5 Bookcase Ideas for Everyone With a Big Book Collection

by John Griffith

In this digital era that we live in, it seems like everything is happening online. You can do so many things on your phone or tablet, sometimes you may not even realise that something important is being left behind because of technology. One such example are books. Not only can you read books on your phone or tablet, there are also special kinds of devices created specifically for reading books. What’s more, there are now audio books. So, you don’t have to even read anymore. Someone else will do it for you. With all that being said, however, there is no better feeling than opening a new book, sitting down, relaxing and immersing yourself in the story. So, if you love books and have an extensive collection, here are a few bookcase ideas, which are going to help you add your passion to your interior design.

Bookcase ideas for people who have extensive book collections

black wooden bookcase with shelves and drawers in different shapes bookcase ideas man standing next to it reading a book

How to choose a bookshelf?

It is very important what kind of bookshelf you are going to use for your space. The first thing you need to consider of course is the size. Even if you literally have hundreds of books, the space may not allow for a large bookcase. If it is too big, the room may seem overcrowded. So, you need to consider a nice space where you can fit a nice bookshelf, which is going to compliment the room in the best way possible. What’s more, if you have an open plan space, a bookshelf is the perfect room divider. Whatever the case, you can get a perfect bookcase from Tylko.com.

Use your bookcase to add a pop of color to the room

bookcase ideas large red bookcase with drawers and lots of shelves black wall behind it blue carpet on the floor

How to decorate a bookcase?

If you want to add depth and modernism to your bookcase, then it is important to know just how to decorate it. As is with everything else in interior design, your bookcase needs to be decorated in accordance to the room and style of your home. For, example, you can use it to add a pop of color to the room. A colorful bookcase added to an otherwise monochromatic room will add so much depth and elegance to your home. It can serve as the focal point of the room. What’s more, you can also use it to display photos or art. You can also keep things interesting with bookcases in innovative, unbalanced shapes.

Choose a bookcase with cubes in different sizes and shapes

light pink bookcase with cabinets and shelves in different shapes bookcase ideas white curtain behind it small white desk and chair at the front

Bookcase ideas for decorating

The first thing you need to know is that just because it is called a bookcase, books are not the only thing it can hold. Instead, use the shelves for art, photo frames, vases, plants, etc. This will make your bookcase look super modern and trendy. Another hack for bookcase decoration is to stack books both horizontally and vertically. That way, you will add depth to the bookcase. Furthermore, you can create some mystery by having the books flipped to the other side, not displaying their titles.

There are so many different hacks when it comes to organising a bookcase

two sets of bookshelves on both sides of large glass door bookcase ideas small wooden desk with black metal chair

Non-traditional bookcase ideas

Not that flipping the books with the titles facing the back is traditional, but there are also other interesting ways to decorate your bookcase. One of them is arranging the books by color. This will bring so much character to the room. Especially, if you add accessories of each color to their respective shelves. Another thing is to layer accessories on top of books. Even more so if your bookcase is deep, you can have books in the back with photos or accessories at the front. So, play around with different ideas and get to decorating.

Bookcases with room for all of your books and accessories

woman reaching opening a cabinet on black wooden bookshelf bookcase ideas shelves in different shapes

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