Create your own beauty salon at home with these makeup vanity ideas

Von John Griffith / July 18 2019

There are a few things every little girl dreams of. Her wedding day, her wedding dress, a big closet and her very own beauty routine, which is going to make her feel glamorous and beautiful. Nowadays, you can find so many beauty tutorials online that it is almost impossible not to know what contour or baking is. Sometimes I am watching these videos and I think to myself “Wow, I will never be able to pull this off.” But, practice makes perfect, as they say. What’s more, after the rise of video beauty tutorials, many people have noticed that beauty vloggers have awesome spaces where they create their beautiful makeup and keep all of their products. So, today, in this article, we are going to help you create your very own beauty salon with some awesome makeup vanity ideas.

Makeup vanity ideas

makeup vanity, white table, pull out mirror, white leather ottoman, grey and blue carpet, grey walls

Having a makeup vanity at home is certainly not a priority. However, it does bring a touch of class and elegancy in the room. Furthermore, if you really love makeup and have a lot of products makeup vanities will manage to keep everything tidy and organised. That way, you don’t have to take everything out of a makeup bag in order to find your mascara, for example. Even the smallest makeup vanities offer enough space to keep all of your products. So, keep reading to find out how to best organise your make-up.

Black makeup vanity

black wooden table, wooden stool, makeup vanity, three fold mirror, wooden floor

  1. Placement is key. First of all, your vanity needs to be close to a window, so you can get enough natural light. Even if your mirror has built-in lights, it is still good to check that natural light glow. Secondly, make sure you have enough sockets close by, because you will definitely need them.
  2. If you don’t have enough storage space, you can get a medicine cabinet with a mirror. That way you will have a mirror and more storage for all of your things.
  3. Drawer dividers are super important. I cannot stress this enough! Without them your makeup vanity drawers will look like a complete mess. Get a few dividers or DIY them and separate your lipsticks from your lip liners.
  4. Install holsters and hooks to keep all of your hair styling tools in check. Instead of tripping over cables, get a few hooks and attach them to the side of the vanity. That way, you will always know which cable belongs to your hair straightener.
  5. Keep jewellery tidy. You have many options. You can either install a few small hooks on the wall and hang your jewellery there. Or, if you have decided on a medicine cabinet, you can install the hooks inside. That way all of your jewellery is going to be hidden and tidy.
  6. Use magnets on the sides of the drawer to keep bobby pins and hair clips tidy. Look, I get it, it’s a mystery to me too. Bobby pins either completely disappear or you find them in the most random places. So, to save yourself all of that trouble, this is the best option, trust me!
  7. Baskets or small acrylic drawers and boxes give you even more storage. Don’t be afraid to invest in baskets, they will definitely help you keep everything organised and tidy.

Interesting vanity designs bring a lot of character to your bedroom

white wall, black wooden, makeup vanity, gold ottoman, black rug, round mirror

Many people choose to incorporate their vanities into their bathrooms. If that is the case with you, try blending your vanity with the rest of your bathroom. You can do that by turning one side of the counter into a vanity. What’s more, you can create a multi-level vanity. Keep it lower than the rest of the counter for a more divided look.

Bathroom makeup vanity

gold metal, makeup vanity, gold stool, gold rug, white wall, wooden floor, small mirror

Simple, yet beautiful makeup area

floating shelf with drawers, makeup vanity, metal stool, pink furry cover, wooden floor, white wall

Install floating shelves for more space

makeup vanity with lights, acrylic table and shelves, turquoise chair, zebra printed cushion

If you have a little nook in your bathroom, use it to create your very own makeup area

white table, small round mirror, metal stool, blue velvet cushion, makeup vanity with lights, white rug

Video tutorial on DIY vanity mirror with lights

Separate a little area of your bathroom counter for a vanity

black table, two sinks, two mirrors, black metal stool, small round mirror, makeup vanity with lights

Even the smallest, simplest makeup vanities bring elegance to your bedroom

black wooden table, makeup vanity with lights, wooden stool, square mirror, mosaic floor, grey wallpaper

If you have more space, don’t be afraid to invest in a larger makeup vanity

white table with drawers, three fold mirror, white chair, white velvet armchair, makeup vanity with lights

Video tutorial on 10 DIY makeup storage and organisation ideas

Look at this super chic space

vintage mirror, gold metal chair, white furry cushion, grey drawers, mirrored vanity table

Beautiful example of a multi-level make up vanity in a bathroom

mirrored vanity table, grey drawers, marble countertop, grey velvet ottoman, tiled marble floor

white floating shelf, with drawers, white metal stool, mirrored vanity table, white wall, white rug

white curtains, white table, pull out mirror, pull out ottoman, mirrored vanity table

side by side photos, mirrored vanity table, gold metal, silver metal, white furry cushion, glass countertops

mirrored table, black leather stool, three fold mirror, white makeup vanity, white wall, tiled floor

white makeup vanity, wooden table with drawers, marble countertop, grey velvet stool, round mirror

Makeup vanity with lights

pink knitted blanket, white rug, white makeup vanity, with drawers, lighted mirror, grey wall

lighted mirror, side by side photos, white makeup vanity, grey wall, tall white leather stool

round mirror, white makeup vanity, wooden table with sink, marble countertop, white wall

makeup vanity table with lighted mirror, beige drawers, marble countertop, white leather stool

tiled marble wall and floor, white leather ottoman, makeup vanity table with lighted mirror, white drawers

wooden floor, white leather ottoman, makeup vanity table with lighted mirror, pull out mirror

Intricate designs will immediately draw the eye to your beauty area

wooden table, round mirror, makeup vanity table with lighted mirror, beige ottoman, white floor

wooden mirror frame, black table, square mirror, makeup vanity with lighted mirror, white leather stool

diy makeup vanity, wooden table, beige chair, grey carpet, large mirror

white table with drawers, diy makeup vanity, grey floor, beige carpet, wooden blinds

grey table with drawers, marble countertop, acrylic chair, diy makeup vanity, mosaic floor

black and gold table, diy makeup vanity, grey floor, white wall, pull out mirror

Mirrored vanity table

white walls, mirror with lights, diy makeup vanity, black and white striped chair, mirrored countertop

Vanity mirror with lights for bedroom

black makeup vanity, mirror with lights, small round mirror, white wall, grey floor, grey carpet

white wall, mirror with lights, black makeup vanity, marble countertop, with sink

three fold mirror, black makeup vanity, wooden floor, white carpet, white walls

white table, square mirror, black makeup vanity, wooden floor, blue wall, beige curtains

Makeup vanity table with lighted mirror

black makeup vanity, black wall, white shelf and drawer, mirror with lights, red velvet stool

dressing table mirror, floating white shelf, brown velvet ottoman, white wall, roses bouquet

Modern makeup vanity

mirror with lights, dressing table mirror, marble countertop, lots of makeup, inside a drawer, white chair

white wall, floating shelves, dressing table mirror, black ottoman, tea set, square mirror

mirrored table, with drawers, three fold mirror, dressing table mirror, white walls, necklaces on mannequins

gold metal frame, turquoise table, with drawers, dressing table mirror, white wall

silver metal table, with drawers, square mirror, wooden floor, makeup desk vanity, grey wall

makeup desk vanity, mirror frame, made of square mirrors, metal table, with a drawer

round mirror, makeup desk vanity, floating wooden shelf, brown metal chair, round mirror, acrylic drawers

White makeup vanity with acrylic chair and lighted mirror

acrylic chair, makeup desk vanity, white table, mirror with lights, pink roses bouquet

light green wooden table, with drawers, granite countertop, makeup desk vanity, beige leather ottoman

white shelves, lots of make up, white table, makeup vanity chair, white leather, mirror with lights

mirror with lights, white leather ottoman, makeup vanity chair, white drawers, tray full of perfumes

round mirror, floating shelves with baskets, makeup vanity chair, white furry cover

Dressing table mirror – Hollywood style

mirror with lights, makeup vanity chair, mirrored countertop, table with a drawer, white walls

white leather stool, mirror with lights, makeup vanity chair, white table and shelves, lots of products

small makeup vanity, white table, white leather stool, mirror with lights, grey wall, acrylic makeup drawers

three fold mirror, mirrored countertop, small makeup vanity, with drawers, white background

orange floating shelf, metal stool, small makeup vanity, white drawers, large mirror

mirror with lights, purple leather chair, wooden floor, grey carpet, small makeup vanity, white floating shelf

Makeup desk vanity

purple walls, white leather table, with drawer, three fold mirror, small makeup vanity, white leather stool

corner makeup vanity, red wooden table, red wooden stool, three fold mirror, stone wall

mirrored table, white chair, dog sitting on it, corner makeup vanity, three fold mirror

corner makeup vanity, white table, pull out mirror, white chair, stone wall

dark red walls, vintage mirror, white table, with drawers, marble countertop, corner makeup vanity

Rustic decor with a cool makeup vanity chair

hanging mirror, rustic decor, metal stool, floating glass shelf, corner makeup vanity, hanging necklaces

vanity mirror with lights for bedroom, black and white desk, red and yellow, roses bouquet

large mirror, white cupboards and drawers, vanity mirror with lights for bedroom, white chair

blue velvet chair, vanity mirror with lights for bedroom, white table, with drawers, large mirror

mirror with lights, white table with drawers, vanity mirror with lights for bedroom, makeup brushes

Small makeup vanity

white chair, white table, vanity mirror with lights for bedroom, white walls, beige carpet

grey walls, black leather ottoman, white shelf, modern makeup vanity, black carpet

white table, modern makeup vanity, acrylic shelves, trays full of products, brown stool

grey velvet ottoman, white knitted blanket, modern makeup vanity, marble countertop, mirror with lights

white armchair, white chair, modern makeup vanity wooden wall, black wooden floor

white walls, marble floor, modern makeup vanity, white with beige drawers, beige leather stool

bathroom makeup vanity, white table, with small drawers, heart shaped lights

mirrors with lights, white table, bathroom makeup vanity, acrylic chair, pink furry throw pillow

white drawers, black metal chair, bathroom makeup vanity, mirror with lights, white wall

white table, marble countertop, bathroom makeup vanity, wooden floor, white stool

mirrored table, with drawers, square mirror, bathroom makeup vanity, wooden floor, white wall

mirror with lights, floating white shelves, full of makeup, dressing table with drawers, white furry cover

Corner makeup vanity

vintage mirror, corner table, with drawers, dressing table with drawers, grey and white ottoman

wooden cupboard, wooden table with sink, dressing table with drawers, wooden floor, white carpet

wooden shelf, with a drawer, wooden chair, dressing table with drawers, small mirror, white background

zebra printed chair, white table, small mirror, makeup brushes, dressing table with drawers

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