Halloween wallpaper to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year

by John Griffith

Yes, we are aware that it is still September. If you are a Halloween lover, however, it is never too early to start getting ready for the scariest holiday of the year. Furthermore, if you are a planner and already have everything ready, all you need to do is get in the mood for the celebrations. If you have picked out your costume, made arrangements for an awesome party and have decided on the party food, you are amazing. Now, sit back, relax and wait for October 31st to arrive. And while you are doing that we offer you a Halloween wallpaper for both your phone and your desktop. These spooky backgrounds are going to help you keep your spirits high and get in the mood to celebrate this fun holiday.

Get yourself ready for the scariest holiday of the year with a Halloween wallpaper

austin pardun artwork scary halloween background spooky image of factory with pumpkin patch skeleton with jack o lantern head

When is Halloween celebrated?

Halloween, also known as All Saints’ Eve is celebrated each year on October 31st. It is believed that the holiday originated from old Celtic harvest celebrations. The day is dedicated to celebrating the dead, including saints and martyrs.

Each year on October 31st we celebrate Halloween or All Saints’ Eve, as it is also known

bats in the pink purple sky with full moon and stars halloween phone wallpaper digital drawing

What is the history of Halloween?

As we already stated, it is believed that Halloween originated from the Celtic harvest festivals. Because the celebrations are influenced by these folk customs and beliefs, they are believed to have pagan roots. The most common theory is that the holiday originates from Samhain – the first and most important day of four which were celebrated according to the medieval Gaelic calendar. The day marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or “darker half” of the year. It was believed that on this day the line between life on Earth and the afterlife was thinner, allowing for spirits to come into this world and interact with the living.

Scary Halloween wallpaper to honor the holiday

black background halloween background images jack o lanterns with scary expression painted in black

Halloween wallpaper honoring the traditions of the holiday

As any Halloween lover knows, there are some things which are an inseparable part of celebrating the holiday. One of the first items which will help you recognise the holiday is here, are Jack O’Lanterns. Carved pumpkins with scary faces and candles on the inside, which glow in the dark. Yes, that is one of the must-haves for Halloween. Another important part of the celebrations is the costumes. In the past it was accepted that people would dress as ghosts, witches, monsters and all kinds of scary beings in general. That was because they were trying to scare off the bad spirits and banish them from their homes. Nowadays, this tradition has taken a life of its own with people going overboard when it comes to dressing up. Some people use the time to pay tribute to their favorite movie, book or TV show characters. Others, on the other hand, take a different approach. Funny, sexy or scary, it doesn’t really matter what kind of costume you choose as long as you are dressed up.

Jack O’Lanterns are one of the staples of Halloween

black background halloween desktop backgrounds drawings of lots of jack o lanterns with different expressions

Halloween wallpaper for everyone who can’t wait for October 31st to come

Another big tradition of Halloween is trick or treating. Children dress up and go from house to house to ask for treats. If they are denied candy, they usually perform some kind of a trick. Throwing raw eggs at someone’s door, for example, is a big thing on Halloween. For adults, on the other hand, throwing a Halloween party is a big deal. Scary decorations, cool music, spooky party food and, of course, some alcohol, will turn your party into the main event of the holiday.

Bats are another symbol of Halloween

black background halloween phone wallpaper drawings of orange bats black stars grey crescent moons

Why do you need a Halloween background?

First of all, because it is never too early to get into the Halloween spirit. Secondly, another great use you might have for a spooky wallpaper is as a background for your party. If you are throwing a party for Halloween then you need to have the whole scary theme throughout your entire house. That includes your desktop computer or you laptop. And, furthermore, having a Halloween phone wallpaper will get you into the mood every time you unlock your phone. Plus, who knows, maybe it can even add to your overall level of scariness.

Who doesn’t love Sabrina the Teenage Witch

chilling adventures of sabrina the teenage witch scary halloween background drawing of spooky house girl sitting in the graveyard with black cat

Witches and potions are a big theme on Halloween

dark background halloween background images drawings of different ingredients to make potions in different bags bottles

Doesn’t this look spooky

digital drawing of large spooky house with full moon behind it halloween phone wallpaper graveyard with jack o lanterns at the front

These Jack O’Lanterns are giving me chills

digital drawing of three black jack o lanterns lots of bats flying around them halloween desktop wallpaper dark sky with full moon

Partying is an important part of the All Saints’ Eve celebrations

drawings of red and orange cups held by skeleton hands scary halloween background black background

These lights are so cool

fairy lights in the shape of small jack o lanterns scary halloween wallpaper close up photo

Pumpkins + ghosts + bats – this wallpaper screams Halloween

halloween background images black background drawings of jack o lanterns bats ghosts drawn in orange

Skeletons and skulls are some of the most popular decorations on Halloween

halloween desktop backgrounds dark gray background with skulls skeleton showing the rock sign at the forefront halloween desktop wallpaper black background with jack skellington face carved silhouette drawn in orange


halloween phone wallpaper orange boo neon sign hanging on black wall cable coming out of it

Boo and Happy Halloween

happy halloween written in white around the word boo written in orange scary halloween wallpaper purple background with spider webs

December might have “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, but October has “It’s spooky season”

its spooky season written in white in the middle of the screen halloween background images orange background

Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas

jack skellington from the nightmare before christmas standing on rock in front of full moon halloween background images over pumpkin patch lots of pumpkins gathered together with carved spooky faces halloween phone wallpaper orange background halloween desktop backgrounds black bats jack o lanterns stars white ghosts skulls drawn orange background halloween desktop wallpaper drawing of dancing skeleton in black

This photo collage is giving us so many fall vibes

photo collage for halloween with skeletons jack o lanterns halloween desktop backgrounds candles spooky images

A holiday staple – the movie Halloween shocked audiences in 1978

poster for the movie halloween scary halloween wallpaper jack o lantern mask and knife on black background pumpkins drawn in orange red and gray on white background scary halloween background scary halloween background tim burton characters photo collage alice in wonderland corpse bride jack skellington beetlejuice

Funny Halloween wallpaper with a still from the parody film Scary Movie

scary halloween wallpaper still from the scary movie scary halloween wallpaper man with scream mask sitting in armchair talking on the phone

And, of course, everyone’s favorite monster fighting gang – The Scooby Gang

scooby doo gang looking scared drawn on the bottom corner scary halloween wallpaper black background

This Halloween stay wicked

stay wicked written with large orange cursive letters halloween desktop backgrounds dark pink background

Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

the nightmare before christmas jack skellington and sally standing on rock halloween desktop wallpaper full moon in the background vintage photo of woman dressed in a witch costume halloween desktop wallpaper carved pumpkin in front of her face witch hat on top of ther head

Halloween desktop wallpaper, courtesy of the movie It

bill skarsgard dressed as it from the movie it looking at the camera halloween wallpaper black background cute halloween wallpaper walt disney castle at disney world in the back long street with shops jack o lanterns decorations dark background of a forest with moon in the sky halloween wallpaper jack o lanterns on the bottom dark purple background drawings of carved pumpkins in different shades of orange halloween wallpaper with different expressions digital drawing of lots of ghosts floating around halloween background dark blue turquoise background

Cute Halloween wallpaper for your desktop

digital drawing of paved road with spooky houses on both sides halloween background full moon and bats in the sky digital drawing of spooky house graveyard in front of it cute halloween wallpaper spooky trees and full moon jack o lanterns digital drawing of spooky house with a pumpkin patch in front of it halloween background dark sky tall trees

Trick or treat, give me something good to eat

digital drawing of three carved pumpkins with dark blue hats halloween iphone wallpaper trick or treat wooden sign drawing of wooden fence with spooky forest in the back halloween background jack o lanterns on top of the fence

Fright night

fright night happy halloween trick or treat written on pumpkins cute halloween wallpaper digital drawing of jack o lanterns halloween background dark gray background photo of spooky jack o lantern at the forefront halloween iphone wallpaper three jack o lanterns one with the words trick or treat carved into it orange background halloween wallpaper background in light and dark orange drawing of spider webs and spiders at the forefront

Happy Halloween

happy halloween orange banner drawing with three carved pumpkins hanging from it cute halloween wallpaper black background happy halloween written with orange letters halloween iphone wallpaper pumpkins ghost spider webs broom lots of jack o lanterns carved with different expressions halloween iphone wallpaper black background orange background halloween wallpaper drawings in black of different spooky characters and jack o lanterns spooky house digital drawing surrounded bt lake tall trees cute halloween wallpaper wooden bridge leading to it

Super cute desktop wallpaper – this is boo sheet

this is boo sheet written with blue letters next to digital drawing of cute ghost on black background halloween iphone wallpaper

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