Everything About Microcement Flooring : Best Options

Von John Griffith / October 01 2021

Undoubtedly, microcement flooring is becoming extremely popular amongst interior decorators because of the decorative options it offers. Interestingly, you can opt for microcement flooring in your outdoor and indoor living spaces. Not to mention, microcement flooring is also suitable for kitchen, bathroom, terrace floors, etc.

However, very little information is out there about microcement flooring. Interestingly, microcement is a building material that has been around for a while but not all builders or decorators know about it.

Let’s check out the basic facts you need to know about microcement flooring.

Microcement flooring has been around for awhile but isn’t very popular amongst builders


Why Should You Opt for Microcement Flooring?

No doubt, there are numerous advantages of microcement flooring that most homeowners don’t know. Microcement flooring is not as expensive as you would expect. Let’s check out some benefits of the microcement flooring :

  • Floor Level : compared to other floorings, microcement floors don’t raise the level of the floor. Usually, microcement floors are not very thoughtful. The thickness of microcement floors is between 2 to 3 mm. Notwithstanding their thickness, microcement floors are durable.
  • Expansion Joints : unlike other floors with expansion joints, microcement doesn’t have expansion joints. The whole floor is done at once.
  • Adaptability : also, microcement floors adhere to any type of material without any need to remove an existing extract. In other words, with microcement flooring, you may not need to carry out extensive renovations. Microcement flooring is less expensive.
  • Colors : what’s more, microcement floors are unique because no two floors are the same. Microcement flooring offers you a variety of colors and designs.
  • Dual Purpose : amazingly, microcement flooring can be used for your interior and exterior flooring. Not to mention, microcement floors are suitable for your kitchen, bedroom, terraces, etc.
  • Thermal Resistance : the microcement floor is unalterable to UV rays. Also, microcement floors have an impressive thermal resistance compared to other floors.

Microcement flooring has a lot of advantages

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How the microcement floor is installed

Installing the microcement flooring requires a lot of caution and expertise. However, below are brief steps of how microcement flooring is installed :

  • Preparing the surface : this is done by cleaning the surface of the floor from debris and grease. The surface of the floor must be completely dry and smooth.
  • Primers : a coating of primer is applied on the flooring to improve the adhesion between the substrate and the microcement flooring you intend to apply.
  • Applying the microcement base : after you are done with the addition of primer, then add a layer of unpigmented microcement base. Most often experts use fiberglass because it prevents it from cracking. Then another unpigmented base of microcement base is added. Here is where the preferred color of microcement is added.
  • Add a floor : here are two coats of finishing microcement finish. The degree of slipperiness desired is influenced by the amount of microcement finish added. Two coats of the microcement finish are often recommended.

When the microcement flooring is ready for use, experts recommend adding a pre-sealer to protect the floor.

This type of flooring is installed at once

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Microcement Flooring  Types Explained

Microcement is versatile and it has various types. But it depends on the texture and microcement finish. The types of microcement are:

  • Two-component microcement ;
  • One component microcement ;
  • Ready to use microcement.

There are different types of microcement

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Colors of Microcement Flooring

White and grey microcement flooring colors appear to be the most popular. However, microcement flooring also has other sharp and brighter colors. Depending on your preference, you can use a microcement flooring color that would suit your interior décor.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Make sure the first few days of installing the microcement floor the room is ventilated. That way, the microcement flooring will be properly dried up for use. Meanwhile, a microcement floor doesn’t require any exhaustive cleaning.

This flooring is suitable for both interior and exterior decor


Wrapping Up

Considering that microcement flooring is suitable for exterior and interior floors, it is a convenient choice.

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