Interior Designers: Avoid These 9 Mistakes in Home Decor

by Maria Konou

Buying and furnishing a home can be as happy an event as it is stressful and exhausting. Choosing colors, flooring, and furniture sometimes takes a lot of time and energy. And what happens when it is all finished, and you find something in the interior you don’t like? Or, what if you are making some basic mistakes when changing up your home decor? Well, we took the most common mistakes people make, according to interior designers, and we compiled this handy list for you. So, avoid these nine mistakes in home design for a more comfortable and homey space:

Make sure to avoid these common mistakes in home decor 

common mistakes in home decoration

Interior Designers: Avoid These 9 Mistakes in Home Decor

Curtains that are too short

When choosing curtains, make sure to match their length to that of the wall. Curtains that are too short can visually shorten the space. It is okay if they are longer, and of course it is best if they are the optimal length. Before you size and order your curtains, measure the wall well from end to end. Often times the ceiling and floor are uneven, and as a result there can be a gap from one end to the other, sometimes even by a few centimeters.

Curtains that are too short visually shorten the entire space

decor mistakes people make

Decorating the room thematically

Even if you like it a lot at first, often times a themed room gets boring very quickly. Try to decorate the space so that furniture and accessories are easily interchangeable. For example – if you like a ‘jungle’ theme, you don’t need to subordinate the whole room to that. A few animal print cushions or posters would do the same job for you. If you get. themed room, you will probably be stuck with it for a while!

Themed rooms get old and boring very quickly 

home design mistakes to avoid

Choosing the paint color first

This is probably one of the most common mistakes when decorating a room. Never choose (and paint) the walls first. This will limit you too much in choosing furniture and decoration in a later stage of furnishing. It is preferable to choose the most expensive furniture in the room first, and then proceed with the surrounding furnishings.

Never choose the paint color first

how to choose wall paint colors

Placing light fittings too high

It probably sounds strange, but we will explain what we mean by that. If you place your light fittings too close to the ceiling, you risk limiting light spillage and will end up lighting the ceiling rather than the room. This can make the room look darker and gloomier.

Dont place your light fittings too close to the ceiling

home decor mistakes to avoid

Not playing with proportions

When talking about design, perhaps one of the most important elements is proportion. If your furniture is all the same height and size, you run the risk of making the room look permanently ‘messy’ and super boring. Instead, choose items with lengths and volumes, thus creating a more holistic and harmonious look.

Proportion is one of the most important elements to consider

decorating mistakes that date your home

Choosing colors that are too dark

If you don’t have a large space, make sure to stay away from choosing overly dark, bulky and ‘heavy’ furniture as this will ‘close in’ the room and make it look even smaller. The same goes for curtains. Preferably, choose lighter, airy fabrics, as well as those that let in and reflect light.

Too many dark colors will make the room gloomy and sad

home decorating mistakes

Choosing a carpet that is too small

The right rug can completely transform a room. That is why it is essential to choose the right one for your space. Of course, not every room needs it, but the dining room is the perfect starting point. When choosing a rug, it is important to pay special attention to the size – it shouldn’t be too small. As a rule, the rug should be large enough for the table and chairs to stand on.

The rug should be large enough for the table and chairs

decor mistakes to avoid.jpg

Not measuring the room

A common mistake is to measure the room “by eye”. Even though you like a piece of furniture, and you think will fit, measure the space very well before ordering it. Keep in mind its volume and size before making a big and costly commitment. You can even make a rough sketch of the rooms to get a better idea.

Never purchase anything before measuring your room first

home decor mistakes to avoid.png

Trying to save money

According to interior design experts, skimping when purchasing large furniture is a mistake. Instead of buying cushions, vases, and other accessories, turn your attention to purchasing a quality sofa, for example. If your finances don’t allow for a brand new one, you can look for the option of buying one second hand, or else buy a sofa with a slight defect. This investment will surely pay off in time more than any trinket or decoration ever will!

Don’t get stingy when it comes to important furniture

kitchen decor mistakes.jpg

These were the most common mistakes in home decor you need to stay away from. Below, you will find more articles that outline common architecture and design problems you should avoid at all costs. So, make sure to check them out!

Now you know which are the most common mistakes in home decor!

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