How to grow perennial flowers in pots for an always beautiful garden

by John Griffith

We don’t know about you, but we believe that landscaping is just as important as interior design. After all, your interior is visible only to the people who enter your home. Your garden, however, is visible to everyone walking or driving past your house. That is why, we believe, it is very important to always up your curb appeal game. One of the best ways to do that is with flowers. Beautiful, colorful flowers, which are going to draw everyone’s attention. So, today, in this article, we want to discuss how to grow perennial flowers in pots, so that you can have a beautiful looking garden all year long. Furthermore, we are going to share a few plants, which are quite easy to take care of and bloom throughout the year.

A colorful garden just looks so stunning

colorful perennial flowers in pots outside

What is a perennial flower?

In general, the term perennial is used to descibe plants, which live for more than two years. Usually the grow and bloom during spring and summer and are dormant throughout the winter. In the following year, however, they can bloom again without being re-planted. That is one of the biggest reasons why you should choose perennials for your garden. What’s more, if you live somewhere without winter and super cold temperatures, these flowers might even bloom in the winter as well.

How to plant a perennial?

All you are going to need is a big enough container (pot), soil and water. Just fill the container halfway with fertilized soil, then remove the plant from its original pot and clean out the roots, you can even water them to remove the excess soil. Then, place the roots into the new container, filled with soil and fill the rest with soil, pressing it down. Generously water the plant and you are all set.

There are a few quite popular perennials, such as Alyssum

alysse flower perennial flowers white blooms

What are good perennial flowers?

Like we said, perennials live for more than two years. However, not all of them can be placed in pots and some of them need a bit more attention. There are, however, a few very beautiful perennial plants, which produce gorgeous, colorful blooms and are easy to look after.

Alyssum flower

The sweet alyssum flower is so easy to grow. It’s small petals are very fragrant and can spread easily. The flower loves semi-moist soil with good drainage. What’s more, it lives well under direct sunlight. Water once a week, or twice a week if there is a dry period. This beautiful flower will bloom in the spring, then its petals may dry out in the hottest summer, but then, they will bloom again in the fall.

These daisy-like Aster flowers are so cute

aster flowers in purple perennial flowers

Aster – one of the most popular perennial flowers

Aster is another plant which is very easy to take care of. Plant asters in mid spring and you will see them bloom in the late summer and early fall. Their blooms range from white to dark blue and purple, making them the perfect addition to your colorful garden. Keep in mind that asters don’t like a lot of moisture, so water them regularly, but don’t overdo it. Once the blooms have dried out, cut them off, so that new ones can bloom.

The beauty of the Clematis flower

clematis perennial plants in ceramic pots


The clematis is a climbing plant, so you can plant it on a balcony or next to a pergola. It takes about two years for the plant to start growing more vigourously. The clematis likes a moist, well drained soil, which is not acidic. What’s more, it needs at least six hours of sunshine a day. It also requires some pruning mid-spring. Check to see which vines have dried out and prune them.

The Echinacea isn’t just a remedy

echinacea with red blooms perennial plants pots

The popular Echinacea

Echinacea is more than a remedy, it is also a beautiful flower. What’s more, it doesn’t require a lot of attention. Just plant it in a well-drained soil and let it grow. Water once a week and make sure it is getting more than 6 hours of sunshine every day. The echinacea can provide you with a colorful garden, since it blooms can vary in color.

Geraniums are very popular

geranium in purple what is a perennial

How to grow Geraniums?

Geraniums are plants which love the sunlight. Also, they need moist, well-draining soil and watering at least once a week. They can grow quite big, so they might need re-potting, but outside of that they are quite easy to look after. Furthermore, you can have geraniums in a variety of colors.

Primrose – one of the most beautiful perennials

primrose perennial flowers for shade in ceramic pot

Primrose – one of the most beautiful perennial flowers

Primrose flowers are super easy to take care of. Once can almost say they are resilient. They prefer moist, damp, wood-like soil and can bloom all summer and even into the fall season. They don’t require a lot of fertilizing or pruning. You can find these flowers in all colors. What’s more, they multiple each year.

Salvia – healthy and beautiful

salvia in red perennial flowers for shade

Salvia, also known as sage

Salvia is yet another flower famous for its benefits. However, it also has beautiful blooms, which you can enjoy all summer and even half of the fall season. Plant in mid-spring in well-drained soil in a place where they will get a lot of sun throughout the day. Add some mulch to detain moisture and water once per week.

Yet another gorgeous flower

what does perennial mean iris ensata in blue

Grow beautiful Japanese Iris in pots

The Japanese Iris blooms in early to mid-summer, but is definitely a sight to see. Its beautiful blooms can vary in colors and its stem is very tall, so they are easily visible. Plant the iris during spring or summer in a moist, fertilized soil. These flowers love water, so regular watering, especially during their blooming, is a must. Furthermore, make sure to fertilize regularly because they love to be fed.

These blue cuties will look amazing in your garden

what is a perennial forget me not blue flowers


Forget-me-nots are perfect, because you can enjoy their beautiful blue blooms from May all the way to October. Plant under shade in moist soil. Water regularly, especially in dry periods. What’s more, you need to keep in mind that these cuties spread a lot. So, if there are other plants around they might suffer.

The Camellia flower is so beautiful

potted camellia flower in red what does perennial mean

Camellia – popular perennial flowers

Although the camellia is a shrub, it can still be grown in containers. It needs a well-drained, acidic soil and regular watering whenever the soil is dry. They prefer partially shady places and require pruning in spring after blooming.

You can color coordinate the flowers you plant

perennial flowers for shade in red white in pots

Colorful plants in ceramic pots is the perfect addition to your garden

three pots with colorful perennial plants

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