60 vaulted ceiling ideas for an airy, spacious home

by John Griffith

As trends come and go, it might be difficult to settle on what you want your home to look like. Which is why, some people don’t really pay attention to those trends. There is, however, one interior design idea, which has divided people. In this article, we are going to show you 60 vaulted ceiling ideas, which are going to make your home feel airy, spacious and taken straight out of an interior design magazine. We are also going to discuss the biggest pros and cons of having that type of ceiling. So, read on to get informed, before committing to this decorating fad.

Vaulted ceiling ideas to make your home feel airy and spacious

vaulted ceiling, barrel ceiling, colorful printed armchairs, wooden floor, large grey carpet, white walls

What is a vaulted ceiling?

Also known as cathedral ceiling, it is usually as high as two stories. Depending on its shape, it can be divided into three main categories:

  • Barrel vault – this type of ceiling resembles a tunnel or barrel cut in half lengthwise. It has an oval shape. This type of ceiling gives a statement piece to your home and is easier to maintain.
  • Groin vault – two barrel vaults of the same diameter crossing at an intersection. This type of ceiling can be found in many churches and is much more rare in houses. Some home owners, however, who are looking for the wow factor, can also try this ceiling out.
  • Rib vault – type of ceiling, which resembles a rib cage. It is extremely difficult to recreate and is once again rarely found at homes.

Wooden ceiling with straight lines

beige bedroom, wooden ceiling, vaulted ceiling, beige curtains, white sofa, hanging chandelier

What are the pros and cons of having a vaulted ceiling?


  1. Space. While this is somewhat of an illusion, cathedral ceilings do, actually, create more space. This space, however, is unusable. You can always create shelves, where you can keep books or photos, but they will be very difficult to reach.
  2. Natural light. This is probably the biggest pro of a cathedral ceiling. They provide more room for taller windows or skylights. If you have a tall ceiling, you should definitely take advantage of it and let natural light come in from every angle.
  3. Exposed beams. This is a must-have when it comes to rustic decor. Exposed beams create the wow factor of your home. They are a beautiful accessory to your interior design and can feel very cosy. Moreover, every time you enter your home, you will feel as if you are in a cabin somewhere in the Alps.

Having a vaulted ceiling has a lot of pros

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  1. Not energy efficient. As we all know, hot air rises up. Therefore, the taller your ceiling, the higher the air will go. Because of that, what you have to do is basically warm up two rooms for one. This is the biggest con of cathedral ceilings. If you are looking to save up on energy, then leave your 8 feet ceiling alone.
  2. Not easy to maintain. Cleaning can be extremely difficult, unless you have a super tall ladder and are not afraid of heights. What’s more, changing a light bulb can turn into a real problem.
  3. Almost impossible to recreate if you don’t already have it. If you have decided on a vaulted ceiling you should let your contractors know before your house is being built. Because once they are ready it is very difficult and costly to do.

There are, however, some cons, as well

beige leather corner sofa, blue velvet armchairs, vaulted ceiling, tall windows, white beams

In conclusion, if you really love the idea of a super tall ceiling and are ready to take a risk, go for it. Vaulted ceilings are a statement piece, which brings a lot of character and uniqueness to your home. Just add some beautiful chandeliers and exposed beams and your house will definitely look like its interior was taken out of an architectural magazine. On the other hand, if you are not completely sold on the idea. If you are not sure if you will be able to keep up with higher energy bills, or maintain a tall ceiling, then, leave it. Instead, opt for a tray ceiling. It is a regular 8-feet ceiling with a central flat portion, which is raised about 1-foot above the rest.

White colors create even more space

black leather armchairs, white sofas, black and white carpet, vaulted ceiling, wooden floor

Rustic decor at its finest

grey armchairs, rustic decor, wooden walls and ceiling, large stone fireplace, cathedral ceiling, tall windows

Gorgeous white aesthetic

white aesthetic, white carpet, black leather armchair, white sofa, white ottomans, cathedral ceiling

The fireplace brings so much coziness to a bedroom

cathedral ceiling, white brick fireplace wall, blue and white carpet, wooden ceiling, white walls, wooden chairs

This interior reminds us so much of an ancient Roman bath

brown granite, tiled walls, cathedral ceiling, half barrel ceiling in white, wooden logs, shower head

Let the sunshine in

skylights and wooden beams, cathedral ceiling, master bathroom, wooden cupboards, tiled floor

Skylights are a must-have when you have a vaulted ceiling

wooden floor, vault definition, white aesthetics, big skylights, king size bedroom, two armchairs

hanging chandelier, wooden floor, vault definition, white aesthetic, beige carpet, beige curtains

Get creative with your windows

wooden floor, vault definition, white cupboard, blue velvet armchair, wooden table, blue throw pillows

blue velvet sofa, green and grey, throw pillows, vault definition, wooden ceiling, kitchen island, wooden stools

metal beams, vault definition, grey sofas, white and purple carpet, tall windows, stone fireplace wall

Take advantage of your tall ceiling and create a mezzanine

vaulted ceiling lighting, white sofa, floral throw pillows, white walls, metal railing, wooden floor, white carpet

Perfect example of a barrel ceiling

barrel ceiling, white hallway, vaulted ceiling lighting, pink roses, flower bouquet, pink glass teddy bear

barrel ceiling, wooden ceiling with skylights, stone fireplace wall, vaulted ceiling lighting, hanging chandelier

Groin ceiling at its finest

wooden kitchen islands, stone tiles on the ceiling, vaulted ceiling lighting, tiled floor, metal kitchen

wooden ceiling, metal railing, barn door, vaulted ceiling lighting, grey cupboard and shelving

brick wall, open shelving, what does vaulted mean, hanging chandelier, wooden floor, wooden table

Expose your beams for and extra oomph

what does vaulted mean, wooden beams, wooden floor, kitchen island, wooden ladder, white walls

wooden walls and floor, granite table, grey sofa, tall windows, what does vaulted mean, grey carpet

white ceiling with skylights, kitchen island, tiled floor, wooden cupboards, hanging lamp shades, what does vaulted mean

marble kitchen island, white cupboards, what does vaulted mean, wooden floor, wooden chairs

wooden floor, vaulted ceiling beams, white ceiling, white sofa, black leather sofa, blue carpet, tall windows

Add as many lamp shades as you want

white sofas, wooden floor, blue carpet, hanging lamps, vaulted ceiling beams, kitchen island

blue velvet chairs, tiled floor, white aesthetic, vaulted ceiling beams, white cupboards, kitchen island

brick fireplace wall, black leather sofa, wooden table, white walls, wooden floor, vaulted ceiling beams

brick accent wall, glass table, white chairs, vaulted ceiling beams, grey sofa, white walls, tall sliding doors

Make your ceiling stand out even more with an intricate pattern

brick fireplace wall, vaulted ceiling ideas, white sofas, wooden floor, throw pillows, hanging chandelier

wooden ceiling with skylights, vaulted ceiling ideas, tiled floor, wooden kitchen island, white walls, rustic decor

Let all the natural light in with tall windows and skylights

tall windows, tiled floor, beige armchair, vaulted ceiling ideas, ceiling with skylights, wooden beams

white aesthetic, grey armchairs, brass side tables, vaulted ceiling ideas, tall windows, wooden floor

grey corner sofa, wooden floor, vaulted ceiling ideas, printed carpet, throw pillows and blankets

Add shelving for more storage

vaulted ceiling with beams, grey corner sofa, wooden table, grey carpet, white bookshelf, wooden floor

stone fireplace wall, grey corner sofas, brown leather armchairs, wooden floor, vaulted ceiling with beams

hanging chandelier, beige sofas, throw pillows, vaulted ceiling with beams, wooden table, grey ottomans

strings of lights, kitchen island, white cupboards, black countertops, vaulted ceiling with beams, wooden floor

wooden dining table, white sofa, blue throw pillows, vaulted ceiling with beams, ceiling with skylights

Regular vaulted ceiling above the living room and a barrel vault above the hallway – perfect combination

what is a vaulted ceiling, barrel ceiling, in the hallway, brown leather armchairs, beige sofas, wooden table

white ceiling with skylights, grey sofa, christmas tree, what is a vaulted ceiling, wooden floor, wooden table

hanging blue lamps, over marble kitchen island, bar stools, what is a vaulted ceiling, wooden floor, white walls

stone fireplace wall, marble kitchen island, what is a vaulted ceiling, wooden floor, grey wooden beams

I’d also get the biggest windows if I had a view such as this one

tall windows, mountain landscape, what is a vaulted ceiling, wooden floor, white sofas, wooden table

red velvet armchair, how to vault a ceiling, white wooden walls, wooden beams, white sofas, black brick fireplace

how to vault a ceiling, white ceiling with skylights, wooden kitchen islands, white bar stools, open shelving

tall ceiling, wooden floor, white carpet, how to vault a ceiling, stone fireplace wall, grey corner sofa, grey armchairs

stone fireplace wall, black leather sofa and armchairs, wooden floor, how to vault a ceiling, wooden beams

black armchair, grey sofa, wooden table, how to vault a ceiling, wooden floor, tall windows

vaulted ceiling kitchen, wooden table, entry door, white staircase, hanging chandelier, white curtains

white aesthetic, wooden floor, white wall, vaulted ceiling kitchen, black lamp shades, hanging from white ceiling

Wood on the ceiling creates a homey feeling

stone fireplace wall, grey sofas, tall windows, vaulted ceiling kitchen, wooden ceiling, white coffee table

wooden walls and ceiling, grey corner sofa, vaulted ceiling kitchen, stone fireplace, wooden floor, white carpet

hanging chandelier, blue carpet, turquoise walls, vaulted ceiling kitchen, wooden cupboard, rustic decor

Look at this absolutely stunning groin ceiling

vaulted vs cathedral ceiling, black cupboards, kitchen island, mosaic backsplash, tiled floor

white kitchen island, vaulted vs cathedral ceiling, wooden beams, white bridge, white tiled floor

wooden floor, white walls, white ceiling with skylights, vaulted vs cathedral ceiling, white ottoman

white wooden walls, white corner sofa, brown throw pillows, vaulted vs cathedral ceiling, wooden coffee table

wooden floor, vaulted vs cathedral ceiling, white armchairs, white ceiling, black wooden beams, entry door

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