sweater, everyone has certain clothes they just can’t live without. It is easy to throw everything in the washing machine and let it do all the work. All you are asked to do is sort your laundry by color and fabric type and choose the laundry program. However, it is actually not that easy. There are some clothes and fabrics that you should wash by hand to avoid damaging them. To help you keep the absolute best of your wardrobe, we will share which clothes you should not put in your washing machine ever. Make sure to always be careful because one mistake can cost you your expensive lace lingerie or your child’s favorite stuffed toy! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at which things you should never wash in a washing machine:

Let’s see which are the things you should never wash in a washing machine

Things you should not wash in your washing machine

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#Running Trainers

Many people wash their shoes in the washing machine. However, running sneakers are not suitable for washing machine wash, especially expensive models. They have specific fibers in them that can be easily damaged in machine washing. In addition, this can make your workouts uncomfortable and actually increase the risk of injury! Your ordinary trainers are suitable for machine washing, but your expensive running trainers are definitely not!

Your expensive running shoes will get ruined in the washing machine


The underwire and hooks on a bra can actually rip your other clothes. What’s more, the straps and band will stretch and become loose when you put them in the machine with your other clothing items. If you can, hand wash your bras, or put them in a special mesh bag, and do not tumble dry them ever.

Delicate lingerie and bras should be washed in a special mesh bag

#Small Baby Clothes

Small baby clothes, such as infant socks and hats, can actually get stuck and become entangled in hard-to-reach places in your washing machine. According to specialists, little baby clothes can actually get stuck into the vents and hoses of your washing machine. And since, no one wants a flood, make sure to wash those clothing items in a special mesh bag to ensure that nothing escapes.

Small baby items like socks and hats can actually get stuck in your washing machine

#Purses and Wallets

Some inexperienced bloggers on the Internet might advise you to wash a leather or suede purse in the washing machine. However, these expensive items should never, ever be washed in a washing machine. This will not only ruin the shape and material of the purse or wallet, but it can also ruin the zipper and any embellishments on the surface.

Despite what people may say, washing your purses and wallets in the washer is a no-no

#Bath Mats and Rugs

Carpets, rugs, and bath mats have a rubber seal on the underside which the fibers are gripped onto. This is what locks the mat in place. These rubber seals are easily damaged in the washing machine. Even worse, if you decide to put them in the dryer.

Bath mats, rugs, and carpets should be kept away from the washer

#Coins and Keys

While most of us wouldn’t willingly put our keys and coins in the washing machine, it seems to always happen. It is easy to forget a few cents or a spare key in a pocket of a jacket or jeans. However, if they manage to slip out of the pocket while in the washing machine, they can actually cause significant damage. How? Coins might destroy the fins on the drain pump if they manage to slip past the filter. In addition, they can get stuck in the drain and clog the water, damage the drum, or shatter the glass of a front-loading washing machine! So, always make sure to check your pockets before and while loading your washing machine.

Something as simple as loose coins can actually damage your washing machine

#Structured Garments

Although the fabric of structured garments may be washable, throwing your favorite suit or pleated skirt in the washing machine is not always a good idea. Structured garments, such as suits and jackets with shoulder pads, can actually warp in the washing machine. It is a safer idea to use a dry cleaner for these special clothing items.

Structured clothing items like jackets have no place in your washing machine

#Waterproof Clothing

Just because your clothing is waterproof, that doesn’t mean you should wash it in your washing machine. Washing a raincoat or a mattress cover can make the item hold water over time. This can cause a severe unbalance in the washing machine, which can also lead to an ‘exploding’ scenario.

Waterproof clothing and items should be treated with greater care 


Suits are high-priced, special-occasion clothing items that are made of very high-quality fabrics. That is why you always need to dry clean your suits in order to protect them and your investment. Even washing them on a delicate cycle can be too harsh for the fabric. Also, make sure to use a steamer to de-wrinkle your suits in between the dry cleaning visits.

You always need to dry clean your suits in order to protect them

#Excess Laundry

Your washer and dryer are powerful machines, but filling them to the brink with excess laundry is a no-go. This can not only damage your washing machine in the long run, but it will also not wash your clothes well at all. What’s more, this is one of the main reasons why your clothes smell bad after washing! This will force you to do a second load of laundry, which is not good for your clothes or your wallet! Heavy loads will not only put stress on the washing machine drum belt and bearings, but they will also cause the motor to overheat and burn out in time. So, always check how much laundry your washing machine can take in order to do its job the best.

Filling up your washing machine can damage it in the long run, but it will also not wash your clothes well 

Now you know which things you should never wash in a washing machine! 

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