100 + Nude Nails Designs for Gorgeously Chic Hands

by John Griffith

Although manicure trends come and go, there are certain looks that have stood the test of time and will never go out of fashion. Such is the case with nude nails. Minimalistic, versatile and demure, they give a touch of understated glamour to your fingertips, go with every outfit, and are suitable for any occasion. It is no surprise that tons of celebs have been spotted wearing them – Anne Hathaway, Emilia Clarke, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian, for example, are devoted fans of the style. Nude nails seem to be fit even for royals, as proven by Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, both of whom seem to favor the simple and stylish look.

The Duchess of Cambridge always sports short nude nails

white hat and coat, decorated with a red poppy badge, worn by kate middleton, hand with a large ring, and nude nails

Although the classic nude look entails a simple coat of sheer or opaque glossy polish in a neutral pink or beige shade, nowadays you can find thousands of different variations, ranging from the minimalistic and cute, to the truly extravagant and sparkly. One of the most popular styles at the moment combines gentle nude hues with silver, gold or rose gold glitter, providing the perfect blend of simplicity and glamour. If glitter is not really your thing, but you’d still like to lend a subtle sparkle to your hands, you can opt for delicate metallic elements, like the chic silver stripes pictured below.

The perfect mix of style and sophistication

nude nails, each decorated with a thin, silver metallic stripe, on a hand, holding a white fluffy fabric

Matte nude nail polish is another favorite and it’s easy to see why! It gives your manicure a soft and cute finish, and looks great on all nail lengths and shapes. Mix it up with metallic motifs, rhinestones, or glitter for lavish, glamorous, and beautiful hands. Alternatively, pair it up with a long, pointy manicure for truly bold and striking finger tips, that are certain to turn heads!

Here is a great tutorial for nude glitter nails

 A lovely and romantic matte nude pink manicure

hand with folded fingers, seen in close up, with pastel pink, matte nude nails, pointy oval shape

If wearing a only one shade of nail polish bores you, try experimenting with different colors. Opt for a French manicure but substitute the white with turquoise, for example. Or add a coat of nude polish and then create an ombre effect using a sponge and a hue of your choice. Remember – nude nails doesn’t have to equal boring nails!

French ombre manicure – the best of both worlds:

We just love this unique combination of nude and turquoise!

bottle of nail polish, held by a hand, with nude nails, decorated with turquoise stripes, oval shaped manicure

And now we invite you to take a look at our nude nails gallery. We have over 100 lovely suggestions for all manicure types, lengths and shapes. Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out our fashion section – we have lots of great articles covering the hottest new hairstyles, outfits and, naturally, nails!

Having trouble choosing a nude shade perfect for your skin tone? This video can help!

The perfect nails for chilly autumn days!

simple powder pink nude nails, with squoval shape, on a hand with folded fingers, in a long grey knitted sleeve

Rose gold is as popular as ever!

rose gold glitter flakes, on two of the four visible fingers, of a hand with nude nails, holding a business card

Beautiful nude nails with a subtle touch of gold

gold metallic details, at the base of nude nails, attached to two dark brown hands, one placed on top of the other

Cute rose gold glitter bows on short, oval nude pink nails

milky pink nude nails, decorated with bow-like motifs, drawn in sparkly rose gold, on a pale hand with folded fingers

Nude pink ballerina nails, with black and white stripe, and lots of rose gold glitter

nude nail designs, long coffin shaped manicure, in nude pink, decorated with rose gold glitter, white and black stripes, and a silver gem sticker

Long and sharp french manicure with ombre-effect tips

sharp and long manicure, nude nail designs, with white tips, on a hand with folded fingers

A gorgeous mix of white and nude tones

splatters and swirls of white nail polish, on long oval nails, in nude beige, nude nail designs

glossy and long, pointy oval nails, in a pinkish-beige color, nude nail designs, on long pale fingers

glitter flakes in gold, decorating the base of four oval nails, covered in pink nail polish, nude nail designs, on a hand, holding a nail polish bottle

Stunning long manicure with subtle clear details

many thin gold rings, on a hand with long fingers, ending in pointy oval nails, nude nail designs, featuring small bare triangles

examples of nude nail designs, one featuring hand-painted white swirls, the other decorated with silver glitter, and silver gem stickers

slim woman in a white dress, made from textured fabric, hands with plain, nude nail designs, placed on her stomach

nude nail polish, smooth and glossy, milky pink nails, with a pointed, long and oval shape

Dark violet and nude pink – an unusual but effective combination!

young woman in a white shirt, holding a hand to her face, square manicure with nude nail polish, and dark violet elements

thumb gold ring, on a hand, holding several cinnamon sticks, oval nails with matte, nude nail polish

brown nail polish, in a small bottle, held by a hand, with long square nails, decorated with brown, white and nude nail polish, and flower shaped, nail decal stickers

fine glitter in red and gold, decorating the base, of four square nails, painted in a nude nail polish, green tree in the background

The perfect look for St. Valentine’s Day!

heart shapes painted in dark red, on the tips of a long, pointy manicure, with clear nude nail polish, on a hand, holding light grey fabric

lace-like motifs in gold, gold glitter flakes, and a small ring-like sticker, on nude nail polish, decorating four square nails

shimmering metallic motifs, fine gold glitter, and black decorative flakes, on top of a manicure, with nude nail polish, hand holding a crystal pendant

nude gel nails, with long coffin shape, in off-white, decorated with 3D, gold nail decall stickers, and metallic gold stripes

A sweet combination of pastel and nude tones

oval and long, nude gel nails, in pale pastel hues of pink, grey and white, on two hands with folded fingers

ballerina nails with french tips, gold glitter and nude, pink glossy nail polish, nude gel nails

three hands with different, nude gel nails, pink and beige hues, and one hand with teal blue manicure

best nude nail polish, pale pink and light, milky pastel purple manicure, decorated with rose gold glitter, short square nails

A smart and understated classic, suitable for every occasion

classic manicure with sharp, oval nails in pale pink, best nude nail polish, hand in a oversized, fluffy black sleeve

black feathers painted on short, square pink nails, decorated with silver glitter, best nude nail polish

smoky pastel pink nail polish, on coffin shaped manicure, decorated with rose gold glitter, nude gel nails, on two brown hands

sparkling gold glitter, and glossy black nail polish, decorating an oval nude manicure, best nude nail polish, seen in close up

Black, nude pink and rose gold – a match made in heaven

rose gold glitter, and black details, on a square manicure, in pale pastel pink, best nude nail polish, hand with folded fingers

nude pink nail polish, on four nails, two plain and glossy, and two matte, and decorated with black, hand-drawn details

very short bare nails, each decorated with a thin, mettalic gold stripe, on two hands, with multiple thin rings

iridescent glitter flakes, decorating the tips, of a square manicure, best nude nail polish, seen in close up

Less is more – a simple short manicure with a subtle, playful touch

bare nude nails, on hands with long, slender fingers, one nail is decorated with a thin, black stripe

beige ombre-effect nail tips, decorating an oval manicure, with best nude nail polish, on two pale hands

claw-like manicure, on a hand holding a fluffy, pale grey fabric, three dark nude gel nails, and two pink metallic nails

extreme close up of four, short square nails, covered in milky pink, best nude nail polish, decorated with silver glitter

Short and sweet – a charming look, with matte nail polish in nude pink

manicure with short square nails, painted in a nude pink nail polish, seen in close up, on a hand holding a clear bottle of nail polish

large flakes of iridescent glitter, on the square manicure of a hand, with folded fingers, and nude pink nail polish

various shapes hand-drawn in gold, on four square nails, painted in beige nail polish

More fantastic minimalistic designs

collage of two images, each showing different nude nails, one features black and white stripes, and the other black dots

creamy peach colored nail polish, on four short oval nails, attached to a pale hand, holding a bottle of nail polish

light candy pink, nude gel nails, with long ballerina slipper shape, on a hand, holding a slat and pepper knitted sleeve

shades pf pastel pink, and grey matte nail polish, on the oval manicure of two hands

A great suggestion for those who like a bit of glamour

steering wheel of a bmw, behind a hand with folded fingers, and long and pointy, ash pink nude gel nails, decorated with white, silver glitter and metallic gold motifs

ombre-effect french manicure, on long ballerina shaped nails, nude pink nail polish, and gem decal stickers, on the ring finger nails, of both hands

peach colored nude nail polish, on the short, square nails of two very pale hands

nude nails with glitter, long ballerina shape, and pale pastel pink matte nail polish, on a hand with folded fingers

Nude perfection

greyish-beige matte nail polish, on a square manicure, worn by a hand, holding a textured, black leather glasses case

stripes in white, and gold nail decal stikers, on a medium long, coffin shaped manicure, with nude pink nail polish, on two hands, placed on a white surface

slender fingers on two hands, with oval manicure, painted in nude pink nail polish, in a milky hue

tiny stars and fine gold glitter, decorating four short nails, seen in extreme close up, nude nails with glitter

We simply love these cute, short, sticker-decorated nails in nude and white

stickers depicting, sun and moon, arrow and crossing lines, dot and stripe, on short nude, and white nails

pearlescent nail polish, in silver and beige, on eight coffin shaped nails, nude nails with glitter in different colors

checkered fabric in white and blue, under two hands, with short nails, painted in nude pink, and decorated with small black triangles

triangles painted in sparkly rose gold, on top of four nails, with nude pink nail polish, on a hand, holding a bottle of rose gold nail polish

Oval nude manicure with a touch of glitter

milky pink glossy nail polish, on an oval manicure, decorated with rose gold glitter, and purple gem nail decals, nude nails with glitter seen in close up

examples of nude nails with glitter, and gem decal stones, fine and textured silver glitter, iridescent and nude nail polish

acrylic pink roses, on a brown matte nail polish, oval manicure in nude pink, and matte brown

teal and navy blue, and red dots, decorating the tips of five suqare nails, painted in nude, pinkish-beige nail polish

A striking, sharp matte design with beads

bead-like metallic nail decal stickers, decorating one of four, nude matte nails, on a hand with a gold ring

wedding manicure idea, oval nails painted in nude pink, and decorated with pearl-like, white nail decal stickers, on two hands, holding flower petals

small gem nail decal stickers, in silver and gold, on the short, square nails of two hands,

narrow triangles in black, each with a small white dot, painted on the short nude nails, of two hands

How cool are these marble motifs?

eight ballerina shaped nails, four are pink nude matte nails, and four have marble-like motifs in white and grey

smooth and glossy pink nail polish, on a ballerina-style manicure, decorated with gold, and rose gold glitter, nude nails with glitter, on two hands

natural looking manicure, short and square nude matte nails, on a hand, holding a bottle of nail polish

brunette curly dark hair, falling over a hand, placed on a woman's hip, pale nude pink nail polish, and dress in a matching color

Stunning gold-dusted nail tips

flakes of gold glitter, decorating the tips of four square nails, nude nails with glitter, on a hand holding a bottle, of gold glitter nail polish

miniature picture of a dress on a hanger, painted on the ring finger nail, on a hand with nude pink manicure, decorated with glitter

points in black, on a short and square manicure, painted with a glossy, nude pink nail polish

bright blue dots, decorating four nude matte nails, seen in extreme close up, short square manicure

The perfect manicure for every occasion

mocha-colored nail polish, on a hand with long, slender fingers and oval nails, with a nail polish bottle

very long and square, nude matte nails, one decorated with metallic glitter, on a hand with two golden rings, holding a bottle of nail polish

gradient and pink marble effect nails, decorated with subtle glitter details, seen in close up

ivory colored nails, with an oval shape, on two hands, one resting on top of the other

How cute are these playful, candy-colored nails?

candy colored striped manicure, in pastel pink and turquoise, on the nude, oval shaped nails, of two hands

pixel effect manicure, on short square nails, in nude pink, with small squares, in pale and dark blue, grey and beige, with gold detail

ash pink nail polish, with white lace-like, hand-drawn motifs, on nude matte nails, attached to two pale hands

five fingers of a stretched out hand, with an oval manicure, painted in a beige, nude nail polish

Meghan Markle, sporting her trademark short nude manicure

gem nail decals in silver, on an oval manicure, in pale pink, decorated with rose gold glitter, nude nails with glitter, on two hands, seen in close up

slightly sparkly nude pink nail polish, on coffin shaped manicure, the ring finger nail is covered in 3D, gem decal stickers

one short nail, with square tip, painted in nude pink, and white, and decorated with gold glitter

A little bit of glitter goes a long way…

glass bottle of glitter nail polish, held by a hand with square nails, painted in nude pink, and decorated with multicolored glitter

multicolored and gold glitter, stickers and splashes of black nail polish, decorating short and square, nude matte nails

tan hands with oval manicure, featuring pink nude nails, almost entirely covered in gold glitter

prada logo on a black, textured leather clutch bag, held by a hand, with long pink nude nails, oval shape with sharp tips

Sweet and short nude manicure with 3D nail decals 

red and blue and gold nail decal stickers, on a short manicure, with pink nude nails, seen in close up

beige nude nail polish color, on a coffin shaped manicure, decorated with gold glitter flakes

glossy pink nude nails, seen in an extreme close up, two are left plain, while the other two are decorated with rose gold glitter

nude matte nails, with long ballerina shape, four decorated with a grey, marble-like pattern, and gold stripes, and four left plain

This look was inspired by 1980s aesthetic

bubble gum pink nude nails, decorated with geometrical motifs, in black and white, on two hands with several rings

ballerina shaped manicure, long with square tips, covered in gold glitter, pink nude nails, on two hands

off-white fluffy sleeve, held by a hand, with a long and pointy manicure, white and pastel grey, and pink nude nails

bow-like diamante detail, on a ring, worn by a hand with long, coffin-shaped nails, painted in dark milky grey nail polish, and decorated with gold glitter

Minimalistic nude manicure with subtle black and white stripes

pink nude nails, with an oval shape, each decorated with a white, or a black stripe

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