Ultimate Guide: 7 + Awesome Pet Friendly Plants

by John Griffith

You don’t need to sacrifice your beautiful plant collection for your fluffy friends. The good news is you can have both! However, you will need to compromise a bit. Certain plants may be harmful to your pets, so you should always double-check before bringing any greenery home. Dogs and cats alike do not instinctively know which plant is bad for them. Which means that if they eat a part of a plant, it may cause tremors, stomach problems, vomiting, and even seizures. So, in order to keep your pets safe but still have the joy of greenery inside your home, swap out any non-safe plants for pet friendly ones. Just in case, we recommend you keep any flora in places where your pets cannot reach them. Without further adieu, here are 5 + awesome pet friendly plants to have around the house.

Certain plants may be harmful to your pets

cat walking in front of orchid

Ponytail Palm

This palm had a lot of character and will definitely lighten up the room. It’s pet friendly and cats will love to swat it around. The ponytail palm is super easy to look after, it doesn’t need a lot of water, as they prefer to be on the dryer side. They also need to be fertilized only from two to three times a year. This palm is also great for purifying air, so double bonus.

The ponytail palm is super easy to look after

ponytail plant in pot

Rattlesnake Plant

A funky plant with amazing colors and shaped leaves. If you have a low-lighted room, this plant is a great addition. The rattlesnake’s crinkly leaves are unique and their deep purple color on the underside is beautiful. Not only is this plant pet friendly, but it’s also kind of low-maintenance. All it requires is moderate temperatures, fast-draining soil and to be watered when the soil feels dry. Win-win!

The rattlesnake’s crinkly leaves and purple undersides are unique

rattlesnake plant on high pot

African Violet

If you prefer to add some flowers into your home, the African violet is an incredible choice. They are a colorful addition to the home, and it is also fairly low-maintenance. This beautiful flowering plant can brighten up and add vibrancy to any space. The African violet can bloom even in indirect light and needs to be watered from the bottom up. Even if your pet decides to take a little nibble out of it, as if it is a veggie, they will be fine.

 African violet is a colorful addition to the home

african violet in white pot

Parlor Palm

The parlor palm can grow anywhere from two to eight feet tall, however no matter the size, they have a large feel to them. They are safe to be around your pets, and they can thrive on only a couple of hours of indirect light per day. Keep in mind they tend to be slow growers, so you will need to be patient. If you are new to looking after plants, this is a great choice. The parlor palm has an elegant appearance and is a great addition to your home.

Parlor palms are slow growers

parlor palm in pink pot

Calathea Orbifolia

This tiny plant has a mesmerizing leaf pattern. The striped leaves are a great accent for a home office decor or even for the bathroom. The Calathea doesn’t need too much light and loves water. Make sure to water it regularly and keep it hydrated. It also loves humidity, that’s why you can keep it in the bathroom as well. Your pets will also appreciate these bright-colored plants.

The Calathea doesn’t need too much light and loves water

calathea orbifolia plant in funky pot

Venus Flytrap

What a funky plant. This iconic Little Pet Shop Of Horrors flora is an amazing addition to your home. The Venus flytrap is non-toxic for both dogs and cats, so even if they do somehow take a small bite out of it, they will generally be fine. However, for the sake of the plant, keep it out of pet reach. This plant requires plenty of bright light and needs to be watered with distilled water. Also make sure it’s in a place where it can regularly catch some flies.

This iconic Little Pet Shop Of Horrors flora is amazing 

venus flytrap cute


If you want to add some color to the jungle of greens you have, why not bring an elegant orchid home? Both dog and cat safe, this flower is mainly low-maintenance and a good choice for beginners. It thrives in low light and typically needs to be watered once a week in the winter and twice a week in the summer. There are plenty of color and shape choices to fit your style.

Both dog and cat safe, the orchid is mainly low-maintenance

purple orchid on green background


One of the most popular pet friendly plants, the bromeliad is great if you want to add a tropical vibe into your space. It’s colorful, has amazing strappy leaves, and blooms up to a couple of months. Keep them in a space with plenty of air, have enough light and get a lot of water or mist. It’s a great choice if you have cats that enjoy digging into pot’s soil.

The bromeliad is one of the most popular pet friendly plants

bromeliad with pink flowers on table

There are plenty more cool plants to choose from. We hope you found this article helpful! Now you can enjoy your plants without having to worry about your pets. You can safely fill your house with joy both from beautiful greens and paw patter. If you are ever feeling unsure if a plant is okay or not, double check it online.

There are plenty more cool plants to choose from

cat and dog playing together

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