70+ Couples Halloween costumes that are super easy to make

by John Griffith

Fall has arrived and it’s almost time for one of our most favorite holidays. You’ve guessed it – we are talking about Halloween! Fun costumes, creepy stories, and lots of delicious candy – what’s not to love? In fact, the only thing that can make the spookiest celebration of the year even better, is enjoying it with your significant other. How, you may ask? Three words – couples Halloween costumes! Needless to say, they are a huge hit at the moment, loved by stars and ordinary folk alike. Channing Tatum, Fergie, Neil Patrick Harris, and Kylie Jenner, are just a few names on a very long list of celebs who’ve been spotted wearing coordinated outfits with their SOs on All Hallows Eve. And who can blame them? After all, couples costumes are a great way to show the world how well you and your partner complement each other. Not to mention that, when done right, they can be incredibly creative and even hilarious!

Check out this dynamic duo

brunette young woman, and man with short brown hair, and dark sunglasses, dressed like retro astronauts, couples halloween costumes

Couples’ Halloween costume ideas

If you and your significant other would like to try some couple costumes for Halloween 2018, this article is your definitive go-to guide! We have selected over 70 different looks, ranging from sexy to funny, and from cheesy to… well just plain weird! We have also included several photo and video tutorials for you to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Couples Halloween Costumes – Pizza and Delivery Guy

couples halloween costumes, man dressed as a pizza delivery guy, and a woman, dressed like a slice of pizza

Pizza and delivery guy – couples’ Halloween costumes

This idea is one of our favorites. After all, everyone loves pizza! In addition, it’s super easy to make, takes very little time, and is a great last minute idea. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, you will need:

  • A large piece of beige cardboard
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Red tissue paper
  • A sheet of red card
  • A sheet of white card
  • A sheet of green card
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A stapler
  • A piece of ribbon (preferably yellow)
  • An empty (preferably unused) pizza box

The materials

materials needed for making a pizza costume, couples halloween costumes, large piece of beige cardboard, sheets of green and red car, yellow tissue paper, scissors and glue

The process itself is incredibly easy. First, take the piece of cardboard, and cut it into two symmetrical triangular shapes, using the scissors. Keep the top angles of the shapes sharp, but round the bottom ones a bit, to give them a more dough-like look. Now it’s time to create the “cheese”. Cut a strip of yellow tissue paper and fold it several times. Using the scissors, make several even incisions along the folded paper. When you unfold it, it should have a frayed look. Repeat the process, until you have enough yellow tissue paper to cover almost the entire surface of both cardboard pieces. Then, carefully stick the yellow paper on the two carboard triangles, leaving about 2,5 inches at the bottom of each blank. Next, cut two wavy strips of red tissue paper. These will be the “tomato sauce” for your pizza. Stick the strips at the bottom of the on pizza slices, over the last layer of yellow tissue paper. Then, cut out some round shapes from the red card (salami slices), some mushroom shapes from the white card, and some green strips (peppers) from the green card. Carefully stick them on top of the pizza slices. Finally, connect the two triangles with a piece of ribbon, using the stapler. Make sure the ribbon is long enough, since there needs to be enough space for your body between the two slices.

The pizza costume is ready to wear! We advise you to combine it with clothes in similar colors.

As your partner will play the role of the delivery guy, they will need casual clothes (jeans, a t-shirt and some sneakers), a baseball cap and, of course, an empty pizza box. A pair of big headphones is a nice extra touch.

Voila! Your couples Halloween costumes are ready! And to make things even easier, here is a photo step by step of the entire process:

Cut the cardboard into two triangles:

triangular piece of beige cardboard, for making a pizza costume, couples halloween costumes, placed on a pale grey surface

 Round the two lower edges

image showing a close up, of the edge of a piece of carboard, cut so it looks rounder, couples halloween costumes, pizza and delivery guy

Cut a strip of yellow tissue paper, fold it, and make some incisions:

hand holding a piece of yellow tissue paper, folded several times, and featuring a few even cuts, couples halloween costumes diy, scissors in the background

Stick the yellow tissue paper on the two cardboard shapes, leaving the 2,5 inches at the bottom of each triangle bare:

layers upon leyars, of frayed strips of yellow tissue paper, stuck on a piece of beige cardboard, couples halloween costumes, hand holding more yellow paper nearby

Cut a wavy strip of red tissue paper:

red strip of tissue paper, cut so it looks wavy, and held by a pale hand, couples halloween costumes, diy pizza outfit, a pair of scissors nearby

Stick it near the bottom of your pizza slice, and then add card cutouts in the shape of salami slices, mushrooms and green pepper strips:

couples halloween costume ideas, giant piece of pizza, made from beige cardboard, covered in yellow tissue paper, and decorated with red, white and green cutouts

Attach the two triangles together using staplers and some ribbon:

stapling a piece of yellow ribbon, on two decorated pieces of cardboard, using a black stapler, couples halloween costume ideas

The final result:

yellow mini dress, and a giant pizza slice, made from carboard and paper, couples halloween costume ideas, delivery guy and pizza

And here is an awesome video tutorial with the top 10 best couples Halloween costumes:

If you are not a big fan of DIY but need a last minute costume – have no fear! Our next suggestion is super easy and really effective. Plus, you won’t even need to buy anything – most people have the items required laying around in their wardrobes!

Punk rock couple

platinum blonde young woman, with spiky and messy hair, dressed in black and wearing bold eye makeup, next to a man with similar makeup, couples halloween costume ideas, punk rockers

Punk rock couple Halloween costume

What you will need for this look:

For her

  • Black skinny jeans (plain are fine, but you’ll get bonus points if they are distressed or ripped)
  • A black and white (or dark) t-shirt.
  • High top Converse sneakers or combat boots
  • Denim jacket
  • Lots of assorted safety pins
  • Black eyeliner
  • Dark red lipstick
  • Hair gel
  • Optional – a selection of chunky bling chains

For him

  • Dark jeans (again, ripped are better but plain ones are fine too)
  • Band t-shirt
  • Denim jacket
  • Assorted safety pins
  • Black eyeliner
  • Hair gel

Super easy and very cool

punk rocker couples halloween costume ideas, pale blonde woman, with spiky platinum blonde hair, dressed in black, near a man with dark eye makeup, dressed in denim

As you may have guessed, the most important features of this look are the hair, the makeup, and the accessories. First, outline your eyes using thick strokes of black eyeliner. Don’t worry if its uneven – this look is all about looking wild and messy! The red lipstick is next. As for the hair, use generous amounts of gel, and style it so it looks windswept and unruly. Once done, decorate your denim jackets with as many assorted safety pins as you can get your hands on! We used these amazing oversized novelty pins, which we highly recommend. Finally, if you have any chunky bling necklaces on hand, throw them on.

It’s all about the “I just got out of bed” hair and the “I put my eyeliner in the dark” make up

bold black eyeliner, around the eyes of a young woman, with platinum blonde messy hair, and dark red lipstick, couples halloween costume ideas, black t-shirt and denim jacket, with safety pins, and chunky necklaces

 A fun last minute Halloween costume

denim jacket with collar turned up, worn by a pale woman, with bold black eye makeup, and messy platinum blonde hair, couples halloween costume ideas, fast and easy

Speaking of last minute costume ideas, this video has some amazing suggestions that take literally minutes to complete:

And now – a special little something for the more romantic souls among our readers, who would rather choose a look out of a fairytale:

The Mermaid and Merman costumes!

athletic young man and woman, dressed like a mermaid and a merman, couples halloween costume ideas, sheer pale peach midi dress, with top and skirt underneath, cape and trident

Mermaid and Merman costumes

This is an absolutely gorgeous idea. We love the soft peachy hues of the female part of the outfit. Plus, it can be assembled with things you have around the house (save for a few small exceptions). You will need:

  • A sheer maxi dress in peach/pale pink.
  • A skirt or shorts in a similar hue (to wear underneath)
  • A pale pink/peach crop top
  • Several pieces of felt in pink and gold
  • Some silver pipe cleaners (fuzzy wire)
  • A glue gun
  • A selection of seashells
  • Gold-colored string
  • Gold-colored crochet lace for arts and crafts

Begin by cutting out two identical seashell shapes from pink felt. They should be about as big as your hand. Then, using the glue gun, decorate them with strips of gold felt and silver pipe cleaners. When ready, stick them on your top. Now, it’s time to create the mermaid necklace. First, cut a 6-inch piece of gold crochet lace and 4 3-inch pieces of gold string. Using the glue gun, stick two pieces of string to each end of the strip of lace. Next, cut two more pieces of string (about 1,5 inches each), and a longer one (about 4,5 inches). Tie all of them into loops, and stick them to the crochet lace, ensuring that the longer piece is in the middle. Finally, stick a shell on each of the three pieces of string. While the porcess might sound a tad confusing, it’s actually much easier than it seems. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in the photos bellow show:

Beautiful mermaid top and necklace

couple costume ideas, smiling brunette woman, dressed like a mermaid, in a sheer pale pink midi dress, with shell details

How to create the top:

three photos explaining, how to make a mermaid costume top, felt and pipe cleaners, a pastel pink top, gluegun and scissors, couple costume ideas

Making the necklace:

seashells in white, pink and pale orange, on a white surface, near some gold-colored crochet lace, some string and a glue gun, couple costume ideas, mermaid and merman diy

necklace made with gold grochet lace, string in the same color, and several seashells, couple costume ideas, diy mermaid outfit

The merman costume is even easier to recreate! You will need:

  • A pair of swimming trunks
  • 5 x 2 ft. of silver fabric
  • 3 x 2 ft. of gold fabric
  • Some gold arts and crafts crochet lace
  • 2 large seashells
  • Some smaller seashells
  • A glue gun
  • A trident toy

Start off by making the cape. Cut a strip of gold crochet lace (about 10 – 11 inches long) and stick a large shell on each of its ends. Then, take the silver fabric and glue the shells to its top corners. Put your swimming trunks on and wrap the gold fabric around them, hiding them completely. Secure the fabric in place, by tucking its upper corners into your trunks. If you have some leftover silver fabric, you can add it on top. Next, take the trident toy and stick some seashells on it. Your merman costume is ready!

More fun last minute couples Halloween costumes!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tutorials! We have many more funny, cute and romantic ideas. Check them out!

Milkman and cookie – a match made in (snack) heaven!

off-white trousers, and a white shirt with black bowtie, worn by a slim man, with a milkman's hat, holding some milk bottles, couple costume ideas,smiling woman,dressed as a cookie

How about dressing up as James Bond and one of his Bond girls?

bearded man with blonde hair slicked back, dressed in a tuxedo, woman in a blonde wig, wearing a 1960s floral dress, and holding a faux gun, couple costume ideas, james bond and bond girl

This elderly couple wins the internet with their adorable “I Love Lucy” costumes

elderly couple dressed like lucy and ricky ricardo, from the tv series i love lucy, couple costume ideas, costume and a straw hat, blue dress with white polka dots, and a red curly wig

Harley Quinn and The Joker – one of the most popular couples Halloween costumes:

laughing young woman, dressed like harley quinn, leaning on a man dressed like the joker, couple costume ideas, characters from suicide squad

Any fans of Baz Luhrman’s Romeo+Juliet?

quick halloween costumes, young man and woman, dressed like romeo and juliet, from baz luhrman's movie

These Grease costumes are super easy to put together

ginger man with a beard, dressed in dark jeans, and a black t-shirt, standing near a blonde woman, wearing black leggings, an off-the-shoulder top, and red high heels, quick halloween costumes, inspired by grease

A look inspired by Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox adaptation

hand-painted paper masks, of fantastic mr. fox, and mrs fox, held in front of the faces of a man and a woman, quick halloween costumes, inspired by wes anderson

Magicians and bunnies:

cute couple halloween costumes, man dressed like a magician, holding hands with a woman, dressed like a bunny

magician and rabbit, quick halloween costumes, man dressed in a brown suit, with a black bowler hat, woman in a white outfit, with a large white headband, resembling a rabbit's ears, and a bunny's tail

Three funny and incredibly cute couple Halloween costumes!

Alice and the Mad Hatter

blue-eyed man, dressed like the mad hatter, posing with a woman, dressed like alice, holding a stuffed white rabbit, cute couple halloween costumes

How about dressing as Popeye and Olive Oyl?

several couples dressed like popeye and olive oyl, cute couple halloween costumes, sailor outfits and hats, red jumpers and blakc skirts

funny couple halloween costumes, smiling man and woman, dressed in green jumpers, decorated like cacti, small cactus hat, on both of their heads

Fans of Dr. Seuss will appreciate this Lorax and Cat in the Hat duo

dr seuss character costumes, a man dressed like the cat in the hat, and a woman dressed like the lorax, standing in front of a house, funny couple halloween costumes

Remember when Britney and Justin showed up in matching denim outfits? We do! And so does, it seems, this couple:

denim maxi patchwork dress, worn by a smiling blonde woman, holding hands with a man, dressed in jeans, a denim jacket and a denim hat, funny couple halloween costumes, britney spears and justin timberlake

firefighter and dalmatian, funny couple halloween costumes, man with red hard hat, kissing the cheek of a young woman, in a white t-shirt with black spots, wearing face paint and puppy ears

sully and mike from monster's ink, cute couple halloween costumes, worn by a young blonde girl, and a man with glasses, holding a dog in costume

These love birds are taking Halloween on another level, with amazingly realistic costumes, inspired by Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride:

detailed outfits and makeup, inspired by tim burton's the corpse bride, cute couple halloween costumes, man in a smart suit, woman with skin painted blue, wearing a wedding gown

striped black and white t-shirt, off-white ankle pants, loafers and a captain's hat, on a man with a pipe, standing next to a woman, dressed as a mermaid, cute couple halloween costumes, mermaid and captain

The Mask and Tina or undead bride and groom inspired by Dia de los Muertos?

two images side by side, showing cute couple halloween costumes, the mask and tina, a bride and groom, with dia de los muertos make up

We love these ideas, because they are suitable for couples, siblings, and best friends!

family dressed like characters from popeye the sailor, man with a pipe, wearing a sailor's uniform, and holding a baby, next to him is a woman, dressed like olive oyl

Eleven and Mike from Stranger Things

duo halloween costumes, man dressed like mike, and a woman dressed like eleven, from the series stranger things, with bike and eggos

idea for duo halloween costumes, inspired by the flm grease, woman in black leggings, red heels and a black off the shoulder top, near a man with a black leather jacket

Couples Halloween costumes, suitable for the whole family:

mother and father, and two small children, dressed like the superheroes, from disney pixar's the incredibles, family halloween costumes

orange tunic with black pattern, and a white tie, worn by a smiling man, hugging a woman, in a white off-the-shoulder dress, with an orange paper wig, small dog dressed as a dinosaur, duo halloween costumes, inspired by the flintstones

female and male exlorer outfits, worn by a smiling blonde woman, and a tall man, duo halloween costumes, indiana jones or safari

Alice and the White Rabbit, plus a pint-sized Queen of Hearts!

parents and a small baby, dressed like characters from alice in wonderland, the mother is alice, the father is the white rabbit, and the baby is the queen of hearts

monsters inc. inspired costumes, man in a blue and purple onesie, woman in violet leggings, and a pink t-shirt, and holding a teddy bear, duo halloween costumes, sullivan and boo

addams family-inspired outfits, woman in a black wig, dressed in a black maxi dress, and man with a faux mustache, in a striped suit, duo halloween costumes, duo halloween costumes, gomez and morticia

Here is our favorite couple again, dressed like Gomez and Morticia…

gomez and morticia addams, duo halloween costumes, worn by elderly man and woman, black and red bathrobe and faux mustache, black maxi dress and wig

Popeye and Olive (with baby Swee’Pea)…

olive oyl and popeye the sailor, duo halloween costumes, man dressed like a captain, with a pipe and a can of spinach, woman in red jumper, and black skirt, holding a baby

Bonnie and Clyde…

dynamic duo ideas, bonny and clyde costumes, worn by an elderly couple, old fashioned suit, and bowler hat, green baret and a neck scarf

...and even Cruella de Vil and Horace!

matching beige overalls, with white and orange stripes, worn by a man and woman, holding gun-like weapon props, dynamic duo ideas, ghostbusters themed halloween

charlie and the chocolate factory, and inside out, halloween costumes for couples, parents and children

How creative is this Roy Lichtenstein inspired look?

pop art inspired couple's halloween costume, man and woman with faces, painted in the style of roy lichtenstein

barbie and ken from toy story 3, and the villains from teenage mutant ninja turtles, funny halloween costumes, dynamic duo ideas

Kermit and Miss Piggy – relationship goals

miss piggy and kermit the frog, dynamic duo ideas, inspired by the muppet show, woman in a red dress, with long white gloves, wearing a blonde curly wig, and pig ears, hugged by a man in a tuxedo, with a kermit mask

dia de los muertos halloween costumes, bride and groom with painted faces, made to look like skulls

Twitter and Facebook

twitter and facebook costumes, made from paper print outs, stuck to the clothes of a smiling man and woman, quick halloween costumes

dancing smiling couple, young woman dressed in a pale peach dress, holding the hand of a man, with black clothes, and a black leather jacket, quick halloween costumes, inspired by grease

batman and catwoman, popeye and olive oyl, and peter pan and tinker bell, halloween costumes, three examples of dynamic duo ideas

More cool couples Halloween costumes: spaghetti and parmesan!

man with a colander, and some moodles on his head, dressed in a red jumper, decorated it faux spaghetti, forks and meatballs, funny couple halloween costumes, hugged by a smiling woman, dressed like parmesan

old man and woman outfits, funny couple halloween costumes, grey trousers and a short-sleeved shirt, floral maxi dress and hair rollers

buttercup and wesley, costumes inspired by the film the princess bride, man dressed in black, with a mask on his face, holding the hands, of a woman with long curly blonde hair, wearing a red gown

How about this French chef and cake duo?

chef's uniform and hat, worn by a man, with a faux mustache, and a red necktie, holding a whisker, dynamic duo ideas, next to him is a woman, dressed like a cake

dog dressed like a marshmellow, near a man in a cracker costume, and a woman dressed like a hershey's chocolate bar, quick halloween costumes, for couples and pets

kermit the frog, and miss piggy, costumes inspired by the muppet show, woman dressed in pink, with a curly blonde wig, and a pig mask, man in a frog onesie

Russel and the flying house from Pixar’s UP

pixar's up inspired costumes, man dressed like a guilde, and a woman in a carboard house costume, decorated with many, multicolored balloons

waiter and cocktail, quick halloween costumes, woman in a pastel pink mini dress, with a faux straw and lemon wedge, holding a large cocktail umbrella, man in shorts and tank top, holding a tray with a drink

Sam and Suzy from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom

costumes inspired by wes anderson's moonrise kingdom, khaki green guide uniform, worn with a yellow necktie, coral red mini dress, with knee socks and a red baret, dynamic duo ideas, sam and suzy

people dressed like kimbra and gotye, from the somebody that i used to know video, dynamic duo ideas, couple dressed like the cheeto mascot, and a spicy cheeto

Dexter and Deedee from Dexter’s Laboratory

dexter's laboratory inspired outfits, funny couple halloween costumes, blonde woman with pigtails, in a pink tutu, man wearing a lab coat, and violet gloves

And, finally, one of our favorite couples Halloween costumes: Marty McFly and the Professor from Back to the Future!

back to the future, funny couple halloween costumes, young woman dressed like marty mcfly, man dressed like the professor


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