Add some luxury and uniqueness to your interior with a Murano glass chandelier

by John Griffith

When it comes to interior design, you have such a vast array of options and choices. If you are willing to invest money, time and energy into your home, you can create your own little piece of paradise. After all, having the comfort of your home is one of the most important things for a person’s mental and emotional well-being. In this article, we are going to talk to you about something very unique, elegant and luxurious. A real piece of art you can add to your home’s design, which is going to draw all the eyes – a Murano glass chandelier. Something so beautiful and extraordinary, your home will definitely benefit from it.

Murano glass chandelier – real piece of art hanging from your ceiling

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What is Murano glass?

Murano glass, or also knows as Venetian glass, is a unique type of art glass. It consists of silica, sodium nitrate and sodium carbonate. The raw materials are mixed together in a crucible and fused in a kiln, which reaches a temperature of about 1,400°C. The glass is generally colorless. Colors are obtained by adding minerals, oxides and chemical derivatives. After the ingredients are fused together, the artisan shapes them, then lets them set at about 500-600°C. It originated on the Venetian island of Murano and has been around for about 1,500 years. The island was Europe’s first major glassmaking centre. Many innovations in glassmaking originated from Murano. In the 15th century, for example, “cristallo” was created, which was considered to be the world’s finest glass. Murano glassmakers are known for their incredible innovations and refinements, which include:

  • Aventurine glass, also known as goldstone glass, which is translucent brownish with metallic (copper) specs. It was developed in the 15th century.
  • Calcedonio, which is marbled glass.
  • Cristallo – soda glass, created in the 15th century and considered the finest glass in the world.
  • Filigrana embeds glass canes in colored glass, making the glass appear striped.
  • Lattimo, or milk glass, which is opaque white and looks like enamelled porcelain.
  • Millefiore, literally translating to “thousand flowers”, is colored canes in clear glass, arranged in flower-like patterns.
  • Sommerso, which has layers of contrasting colors, creating intricate patterns.

Murano glass comes in many different forms and colors

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So what are the benefits of having a modern Murano glass chandelier at your home? Well, for starters, as we already stated Murano glass is a true piece of art with amazing history. The techniques used to make this glass were viciously kept. Glassmakers were forbidden to leave the island without permission. If they did, their families were jailed and prosecuted. It even came to a point where the failure to preserve trade secrets was punishable by death. Nowadays, the technique is trademarked and, even though, you can find many replicas online, none of them come even close to the beauty of the real Murano glass. Needless to say, that owning such a unique piece of art into your home will instantly bring a lot of luxury and elegance into your decor. Moreover, Murano glass was once collected by kings and noblemen. It was so expensive, they were the only ones who can afford it. So, make yourself feel like a royal every time you sit on your sofa and look up at the ceiling. This piece of art is an investment – investment in your interior design, as well as an investment in the luxury and uniqueness of your home.

It takes a lot of hard work to create a Murano glass chandelier

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Murano glassmakers are true artists and create intricate shapes and forms with molten glass

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A Murano glass chandelier will bring so much elegance into your home design

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