Almond Shaped Nails – The Hottest Look of Autumn 2018

by John Griffith

While the past few years were dominated by decadent and exaggerated long and pointy nails, like the coffin, and claw manicures, 2019 will be all about going back to basics. We already discussed one truly timeless style – the simple, yet stylish nude manicure. Today, we will look at another gorgeous classic, which has stood the test of time – the ever popular almond shaped nails.

As indicated by their name, these nails bear a strong resemblance to the yummy and nutritious almond nuts. Like their crunchy namesake, they are oval, have slightly pointed tips, and are usually not too long, although sizes can vary. The exact origin of the style is unknown, but evidence suggests it was popular as far back as the 1920s, and perhaps even earlier! This is hardly surprising – there is something inherently appealing about the almond shape. It looks natural and classy, regardless of whether it’s worn plain, or covered with nail polish.

Almond shaped nails – a sophisticated and glamorous look!

candy pink manicure, decorated with black triangles, on a pale hand, wearing a golden ring, almond shaped nails

Although almond nails were first documented in the roaring 20s, it wasn’t until the 50s that they really entered the mainstream, quickly becoming a fashion staple. This was largely due to the fact that after WWII, the media began actively encouraged women to be “more feminine” and, as a result, ladies everywhere started spending increasing amounts of time (and money) on self-care and grooming.

However, despite the growing popularity of the almond manicure in the 50s, there were only two looks to pick from. First, there was the bright red nail polish, which was seen as sexy and provocative, and as such, was the preferred choice of independent women and femme fatales. Then, there was the French manicure – a simpler, more modest style, associated with young girls and romantic souls.

Although both of these looks are undoubtedly beautiful, we can’t help but feel tremendously grateful for the huge variety of manicures available today! Not only are there countless nail polish colors to choose from, but you can also decorate your nails with rhinestones, glitter, decal stickers and even pressed flowers!

This lovely French manicure is suitable for every occasion

almond shaped nails, in pale nude pink, with white tips, the ring finger nail is decorated with diamante decal stones

Wondering how to get the perfect almond nail shape? Look no further:

A chic, black and white look

dual color manicure, in black and white, on almond shaped nails, seen in close up, on a floral background

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best almond manicures available at the moment, and examine this season’s trendiest colors and styles. Our team worked very hard and we managed to find over 80 amazing nail suggestions, which we hope you’ll enjoy! Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comment section bellow. Which is your favorite design?

Whether you’re out on the town or enjoying a lazy weekend, this lush manicure is sure to brighten up your day!

full coffee mug, held by two hands, with almond shaped nails, painted in pastel pink, and creamy grey

Beyoncé rocking an almond shaped manicure in gold

smiling beyonce with smooth blonde hair, bold dark eye make up, and almond shaped nails, painted in a silver shade

We are in love with these glittering gold tips!

Matte or glossy? Why not both!

hands with almond shaped nails, in nude pink color, with black tips, and black hand-painted motifs, decorated with rhinestones, some are glossy, while others are matte

Nothing beats classic almond shaped nails in smooth, glossy red

deep red glossy nail polish, on almond shaped nails, worn by two pale hands, seen in close up

It’s hard to resist this charming minimalistic style

bright white nail polish, decorated with clear thin lines, on almond shaped nails, attached to a hand, gripping a white knitted sleeve

Those of you who’d like to change the shape of their nails from ballerina to almond will love this nifty video tutorial:

Almond shaped nails look amazing with nail polish in nude shades

stiletto nails in nude colors, decorated with an animal print motif, worn by diane guerrero, in a red strapless dress

creamy pale pink nail polish, on a hand with long fingers, wearing a silver ring, with a large diamond, stiletto nails

tiny bird-shaped motifs in black, on nude peach pink matte stiletto nails, seen in extreme close up

semi-tanslucent nude beige nail polish, on several glossy stiletto nails, seen in extreme close up

The stunning Janelle Monae is a big fan of the almond manicure

silver metallic nail polish, decorated with small black dots, worn on stiletto nails, belonging to janelle monae

matte black stiletto nails, decorated with rhinestones, and metallic silver stripes, the ring finger nail features a marble-like design

Fergie with lovely nude colored nails

the singer fergie, dressed in black, and wearing large black and gold earrings, long stiletto nails, painted in a nude color

French manicure looks great on almond shaped nails!

floral motifs in white, painted on the ring finger nails, of two hands with stiletto nails, and classic french manicure

acrylic nail shapes, on two hands, with french manicure, both ring finger nails are decorated with rhinestones

close up of four fingers, with acrylic nail shapes, decorated with rhinestones, french manicure designs

rhinestones and black, hand-drawn leaf-like patterns, decorating the ring finger nails, of two hands with nude manicure, featuring black tips

Lana del Rey with her trademark red nails, inspired by classic 1950s Hollywood 

blood red glossy nail polish, on acrylic nail shapes, worn by lana del ray, with dark brunette hair, and bright red lipstick

How gorgeous is this oxblood shade?

dark burgundy red nail polish, on acrylic nail shapes, worn by a pale hand, dressed in a brown, chunky knitted sleeve

holographic stripes and iridescent glitter flakes, on ablack acrylic nail shapes, decorated with rhinestones, on a black hand

oval shaped nails, in hot pink, on a pale hand, with several golden rings, one of which features a large amber stone

Wire manicure – a super creative and truly unique idea!

artificial manicure, short pointy nails, created with wire, stuck to a person's finger tips, seen in close up

And here is a an adorable Christmas idea, inspired by the Grinch

christmas-themed acrylic nail shapes, in white and green, decorated with grinch stickers, and multicolored dots

Yellow nail polish. Yes or no?

young woman with long, honey blonde hair, smiling while showing her manicure to the camera, yellow and silver nail polish, on oval shaped nails

yellow acrylic nail shapes, some decorated with colorful patterns, on two hands, holding a dream catcher

smooth and glossy oval shaped nails, decorated with gold and silver rhinestones, and featuring an ombre effect french manicure

More red splendor:

classic red nail polish, worn on two pale hands, with oval shaped nails, resting on a white surface, the ring finger nails are decorated with fine silver glitter

eight fingers with almond-shaped manicure, with smooth and glossy, nude pink nail polish, short pointy nails

marble-like effect in white and grey, on the forefinger and little finger nails of two hands, the rest of the short pointy nails, are painted in metallic rose gold, and glossy pink

How cute are these neon confetti nails?

turquoise blue and neon pink nail polish, on two hands with oval shaped nails, four of the nails are nude pink, and decorated with iridecent neon pink, and neon blue glitter flakes

french manicure with gold details, on two pale hands, with medium to short pointy nails

J Lo with exquisite almond shaped nails in rose gold

rose gold long oval shaped nails, worn by j lo, next image shows a close up of her face, with smokey eye make up, and nude lipstick

light nail polish in blue, decorated with floral motifs, and in two shades of pink, on two hands, with oval shaped nails,

Simple, delicate and cute

delicate short pointy nails, painted in nude pink nail polish, tips decorated with silver glitter

hand with folded fingers, and medium to short pointy nails, painted in creamy grey, and pastel pink nail polish

short pointy nails, painted in pale blue, turquoise and violet, worn by a smiling young woman, with braided blonde hair, and red lipstick

When in doubt, choose black nail polish!

multicolored knitted sleeve, worn by a pale hand, with folded fingers, and oval shaped nails, painted in black nail polish, and decorated with white dots

almond nail designs, in pearly pink, and gold glitter, worn by two slim tan hands, seen in close up

slender fingers with a long manicure, featuring sharp french tips, example of almond nail designs, on a hand in a black sleeve

Gold-framed marble-effect design in blue

manicure in blue, with a marble-like white pattern, and a gold outline, almond nail designs, on two hands

hand-painted decorations in white, black and pink, on the ring finger nail of a hand, with ash pink manicure, almond nail designs

violet and pink nail polish, decorated with glitter, and iridescent rhinestones, on a long and sharp amnicure, seen in close up

Simply beautiful

clear white nail polish, on pale fingers, decorated with several golden rings, almond nail designs, for everyday wear

Rita Ora sporting a bold, red manicure, adorned with diamante decorations

chunky silver rings, decorating the hands of rita ora, with long and sharp, bright red manicure, featuring large rhinestones

large iridescent glitter flakes, decorating a smooth manicure in black, almond nail designs, for acrylic nails

shiny black nail polish, on five long acrylic nails, attached to a hand with slender fingers, resting on a white surface

We love these playful, heart-shaped tips

heart shapes in black, decorating the tips of a nude pink manicure, almond nail designs, worn by a smiling young woman, in a glittering silver dress

collage with three examples of almond nail designs, metallic silver manicure with eye motifs, turquoise and violet nails with glitter, manicure in pastel colors

diamond ring on one of two hands, both resting on a white towel, with an almond manicure, painted in a pale pink nail polish

Matte nail polish in a lovely nude shade

matte nail polish in nude, pinky beige, on two hands, with long fingers, and almond shaped manicure

nails painted in nude beige on the outside, and red on the inside, and featuring small red details, long oval manicure, on pale slim hands

iridescent and gold rhinestones, on the ring finger nail, of a pale hand with short pointy nails, and pink manicure

Selena Gomez dazzling in red

lace dress in red, and matching red lipstick and nail polish colors, worn by smiling selena gomez, with classic almond-shaped manicure

creamy grey and white nail polish, on short stiletto nails, decorated with metallic silver stripes

rita ora's manicure, nude pink oval nails, decorated with rhinestones, on hands decorated with chunky silver rings, and big bracelets

Almond shaped nails featuring stripes and geometric motifs are an absolute hit

singer holding a microphone on stage, dressed in a white lace hoodie, close up of her hand reveals, white oval manicure, with thin black stripes

optical illusion short stiletto nails, in peach and nude, with black details, creating the illusion of sharpness, geometric nail designs, with riangles and glitter

boho-style silver rings, on a hand wearing a black sleeve, and long pointy oval nails, in pale pink,

towel-like fabric, in off-white, under two hands, with long almond nails, painted in pale, nude pink polish

Angelina Jolie with a gorgeous black dress and matching black nails

jet black short stiletto nails, worn by angelina jolie, smiling and dressed in a black, glossy sleeveless dress

watch and two rings, worn by two slim hands, with long fingers, and a long oval manicure, painted in black nail polish

animal print effect nails, in nude and black, decorated with gold rinestones and glitter, short stiletto nails

And here are some cute and colorful almond manicure ideas

short stiletto nails, in pale blue, black and silver glitter, worn by a pale hand, dressed in a grey sleeve

two example of almond-shaped manicure, oval nails in white, decorated with poppy drawings, and sharp nails in baby pink and blue, with rinestones and heart doodles

Burgundy red nail polish is perfect for special occasions

clutch bag in white and gold, held by two hands, with several rings and bracelets, pointy nails in dark shiny red

simple french manicure, on a hand with long finhers, and pointy nails, resting in a dark surface

There is nothing wrong with a little sparkle

glitter in silver, and matching rhinestones, decorating the white, short stiletto nails, of two hands

ombre effect french manicure on pointy nails, and a long, multicolored almond-shaped manicure, decorated with rhinestones

famous women with short stiletto nails, one is dressed in a black dress, and has pale nails, the other wears a floral outfit, and has silver nails, paris hilton

Beautiful matte nail polish in burgundy red

oxblood matte nail polish, on the short, pointy nails of two hands, seen in a close up, manicure ideas

brown hands with pointy nails, painted in a pale, french manicure style, resting on a white surface

tan hands with nude nail polish, decorated with small black dots, pointy nails with almond shape


silver glitter flakes, and white nail polish, on pointy nails, worn by two hands, seen in a close up, and an extreme close up

…or gold?

long oval nails, in white and gold, decorated with large glitter flakes, and seen in close up, on a white background

shimmering gold glitter, nude pink and smooth black nail polish, decorating four nails, attached to a pale hand

make up case in black, held by a hand with long, oval nails, painted in a milky, pale pink nail polish

jeep steering wheel, under a slim hand, with long fingers, and oval shaped nails, painted in pale pink nail polish

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection!

pointy nails, painted in pale pink, and decorated with glitter and rhinestones, on a hand, suspended over a steering wheel

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