Stop Doing These 7+ Daily Habits And Achieve Glowing, Younger Skin

by John Griffith

Every age has its beauty. And while it’s completely normal for the skin to change as we age, a lot of our daily habits contribute to premature aging. Even though there isn’t a magic potion to staying forever young and having perfect skin, there are some steps you can take. Certain changes in your daily life can help slow down the aging process. A lot of people do not take into account that the skin can repair itself. No matter the age. Even the smallest of changes can make a world of differences. While the change won’t be overnight, you’ll start to see results within two years. Having a great skincare routine on top of avoiding these habits will help you achieve youthful, glowing skin.

Certain changes in your daily life can help slow down the aging process

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Not Wearing Sunscreen

Skipping on using SPF is a big mistake. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays are the number one factor when it comes to aging. This includes fine lines, wrinkles, lose of skin elasticity and more. That’s why applying SFP is perhaps one of the most crucial steps you can take when it comes to slowing down premature aging. While you may think you only need to apply sunscreen during the summer or on the beach, the truth is that you need it every day. Yes, that includes if there is no sun, if it’s wintertime, or if you are staying inside all day. Make sure to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen in order to protect yourself. This will also help lower the risk of skin cancer.

Applying SFP is perhaps one of the most crucial steps you can take

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Sleeping With Makeup

Falling asleep without removing your makeup is a bad habit to have in the long run. The dirt that accumulates throughout the day onto the face, doesn’t get washed off and cleansed. Consequently, this leads to irritated skin, clogged pores, blackheads, acne. And as we mentioned, the skin has the ability to repair itself. However, leaving makeup on stops this natural process. That’s why it is important to always wash and cleanse everything off the face at the end of the day. If you wear makeup often make sure to double cleanse and hydrate the skin afterwards. Never skip your nightly skin care routine.

Falling asleep without removing your makeup is a bad habit

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Not only is smoking overall terrible for your health, it’s also bad for the skin. Research shows that smoking greatly accelerates premature aging. Over time, people who smoke are much more likely to have dry skin, baggy eyes, uneven pigmentation, deep furrows and wrinkles much before they are supposed to. While quitting isn’t easy, you will reap many benefits afterwards. One of these benefits is avoiding all the premature skin aging.

While quitting isn’t easy, you will reap many benefits afterwards

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Not Sleeping Enough

Sleep is an essential aspect of life. And that is why it has such a great impact on our minds, body and skin. Making sure we sleep well and nothing like bed bugs bother you throughout the night, will help us out in our everyday life.

Sleep is an essential aspect of life

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Sleep Time

While sleep itself is always a part of our daily habits, we don’t always get enough of it. Sleep is essential. We need it just as much for concentration and energy, as for the skin. During the night is when the skin is in its renewal state. Cutting off sleep, means cutting off the time the skin has to repair itself. A poor sleep schedule increases the signs of aging, messes with the metabolism, and just in generally isn’t beneficial to our health.

Sleep is essential

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Sleeping Position

This one is a hard habit to crack however our sleeping position has a great impact on our skin. Depending on the position you sleep in, different sleep lines can occur. If you sleep on your stomach, you are most likely to get forehead wrinkles. Whereas if you sleep on your side – cheek, chest, and chin lines. Sleeping on your back is the best option as it reduces the compression forces that create wrinkles.

Depending on the position you sleep in, different sleep lines can occur

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Stressing Too Much

The hormone released from stress – cortisol – effects every single part of our body. This, of course, includes the skin. If you have the tendency to worry too much, this means that your body is constantly pumping out cortisol. Consequently, this hormone manages to break down collagen. Collagen is a vital part of our body. It helps the skin stay elastic and youthful. This means that without collagen the skin will sag, get inflammation and be more prone to wrinkles. We know it’s not easy to just stop stressing, but avoiding situation in which you know will be stressful is a great start to better skin. Surround yourself with environments that have less stress in them.

Cortisol manages to break down collagen

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Not Staying Hydrated

The body needs plenty of water to function properly every day. If drinking water isn’t a part of your daily habits, anytime is a great time to start. The skin’s top layer is called a stratum corneum. It’s a barrier that helps to protect the skin from any harmful environmental particles. However, for this barrier to work at its utmost best you require it to be well hydrated. This why drinking water is a must.

The skin’s top layer is called a stratum corneum

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Not Wearing Sunglasses

Alongside using sunscreen, dermatologist recommend wearing sunglasses as well. They can help protect your eyes from any harmful UV rays which can reach the retina, lens, eyelids, and the soft, delicate skin around the eyes. Use them even during winter times and make sure you use a pair that guarantees protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This will help prevent any lines around the eyes, that can be caused from constant squinting or other facial expressions.

Sunglasses help protect your eyes from any harmful UV rays

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Taking Hot Showers

Ah, who doesn’t love a nice, hot shower? While it may be super therapeutic to you, for your skin it’s not. Hot showers dry out the skin and can cause the skin to break out due to lack of hydration, cause itchiness and ruin your protective barrier. If you do enjoy long, hot showers make sure to moisturize well afterwards to avoid the skin drying out. Dryer skin leads to premature aging, so make sure to not forget about hydration. You need to trap in as much moisture as you can.

Hot showers dry out the skin

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We hope you found this article helpful! These were just some daily habits you should strive to avoid. By creating better habits, sticking to a good skincare routine, sleeping well, eating well, you’ll see a lot of benefits as the years go by.

These were just some daily habits you should strive to avoid

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