How to incorporate stained glass windows in your contemporary home

by John Griffith

What comes to mind when you hear the words stained glass? The first thing is probably church or cathedral windows. The second thing that you think of might be old period homes. That is exactly the problem. Unfortunately, many people seem to think that this type of glass is outdated and has no place in our modern homes. This can’t be further from the truth, however. In fact, stained glass windows have been making a slow and steady come back. Which is why, today, we have gathered 60 examples to show you how amazing and beautiful this art is. We are also going to help you incorporate it into your contemporary home.

Incorporate stained glass windows into your contemporary home

stained glass windows, large ceiling window, above a glass dining table, red chairs around it, arranged on black tiled floor

Why add stained glass windows to your interior?

There are a few reasons why you should use stained glass of any kind in your modern home. Here are some of the benefits you get with using stained glass:

  1. It brings uniqueness to your home. Custom stained glass windows can be so versatile. All you have to do is find someone to create them for you. You can ask them to create all kinds of patterns for you, which express your personality. What’s more, if you have a family crest or want to have your family’s initials on your windows, that is completely doable. On the other hand, you can also try and make them yourself.
  2. It keeps away nosy people. The good news is that stained glass is not only beautiful, it is also not see through. Meaning all of those nosy neighbors are going to have to mind their own business, because they will definitely not be able to see what’s going on inside your house. And, for some people, this is a big plus.
  3. Stained glass windows bring the colors into your room. Have you ever seen the sun shining through stained glass windows. Trust me, it is beautiful. This type of windows will create a psychedelic, relaxing feeling into your home with all the colors of the rainbow.

Showcase your uniqueness with a stained glass front door

hallway with black and white tiled floor, stained glass windows, black door with windows, black staircase and white walls

What are the best places for stained glass in your home?

  • Front door. Decorate your home with stained glass to showcase your uniqueness to everyone. This eye-catching art piece will draw the eyes to anyone passing by.
  • Living room or reading room. Imagine being washed with all these colors while reading or relaxing. It would feel as if you are in some magical place.
  • Bathroom. We are going to mention the colors again, but imagine taking a relaxing bath with all these beautiful colors around you.
  • Hallway. This will express your personality to anyone who enters your home.

Even the simplest patterns will definitely bring a lot of character to any home

living room with white walls, stained glass windows, small wooden chair and grey ottoman, grey carpet on wooden floor

Stained glass windows are a perfect solution for your bathroom – not only are they beautiful, they also provide privacy

bathroom with wooden floors, bathtub under the window, stained glass windows, wooden cabinet under the sink

Just look at this church that has been converted into a loft and tell me you are not in love with this window

kitchen with white kitchen island and black stools, stained glass windows, cathedral ceiling and window, wooden floor

This Victorian-style home has a modern twist

massive round wooden table, black leather chairs, how to make stained glass, dark walls and blue carpet, large windows

Allow yourself to enjoy some privacy while you are relaxing at home

blue velvet armchair with colorful throw pillows, how to make stained glass, small white side table, large windows

Small stained glass window panels can be the focal point of an otherwise monochromatic room

blue and white large sofa, in the middle of a living room with white walls, large windows, how to make stained glass

Look at this super beautiful and breathtaking floral pattern

brown leather sofa with throw blanket, how to make stained glass, next to a window decorated with flowers

Let the sunshine in

large windows, how to make stained glass, grey white and yellow ottomans, next to bench with grey throw pillows

Gorgeous patterns on this stained glass window, serving as the focal point of the whole room

white ottoman in front of window, decorated with different colors, leaded glass, white tiled floor and glass chandelier

brown leather corner sofa, living room with large windows, leaded glass, pool table, wooden floor and coffee table

This amazingly gorgeous loft in Barcelona has some pretty incredible windows

side by side photos of living room, large windows from floor to ceiling, leaded glass, white sofa and armchairs

You can also use stained glass to decorate the interior of your house

one bedroom flat with white walls, white wooden floor, leaded glass, arch made with stained glass, grey sofa with throw pillows

bathroom with black tiled floor, two ceramic figurines placed next to the window and bathtub, leaded glass

This is a gorgeous floral design

stained glass panels, bathroom with vintage bath, brown tiled floor, round window, decorated with flowers

bedroom with white walls, large windows with blinds, stained glass panels, bench with blue velvet pillows

Experiment with color combinations

white staircase with blue carpet, stained glass panels, white and black tiled floor, large door with decorated windows

Another converted church with a modern staircase and interior, yet beautiful stained glass windows

large two storey house with cathedral ceiling, stained glass panels, black and white sofa, large staircase and white tiled floor

The room divider in this coffee shop is the art piece of the whole place

two photos of coffee shop, black coffee bar and colorful chairs, stained glass panels, room divider with colored windows

large windows in gothic style living room, grey sofa with throw pillows, stained glass doors, wooden fireplace

two photos of a hallway and staircase, window between the floors with colored windows, stained glass doors

front door decorated with glass, stained glass doors, hallway with wooden floor, vintage wooden cabinet

dining room with dark wooden table, white chairs and wooden floors, tall windows decorated, stained glass doors

Stained glass on the ceiling? Why not?

ceiling window decorated with colored glass, stained glass doors, dining room with glass round table, white chairs

stained glass window hangings, kitchen with white cupboards, dark wooden countertops, large windows

large gothic style staircase, black and white tiled floor, marble staircase with blue carpet, large windows, stained glass window hangings

kitchen in vintage style, wooden cupboards, stained glass window hangings, ceiling window surrounded by lights

This is a real piece of art

lots of potted plants in different pots, arranged on wooden floor, stained glass window hangings, placed in front of a door

orange armchairs and white sofa in living room, large windows and wooden floors, stained glass window hangings, wooden coffee table

photo collage of four photos of bathrooms, large windows decorated, antique stained glass windows

Stained glass can also serve as a room divider

room divider with colored glass, placed between bathroom and bedroom, antique stained glass windows, white brick walls

side by side photos of rooms with large windows, antique stained glass windows, white corner sofa, two wooden armchairs

bedroom with single bed, antique stained glass windows, wooden floors and white walls, small wooden chair

side by side photos, tall room divider panels with colored glass, antique stained glass windows, white tiled floor

Take a look at this modern house incorporating elements of stained glass

interior and exterior photos of a house, decorated with small colored windows, stained glass front door

stained glass front door, hallway with wooden table, bust sculpture on it, dark tiled floor with carpet

hallway and staircase with wooden floor, stained glass front door, dark carpet on the stairs, white walls and lamp shade

Make your windows extra distinguishable with your family’s crest

staircase with large window, wooden floors and white railing, stained glass front door, framed art on the wall, vintage chandelier

dining room with large windows, wooden floors, wooden table and chairs around it, stained glass front door

wooden staircase and white walls, stained glass window panels, window between the floor decorated with colored glass

The psychedelic colors we were talking about – aren’t they beautiful

tall windows decorated with different colors, garden with green plants, wooden bench next to it, stained glass window panels

three side by side photos, front doors decorated with stained glass, stained glass window panels

dining room with wooden floor, decorated large windows, stained glass window panels, vintage dining room and chairs

dining room with dark floor, white walls with window decorated with yellow, stained glass window panels, white table and black chairs

custom stained glass, two brown leather chairs, brown throw pillows white throw blankets, small white ottoman

hallway and bedroom with white walls, white door decorated with stained glass, custom stained glass

home office with wooden floor, two windows, custom stained glass, black wooden desk, shelves and fireplace

Stained glass front door and chandelier – perfect combination

hallway with white walls, front door with colored glass, two windows on both sides, custom stained glass, stained glass chandelier

white front door decorated with stained glass, custom stained glass, hallway with wooden floor, large mirror on the white wall

how to make stained glass windows, two storey flat with staircase inside, two narrow and tall windows, grey sofa and armchair

bathroom with white walls, dark wooden cupboard, marble countertop sink, how to make stained glass windows, tall and narrow windows

vintage style living room, cathedral ceiling and windows, how to make stained glass windows, grey velvet sofas

Interesting twist on a modern kitchen island

woman standing in front of kitchen island, decorated with stained glass, wooden countertop, how to make stained glass windows

large wooden front door, decorated with stained glass, how to make stained glass windows, grey walls and chair next to the door

custom stained glass windows, dining room with wooden floor, glass table and wooden chairs, tall windows and door

laundry room with wooden floor, custom stained glass windows, washing and drying machines, small window above the sink

vintage style room, custom stained glass windows, cathedral ceiling and windows, wooden floor, two blush velvet armchairs

Imagine playing the piano under this ceiling window

hallway with piano in the middle, wooden door frames, ceiling window, custom stained glass windows, white tiled floor

reading room with wooden window and door frames, custom stained glass windows, brown leather armchairs, round table with books

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