130 Ideas for Pointy Nails – Here Size Really Matters!

by John Griffith

A few years ago pointy nails were considered too flashy and even a little bit eccentric. Today, they are one of the hottest manicure trends around. Once you try them out, you will never want any other nail shape! We can guarantee that your hands will be the center of attention, wherever you go. Plus, sharp tips look great on big and small nails, and will make your fingers look longer, more slender and exquisitely delicate. Or to put it simply – pointy nails are classy, yet also provocative, and make the perfect decoration for the female hands!

Elegant, sharp pointy nails

pointy nails, close up of four fingers, with sharp manicure, covered in pastel pink nail polish

Learn how to shape your nails with this nifty tutorial:

Make gorgeous manicures in the comfort of your own home!

ombre effect pointy nails, with pale pastel pink, and white tips, romantic and cute idea

If you prefer a more eye-catching, extravagant look, there are many options to choose from

golden decorations and rhinestone stickers, on long pointy nails, painted in clear, white and pale pink nail polish

Bright nail colors will boost your mood

four slender fingers, with long and sharp pointy nails, painted in bright acid green, greenish-yellow color, bright and unusual

Almond-shaped, pointy nails used to be very popular in the past – they can be spotted on pin-up posters from the 40s and 50s. At the time, Merilyn Monroe was the perfect embodiment of female beauty. Her popularity was due to a combination of mannerisms, clothes and grooming – the use of bright red lipstick and matching nail polish was her trade mark look. She might have seemed as a bit too cheeky and racy when compared to her more conservative peers, but today she is perceived as a style icon and continues to inspire women and men alike.

Using lipstick and nail polish in matching colors is a characteristic trait of the pin-up style

vintage drawing of a pin-up model, blonde wavy hair, bright red lipstick, and sharp pointy nails, in matching color

Lana Del Rey – the contemporary pin-up girl

auburn wavy hair, and black and white hair band, on lana del rey, long faux lashes, discreet make-up and rings, pointy nails in nude pink, with bright red tips

Loads of celebrities have been wearing pointy nails for years. Even though stars often change and update their looks in accordance to latest fashion trends, sharp manicures have stood the test of time, and proven that they will always be relevant. Lana Del Ray is often seen wearing pointy or “stiletto” nails, and the look is also favored by A -listers such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and many others. Luckily, you don’t need to be a star to be able to recreate this glamorous look at home!

Celebrities with gorgeous pointy nails:

1. Adele – understated, yet chic and stylish stiletto manicure

black eyeliner and discreet make-up, on adele seen in close up, nude beige pointy nails, with sharp black tips

Adele gives us another example of classy pointy nails in beige

adele with dark blonde, voluminous curled hair, black eyeliner and dress, close-up of her hand reveals long pointy nails, painted in beige nail-polish

2. Lady Gaga

close-up of lady gaga, platinum blonde hair, and nude pink lipstick, black eyeliner and long, sharp pointy nails, painted in white, and decorated with little, black bow-shaped ornaments

hand with large golden ring, and very sharp pointy nails, painted in beige nail-polish, and decorated with black details

3. Lady Gaga VS Beyonce

posing smiling celebrities, beyonce and lady gaga, with glamorous hair and make-up, and long pointy nails, in metallic and beige colors

4. Nicki Minaj

smiling nicki minaj, with smooth platinum blonde dyed hair, big fake eyelashes, bright pink lipstick, close up shows she has long, pointy nails covered with pink, blue and white paint daubs

5. Rihanna

rihanna in blue and black striped top, sporting red dyed hair, with victory rolls and curls, wearing red nail polish, on long and sharp stiletto nails

claping and smiling rihanna, in pale pastel pink t-shirt, with black wavy hair, lots of jewelry, henna hand tattoo, and stiletto nails, painted in pale pink

In order to successfully recreate the pointy nails look for yourself, you should grow your nails long and insure that they are healthy. For this, you will need:

  1. a lot of vitamins and minerals in your diet – the intake of vitamin B7 (also called biotin) is especially significant. You can find it in mushrooms, nuts, oatmeal, egg yolks, as well as a few fruits and vegetables.
  2. nourishing creams or oils for your nails, cuticles and hands. Softer and well-moisturized skin will make the removal of cuticles a lot easier and will also keep your hands healthy and beautiful. Although there are many hand products on the market, you should try to avoid those that contain parabens and preservatives. Instead, opt for nourishing oils with natural ingredients, or try to make your own hand cream at home.
  3. good nail care instruments: a high quality nail file is absolutely essential. In addition, you will need products for cleaning and disinfection – nail cleaner, cuticle pusher, cutter (although the latter is optional and we would advise against it), disinfecting spray, nail polish remover, etc. After you have thoroughly washed and soaked your nails, you can start removing the cuticles. Once done, file and buff your manicure, shaping it in an oval and pointy form.

Pointy manicures make your nail-plates look longer, and give them an exotic look

two hands placed on top of each other, with sharp stiletto nails, nude pink bottom part, and white tips, french manicure style

In addition, they look luxurious and chic, as exemplified by this Burberry-inspired design

stiletto nails, painted in smooth and bright, shiny red nail polish, accent nails decorated with black, white and red stripes, inspired by burberry

Accessorize your hands even further, by adding one or more tasteful rings

metallic-colored shards, on long stiletto nails, painted in rose ash pink nail polish, on hand with several rings

In order to help you find ideas and inspiration, we have devoted this article to the best pointy nail designs. Our team worked hard to collect the most beautiful, stylish and unusual sharp manicure looks. As a result, we gathered over 130 unique styles. From classic, simple and understated solutions, to elaborate, imaginative and even eccentric ideas, there is a perfect pointy nail look for everyone! If you would like to see an even bigger variety of styles, check out our other nail art articles. We have loads of tips and inspiration, just waiting to be discovered!

1. Make your own acrylic nails – quick and easy tutorial

2. A cool and affordable solution

When it comes to nail design, you can let your imagination run free. You don’t need to be a professional beautician to make exquisite manicures on your own. If you find painting tricky, there is a wide selection of nail decal stickers available on the market. Rhinestones are always in fashion, and look delicate and glamorous. Matt nail polish colors, glitter and metallic finish, nail jewelry – there are so many styles you can try. Naturally, understand classical manicures are very elegant and chic, but every now and then it’s good to experiment with a more unusual design. So scroll down and get inspired by our gallery! We have included only the latest and very best nail looks!

Combine several different designs for a truly unique manicure

matte pink nail polish, with white decorations, and accent nails, covered in silver glitter, on two hands with long manicure, sharp stiletto nails

grey clear and black matte nail polish, on long stiletto nails, with black hand-painted decorations

glossy and smooth, black and white nail polish, on sharp stiletto nails, with black hand-drawn decorations

Stunning marble effect

gray nail-polish in differemt combinations, marble effect and ombre, decorated with glitter, rhinestone and metallic stickers, on sharp stiletto nails

We love this Frankenstein-inspired Halloween manicure!

halloween manicure with black and white stickers, of frankenstein and his bride, on sharp stiletto nails, painted in shiny, white and black nail polish

Grey and turquoise look great together, especially with added sparkle!

acrylic manicure covered with smooth, grey and turquoise nail polish, long and sharp stiletto nails, with iridescent light blue glitter

Dreamy mermaid nails

mermaid stiletto nails, long and sharp, painted in iridescent, teal blue nail polish, on two hands, holding soft white fur

Bright colors are perfect for the summer

stilleto nail designs, summery manicure with turquoise, and clear nail polish, decorated with black, hand-painted figures, silver glitter and diamante bow ornament

neon orange and pink nail polish, stilleto nail designs, decorated with silver and blue rhinestone stickers

Eccentric, yet elegant – an unusual combination

very long and sharp stilleto nail designs, painted in nude beige, and clear nail polish, decorated with golden glitter, stickers and hand-painted figures, in white and gold

baby pink manicure, with iridescent glitter, and gem nail decals, stilleto nail designs

hand with long sharp nails, stilleto nail designs, painted in white nail polish, and decorated with golden glitter, holding a faux pink flower

flowers in blue and black, yellow and , painted on long, matte acrylic nails, stilleto nail designs, on hand holding purple flower

Make sure to use only high quality nail products!

iridescent black nail polish, on long and sharp manicure, black stiletto nails, on two hands, holding a bottle of nail polish

Lovely gel nails

golden glitter and rhinestone stickers, stilleto nail designs, on sharp manicure with smooth, shiny olive green nail polish

model with strong make-up, holding one hand to her face, with long manicure, stilleto nail designs, blue and black, red and gold metallic nail polish colors

These heart-shaped nail tips are a great idea for Valentine’s day

tips painted in red, to look like hearts, on long and sharp manicure, painted in white nail polish, stilleto nail designs, valentine's day idea

short stiletto nails, sharp and painted in pale, pastel pink nail polish, with heart details

pale pink and black stiletto nails, some decorated with small, hand-drawn hearts print, others left plain

cheerful nails in yellow and beige, black and orange, decorated with different shapes, rhinestones and scribbles, stilleto nail designs

Matte nail polish with an attractive lace pattern

sheer black nail polish, decorated with opaque, black polka dots, on sharp manicure, in pale pink

Playful, colorful cute

ice-cream cone 3D shapes, on pastel pink-colored manicure, decorated with colorful rhinestones, glitter and tiny ice cream stickers, in pink and violet

hand-painted ice-creams, in pale orange, blue and pink, green and brown, on short stiletto nails, with white nail polish

If you are wearing a simple, minimalist nail design, accessorize your hands with glamorous rings

glamorous ornamental rings, on hand with long and sharp, stiletto acrylic nails, painted in milky white, semi-sheer nail polish

Gentle pastel colors

multicolored glitter and rhinestone stickers, on stiletto acrylic nails, painted in pale pink, and baby blue nail polish,

light pastel violet nail polish, smooth and shiny, with silver pearl-stickers, and violet glitter, on stiletto acrylic nails

long stiletto acrylic nails, painted in pastel rainbow colors, with white scale-like effect

lace-like pattern, hand-drawn in black, on short stiletto nails, in coral pink, light blue and white, and clear nail polish

mix of pastel and glossy nail-polish, in white an pink, teal and turquoise, on stiletto acrylic nails, decorated with pearls and rhinestone stickers, and white hand-drawn dectails

rhinestone gem-like stickers, in dark grey or black, on stiletto acrylic nails, painted in pale beige and purple, and decorated with black, hand-drawn designs

smooth and shiny, gem-like iridescent effect, in pale blue and pink, on black stiletto nails, covered in matte nail polish

cream and black stiletto nails, decorated with silver and black rhinestones, silver leaf and ombre effect, black triangular shape

Pointy nails with gorgeous silver elements

stylish smooth and shiny, black stiletto nails, some decorated with tiny, silver metallic shards

silver glitter and metallic shards, decorating stiletto acrylic nails, covered in dark blue, smooth and shiny nail polish

Creative and imaginative nail decoration

cleverly designed manicure, smooth and shiny, long and sharp, black stiletto nails, with decorative see-through lines

‘The more colors the better’ should be your motto for the summer

polka dots and iridescent stickers, yellow acrylic 3D flower, and little owl drawing, on stiletto acrylic nails, painted in pale blue, violet and light yellow nail polish

ombre-effect sharp and long, stiletto acrylic nails, in pale pastel blue and pink, decorated with silver and pink glitter

diamond ring on hand with long, slender fingers and sharp, stiletto acrylic nails, covered in iridescent silver glitter, lexus logo in background

Simple diamond-shape design

pale cream nail polish, on short stiletto nails, decorated with diamond shapes, outlined in black

A clever pointy nails illusion

faux sharp black stiletto nails, created through optical illusion, made with nude beige, and black nail polish

Understated, classy and beautiful – a timeless look

milky pastel pink, stiletto acrylic nails, decorated with small rhinestone stickers, and silver glitter

Chic minimalist manicure with rhinestone stickers

chic and very long, stiletto acrylic nails, with tiny and round, yellow rhinestone stickers

More cool ideas

tribal motives in turquoise, yellow and pink, on sharp nails, with opaque white nail polish

blue-green and purple claw nails, with ombre effect, various golden details, and many multicolored, gem-shaped nail decal stickers

candy pink and turquoise contrasting nail polish, decorated with black lines, on sharp long manicure

long stiletto nails, painted in matte purple, and clear nail polish, with black hand-drawn details, and iridescent nail decal gems

steampunk style nails, in black and dark electric blue, purple and gold, with sharp and chunky golden decorations, and rhinestone stickers

sunset sky-colored, long stiletto nails, with splashes of blue and pink, purple and white, matte purple manicure, decorative golden and iridescent stickers

gold leaf and glitter, and smooth red nail polish, on sharp and long stiletto nails, chic and glamorous

fish or snake skin scales, silver metallic and smooth, on long sharp nails, original and unusual idea

square or rectangular claw nails, decorated with pastel turquoise, and pale pastel pink nail polish, with golden glitter and details

sheer pale pink, and light pastel blue nail polish, with white hand-drawn flowers, and tiny golden stickers, on long claw nails

encrusted nails with gold rhinestone stickers, white nail polish, decorated with thin golden stripes, long oval and sharp manicure

triangular tips painted in white, on long nails, coated with clear nail polish, french manicure style

electric dark violet, and white nail polish, decorated with animal print, in light and dark blue, leopard spots style, short stiletto nails

rose gold rhinestone nail decals, on beige-pink colored sharp nails, decorated with white stripes

navy blue and white nail polish, on long oval nails, decorated with several thin, golden colored stripes, hands with several different golden rings

golden metallic stripes, on short but sharp stiletto nails, painted in grey, matte nail polish

valentino long stiletto nails, with pink and silver glitter, and pastel pink nail polish, decorated with silver stickers

contasting white and black stiletto nails, black hand-drawn details, and frame effect, on two hands, with solid gold rings

very sharp and pointed, pale pink nails, decorated with rose gold metallic effect, and sparkly glitter

blue glitter in different shades, on black stiletto nails, sharp and long, with a shiny and smooth finish

triangular shapes on short stiletto nails, painted in black and white nail polish, decorated with silver glitter, and round rhinestone stickers

turquoise and white, long and sharp nails, decorated with black details, and gold and rhinestone nail decals

oval-shaped short stiletto nails, painted in plum colored nail polish, on hand holding nail polish bottle

very long and sharp, french manicure-style claw nails, with extremely long white tips, covered with pale glitter

plush grey blanket, held by hand, with dark red nail polish, one nail is encrusted in silver, iridescent rhinestone stickers

cream-colored oval nails, decorated with iridescent, silver rhinestone decals, next image shows white, and turquoise manicure, with black details, and sparkly gem stickers

thin and long, pointy and sharp nails, decorated with iridescent rhinestone stickers, and black hand-drawn zebra pattern

barbie pink manicure, decorated with silver, fish scale-like glitter, and clear nail polish, on long claw nails

light violet nail polish, on long sharp manicure, hand with boho style rings, sparkly red and dark pink nail polish, on sharp long nails

narrow and sharp claw nails, painted in red nail polish, and decorated with subtle silver glitter, on two hands, resting on black artificial flower

massive flower-shaped metal ring, on hand with long claw nails, in hot pink nail polish, decorated with light pink, and silver glitter

combination of pink-purple, gold and white, on short stiletto nails, with golden stripes and glitter, and small rhinestones

kitsch-style claw nails, in violet and light pink, decorated with lots of tiny, round golden rhinestone stickers, and a single golden bow shape, on hand-holding a perfume bottle

understated and chic manicure, matte beige nail polish, and rose gold metallic effect, pink and pale blue rhinestone stickers

minnie mouse style nails, bright red with white polka dots, decorated with black, plastic bow-shaped sticker, long pointy manicure

dark bluish-grey manicure, with silver and white glitter, and lead-colored nail polish, on long stiletto nails

ten faux black stiletto nails, decorated with pink, blue and yellow sprays of paint, to look like the night sky, white hand-painted stars, and glitter

celebrity style manicure, long and sharp nails, painted in matte red nail polish, simple and classy

collection of fake nails, in different shades of grey, metallic and matte, covered in glitter and textured effects, second image shows, some of the nails on a woman's hand

squares outlined in green, pink and black, on white and green long stiletto nails, decorated with hand-drawn scribbles, and little golden rhinestone stickers

ocean blue nails, unusual and original manicure, decorated with turquoise rhinestone decals, metallic effect and silver stripes, light blue and white glitter

abstract shapes in dark violet, light pink, black and teal, with a single rhinestone sticker, on clear claw nails

gem nail decal stickers, in many different colors, on manicure with nude beige nail polish, and long stiletto nails, on hand with encrusted silver ring

baby pink nail polish, with melting effect, made with rose gold glitter, on sharp oval manicure

Abstract and stylish, what’s not to like?

abstract symmetrical drawing, done in yellow, black and dark red, on dark wine-red manicure, long and sharp nails, tiny gold pearl details

many boho-style decorative silver rings, on four fingers, painted in pale, milky violet nail polish

spring or summer manicure, with neon pink, and light purple nail polish, decorated with black, hand-drawn shapes, on short stiletto nails

semi-sheer light pink nail polish, and silver glitter, on long oval nails, with sharp tips, simple and chic

claw nails, with french style manicure, long and sharp, with pink bottom part, and white tips covered in glitter, rhinestones and little white, hand-drawn dream catcher detail

fine silver glitter, on long and pointy nails, covered in pale pastel pink nail polish, sweet and effective look

chic red manicure, glossy deep color, on oval long stiletto nails, perfect classic look

bright purple and red nails, smooth and long manicure, decorated with a few rhinestone stickers, on hands with chunky silver rings

blonde woman with hair tied up, dressed in black, and holding up her hands, with long oval red manicure, and lipstick in matching color

burgundy or deep red short stiletto nails, with sharp tips, on hand holding pale, grey plush blanket

rose drawings and black 3D flower details, on blue and sheer black stiletto nails, decorated with varous gem stickers

chunky golden rings, some decorated with rhinestones, on two hands, with long manicure, painted in light matte pink nail polish

acid green or yellowish nail polish, decorated with black, red and orange hand-drawn elements, on oval pointy nails

hot pink and beige nail polish, decorated with golden glitter and stripes, on oval pointy manicure

close up of nails, in glittering red, and rose ash pink, sharp oval manicure, chic and understated

colorful sharp nails, with clear and neon pink nail polish, lavishly decorated with rhinestone and pearl stickers, golden details and hand-drawn white motifs

light neon pink, and black stiletto nails, with clear nail polosh details, hand-drawn geometric patterns, pearl and rhinestone stickers

eighties or nineties style, retro manicure in neon colors, with stripes and crosses, and asymmetrical shapes, on long stiletto nails

More pastel color ideas

yellowish-green nail color, on sharp pointy manicure, one nail is decorated with chanel logo, covered in iridescent rhinestones

cute pale pastel pink nail polish in blue, pink and green, yellow and orange, on long oval manicure

vibrant neon green nail polish, on oval sharp manicure, two of the nails are encrusted, in multicolored rhinestone gem stickers

olive green and white, sharp and long stiletto nails, decorated with golden stripes, and rhinestone stickers

bow-shaped silver ornament, decorated with tiny rhinestones, on manicure painted in pale pink, black and white nail polish, decorated with hand-drawn details

clear nail polish details, on short stiletto nails, painted in turquoise, and decorated with black, hand-drawn ornaments, and pink and blue stripes

Animal prints are also a favorite

animal printed nails, in white and black, small leopard spots, on sharp and long stiletto nails

The perfect look for date night

classic deep red nail polish, on long stiletto nails, decorated with silver glitter, worn by brunette woman, with matching re lipstick

gold leaf and golden nail decals, on sharp and short stiletto nails, painted in grey and white nail polish

bright multicolored claw nails, kitsch mix of neon colors, bright acid green and pink, black and white, various rhinestone stickers

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