9 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Bra Size, According to Experts

by Maria Konou

We have all heard the stats that more than half the women in the world are wearing the wrong bra size or model! And, wearing the wrong size can lead to a lot of unexpected discomforts. These include shoulder and back pain, not to mention how sensitive the skin in this area is and how easily it can irritate. It is generally a good idea to go for a consultation with a professional to see which size and model fit you best. Since women’s bodies are constantly changing – with age, even with the seasons, you might need to change your bra size accordingly. Women think that since they got so many bras that fit them, they are supposed to last. Sadly, this is not always the case. So, maybe it is time for you to figure out if your bra is perfect for you. The company that sends all of the Queen’s corsets and bras made a list of all the factors to look out for when choosing a bra. And honestly, if they are approved by the Queen of England, we see no reason why these tips aren’t good for other women too. So, here are all the signs that you are wearing the wrong bra size:

Here are 9 clear signs you are wearing the wrong bra size and model, according to experts

breast pain due to wrong bra size

Signs That You Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

Your bra cups are spilling over

Do you have more boob coming out of your bra than in it? If you have a quad-boob, you are obviously wearing the wrong size bra, If you notice you are a little too big for your bras, go up a cup size. This provides more support, less movement, and a smoother appearance under your clothes.

If you notice that your bra cups are spilling over, you need to go up a size

wearing wrong bra band size

You overheat and sweat very easily

A bra that is the wrong size for you can easily make you feel sweaty and overheated, according to experts. Whether it is due to an extremely tight band, which can restrict your breathing, or some other wrong bra size issue. Is all the sweat worth it? The answer is definitely no!

If your bra is making you overheat, and sweat super easily, then it is not the right one for you

signs you are wearing wrong bra size

You experience pain in your back, neck, rib cage, or shoulders

If wearing a bra causes you pain in the ribs, back, neck, or even rib cage, it is a clear sign you need to try something different. Many women have painful ribs and mid-back pain, which happen as a result of wearing a bra that is not the correct fit. If your bra is not doing its job, the rest of your body may begin to compensate in order to support your chest. Some women hold their breast weight by taking too much support through the neck area, generating sore neck muscles.

If you experience any pain while wearing a bra, it is not the right one for you

symptoms of wrong bra size

You experience pain or irritation under your bra

If you have ever had a line under your boobs, especially one that is red, itchy, or inflamed, it could signify your bra’s underwire is faulty. It could simply be that your bras are old and the fabric atop the underwire has worn down. This leaves the most sensitive region of skin exposed to the underwire, say, experts. They also suggest that it could be because your underwire isn’t properly fitting your chest and is moving around too much, producing friction.

Skin irritation and redness is a clear sign that the bra size, material, or model is not for you

signs you're wearing the wrong bra size

You can’t put two fingers between the back clasp and your body

About 90% of the support on your bras comes from the clasp in the back. You should only think of the straps as a backup, not the main option. Don’t worry that it will pinch you and form a pooch on your back. Firstly – the right bra ‘pushes’ your chest forward and up, which makes us stand up straight, too. And secondly – you are human, and having that skin on your back is the most normal thing in the world. When you purchase a bra, you should start wearing it from the first hook. Moreover, you should be able to put your index and middle fingers between the clasp and your skin. That way it will be neither too tight nor too loose, and you can tighten the straps over time because they do loosen after a certain point.

If you can’t put two fingers between the back clasp and your body, it is not a good sign

wearing a wrong bra size

The straps dig into your shoulders or fall down

As mentioned a moment ago, most of the support should come from the back of the bra, not the straps. Most women make the following mistake – they buy a bra that is too wide for them, but decide they will compensate by tightening the straps to the max. Straps that are too tight can cause problems and even leave permanent marks on your shoulders.

Your straps shouldn’t dig into your skin or feel loose and keep falling down

am i wearing the wrong bra size

The bra isn’t sitting flat against your body

If you have this problem with your bras, then they are definitely not the right ones for you. The center of the bra, right between the two cups, should stay snug against your skin. If it is constantly moving around and not staying put, you definitely need a new bra!

Your bra should sit flat on your skin, and it shouldn’t move at all for a good fit 

wearing the wrong bra size effects

The underwire digs into your skin

Breast tissue is very delicate and the last thing you want is for it to be injured. Let alone with a metal wire. That is why the bandage should be located on our ribs and right in the middle of our arms. That way your breasts will fit perfectly in the cups, and you will feel at ease and have proper support. Which is exactly what a bra should feel like.

Your underwire shouldn’t dig into your skin or irritate it at all

can wrong bra size cause pain

Your bra is uncomfortable and needs constant adjustments

Do you take your bra off the moment you get home? Then this applies to you specifically. A bra should make you feel wonderful and stick to you like a second skin, not cause you pain and inconvenience. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing your bras, then they might not be right for you!

If you are constantly adjusting your bra, it is high time you get a new one

what happens if i wear the wrong bra size

Or simply switch to a bralette or no bra for a super hassle-free option! 

wrong bra size and breast pain

And finally, here are the most important things you need to remember

i've been wearing the wrong bra size

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