Maximize your space and create a modern interior with these cool room dividers

by John Griffith

Open-plan areas have become all the rage lately. The more open space you have the easier it is to get creative with your interior design. Open-plan rooms usually allow a lot of freedom when deciding what you want and where you want it. That is why, they are preferred over having a designated area for each room. Navigating an open-plan area is no easy task, though. There are a few things to consider. In this article, we are going to focus specifically on ways to separate the areas in an open-plan room. And what better way to do that, than with room dividers. Nowadays, there are so many different versions of cool, modern and beautiful room partitions, which add a lot to the interior of the room. We have gathered 100 photos to show you just how cool room dividers are.

Room dividers can be used in many different ways. They can designate two separate areas, they can be used as a privacy screen or they can just be a statement piece. Either way, they are undeniably modern and on trend. So, if you want to add one to your home, check our tips and room divider ideas, as well as our extensive photo gallery.

Room dividers for every taste

room dividers, two separate, made of glass, intricate design, large grey corner sofa, black floor

In order to be able to pick the most suitable room separator for your home, you need to ask yourself a few questions first:

  • Do you want to designate your areas?
  • Do you want to hide something?
  • How much space for a room divider does your open-plan allow?

Once you have answered all of these questions you will have a better idea for what you want. These questions will be your guide when choosing the best room divider for you and your home. It is important to remember that this piece of furniture is a part of your decor. Therefore, it should be coordinated in both colour and texture with the rest of your interior. Secondly, you need to consider how much do you want it to hide. There are room dividers which have a lot of coverage and others, which simply serve as a sort of a “wall” between the rooms. It is up to you to decide which would fit you best.

Extremely creative idea for a room separator, made of bamboo

white floor, room dividers, made of bamboo sticks, separated bathroom and bedroom, large mirror

What types of room dividers are there?

  • If you are looking for ways to separate the bedroom from the living room in a studio apartment, for example, room dividers are a perfect way to do that. First of all, if you want complete privacy in your bedroom, it might be worth investing into sliding doors. Ones with frosted glass are very modern, but you can always opt for the good old wooden sliding doors, of course. If, however, you just want something that designates your sleeping nook, hanging curtains or foldable room separators are also a good idea. A cool wooden bookshelf is another option.
  • Another good way to use a room divider is between the kitchen and living room. Although many people find it unnecessary, having them even a little separated leaves the room feeling decluttered and organised. Because you don’t need a lot of privacy, you can use hanging wooden or metal blocks, or even fun glass room dividers with patterns on them. Another idea is to use bookcases or even planters as room dividers.
  • In case you are simply looking for decorative room dividers than you have many, many options. Stained glass, different shapes made out of wood or metal, glass, cut in different shapes, take your pick.

Cool idea for a room divider, which gives you the sense of a day at the spa

large bed, beige ottoman, wooden floor, room dividers, made of wood, abstract art, over the bed

Who says room dividers can’t just be super modern

black frame, hanging chainmail, black floor, white armchairs, wooden table, white carpet, room dividers

Glass room dividers give the optical illusion of a window in the middle of the room, therefore expand the space

black frame, square glass, room dividers, brown leather sofa, white carpet, small wooden coffee table

Super creative room divider in an industrial style

black metal panel, going up to the ceiling, room divider ideas, white chair, small round table, wooden floor

Implement a bookshelf into your divider for extra storage

black leather corner sofa, black bookshelf, abstract art, round table, room divider ideas, black and white carpet

Electric fireplaces are often used as room separators

large grey sofa, black leather ottoman, electric fireplace, room divider ideas, tiled floor, large windows

These wooden poles serve as a decorative room divider

wooden sticks, room divider ideas, blue armchair, grey corner sofa, wooden staircase, white rug

Look at these gorgeous ropes

room divider ideas, blue rope hanging down, potted plants, grey floor

It is enough to have a small divider to give the room a sense of style

room divider screen, grey sofa, folding table, white floral divider, mosaic floor, throw pillows

Another great example of an electric fireplace used as a room divider

electric fireplace, black leather armchair, room divider screen, white floor, black carpet

Decorative hanging glass roses room divider

square glass blocks, in the shape of a rose, room divider screen, black leather chairs, wooden shelves

grey corner sofa, hexagonal wooden table, room divider screen, round table, grey chairs, wooden bookshelves

wooden poles, room divider screen, wooden floor, grey armchair, grey sofa, white walls, wooden accent wall

room partitions, grey blocks, brass metal, geometrical shapes, tiled floor, room partitions

grey curtains, black folding, room partitions, dark blue armchairs, throw pillows, printed carpet

large hanging chandelier, black metal sliding, room partitions, desk and chair, brown ottoman

red leather armchair, red chairs, glass table, wooden sliding, room partitions, beige walls

stone wall and fireplace, room partitions, black floor, grey sofa, wooden table, leather armchairs

stone wall and wood, grey corner sofa, room separator, tiled floor, wooden table, black walls

room separator, large fireplace, wooden ceiling, tall windows, white sofa, wooden floor, black and white chair

foldable wooden panels, room separator, wooden cabinet, brown carpet

Macrame DIY room divider

diy macrame, room separator, diy tutorial, step by step, wooden floor, white walls


  • 700ft of white rope
  • two wooden poles
  • three hook screws
  • scissors
  • air plants (which are optional)

For a 7 inch tall room divider you need to cut 24 strands measuring 28 inches each

The materials needed for this cool DIY

step by step, diy tutorial, wooden poles, white rope, metal hooks, wooden background, room separator

Make Lark’s Head Knots, as shown in the pictures

diy room divider, wooden pole, white rope, diy macrame, wooden background

Then keep going with Half Knots

white rope, wooden pole, diy room divider, step by step, diy tutorial, with macrame

You need to use the Square Knot after that

diy tutorial, with macrame, step by step, diy room divider, white rope, wooden pole

Keep on going with Alternating Square Knots

wooden pole, white rope, diy tutorial, with macrame, step by step, diy room divider

You can create different patterns by alternating the knots as you see fit

white rope, wooden pole, diy tutorial, with macrame, step by step, diy room divider, wooden background

Then attach the wooden poles, as shown in the pictures below step by step

screen dividers, white rope, wooden pole, diy tutorial, with macrame, step by step

white rope, wooden pole, diy tutorial, with macrame, step by step, screen dividers

Cool room dividers to help you maximize your space and have a modern interior

wooden blocks, screen dividers, separating bathroom and bedroom, white bathtub, white walls

black fireplace, screen dividers, tall windows, wooden table, grey leather armchair, tiled floor

blue corner sofa, white chairs, dining table, screen dividers, made of wood, separating living room and kitchen

Rope room divider are very trendy

blue ropes, green armchair, wooden floor, sliding room dividers, grey and blue bar stools, grey sofas

white bookshelf, sliding room dividers, small metal coffee table, grey floor, dark blue carpet

sliding room dividers, brass metal, glass table, wooden ceiling, wooden floor, white walls

brown leather armchair, white corner sofa, colourful throw pillows, sliding room dividers, white carpet

white panels, sliding room dividers, white corner sofa, black carpet, colourful throw pillows

wooden room dividers, intricate 3d design, grey metal chairs, wooden table, white brick wall

electric fireplace, rotating tv, wooden room dividers, tiled floor, wooden chairs, dining table

white brick wall, wooden floor, wooden room dividers, white panels, white chairs, dining table

white panels, wooden blocks, large carpet, wooden room dividers, wooden floor and walls

frosted glass sliding, wooden room dividers, bedroom bed, blue carpet, black and white sofa

metal triangles and bookshelves, hanging room dividers, white carpet, black and white sofa

Create the illusion of more space with a glass room divider

black metal bar stools, kitchen island, glass screens, hanging room dividers, separating kitchen and living room

wooden triangles, arrange together, hanging room dividers, green armchair and ottoman, tall windows

black leather armchair, blue ottoman, pink armchairs, greenery wall, metal flowers, hanging room dividers

hanging chandelier, metal pieces, arranged together, hanging room dividers, grey sofa, grey carpet

panel room divider, white screens, white sofas, japanese style, wooden floor, brown carpet

metal floral panels, panel room divider, wooden shelf, black leather armchair, tiled floor

panel room divider, marble wall, wooden shelf, white leather sofa, tiled floor, white armchair

glass blocks, black metal frame, panel room divider, black leather armchair, brown velvet sofa

metal round blocks, arranged together, panel room divider, wooden floor, white sofa, black brick wall

room divider shelves, wooden bookcase, cement floor, tall windows, red carpet, wooden chairs

metal poles, arranged together, white bench, room divider shelves, tiled floor, abstract art

black metal sticks, arranged together in square blocks, room divider shelves, white bookcase, glass desk

This is a modern idea for a room separator

white poles, golden leaves, marble floor, room divider shelves, wooden stools

marble tiled wall, tiled floor, white metal, room divider shelves, vintage chairs, white ottomans

folding room dividers, brass metal, wooden floor, round coffee table, grey sofa, brown curtains

wooden bookshelf, folding room dividers, white chairs, kitchen island, metal bar stools

white round blocks, folding room dividers, red chairs, dining room, hanging large chandelier

folding room dividers, made of wood, white armchairs, wooden floor, tall windows, white walls

white sofa, folding room dividers, wooden bookshelves, wooden staircase, wooden floor

metal poles, room divider bookcase, wooden ottomans, black leather chairs, dining table

white ropes, white chairs, room divider bookcase, white wall, dining table

Create a wine shrine with a bookshelf room divider

green and yellow leather armchairs, glass coffee table, brown leather armchairs, room divider bookcase

Sliding room dividers with frosted glass allow for more privacy

frosted glass, sliding panels, room divider bookcase, wooden armchairs, brick wall, cement floor

frosted glass, sliding panels, bedroom bed, room divider bookcase, white curtains, white lounge chair

small round mirrors, arranged together, white corner sofa, bookshelf room divider, wooden chair

bookshelf room divider, white corner sofa, white ottomans, tiled floor, white poles, black coffee table

dark wooden floor, tiled wall, separating the bedroom and bathroom, bookshelf room divider

twisted metal poles, white ottoman, tiled wall, tiled floor, bookshelf room divider, white sofa

white corner sofa, bookshelf room divider, grey carpet, small round coffee table, wooden bookshelves

room divider doors, stone wall, floral art, white corner sofa, brown throw pillows, green carpet

white leather panel, covered in magazines and vinyl, room divider doors, white armchair

geometrical hanging panels, room divider doors, white armchairs, industrial style

mirror panels, glass floral panels, room divider doors, grey sofa, grey ottoman, wooden floor

tall windows, black corner sofa, black ottoman, dining table, rotating tv and bookshelves, room divider doors

folding screen room divider, white panels, black sofa, desk and chair, white floor, beige walls

white bookcase, wooden floor, white armchair, white ottoman, folding screen room divider

white chairs, wooden bar, leather bar stools, folding screen room divider, white floor

Decorative room divider between the kitchen and the living room

wooden blocks, folding screen room divider, blue sofa, wooden wall, mosaic wall, wooden floor, white chairs

tall wooden panels, folding screen room divider, wooden floor, white and black carpet, grey curtains

indoor privacy screen, tiled floor, metal blocks, arranged together, dining table

wooden panels, kitchen island, black metal bar stools, indoor privacy screen, wooden floor

hanging panels, indoor privacy screen, black sofa, red chairs, glass dining table, wooden floor

wooden floor, sinking bathtub, indoor privacy screen, separating bedroom and bathroom

Become one with nature with this super creative room divider

indoor privacy screen, made of tree branches, white armchairs, wooden floor, beige carpet

portable room dividers, white chairs, electric fireplace, white corner sofa, wooden blinds

geometrical wooden blocks, arranged together, portable room dividers, electric guitar, brown leather sofa

Room divider shelves are very practical and give you extra storage

wooden bookcase, portable room dividers, wooden floor, white sofa, bedroom bed, wooden chair and desk

wooden poles, portable room dividers, black leather armchair, wooden floor, white carpet

hanging wooden rings, white armchair, portable room dividers, white sofa, grey chairs, dining table

red armchairs and sofa, black metal bar stools, decorative room dividers, made of tree branches

decorative room dividers, made of wood, abstract art, stone wall, cement floor, grey armchairs

wooden poles, arranged together, decorative room dividers, kitchen island, black chairs, wooden wall

wooden triangles, arranged together, decorative room dividers, green sofa, tiled floor

yellow wall, glass panels, white bookcase, decorative room dividers, wooden floor, black carpet

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