Best Low Maintenance Plants To Decorate Your Porch or Balcony

Von John Griffith / May 20 2022

It is no secret that flowers are beautiful. So, you should definitely start growing them, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Plants in general make for a great decor piece, because they can be super colorful and fun. Not all of us, however, have time to look after multiple plants and give them extra care. That is why, today, we have prepared a few examples of low maintenance plants you can grow in pots, which can serve as an awesome part of the exterior. We are going to show different kinds of flowers and how to grow them. So, keep reading to find out how to adorn your home with some beautiful flowers.

Beautiful flowers can add that romantic feeling in your back yard

hanging flowers garden patio easy plants to grow


What are the benefits of growing low maintenance plants in pots?

First of all, as we have already mentioned, not everyone has time for a garden. Growing your plants in pots is just so much easier, because it is on a much smaller scale. What’s more, you can move the pot in case the flower is not doing very well under the sun, for example. It is just so much easier. The next upside of pots is the fact that not everyone has space for a garden. For example if you live in an apartment with a balcony or have a small backyard and you want to build a fire pit or a lounge area for example, you won’t have space for a garden. That is where plants in pots come in handy. You can choose from a variety of pot sizes which serve you best. Furthermore, you can buy colorful planters which are going to keep the space fun and cute.

Colorful pots with colorful flowers – the perfect combination

three pots types of houseplants colorful

What are the most popular low maintenance plants to grow in pots?

Now, as promised, in this article we are going to share a list of the most popular low maintenance plants to grow in pots with you. However that list can definitely be expanded. There are so many different types of plants around the world, it is extremely difficult to gather them all together in a list. But, without further ado, here are the most popular ones.

Colorful petunias

Petunias are just so pretty and so colorful. They are extremely easy to grow and can actually spread a lot. So, just plant one in a container and in a short period of them at least a couple more would be visible. All you have to do is deadhead them regularly and they will flower for months.

Petunias come in a wide variety of colors

low maintenance outdoor plants petunia


There is actually a wide variety of roses and some of them can by grown in containers and don’t have to be a bush. Do we even need to say what the upsides to roses are? They are extremely fragrant, very beautiful and come in a lot of different colors.

Roses are definitely the most popular flower in the world

roses low maintenance outdoor plants in white


Make your own desert garden by planting different succulents and covering the soil in the pot with gravel. They are super easy to maintain. You don’t have to water them very often. To top it all off, they actually look super cute and minimalistic.

Yet another plant family which has a lot of varieties

succulents low maintenance outdoor plants in pots


If you are not a fan of roses, camellias are the next best thing. An evergreen shrub, which grows absolutely gorgeous rose-like flowers in early spring. These beautiful flowers can be a great addition to any balcony, patio or even porch. The biggest upside, they do not need a lot of upkeep, just plant them in ericaceous compost and grow them in a sheltered position and you are set!

Aren’t they just so beautiful?

camellia pink flower low maintenance plants


Cute and colorful – those are the two best words to describe violas. With all of the different colors you can choose from and the low maintenance, these cuties are everyone’s favorites and they can grow pretty much everywhere.

Violas can also flower in colder weather

colorful violas in pot types of houseplants


These daisy-like flowers are so colorful and fun. They can grow anywhere and they would look great on their own, as well as being added to a pot with different, bigger flowers in it.

So cute and colorful!

osteospermum perennial flowers full sun in different colors

Palm trees

Yes, you can actually grow palm trees in a pot. However, it needs to be a bigger pot and you may find the need to buy and even bigger one in the future. Palm trees, however, are worth it. If you want to give your home and exotic feeling they are for you. You don’t have to water them very often, but if you live somewhere with colder winter months, you will probably have to find space for them inside. They don’t love cold!

Exotic palm trees can be grown anywhere

palm tree perennial flowers full sun in pot


Hostas are grown for their leaves. Their leaves are very beautiful and the impressive foliage display will definitely help you exterior look flawless.

On occasion, hostas can grow flowers as well

hostas easy plants to grow with white flowers


The agapanthus flower blooms best when restricted. That is why it is the perfect plant to grow in a pot. It provides gorgeous blue flowers, which tower above the pot. What’s more, once again, it is extremely low maintenance

The colors range from white to dark blue

agapanthus flower low maintenance plants in purple


Hydrangeas are mostly popular as a garden border. However, they can easily be grown in pots as well. Their upside is that they bloom for months, so you will have beautiful flowers for a longer period of time. The only downside – regular watering!

Simply breathtaking

hydrangea easy plants to grow in purple

Coleus doesn’t have flowers, but its leaves are gorgeous

coleus flower low maintenance plants in two pots

Geraniums are wildly popular as well

geranium in dark pink types of houseplants

You can grow lavender for its fragrance, as well as its beautiful purple color

perennial flowers full sun lavender in white pot

Low maintenance plants, plus you can play “he loves me, he loves me not” with these cute daisies

types of houseplants daisies in small pot

easy plants to grow hanging basket

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