The big variety of wallcovering designs

by Maria Konou

There are plenty of amazing wallcovers on the market. Each one of the designs has its own characteristics, such as colorfastness, wash ability, stain and abrasion resistance, etc.  When you buy a wallcovering product, it is recommended to take a look at the sample book or the label in order to get information about the specific qualities of the wallpaper.

Although the wallpaper designs seem to be very different from each other, most of them consist of the same three layers, which are really important for the appearance, strength and durability of the wallcover.  The first one is the so called Decorative Layer. Very thin and well looking, this layer has a decorative function.  Here you can learn something about the other two layers- the Intermediate Layer and the Third Layer. Most of the people make their choice based on the Decorative Layer. When it looks good and especially when it looks unique, this is more than enough for the customer to buy.

The big question still remains: How to decide, which style of wallpaper is right for your home? Before you start searching for the most suitable wallcover, think about the atmosphere, that you want to achieve in the room. If you want to turn your daughter’s room into a magical place, you will need colorful wallpaper with a Disney character, for example. Of course, it shouldn’t just have a great appearance- it should also be washable and stain-resistant.

Now let’s take look at three of the most popular styles of wallcover designs. This might help you by making your choice or at least will give you some basic information:

Retro wallcovering

If you want to turn your home into an elegant space with a sense of authenticity, the retro wallcoverings could be the best decision. Vintage patterns not only look classic and delicate, but also bring flair of the antique times in your home.



Wall murals are one of the best ways to create a fashionable space with luxurious appearance.  There is a really big collection of murals with different themes, such as landscaping, nature, cities, people, animals and much more. The best thing about this wallcovering design is that you can use your own photo or artwork to make a mural out of it. There is nothing more unique than your own piece of art in your own home!



Designer Wallpaper

Designer wallpapers are breathtaking and full of passion.  They can make a real master piece out of your simple, boring walls. Still it is important to select the designer very carefully, because each one of them is specialized in creating a specific wallpaper design. The visionary techniques and the colors, used by the designer, should fit into your personal aesthetical vision.



You will be surprised, when you get to know the rest of the wallcover designs. The variety is really incredible – so big, that it could be confusing for someone. But don’t make worries about it. If know your needs, you won’t have any problems finding the perfect wallcover for you. Even if you change your mind after a while, there is still a solution: you can easily remove the old wallpaper and get a brand new one. Here is a video, that shows how exactly to do it in some simple steps:

Maria Konou

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