6 Easy Design Ideas to Lighten Dark Rooms

by Maria Konou

Some people enjoy living in dark spaces, but that is only a very small part of the population. Most of us want to feel the positive vibes, brought in by natural light. That is why people look for solutions to lighten dark rooms. Here are a few ideas that will help you.

Tear Down the Wall

Most of the time, when we look to light up a room, we don’t think of the most obvious: To bring in more light by enlarging the windows, or by changing the doors for glass panes. Today, thanks to aluminum window and door systems, you can create them in almost any size that will be adapted for your room. You can even tear the whole wall down and replace it with one made of folding doors, to fully let the sun in. This is the ultimate solution, for anyone that bothers thinking outside the box. Once you have looked at the possibilities on a site like https://aluprof.eu/en, it will probably be the idea that you will select to lighten up your world.

aluminium window and door systems

Add Bright Works of Art

A work of art will often take over a room if it is powerful. Even more so than the color of the wall that it is positioned on. If you choose a vibrant one, filled with colors and joyful sentiments, chances are the room will automatically look lighter. Modern art has a tendency to create a livelier effect than any other style of art.

add bright works of art

Mirror, Mirror on EVERY Wall

This might be a slight exaggeration, but it is true that the best way to lighten a full house is to play with the reflection of mirrors. To do so, you will need to position them in a way that they will catch the natural light that comes in and sends it back out to other rooms and mirrors as well. If you create a good network of mirrors in your house, the darkness could disappear instantaneously.

Paint with Colors Reminiscent of Nature

If you want your house to feel as free as if you lived outside, then paint it with the colors of nature. Look for yellows to brighten your walls, while shades of light blue should cover your ceilings. Green is a very relaxing color that will fit in many different rooms, from the veranda to the living room. Earth tones have also been known to bring calm and peace into houses.

design ideas to lighten dark rooms

Put in Wood Floors

The warmth of wood is one of the best solutions to bring good vibrations to a room. Naturally, you will have to choose a light tone. Otherwise, it will have the opposite effect of what you are looking for. Wood will complement the natural colors you will have brought into the house, and the sun will reflect on it, reminding you of a walk in the countryside.

put in wood floors

Drop the Curtains

Curtains are one of the main culprits that darken a room. You don’t need them anymore, as they only stop natural light from coming in. Tear them down and start breathing better, immediately.

solutions to lighten dark rooms

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