How To Clean Your Washing Machine: 5+ Tips and Tricks

by John Griffith

Just like everything else in the house, the washing machine also gets dirty over time. While it may seem silly, it’s true! Detergent residue builds up, lint starts to roll around, mold appears and there’s a nasty, musky smell constantly coming from the inside alongside many other unpleasant things. And all of this is rolling around with the clothes you’re supposedly washing. Yuck! But now what? Well, if you’ve noticed all of those issues, then it’s probably time to give your washing machine a good scrub. But don’t worry, cleaning your washing machine isn’t all that hard. You just need to know the right tips and tricks. That’s why today we are going to show you everything you need to know on how to clean your washing machine.

Washing machine’s also gets dirty over time

how to clean washing machine with vinegar washing machines

How To Clean Your Washing Machine?

A dirty washing machine can mean that the clothes smell nasty after washing as well. Which kind of defeats the whole purpose of owning and using a washing machine in the first place. Cleaning it nice and thoroughly will lead to fresh smelling clothes. Which is exactly what we want! So, if you feel like your washer is in need of a good clean, here is how to do it.

Check for any cats that may be hanging out inside beforehand 

how to clean your washing machine cat in a washing machine

Hot Cycle

This is probably the easiest and the most basic of methods. Just put the washing machine on the hottest cycle possible and let it run. Make sure no clothes or detergent is inside. This will give your washing machine a quick clean, but if you want a really in-depth cleaning then this isn’t the method for you.

Put the washing machine on the hottest cycle possible and let it run

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Clean The Detergent Drawer

Detergent starts to build up overtime within the drawer from all the residue it leaves behind. This part gets quite dirty for a part that’s supposed to hold the cleaning product. That’s why it’s best to start from here and clean it well. Remove the drawer from the washer and soak it in really warm, soapy water. Then take an old toothbrush and scrub, scrub, scrub. Do this until no more mold or soap build up is left. Then just rinse the drawer well and leave it out to dry or use a towel. Make sure to clean the cavity as well before you put the drawer back in, as dirt and mold can also hide in there.

Detergent starts to build up overtime within the drawer

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Baking Soda and Vinegar

Is there anything that baking soda and vinegar can’t do? This method is great for cleaning both top loaders and the front loaders. Vinegar is amazing at killing bacteria and don’t worry about the smell. It disappears during the cycle.

If you have a front loader, just pour around two cups of white vinegar into the detergent drawer. Then run the machine on it’s hottest cycle. After the cycle has finished, run it again, but this time add half a cup of baking soda directly to the drum. After that’s done as well, just wipe down the insides of the drum as well as the door seals and the exterior. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth.

If you have a top loader, pour a cup of white vinegar straight into the drum and run it on the hottest possible cycle. When the cycle is done, add half a cup of baking soda to the drum and run it again. Afterwards wipe down everything with a cloth. This includes the outsides and the door seals.

Baking soda and vinegar are a cleaning power duo

baking soda and white vinegar

Clean The Rubber Seals

The rubber seals of a washing machine can hold a lot of yucky stuff inside their nooks and crannies. Nobody wants a ton of mold creating bacteria and dirt in their rubber seals. Not only that but you can find socks, hair, coins, and other nasty things. So, it’s important you clean this part well. Take a damp cloth and soak it in some soapy water. Wipe around the seals. Make sure, when you decide to lift them up, to be careful not to unseal or rip them. Wipe them any place that is possible. You can also use an old toothbrush, if the dirt and grime is too tough.

Clean inside the rubber seals 

what to do when you find mold in the gasket of your washer washing machine rubber seal

Clean The Filter

The filter does a super critical job. It’s there to stop all the yucky things that gather such as coins, hair, and lint from reaching the pump. But just like the drawer, it’s also a great place for bacteria and mold to grow. This can cause your washing machine to smell and nobody wants s a smelly washer. The filter is usually right beneath the drum door above floor level. Make sure to read your manual on how to remove the filter cover and the filter itself. There you can find the right way to clean it. Keep in mind you may need to place a bowl or towel underneath the filter to catch any leaks.

In the filter things such as coins, hair, and lint gather

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Laundry Bleach (Sodium Percarbonate)

This type of powdered bleach is amazing at ridding washing machines of nasty smells. It’s much safer than normal liquid bleach and much stronger than baking soda. And you can use it weekly!

Sodium percarbonate is a powdered form of bleach 

sodium percarbonate laundry bleach in white powder form

How Often Should I Clean My Washing Machine?

There really isn’t a strict guideline when it comes to how often you should clean your washing machine. However, you can check the washers manual to see if it recommends any maintenance cycles and how frequently you should run them. If there is no such thing in the manual, or you simply can’t find it, a good general rule is to deep clean your washer once a month.

Clean your machine once a month 

man washing washing machine with towel

These were all the tips and tricks we have for you on how to clean your washing machine. We hope you found this article useful. Now your washing machine will be as good as new. But even if it isn’t, you can always find ways to repurpose it.

Enjoy your clean washing machine

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