Ideas for Cute Summer Nail Designs to Try in 2021

by John Griffith

If you can’t wait until winter is gone, we feel you! All of this cold weather definitely isn’t helping anyone’s good mood. Especially when we are in the middle of a global pandemic and are quarantined at home. Summer, however, always brings good vibes along with lots of sunshine. Which is exactly why we can’t wait til summer arrives. So, in order for you to be prepared, we are going to share some beauty secrets with you. In particular, today we are going to talk about Summer nail designs you need to try in 2021. What’s more we are going to give you some tips on the colors to rock this Summer. And just because we are incredible, we are going to throw a couple of DIY tutorials in there, just for you!

Welcome Summer with these awesome nail designs

almond nail shape pretty nail designs purple nail polish with darker purple line going through the nail

What is the nail color for Summer 2021?

Summer is a season of so many colors. With the flowers and trees blooming and everything slowly turning green, we are treated to a plethora of colors. Which is exactly why your nails can be just as colorful as the season. In general all pastel colors are a must have for spring – blue, pink, green and yellow are all welcome on our nails. What’s more, any earth colors can also be a great addition to your nail design – brown, orange and green. When it comes to pairing of colors you can be as colorful as you want to be. Floral decorations as well as abstract lines and French manucure are in for 2021.

The nail trends for 2021 are as creative as ever

almond nails short cute nail designs yellow and pink nail polish in geometric shape

What nails are in style right now?

It seems like minimalism is in right now. The more understated your nail design, the better. That, however doesn’t mean boring. Pastel colors for example, can be used as a rainbow design or even in gradient ombre nails. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a simple French manicure, you can try the negative space French manicure or you can add a decoration to one of your nails. Rhinestones can be used scarcely as small accents your overall nail design. To sum up, you can still use the regular decorations and colors for your nails, but this year it will be all about how to use them creatively in a minimalistic way. Fun, abstract nails will be all the rage throughout the entire year, not just during Summer.

Floral designs will always be trendy

blue and nude nail polish nail designs 2021 decorations with blue flowers and rhinestones

Summer nail designs to try in 2021

Now it is time to look through a few designs which you can definitely try this Summer.

Rainbow pastel

The key to these nails is the order of the colors. Arrange the nail polish bottles in the order of the rainbow colors, just so you can have an idea of what your nails are going to look like. Apply your base coat, then start applying the nail polish to each nail. Finish with top coat and you have yourself the perfect DIY Summer nail design.

Pastel rainbow is in

blue purple green yellow light pastel nail polish on medium length stiletto nails 2021 nail trends

Summer minimalism

To recreate the look in the photo below all you need is white and yellow nail polish and a thin brush. Start by applying the base coat first. Then use either the thin brush or a dotting tool if you have one and the yellow nail polish to create the dots. Make sure they are placed in different areas on each nail. Using the white nail polish and the thin brush, draw the petals of the daisies around the yellow dots. Finally, apply top coat and your nails are done!

These gorgeous daisies are so simple, yet so beautiful

flower nail designs minimalist nails with small white daisies decorations on each finger with short squoval nails

Go abstract with your Summer nail designs

For this next manicure you might have to use a professional if you are not very good at doing your own nails. If you want to try, however, you just need a bit of striping tape and lots of different nail polish colors. Start by applying the base coat. The apply pastel blue nail polish, leaving the nails where you choose to have your decoration without polish. Then use the striping tape to create the decorations. Here, you can be as creative as you want. You can make it one shape at a time or you can just cover your nail with striping tape and fill in between with different colors. If you go down that route you will have the space between the figures. It is entirely up to you, try different things and see which one you like the most.

So cute

colorful geometric designs on index and ring fingers nail designs for short nails blue nail polish

Go floral

Summer is the season when all flowers start to bloom. Needless to say, having floral decorations incorporated into your nail design is a must. Apply your base coat. Choose which nails you want to have the decorations on and paint them in white, paint the rest in blue (of course you can choose and other color). Then, using a thin brush paint the flowers. Once again, if you are not very good at drawing you might want to visit a professional. Finish with top coat and you are all set.

Flowers for the win

blue and white nail polish on long square nails nail designs for short nails pink flowers decorations

Go nude

If you want to keep things minimalistic and understated, then nude is the way to go. Don’t settle, though. Add some detail to your nude nails for that extra wow factor. Whether you are going to add some geometric lines, lace decorations, or even a few dots, this will definitely make your nails more modern. So, don’t be afraid to try the nude trend. What’s more, when you have nude nails, they will always look great no matter what colors you are wearing.

Nude nails are not boring when you add some eye catching detail to them

lace like white decorations on light pink nail polish spring nail colors 2021 medium length square nails

Now it is time to scroll down through our gallery to find even more Summer nail designs for 2021

blue glitter nail polish with french manicure pretty nail designs decorations with rhinestones

These nail are definitely very trendy

blue matte nail polish clouds decorations spring nail colors 2021 negative french manicure

Daisies just look incredibly cute

blue nail polish on long coffin nails simple nail designs white daisies decorations on middle and ring fingers

Well, you can never go wrong with some glitter

coffin nails with pink matte nail polish and pink glitter 2021 nail trends decorations with rhinestones and bows cute nail designs unicorn nails in white with unicorns drawn on ring and index fingers

Some cute nail designs just in time for Easter 2021

easter inspired nails in blue purple pink and yellow flower nail designs easter bunny and flowers decorations floral acrylic nails with different colors flower nail designs purple pink blue gold floral decorations and white nail polish on middle and ring fingers pretty nail designs pink nail polish on long square nails floral pink decorations on blue nail polish spring nail colors 2021 long square nails

This flower design is absolutely breathtaking

flowers decorations on ring fingers cute nail designs pink and red nail polish four side by side photos 2021 nail trends almond nails and squoval nails with different nail designs geometric design on short squoval nails flower nail designs nude nail polish decorations in white gold blue and pink nail polish bases simple nail ideas three side by side photos of different nail designs gray matter base with orange green gray dots spring nail designs medium length coffin nails green and nude base on medium length almond nails nail designs 2021 white flowers decorations

Spring nail designs with tropical vibes to get you ready for the summer

green leaves decorations on medium length almond nails flower nail designs pink nail polish with rhinestones green matte base on middle and ring fingers cute nail designs flower tropical decorations green palm leaves decorations on white nail polish base simple nail ideas pink nail polish with rhinestones long stiletto nails with blue and silver glitter nail polish simple nail designs decorations with rhinestones

Pastel + daisies + geometrical decorations + matte finish – absolute perfection

matte black blue nude nail polish nail designs 2021 white daisies decorations medium length almond nails with white base nail designs 2021 abstract brush strokes on them in blue red orange nail designs 2021 blue matte base white clouds decorations on long stiletto nails nail designs for short nails in almond shape pink nail polish base heart rhinestones different color on each finger nude base on medium length squoval nails spring nail designs white base with watercolor flowers decorations on ring finger pink base on medium length squoval nails spring nail designs pink and blue flowers decorations

This nail design is just so cute

pretty nail designs brown nail polish on long coffin nails silver stars decorations simple nail designs pink and white nail polish pink flower decorations on ring and pinky fingers simple nail ideas dark pink matte nail polish on medium length almond nails decorations with sequins spring nail colors 2021 pink and light gray nail polish floral decorations on middle and ring fingers on almond nails spring nail designs abstract french manicure in different colors with two nike logos long almond nails white and blue matte nail polish 2021 nail trends decorations of green leaves orange flowers on middle and index fingers

Simple spring nail designs with flowers

white and gray nail polish simple nail ideas small decorations of branches on ring and middle fingers white and green nail polish simple nail designs flower decorations on middle and ring fingers white base on ring and middle finger with flowers decorations spring nail designs light gray base on other fingers white nail polish base blue glitter blue rhinestones and butterflies decorations nail designs for short nails

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