Say Goodbye to Boring Bedroom Walls With Our Cool Decor Ideas!

by John Griffith

When it comes to decorating our homes, we often put a strong emphasis on the hall and living room – after all, these are the spaces which guests see first. Then come the bathrooms and kitchens. More private areas, like bedrooms, are usually last, and we only opt for the bare necessities, like a comfy bed, a couple of simple nightstands, a wardrobe and perhaps a dresser. While this approach might seem sensible (and financially savvy), it is essential not to underestimate the power of a good bedroom decor. After all, we spend a lot more time in the bedroom than in any other area of our home. It is where we rest and recuperate every night, gathering strength for the busy day ahead. We should therefore try our best to make our little nest cozy, calming and inviting. But how? Filling it up with lots of decorative items simply won’t do! Cluttered spaces render relaxing a difficult, if not impossible feat. (Not to mention all the dusting involved!) Instead, you can opt for a creative bedroom wall decor. This will give your sleeping area a personalized touch and lot of character. Plus, there are so many variations to choose from – wallpapers, murals, decals, and a wide array of subtle but effective decorations! In this article we have gathered over 70 inspirational ideas that will help you banish boring walls and create a charming, cozy bedroom! And, if you are looking for fun and cute ideas for your child’s room or nursery, check out our home decor section.

Stylish, minimalistic design, featuring a wooden bedroom wall decor

bedroom wall decor, asymmetrical wooden shapes, lit from behind, decorating one wall of a room, with modern furniture and bed

Isn’t this foggy forest landscape simply magical?

misty forest photo wallpaper, in black and white, inside a room decorated in different shades of gray, bed and lamp, cupboard and clothes basket, bedroom wall decor

Create a cool optical illusion with a clever 3D effect wallpaper!

stone carving in ivory, near a soft white bed, bedroom wall decor, hanging lights and a walk-in wardrobe, with a glass door

You can redecorate your bedroom wall in only an hour, by using a stencil and some paint! Here is how:

A splash of color will revitalize your room! We love the watercolor effect used here:

azure blue wall, with watercolor-like effect, and pale smudges of pink paint, bedroom wall decor, inside a room with white bed, with decorative headboard and colorful bedding

How about a bedroom inspired by Japanese aesthetics?

japanese-style room with bamboo wallpaper, and a painting of a blossoming cherry tree, bedroom wall decor, bonsai trees and decorative fans

Keep the spring in your room all year round with a delicate, refreshing mural

mural depicting tree branches in blossom, on a pale gray wall, near cream-colored bed, bedroom wall decor, white bench and two-tone bedside tables

If you are decorating on a budget, you will love these cool DIY ideas:

Murals might sound like an expensive and time-consuming project. Not so! Check out this amazing video to see how you too can create a mural in just one day:

A simple but very effective idea for refreshing a teenager’s room!

string lights attached to a blue board, forming a glowing moon shape, pale yellow star shapes, bedroom wall decor, single bed with blue velvety bedding, and a striped pillow

Understated, stylish and cozy – the perfect bedroom combination!

compass and a ship, star maps and constellations, on a grey wallpaper, near a soft white bed, bedroom wall decor, matching bedside tables with identical lamps

large map of the world, in dark and light gray, on a wall near a simple double bed, with several cushions, bedroom design, large window on the left

bedroom design, turquoise colored walls and door, large framed abstract painting, double bed and fluffy rug, dark laminate floor

A functional, pretty and creative way to organize your bedroom, and keep the things you need handy

small flower vase with white flowers, two framed images, wire shelf with book and alarm clock, attached to a white board, hanging over a double bed, bedroom design

Wall rugs add a bohemian vibe (and lots of coziness!) to your bedroom

big dark gray rectangular rug, with white and black details, hanging on a brick wall, over a double bed, with grey pillows and covers, bedroom design, industrial style room

mandala in red, dark gray and pale beige, on a square rug, hanging over a bed in matching colors, bedroom design, two identical gray bedside cupboards

two lit light bulbs, hanging from a red cable, attached to a metal pole, bedroom design, wooden headboard made from reclaimed wood

Another gorgeous Japanese-style design

ink wash artwork, depicting cherry tree in blossom, on the wall of a japanese-style room, bedroom design, sliding doors with rice paper, light wooden furniture

black and white bedroom design, with white walls, two black chairs with white cushions, black bed and window frames, large artwork in gray, black and white

wall art décor, white hollow and solid, symmetrical tear-shaped decorations, on a pastel pink wall, in a modern minimalistic bedroom

Lovely murals, coordinated with their respective rooms’ color schemes

blue and white mountains, and a dark starry sky, painted on two large canvases, mounted on a bedroom wall, wall art décor

coral pink and white artwork, painted on three large canvases, wall art décor, inside bedroom with pale blue walls, and stone fireplace

grayscale mural depicting countryside with trees, inside a room with light laminate floor, and a bed with silver baroque style frame, wall art décor in an antique style

brick wall inside a sunlit room, other visible wall is white, with a silver world map wall art décor, simple bed with wooden food tray

You may not be able to sleep on a cloud, but surely this is the next best thing!

three balloons inside a bedroom, with walls covered in wallpaper or mural, depicting light blue sky, with fluffy cream clouds, wall art décor, white and cream furniture

dark brown fake trees, with dark green leaves, wall art décor, placed on witer side of a bed, with white and pale beige covers and pillows

headboard-like decoration, in baroque style, painted in pale gray behind a double bed, wall art décor, small vase with white flowers, silver bedside lamp

Simple, creative, functional! What’s not to like?

master bedroom ideas, large wooden shelf, shaped like a tree branch, mounted on a wall over a double bed, two matching nightstands, with identical lamps

wine red and dark purple abstract artwork, on large canvas, rug in matching colors, brown double bed, master bedroom ideas

wooden planks in warm brown color, covering one wall of a bright room, master bedroom ideas, large corner window, smooth gray floor

Isn’t this antique-inspired set up just dreamy?

cream wallpaper with thin tree branches, small green leaves and various birds, near double bed, surrounded with wrought iron bars, master bedroom ideas, romantic antique style

What do you think about this clever library photo wallpaper?

library photo wallpaper, with many different books, on a wall behind a pale gray double bed, master bedroom ideas, multi colored cushions, cream chunky knit throw

black wall with large bold white writing, inside industrial-style room, smooth pale gray floor, hanging lights and pipes on the ceiling, master bedroom ideas, black metal shelves

Bring some humour into the bedroom with a funny wall decal…

witty and funny writing, on white decorative board, his side her side, master bedroom ideas, plain wooden double bed

…or exercise your creative side!

realistic drawings in black and white, done on a brick wall, in a room with laminate floor, dark blue blackout curtains, master bedroom ideas, white decorative chandelier

Bedroom wall decor with a beautiful and calming optical illusion 

bedroom decorating ideas, 3D effect photo wallpaper, depicting a white tunnel with pillars and arches, near a white double bed

drawing of an antique ship, waves and clouds, done in different shades of blue, on a wall near a small, gray and white single bed, bedroom decorating ideas

floral murals of cherry blossoms in pale pink and green, and flowers in bright yellow and purple, inside two different rooms, bedroom decorating ideas, white furniture and wooden floors

many round off-white and purple decorations, on a wall behind a double bed, bedroom decorating ideas, cushions and covers in different shades of gray

Glamorous, stylish, and featuring the title of Maya Angelou’s most famous work in neon letters. This has got to be our favourite bedroom so far!

baroque style headboard, in white and gray, on plain white bed, with two fluffy yellow cushions, bedroom decorating ideas, floral wallpaper with neon writing

modern room design in gray, one wall covered in brown mosaic, bedroom decorating ideas, cream bed with gray bedding, large mirror and modern chandelier

vintage style room, with pastel colored landscape mural, in pale blue and brown, bedroom decorating ideas, retro furniture and a crystal chandelier

A simple pale wallpaper can go a long way, when combined with the right shabby chic furniture pieces

rustic decor in room with pale blue wallpaper, bedroom decorating ideas, shabby chic bed, matching bedside table, decorated with hand-drawn details

And the prize for most creative bedroom wall decor goes to…

five rows of open books, with white and yellow pages, decorating a white wall, behind a double bed, and near a unique hanging lamp, wall decor ideas

wall decor ideas, room with turquoise walls, and a white ceiling, lit string lights suspended from four dry tree branches, placed around a double bed

tree mural in black, on a white wall, and an image of big ben, in a white circle on a gray brick wall, wall decor ideas, inside a double bed bedroom

several framed images, and a white decorative fireplace, beneath a long narrow window, wall decor ideas, wooden planks covering one wall, near a double bed

Bright colors help you feel more energetic and alert

bright green and cream color scheme, inside a room with double bed, acid green wall, and double window with matching curtains, wall decor ideas, modern chair and olive green carpet

autumn trees with yellow and red leaves, painted on a pale yellow wall, creative wall decor ideas, near a double bed with floral covers, yellow tasseled throw, and two matching cushions

A charming idea for the helpless romantics

creamy gray wall, decorated with large white letters, spelling Mr & Mrs, wall decor ideas, near large gray double bed, with various cushions and throws

shabby orange and white brick wall, decorated with several framed images, near white bed with pale yellow bedding, wall decor ideas, hanging lights and two potted plants

yellow leaves and three small birds, on five dark brown trees, large wall art, on white wall, near a brown bed, with asian-inspired headboard

Pink and gray is one of our favourite combinations, especially when it comes to bedroom decor!

rose bouquet inside a small clear vase, on dark three-legged bedside table, pink curtains near white wall, with pale gray mural

romantic message spelled in gray, on a cream-colored wooden board, hanging over a double bed, with beige soft headboard, and cream and gray bedding

spacious dark bedroom, with black wall, decorated with white painted shapes, resembling bamboo plants, black tiled floor, dark gray carpet

blown up black and white photograph, on three large canvases, large wall art, near double bed, with striped covers and several cushions

Mirrors make a room look more spacious

eight small lit candles, on a wooden floor, near blue bed with soft headboard, one wall features white paneling and pop art poster, the other is covered by mirror in diamond shapes

tassels in cream and three shades of blue, attached to a string, hanging over posters and decorations, on wall above a double bed in gray and cream

silhouette of a tree, painted in black on a pale gray wall, large wall art, near black bed with matching cupboards, pale gray lamp, beige fluffy rug

Creative minimalistic solution with Nordic vibes

flock of black birds, 3D decoration mounted on a white wall, near modern hanging lamps, double bed with soft gray headboard, and two fluffy beige cushions

chandelier drawing white, on black wall, decorated with four empty frames, containing messages written in white chalk, large wall art, bed with frilly covers ,and bright yellow headboard

message written in chalk, on black headboard, with silhouette drawing of a female head, near small bed with light green covers, cool decor ideas

Stunning ambient wallpaper

large wall art, grayscale photo wallpaper depicting cloudy mountains, near bed with fluffy white duvet, and two matching pillows, wooden cupboard and window

various square tiles, with different patterns and colors, covering the wall behind a double bed, two identical nightstands and lamps

slices of lumber, in pale yellow, decorating a gray wall, inside bedroom with laminate floor, dark brown furniture, and bed with wrought iron frame

Floral and woodland motifs are always a good idea

delicate botanical wallpaper, in cream and pale green, with thin trees and different birds, decorating the walls of a bedroom, with large fluffy bed

antique-style mural, with thin blossoming trees, with green leaves, and small gray birds, in bedroom with wooden ceiling beams, double bed with headboard, made from a piece of natural wood

And here are a couple of really creative suggestions:

oval and rectangular empty frames, in brown and gold, arranged on a white wall, near brown wooden bed, with red and white pillows and covers

hats and round mats in different sizes and colors, made from straw, decorating a pale yellow wall, near double bed, with two bedside tables, and matching lamps

tiny inbuilt ceiling lights, inside a bedroom, with large white fluffy bed, four colorful posters, retro furniture and one soft beige wall

Keep organized in a more fun, hands-on way, with a giant blackboard!

blackboard with calendar for september, drawn in yellow and pink chalk, on bedroom wall, near teal chair and wooden bed

parchment pieces in beige, covered in brown tribal drawings, hung on bamboo poles, on a cream wall, near asian-inspired bamboo bed

reversed world map, in beige and dark brown, with continents labeled as oceans, and vice versa, large wall art, covering a wall near a black bed, with white and blue bedding

Another beautiful combination of pastel pink and gray

forest with gray misty trees, ambient photo wallpaper, near bed with pastel pink, and pale gray covers and cushions, large wall art, in room with high ceiling

wooden beams in dark brown, on a while ceiling, in room with one brick wall, one white wall, and one smaller wall, covered in an abstract painting, in different shades of blue, large wall art

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