Which Are The Best Smelling Flowers? 9+ Garden Flowers

by John Griffith

When planting in your garden, there are many things to take into consideration. Do you want primarily a vegetable garden, do you want more greenery, or would you like to include beautiful flowers? This of course is all up to you and your garden preferences. However, if you want a diverse garden, filled with color and beautiful fragrant smells, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best smelling flowers you can add to your garden. From roses to lavender, there is plenty of choice when it comes to fragrant and pretty flowers. So, take a look and take your pick!

Lavender is a great choice 

woman holding a lavender bouquet in hand

Best Smelling Flowers

Plants are amazing. They look stunning, they smell great, they give us food and some have unexpected health benefits. For example, did you know that by adding certain plants to your bedroom, they can help you sleep better? And that’s just the cherry on top. There are plenty of other things plants are good for. Like as we mentioned, filling up your garden with the most beautiful of aroma’s. So, let’s take a look at which plants are the best for the task.

Add a rose bush to your garden 

red rose bush filled with flowers


These flowers are amazing. They are one of the best low-maintenance plants to add to your garden. The unpretentious carnation helps not only add color to your garden, but also a very pleasant scent. Find them in a variety of colors.

Carnations are pretty, fragrant and unpretentious 

best smelling flowers pink carnations in a vase in front of wall


The aromatic gardenia should be present in every garden that wants to impress with the smell. This evergreen shrub has beautiful white or yellow flowers that are super fragrant. It adds color and some lovely greens to the garden space.

The aromatic gardenia should be present in every garden

fragrant flowers gardenia bush with white flowers

Tobacco Plant

The tobacco plant is also known as Nicotiana. It is a lush, fresh greenery that has captivating pink and white flowers. These flowers will fill your garden with a pronounced sweet aroma. This plant’s flowers bloom in the evening, so it’s a good idea to plant it close to your bedroom window or near your terrace, so you can enjoy the scent at night.

These flowers will fill your garden with a pronounced sweet aroma

nicotiana flowers white tobacco flower

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Who said you can’t enjoy flowers during the fall? Plant autumn clematis in your garden. This plant turns into a large vine, which is dotted with gentle white flowers, filled with beautiful fragrance. The vines can reach up to 7.5 meters. Keep in mind that these plants do need fertile soil and need plenty of water and sunlight.

This plant turns into a large vine, which is dotted with gentle white flowers

sweet autumn clematis white bush flowers

Oriental Lily

The delicate and exquisite lily is one of the top contenders for the title “best smelling flower”. It can fill up the whole garden and its surroundings with the most beautiful of aromas. Oriental lilies bloom in mid-summer and keep blooming up until September. They come in plenty of colors including yellow, white, and pink.

Lilies come in many colors 

nice smelling flowers oriental lily in pinks in a pink vase

Garden Phlox

The phlox is a perennial flower. This means that it blooms every year. This plant is a small, compact yet lush shrub. It’s strewn with little, beautiful flowers in all kinds of colors – blue, scarlet, pink, white, and lilac. Phlox blooms primarily at the end of the summer season, and its sweet aroma is felt the best during those warm, sunny days.

The garden phlox is a perennial 

purple and pink garden flox flower in garden


Every gardener should have some beautiful roses in their garden. Roses come in a variety of colors and nuances. From a deep red, to nearly black, to pure white. You can create your perfect aesthetic with the variety in colors. But roses aren’t just beautiful to look at, they also have a stunning, fragrant smell. However, not only are these flowers different by color, they also differ in smell. Some sorts of roses have a more floral smell, while others have a citrus-y smell. Choose which you like best.

Roses have plenty of variety 

best smelling flowers pink rose in a transparent jar

Sweet Pea Flower

The sweet pea flower certainly deserves its name. This delicate flower has is famous for its fragrant, sweet and persistent aroma. The sweet pea flower has small, delicate flowers that come in all types of different shades and colors. Some plants might even have two colors at once! A great addition to the garden.

The sweet pea flower has small, delicate flowers that come in different colors

sweet pea flower in purples and pinks

Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley has a very intense, beautiful smell that is emitted by its pink or white bells. One great thing about these flowers are they are quite unpretentious and are low-maintenance when it comes to taking care of them. All they really need is a nice shade corner and some water from time to time.

Lily of the valley is a delicate flower with an intense aroma 

lily of the valley flower in white close up


Ah, hyacinths. A symbol of spring. While all the other flowers and plants are preparing to bloom, the hyacinth is already filling the air with its delicate and sweet aroma. These flowers prefer a sunny spot or one in partial shade. They grow very well, as long as they are sheltered from strong winds and other garden inhabitants, such as pests.

Beautiful and fragerent  

most fragrant flowers hyacinth in a jar pink purple and white


Lavender is a classic. This pretty, purple flower smells amazing. But not only does it look pretty and smell great, it also has plenty of benefits. Lavender’s aroma has a calming effect on people. It can help you sleep better, and it looks great in a vase.

Lavender can help you sleep better

aromatic flowers purple lavender flowers in a field

These were some of the best smelling flowers that you can add to your garden collection. We hope you found this article useful! Now you know what to plant for aroma, why not check out what plants to add to help purify your air?

Roses are some of the best smelling flowers 

single red rose on newspaper articles

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